Asian Sex Experience

There comes a time when your mind becomes so loaded with experiences
that you must tell someone about them to allow new ones to take their places.
They become a part of your everyday
life. They affect you in the form of daydreams, not allowing a
moment to concentrate on the job at hand. At first they are no
more than just a fast glimpse of a girl in your past. Quickly
she passes, but give her a few moments, she’ll be back.
When she
comes back however watch out! She is going to be more than you
can handle. She will come to you in a form more beautiful than

she ever really was. She becomes exactly what you want. Exactly

what you wished her to be, whether it be an actual past

experience or and experience you wished to have happen that for

some unknown reason never did. But you know why they didn’t

happen don’t you? You were too nervous to make them happen. To

ask her to do something special to turn you on even more or to

spend more time to turn her on even more.

In your dreams everything seems to work out right doesn’t

it? She is putty in your hands. Doing everything your little

heart desires. If your heart wishes to please her more than

anyone else she will moan and groan and thrash and throw just the

way you like. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your daydreams

were true?

If you spend enough time daydreaming about the way you wish

your past had been or the way you hope your future will be, you

will find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to go

right. You keep wishing for things to happen but they never do

because you won’t work hard enough to make them happen. You

think because they work so easily in your dreams that it

shouldn’t be too much harder in real life. But it is.

Let me tell you about some of my experiences and you decide

for yourself if they are true or not. Some will be real

experiences and some will be the things that I wished had

happened. Most of it will be real but does it really matter?

As a person is growing up they have, as all people do, their

first sexual experience. I am referring to the first time that

you come in contact with a girl. Most guys first encounter is

usually a girl with whom you are actually experimenting. You may

not think you are experimenting at the time but if you look back

at it you feel very inadequate and tell yourself how dumb you

were not to know what you were doing. That is how I look back at

my first encounter. I was young and stupid but boy was it was

fun while it was happening.

My girlfriend’s name was Linda. It’s really hard to call

her a girlfriend because it was really just a puppy love. It was

in junior high school when I knew her. She was very tall with

long beautiful black hair. I say she was tall only because I was

the shortest guy in the school. I guess it is all relative but

she really did look cute anyway. She was by no means the most

beautiful girl in the school but there sure as hell were a lot


It was toward the end of the school year when I first met

her. My teacher had asked me to clean out a book room and sort

the books by title and place them neatly on their proper shelves.

Of course I was the kind of person that would do anything to get

out of class so I spent all day sorting these books. After a

while it got pretty boring so I asked my teacher if one of my

friends could help me. It was not that I couldn’t do it myself,

I just wanted someone to shoot the shit with. My teacher,

because that there was only a few days of school left, didn’t

care and said sure. In addition to getting my friend, he also

brought along Linda whom he introduced as a friend of his. I

didn’t mind having an extra person to talk to so I didn’t put up

any arguments. We were busy sorting books and talking and the

day went by real fast. By the end of the day, we had all the

books sorted and in their place. I natural didn’t tell my

teacher because I wanted to milk this job for all it was worth.

I told her we had more work to do and we should be able to be

done in a day or two. We always left some books in a messy pile

so that we could show her we were not yet done.

The next day we started early in the morning doing

absolutely nothing. We just sat on our asses talking. My

friend, David, lit up a cigarette which at that age was a mortal

sin to be caught doing, especially in school but closed in the

book room we really didn’t care. He puffed on the cigarette and

the room became filled with smoke. Cigarette smoke always seemed

to give me headaches so I laid down on the floor to relax. Linda

said that she was tired (or so she said) and also laid down on

the floor but unfortunately not near me. David said,”why not

join the crowd,” so he got up and turned off the light and then

he also laid down on the floor. It was kind of hard to fall

asleep on a hard floor so I just kind of laid there. As my eyes

began to adjust to what little light was coming under the door, I

noticed that David had laid down next to Linda and they had their

arms around each other and were busy kissing away. This was

something I had never done with anyone before so I got an instant

hard-on watching them. After a few minutes, I saw David’s hand

slip down inside Linda’s shirt. This was too much. I was really

testing the stitching on my pants zipper. I really couldn’t

believe they were actually doing this. I really wanted to run

over there and stick my hand down her shirt too. But of course,

I couldn’t do that it wouldn’t be right to bother them so I just

lay there until they were done. They never went any farther than

that but boy what a show that was.

They finally got up and turned on the lights and Linda

recomposed herself and we talked for a while, sorted the rest of

the books and then left the book room for our respective

classrooms. The next day was the last day of school and we were

too busy to work in the book room. At that point we really

didn’t want too. The job had served its purpose well.

David and Linda were going out for pizza after school and

asked me to come along. I said sure. I met David and Linda

outside the school and we started walking to a pizza parlor not

too far away. As we were walking down the street, David’s mother

drove by and stopped when she saw him. She called him over and

asked to see his report card. It was nowhere near good and she

started screaming and threw him into the car and drove away.

