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She was an attractive divorcee, and a lot of fun to talk to. I
had no idea she would say “That sounds like a great idea!” when I
suggested she join my wife and me for an evening. And the lack of
resistance when I asked Jan about it didn’t really make me feel
too badly.

Here we were together in the hotel suite after an evening of din-
ing and dancing. Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Jan liked
Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks,
when Sally asked Jan to join her in a joint. She never had be-
fore, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a few years
before, so didn’t dare join them.

Well, it wasn’t long, with pot and whiskey, and three people who
had known each other for a few years, before the atmosphere became
very, very comfortable. I finally suggested turning off the
lights and lying down and they both agreed.

It was pitch dark, and my clothes were off in a flash. Lying
there in the middle of the king size bed, I was growing with an-
ticipation, hearing them both undressing on either side of the
bed. Sally lied down first and I put my arm around her, kissing
her gently. Her skin was so soft, and I had never touched her be-
fore. As I felt the bed move when Jan sat down, I rolled over on
my back, taking her in my other arm. Her breasts were larger, and
her perfume sweet, and she snuggled in closely.

I was in ecstasy, feeling both of them in my arms, and their
thighs against mine. Both of their hands were exploring my chest
and abdomen. Suddenly I realized that I could feel their lips and
bodies, but I could no longer feel their hands. They had reached
across and were exploring each other intimately. I could begin to
feel their hips writhe as their fingers found each others clits
and reached inside.

Then they began kissing my nipples, and running their tongues across my
belly and into my belly button. Their tongues met on the tip of my pe-
nis as they were kissing the shaft on each side at the same time. (Two
tongues on my cock at the same time, and then an alternate seesaw
battle taking turns sucking and engulfing it) And always not being
able to more than guess where their hands were.

Sally climbed on top and I guided Jan to sit down behind her. Jan
reached around and held Sally’s breast with one hand and her pussy with
the other while she pressed her breasts against Sally’s back. She had
me deep inside her and I could feel Jan’s finger occasionally drop down
and squeeze the base of my hard cock. Sally was coming already, and we
squealed with her. She had never had anything like this happen to her
before, and I found out later how many times we would repeat the same
wonderful “trip”.

I moved over to the side of the bed for a short break. Jan wasn’t
ready to rest, though. She began kissing Sally’s breasts, and in no
time, she was getting hot again. I had turned on a bathroom light in
the meantime, and now I could just barely make out the two figures next
to me. Jan began to inch down, constantly licking Jan’s belly with her
tongue and beginning to lick her thighs. Maybe it was the pot or maybe
it was the electricity, but Jan’s knees came apart as Sally lied down
between her legs, and caressed her crotch with her tongue. Jan’s hands
went to her head, and immediately her tongue was inside. She reached
over and held me with one hand while Jan writhed to another climax.

Now it was Jan’s turn. I rolled over on top, and she guided me inside.
She was smooth and warm and very, very active. I pulled out before
long, wanting to prolong the ecstasy. I’m glad Sally was there, be-
cause Jan was very hot. Sally kissed her on the lips, played with her
tongue, and then immediately buried her head in Jan’s lap. Jan’s hips
raised high, and I could tell her tongue was all the way inside. She
came very quietly, altogether different than Sally. But it was obvi-
ously intense. I thought I was going to have to give her resuscitation
for a moment.

They both had another drink and a joint, and now it was time to learn
to do the grinds. We had teased Sally that she never could do the
bumps and grinds, so Jan decided to teach her. With the music on and
the lights up, nothing but laughs could be the result watching those
two beauties teach each other to do a sensuous dance with too much
booze (and without too much success!!)

And then it was my turn. After the lights were turned down, and the
laughs settled down, they both decided that I hadn’t seen nothin’ yet!
They both kissed me all over, one filling my mouth with their tongue
and the other playing deep throat. I liked it when they both kissed my
nipples at the same time, running their hands over my balls and cock.
Finally I rolled on top of Jan. Sally wanted to guide me in, so we
both let herfumble around and finally I was deep inside. Sally
reached around between my legs, caressing my balls and squeezing my
shaft. Jan’s hips moved faster and faster and I was on fire. There
was no turning back now. I could feel Sally’s tongue in my ear as I
screamed and exploded. It was almost more than I could handle.
But..as you can see… somehow I must have survived!!!

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