mature erotic story

I could feel my desire for her
building up inside. I could feel other
things too and I tried to keep my mind on her words. As we left
riding back to her hotel, she reached forward and caressed my back,
goose-bumps rise on my arms. I reached back and caressed her leg,
squeezing her knee softly. She replied by wrapping her arms low around
me and hugging me gently.
As we pulled in to the hotel parking
lot, I knew I didn’t want this to
end with a “thank-you-it’s-been-a-lovely-evening” goodnight. Parking
bike and putting away the spare helmet she’d worn, she solved my
“Would you like to come up and talk
some more?” She asked.
We went to her room, and as I laid
jacket on the chair, I turned to
find her standing close to me, her nipples hard and visible through the
cloth of her blouse. Wordlessly, I gently pulled her to me, feeling
breasts against my chest, her head tilted towards mine. As I gazed
her eyes, a warm feeling embraced me from within. I lowered my lips to
hers and kissed her, gently. Her lips parted, and my tounge caressed
exploring her for the first time. Wanting to find her secrets, her
We melted into each others arms, becoming one in our desires.

Gay janitor at men health club

I was working as a janitor at the local men’s health club. It was a
cool fall evening, very late and the club is rarely open this late
except for the “football players”; and then only after a game. It was
the day after a game so no one was going to be coming in tonight.

I never expect anyone tonight since there had been no game and all the
guys had been in earlier to workout and get their muscle knots worked
out, but never the less the phone rang and I caught it on the third
ring. He began “Hi this is Dave Lauderbooth. I play with the xxxx’s
and didn’t get a chance to get in there earlier today. Would it be
alright to come in so late, I don’t want my bad leg to cramp up on me
again during the night…?”
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Porn story letter

House calls (or dorm calls) are easy enough, you tell me, and patients are more comfortable when they feel at home. This makes sense to me. I let you in. You carry a black bag, which I guess contains your tools. I will soon discover that I’m right, but the tools I imagine you have are not what you brought.

You put the bag on my desk and sit down in my only chair. I sit on the bed, indian-style, wondering what kind of checkup I will be getting. You watch me intently until I begin to squirm, and then you speak. “In a general checkup like this, I usually begin by taking a temperature and depending on that, the routine varies from patient to patient.”

I nod OK and wait for you to remove your thermometer. I notice that you take two thermometers from your bag. You take one and read it, shake it down, and then I open my mouth as you approach me – taking the thermometer in my mouth. As I sit there, I watch you get your supplies from the bag and lay them out on the desk, then you do a little paperwork and, before long, you’re taking the thermometer from my mouth. “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, you say and you shake down the thermometer and put it back in its case. I’m surprised when you get the other thermometer and I notice that it has a bulbous end rather than a long one as I’m used to. You tell me to stand up and take my panties off. I’m shy to do it in front of you, but you’re the doctor… I feel myself blush as I slide my panties down to my ankles before stepping out of them. I’m wearing a long skirt, so I don’t show very much in taking them off. Continue reading “Porn story letter”

Slave For A Day

I went upstairs to the shower and relaxed as the warm water splashed
over my body, my mind was busy with the thoughts of the activities
that had taken place earlier in the day. I soaped up and washed my
hair and rested against the side of the shower wall as the excitment
of the thoughts made my cock lenghten to a full hard on again.. I
can’t remember when I have had so many erections in one day.. why
was this so exciting to me.. so many thoughts.. but I couldn’t
resist stroking my meat as I thought about Kelli sitting on her
slavehorse while I forced it into his mouth. Continue reading “Slave For A Day”


My line of work involves delivering and hooking up TV’s to our customers
who aren’t able to do so. Most frequently it’s older or informed
people who require my services, which was the case – at least that’s
what I thought – when I went into the showroom to cover for the manager.
An older couple came in, purchased a cable-ready television and requested
that it be delivered to their home. I informed them I was the one who
took care of these installations and added that I’d be over the following
day to hook up their system.
As they left the store, it appeared that their daughter or niece –
a very attractive young lady had come to the store to meet them.
After a quick chat with the older couple, the girl came in and told me
that she would be home the following day to accept the television deliver.
I watched her exit the store, and as the light hit her sundress, I could
see that she wore no panties underneath. Her perfect ass and crack were
completely visible from my vantage point. Continue reading “Delivery”

Sexy Conference

The huge teleconferencing room, which the hotel where I
worked used to house international business meetings, had
always had special appeal for me. It was painted mostly
black, and had soft, grey carpeting. In the center sat a
long, shiny, black conference table, surrounded by comfortable
chairs. An array of television screens covered one of its
huge walls, and the screens could be used to display lots of
separate pictures, or to tile many images into one big
picture, like a video billboard. Continue reading “Sexy Conference”

Teen intern

I’ve been working for a large computer company for about a
year and a half now. Being an intern here has been a great
experience for me. I’ve learned a lot about supporting computer
systems (things I had to learn because I’m not a CS major). Since
I’ve interned here, many other interns have come and gone. Some
I’ve really liked, while others I was happy to avoid. Most of the
other interns were from regional colleges, but there were a couple
here and there from high school. Most of them were in different
departments, though. Even so, there is a comaraderie among the
“grunts” as we nickname ourselves, and we often spend our lunch
hours together.
One lunch roughly a month ago, which was the start of the
summer, I noticed the several new people in our ranks that would be
joining us for the summer. Introductions were made, and I quickly
got to know most of the new interns. Being the “patriarch” of the
interns (I had worked there more than twice as long), I was asked
many questions about what working there would really be like. I
get asked this question by just about every new intern. Continue reading “Teen intern”

