Amy 3some sex

She was wearing a skin tight red bodysuit when we first noticed
her. There was nothing left to the imagination with this suit –
you could see the outline of her small yet nicely shaped breasts,
and every now and then, even the nipples would show. The suit
clung to her waist and hips, and showed a pair of well formed
legs. And yet what it didn’t show was just as important – there
were no lines from any underwear of any kind – no panties, and no

We had been looking for some time for someone who would be
willing to participate in a menage a’ trois with us, and she
looked like a willing partner. She noticed us throughout the
evening looking at her, savoring her body. Even though the suit
was very revealing, we wondered what she actually looked like
under that red lycra. She was the keyboardist for the band,
saucily swinging her hips in time to the music which they were

As the evening wore on, we danced closely with one another, our
pelvises rubbing together in an activity which resembled a mating
ritual more than the dance which it was. After they had finished
playing, we complimented the band on the fine job they had done.
Since they had played in this bar several times before, they all
had friends which they enjoyed libations with after their show.
We joined their party, and bought the woman in the red bodysuit a
drink. Her name was Amy, and she was young – only nineteen –
although spending time with the band had forced her to grow up
quickly. She was worldly beyond her years, and was making some
suggestive comments in no time. She mentioned that she had just
broken up with her boyfriend, and that she was lonely. She was
interested in meeting someone soon, because her horniness was
quickly becoming even stronger than the loneliness.

We asked her if she met many men while she was out on the road,
and she replied that most of the men she met while with the band
were not her type. When we asked what her type was, she looked
right straight at Dan, and said “Someone like you would do! But
I suppose that your girlfriend might mind if I stole you away
from her.” We bought another round, and spent some time getting
to know one another better. Dan’s apartment is right above the
bar, so it didn’t matter to us how much we drank – there was no
worry about having to drive home drunk. But Amy soon mentioned
that she had to leave since she had an hour drive ahead of her.
I suggested at that point that she could stay with us. I asked
if she had eaten yet, and when she replied that she had not, I
invited her up to our place for a sandwich and a beer.

It was very late, and we had had a few drinks, so the stairway
seemed even narrower and longer than it really was. Amy stumbled
on the stairs, and I caught her, placing my hands on her round
ass. She didn’t seem to mind as I felt her bottom, my fingers
lingering in their place a little longer than necessary. I knew
at that point that Amy had a pretty good idea why we had invited
her upstairs, and that there was going to be no need to make any
sandwiches at all.

We entered the apartment, and Dan turned on the stereo. Led
Zeppelin filled the apartment, drowning out the noise from the
few remaining patrons downstairs. The music also served to
muffle the moans later on, but I digress..

Since this has been a fantasy of ours for a long time, we had
definite ideas of how to begin. First of all, since we didn’t
know Amy very well, we decided it would be a good idea for us to
begin with a shower, especially since we had all been dancing all
evening and were a little sweaty. Amy didn’t seem to mind, and
we began to undress her. I unzipped the long zipper down her
back, and Dan pulled the tight fabric off one shoulder, then the
other. He has always been of the mind that a woman’s shoulders
are very sexy, so he stopped there to lick her shoulders, and
place kisses along her neck. Never having been with a woman
before, I was curious to see her breasts (and secretly compare
them with my own, I guess!), so I pulled the fabric down from her
shoulders to her belly button. Her breasts popped out, perfectly
round and soft. They were smaller than my own, but exquisite in
shape and size. I began to caress them -first one, then the
other. I ran my fingers along the outside of them, and my tongue
flitted across the nipples until they were as hard as little
pebbles. Excited by all of the attention that she was getting
from us, Amy began to moan. She began rubbing her crotch through
the Lycra suit with one hand, and stroking my hair with the
other. Dan stepped back, and watched us for a moment, his cock
growing bigger and harder by the minute. Something which the two
of us had only experienced with movies and still pictures was
happening in our living room, and it was an incredible turn on
for both of us. The next surprise happened when I stripped the
suit down past her pelvis to see her cunt, which was shaved bare.
Amy explained to us that she liked wearing that red suit, and it
showed everything; therefore she had shaved her cunt so that
nothing would show. A shaved box always gets Dan going, and he
began to stroke his cock while he continued watching us. I took
the rest of the suit off, slowly peeling the tight fabric along
her hips, and down those lovely legs, and threw it in a corner.
Our partner stood naked before us.