There wasn’t too much we could do about what happened and we

decided that just the two of us would go for pizza. We sat and

ate our pizza and talked about anything that came to our minds

and over the course of the next hour and a half we became very

friendly. As a gesture of friendship, and that’s all it was at

the time, I invited Linda to my house to go swimming. I didn’t

expect it but she accepted my invitation right away without any

apprehension. From that point on, while walking to her house to

get her bathing suit and then to my house, I was on cloud nine.

A girl actually accepted an invitation from ME.

The walk to my house took forever. I couldn’t wait to see

her in her bathing suit. We talked along the way, and I started

to really like her. She was very nice to me like no other girl

had been before. I actually got up the nerve to hold her hand.

Boy was that a great accomplishment for me. I was so proud of

myself. She let me hold her hand without giving any sign of


We arrived at my house and we went inside so I could show

her around. We found my mother working in the kitchen and I

introduced Linda to her. I wasn’t too sure what my mother would

say about me bringing a girl home but my mother was very pleasant

about it so I wasn’t quite as nervous. I finished showing Linda

around the house and then I took her downstairs to the pool. She

couldn’t wait to go swimming so I showed her the bathroom where

she could get changed and I went off into another room to change

into my bathing suit.

After a few minutes Linda emerged from the bathroom wearing

a super bright almost hot pink one piece bathing suit. It really

made her look beautiful. It accented her long black hair. For

the first time I noticed that she actually had a set of tits on

her that very few girls in the school had. They were quite large

by junior high school standards. In actuality, they weren’t that

big but they sure looked nice. I think that she noticed that I

was staring at her chest by the big smile on her face. Before I

could say anything, not that I could, she ran outside and jumped

into the pool.

I put my eyes back in my head and jumped in the pool after

her. We swam and splashed around for about an hour. My pool has

a slide and we had lots of fun going down the slide together with

Linda sitting between my legs. I know she had to be feeling my

hard-on because it was sticking her right in the back but she

gave no indication. We played around in the pool until we were

water-logged. Linda said she was getting out so she could dry

off. Of course I followed her.

We wiped ourselves off and then went back into the house to

change. As we stepped through the door into the house, Linda

stopped. I had no idea what she was doing but it didn’t take me

long to find out. She held my hand and gave me a big kiss right

on the lips. WOW! I couldn’t believe she did that. She just

smiled at me and I noticed her looking down at my bathing suit

and seeing a real big lump. I had the hard-on of a lifetime. She

let out a little giggle and said, “would you like to see

something real interesting?”

Before I could clear my throat to say anything, she slowly

began pulling her shoulder strap down her arm and then pulling

her arm through it. Then she reached for her other strap and

pulled her arm through it too. She was just standing there

showing me lots of cleavage. I think I was drooling on my chest

but I didn’t notice. My eyes were glued to her chest. She

slowly and teasingly began pulling down her bathing suit showing

more and more of her tits as she went. She was going so slow

that it seemed forever for one of her nipples to pop out from

underneath her suit. I thought I was going to cream in my pants

right there. Then her other nipple popped out. They were small

and pointy. As the bathing suit came down a little farther, I

could see the whole form of her tits.

I was having trouble breathing. I couldn’t believe all this

was happening. She just stood there with an ear to ear smile,

blinding me with her pearly white teeth.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” she said.

“You leave me speechless, what would you like me to say?”

“How about asking to touch them.”

“Can I?”

“Go for it.”

I tried to raise my hands but I was still so stunned that

they wouldn’t budge. They felt so numb.

Linda, then realizing my problem, took my hand up to her

mouth and kissed it and then placed it right on her chest. For

the first time in my life, I knew what it was to feel a girl’s

softer spot. It was an outstanding feeling. I felt her nipple

sticking into the palm of my hand and it seemed to get larger. I

was still a little spastic with my actions. I wasn’t doing

anything with my hand but letting it sit there.

She said, “here, let me show you what to do.”

She pushed my hand away and grabbed her tits with her own

hands and started squeezing and massaging them. She looked like

she was really enjoying it. Then she started playing with her

nipples, rolling them between her thumb and index finger. They

just seemed to get even bigger. Then she said, “now why don’t

you try.”

I placed both my hands on her chest and started squeezing

her tits. It was fabulous. They were so firm. I couldn’t

believe it. I stood there playing with her tits, doing what she

did, rolling her nipples between my fingers. She loved it. She

actually let out what sounded like a little moan. I was in


After a few minutes of playing with her tits, she appeared

to be really getting turned on. But then what do I know at that


She said, “let’s try something different.”

She put her hand behind my neck and pulled my head right

down into her chest putting one of her nipples right into my


“Suck on them” she said, “suck on them like you would want

me to suck on your cock.”

I sure as hell didn’t give her any argument. I started

sucking on her tits as if my life depended on it. I went from

one to the other. Back and forth. I even got real daring and

started squeezing her tits while I sucked on them. I kept

concentrating real hard on what I was doing so I wouldn’t appear

like I didn’t know anything. I kind of figured she knew that

anyway. I kept sucking and squeezing. I couldn’t get enough.

They tasted so good. She shocked me when she lifted my head up.

She made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I asked her

if I could help her get changed. I meant it to be sarcastic. I

didn’t expect anything to come of it.