Girl is my slave

I had seen her the first time, at the company meeting in
May. I was a junior manager working for her department, handling the
money side of things for the large construction firm we both worked
for. She was thirtyish and to my eyes, perfection personified. Her ass
looked so inviting, squeezed by her tight black skirt, her panties
traced out in smooth curves. While the general manager droned on about
quarterly targets and resource crunches and achieved goals, I began to
see in my mind, drops of her sweat mixed with her cunt juices
trickling down the hairy furrow between her smooth buttocks. When she
caught me staring at her, she frowned, wrinkling her brow. I turned
away. My cock had become bone hard and hurt as it pulsed with every
beat of my hammering heart. When my cock gets that hard, I cant think
anymore. I would have fucked my mother, holding her legs up against
her breasts and sucking her toungue into my mouth if I could. My cock
doesnt have a heart or a mind. Continue reading “Girl is my slave”

Best friends

Jill and I were best friends all through high school, always together
and looking for good times. This either meant finding boys, or parties
or raising some sort of hell. Sometimes we’d drive around, looking for
a couple of guys in a car to flirt with, then lose them if we wanted to
“teach ’em a lesson”.

Jill is beautiful without any question. She’s five foot six, with a
pair of very nice, long legs, blonde hair that falls halfway down her
back, blue eyes, and she’s very shapely…how does 38D-24-35 sound?
Dreamy isn’t it? Jill usually gets all the guy’s eyes when she walks
into a room, and her love of wearing tight sweaters doesn’t help. Continue reading “Best friends”

Darla in bondage

It hadn’t gone well, Darla thought, as she leafed through an old magazine. She
shifted position, took her shoes off, and curled her feet up comfortably
beneath her on the couch. Across the room, Michael was still typing away.
They’d been working together quite well on the book, and then he’d had one of
his sudden fits of inspiration and had shooed her away, irritably, because he
didn’t want her “looking over his shoulder.” As if he hadn’t looked over mine
enough, she thought. And leaned on it at the same time. I wish we could get an
office with two desks, two typewriters, and a brick wall between them! With a
sigh, she picked up another magazine and slid farther down into the cushions
that covered Michael’s couch. Continue reading “Darla in bondage”

Shower sex story

I went to work one Saturday knowing that I should be able to get some
work done. Sure enough, the parking lot was empty and I got right to

I only took a couple of short breaks and was feeling very sore by
mid-afternoon. I decided that I had earned a break and went to the
men’s room to use the shower facilities.

I was had just finished shampooing my hair when I saw someone enter
the dressing area. He was one of the engineers from upstairs who
often showered here after his daily runs. Continue reading “Shower sex story”


Tina parked her car and made her way to the door of her
apartment. The rain had subsided, but the cloudy day only
added to her gloomy mood. She was glad it was Friday. Her
day had been terrible and she was looking forward to a night
out with her best friend Stacy. She turned the key and
unlocked the door. As she entered she noticed that the sun
door was ajar. Tina thought that she had locked it, but
since she was late this morning she could have left it open.
She did not notice anything missing and assumed she was
fortunate that no one had entered. Continue reading “Submission”

Afterhours at work

Ah spring! It was the kind of day where the air is so humid you
can cut it with a knife. I had just come back from lunch with my
friends and was still joking about our co-worker Ralph’s dress
habits. He says he was a nerd in high school, but that he is not
anymore. But just looking at him in his shorts and pink shirt,
trying to be cool, you can tell he lives, eats, and breathes com-
puters. Not that he’s disagreeable, but he just seems very naive
and tries too hard to fit in.

As we went up the stairs to get back to work, Eva came down. The
air conditioning in the building was always cranked, and Eva’s
nipples were responding by showing through her blouse. If ever
there was a woman that could stop traffic, she was it: shoulder
length blonde hair, dark complexion, and brown eyes. She looked
particularly good in the red blouse and black skirt that she wore
today. Continue reading “Afterhours at work”

Chinese slut in bondage

I’ve been a lurker on this group since its inception, and since I
introduced my wife to it, she’s been pressing me to post one of our
stories. Here it is, then, with a twist, for your approval.

We both enjoy adding a great deal of interesting costume to our play.
I love the sight of her in extreme heels and tightly-laced old
fashioned corsets, as well as bound and helpless. She loves these
things, as well as anything else that presses, squeezes, or otherwise
molds her, and adds to her tactile overload or general level of
frustration. Thus, we’ve accumulated a great storehouse of toys over
the years, from a variety of shoes with heels in varying heights, to
several custom made corsets (there are very few manufacturers left,
and the prices can be outrageous) with waists from 19″ to 22″
(including one that is knee-length), rubber stockings, skirts, and so
on, and a very large drawerful of cuffs, collars and padlocks. All
these things see a good amount of use! Continue reading “Chinese slut in bondage”