Dan and I removed our own clothing with previously unmatched
speed. My box was wet and hot, and I was looking forward to the
events to come this evening. Dan started the water in the shower
while I put Amy’s long silky hair up. She did the same for me,
but her caresses went long past my hairline. I think it was her
first time with another woman, too, and she was not disappointed
with my large breasts. By the time we were done, Dan had the
shower hot and pulsating, and was beckoning us to join him. Amy
went first, and inside, Dan kissed her full on the lips. They
began making out with passion, and I was very turned on by their
actions. I took the bar of soap in my hands, and lathered it up,
and began rubbing the creamy foam up and down her shapely thighs,
paying special attention to the area between them. I rubbed her
clit, and the lips of her vagina, and ran my hand back and forth
from her genitals to Dan’s – since they were kissing, their
pelvises were very close. Her bald cunt was soft and smooth
under the soap. I stroked the shaft of his now extremely hard
cock, and soaped his balls. They moaned during their kisses. so
I continued to stroke. Soon it was Amy’s turn to clean me, so I
traded places with her. Dan kissed me passionately, probing his
tongue deep into my throat while Amy rubbed suds around my
swollen clit. She massaged my buns with her soapy hands, and
stroked Dan in the meantime.

Soon it was time for the shower to end. We stumbled out of the
shower and dried one another off with a combination of tongues
and towels. I let Amy’s brown hair down, and it hung long and
beautiful on her naked body. Dan let my hair down, and took our
hands, leading us to the bedroom.

All of this would happen in due time, but Dan needed a little
excitement first. He wanted a blow job from both of us at the
same time, and we eagerly agreed. He laid on his back, and his
cock was already hard. Amy kissed me on the lips, probing her
tongue around mine, and at that moment, I knew that this blow job
would be one that Dan remembered for some time to come. I took
his balls in my hands and began fondling them while Amy ran her
tongue along his shaft. Dan began moaning and writhing his hips.
Amy soon took his big hard cock deep into her throat – she took
it so far in, her nose was buried in his pubic hair. This is no
easy feat, since Dan has a very large cock. While Amy was deep
throating Dan, I began licking the insides of his thighs
and the sensitive area behind his balls while probing the outside
of his anus. While I continued to rub his thighs and buns, I
joined Amy in licking his shaft, and together we managed to cover
most of his cock with our tongues. We flicked the tips of our
tongues along the edge of his shaft, circled the head, and
nibbled on his full balls. In no time at all, Dan was shooting
his load all over both of us.

I wouldn’t consider myself a pervert or a sexual deviant; in
fact, until I met Dan, I was sexually very conservative. I’ve
never watched other people fuck before – at least not live
people. I’ve seen several porno movies, and not many of them
turned me on. What I really wanted to do was watch Dan fuck Amy,
and I told them so. Dan had other plans, and he urged me to be
patient, that I would fulfill all of my fantasies tonight, and
see everything I wanted to see if I was just patient. He then
laid Amy on the bed, and parted her thighs. He wanted to have
her hot, wet and excited before he shoved his cock into her, so
he started off by licking her clit gently. Amy began to moan as
Dan shoved first one finger, then two fingers deep into her hole.
He twisted the fingers in and out of her box while he gently
licked her clit. Her moans became louder, and it was apparent
that she was ready for her first orgasm. Dan stopped what he was
doing just before she orgasmed – a small cry of disappointment
left her lips, but Dan had wanted me to join in before she came.
He instructed me to begin licking and sucking her breasts while
he licked her clit, and I agreed. I had wanted to begin as only
an observer, but that desire was outweighed by wanting to be a
part of her first of many orgasms tonight. I took her breasts
gently in my hands and kneaded them, sucking and nibbling the
nipples until they were once again hard. Dan once again began
his activities as before, and it was not long until she came.
She bucked against the bed hard, and was writhing so much it was
difficult to keep on licking and sucking her. Dan looked up at
me from between her thighs and smiled, telling me that I soon
would have the opportunity to do what he had just done.

Amy was excited and well lubricated, but Dan decided that it was
my turn to get fucked first. Every woman secretly has a fantasy –
being tongued while being fucked. One of the reasons we brought
Amy home was to fulfill that fantasy for me. Amy laid on her
back on the bed, and I straddled her face. She began to lick my
eager cunt before Dan even got behind me. She pressed a finger
against my moist hole, and teased me almost to the point of
orgasm. Dan pulled her finger out and filled the vacuum with his
cock. The feeling of his cock and her tongue at the same time
overwhelmed me, and my first orgasm came immediately. Amy
moaned, and I looked down to see her masturbating herself while
eating my cunt. The sight of this was enough to send me into
another orgasm. I had two more orgasms before it was over, and
she had at least two by her own hand. Dan’s pace increased
feverishly, and he was stroking my pussy longer, deeper and
faster. Soon he was ready to orgasm. Just before he came, he
pulled his cock out of my cunt, and came all over Amy’s face.

His sticky white cum was in her hair, on her face and on her neck
and breasts before he was done. I have never seen him cum so
much at one time. Dan reached for a towel, but I couldn’t let so
much come go to waste. I began licking his cum off of her smooth
skin. I licked her cheeks and eyelids, down her neck and onto
her breasts. Meanwhile, Dan had returned to his original post at
her clit, and brought her to her fourth orgasm of the night by
licking her cunt and fingering her. It wasn’t long before all
three of us were horny again and ready for more action.

At last it was time for Dan to fuck her. I wanted Amy to
experience the same pleasure that I had, but I have never eaten a
woman before. I wanted Dan to give me lesson since he is so good
at tongueing a woman. He parted her thighs, and spread her lips,
He pulled the top of her pubic mound so that her little clit was
sticking up in the air, a hard little penis just waiting for a
blow job. Her clit was easy to see and lick since she had a bald
crotch. He told me to lick that while he was shoving his cock
into her. Now to get into the position necessary to perform this
sexual feat, Dan laid flat on the bed, and Amy laid on top of him
with both of the facing the ceiling. I positioned myself between
both of their thighs. Her cunt had stopped dripping cum from
before, but was still wet and very inviting. I reached up with
my hands and caressed Amy’s breasts, and Dan began rubbing the
head of his penis around Amy’s tight anus. I grabbed the dildo
that was in the drawer under the waterbed, and spread some KY
jelly on it. I began licking her clit, which tasted warm and
salty, and not unappealing as I had feared. She began to writhe
and moan, so I slipped the dildo slowly into her cunt. It was a
big dildo, and I had difficulty pushing it all the way in, but
Amy didn’t seem to mind. She was moaning like a mad woman, and
Dan felt that she was ready to be butt-fucked. “Have you ever
been fucked in the ass, Amy?” Dan asked. Amy replied that she
had not, but as long as he was careful, she would be willing to
try it. He coated his cock with KY jelly, and pressed the big
head against the tight opening of her anus. I licked his balls
one last time, and then returned my attention to Amy’s throbbing
clit. In no time at all, she came. I guess the dildo, the
tongue and the cock really thrilled her. After she came once,
the dildo slid in and out of her bald box more easily, so I
became more aggressive with it. I shoved it deeper inside her,
following the lead that her moans were giving me. The dildo went
deep inside her with each thrust, and I am sure she felt my hand
against her cunt each time I stroked her deeply. Dan’s hard
shaft was moving quickly in and out of her tight anus, which had
a tight grip on his cock. Her juices mixed with the KY jelly
making a puddle in the bed. I had never been so close to this
type of action before, and I loved it. I reached under Amy’s ass
to stroke the sensitive area behind Dan’s balls, pressing a
finger against his anus. Shortly thereafter, Dan came in Amy’s
ass. Amy rolled over on the bed, and Dan rolled onto her. We
all lay on the bed together, exhausted and looking forward to a
good nights sleep (and breakfast…)