“No thank you, I think I can do that by myself. But there

is one thing you can do for me. Here, hold this.”

Like a flash she dropped her bathing suit to her ankles and

stepped out of it. There was this beautiful bush staring me in

the face. She picked up the bathing suit and handed it to me and

said, “how do you like it?”

“The bathing suit?”

“No silly, that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“It’s real nice.”

“Would you like to see it a little bit better?”


She took me by the hand and led me over to a chair.

“Promise me you will stand right here until I say you can


“Sure, anything you say.”

She sat down on the chair and gave me a real big smile.

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone I did this.”

“Of course not” I replied.

She leaned back and spread her legs putting them over the

armrests. What a pussy! It was pink and real wet. Just like

the ones in those magazines my father has. I was just standing

there in complete shock. She put her hands between her legs and

started rubbing.

She said, “have you ever seen a girl’s pussy before? Do you

like it?”

“No, yes”

“Make up your mind.”

“It looks wonderful.”

I just stood there staring between her legs. Her breathing

began to get heavy. I began rubbing my dick through my pants.

Linda noticed and said, “why don’t you pull it out where I can

see it.”

I pulled my hard-on out without any hesitation. She

continued rubbing her pussy without missing a stroke.

She said, “step a little closer so I can get a better look.

I did as she asked. To my surprise, she grabbed on to my

cock with her right hand keeping her left at a steady pace. She

started stroking me. What a feeling. I could feel myself

coming. I knew it wouldn’t take long because she had me so

worked up.

“I want you to come on my chest.”

“No problem, here it comes.”

I shot my load all over her chest. I felt my knees begin to

give way. I could barely hold myself up. She began rubbing it

into her chest but never stopped massaging her pussy. By this

time. her pussy was soaked. She put both hands back to work and

said that now it was her turn and she wanted me to just sit back

and watch. I sat down on the floor right in front of her just

watching her go at it. She began huffing and puffing all over

again. She started rubbing faster and faster. After only a

minute or two she let out a moan or a groan or what ever the hell

it was and she started to jerk and shake wildly. Her legs went

up into the air. After a few seconds she finally calmed down and

put her legs back together and her feet on the floor. She threw

her head back and just seemed to want to relax.

“Boy did that feel good. It has been a long time since I

came like that. I love playing with myself in front of guys. It

really turns me on.”

“You can do it in front of me anytime.”

“I think it is time to get changed now.”

I was disappointed because I was almost hard again but I

knew she was right; it was getting late.

“I am going to get changed. I’ll be right back.”

With that she turned and stepped into the bathroom. What an

ass she had too.

A minute or two later she came out of the bathroom all

dressed. I was kind of disappointed but I didn’t really know

what to expect. Linda said that she had to go home for dinner,

so I, being the gentleman that I was, walked her home. I was in

a daze the whole time we were walking. I was holding her hand

and thinking about all the things that had happened.

We arrived at the front of her house and stopped at the

door. She said she had a wonderful time and hoped that we could

do it again in the near future. I again became speechless. She

gave me a really big kiss, said good-bye and stepped into her

house. I ran home as fast as I could just thinking about what

she had said. I ran into my house and headed straight for the

bathroom to jerk off. What a day it had been.

To this day that event has haunted me. Every time I am

sitting in class, Linda pops into my mind and I go through that

afternoon over and over again. Each time is almost as good as

the first.

I didn’t see Linda for several years. Her father was in the

Army and was transferred a short time later. That sounds like

bullshit but that’s what really happened. My first experience

came to an end rather abruptly.

Time went on. My confidence being greatly boosted thanks to

Linda. Now I was able to say that my sexual education had

started. Unfortunately, I did not get to put it into use or

expand on it for several years. All through high school I never

had what you would call a girlfriend. I belonged to a few clubs

but none of them had any girls. There were some real nice ones

in some of my classes but we had just become friends. I never

had the nerve to ask any of them out. I dreamed of the things

that could have happened if I just had enough nerve to ask them

out. I was not very good at handling rejection. I think that

was my biggest problem. I was afraid of being rejected. If I

had been less afraid, my love life might have been an awful lot

better than it was.

After several years without a girlfriend, I found myself not

really caring whether I had a girlfriend or not. I kept myself

busy with school activities and I would jerk off every night to

relieve my sexual frustration. This was never too big a problem

until my senior prom drew near. I had always wanted to take a

really nice looking girl. I was not too thrilled with the idea

of a prom, basically because I don’t like to dance. But it was

my senior prom and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t go.

So now the problem was to find someone to ask and then get

up enough nerve to ask her. Well finding the girl wasn’t too

hard. There were plenty of girls I would like to ask. The big

question was to get up the nerve to ask one of them to go with

me. Then if I asked, what would she say?

I was running out of time very quickly. I finally got up

the nerve to ask a girl that was in my English class. She sat

next to me and her name was Beth. She was a cute blond with

loads of curly hair. One of the really nice things about her was

that she was the same height as I was. That was very important

to me.

I was in pain. I started a conversation with her one day

just before the end of class. I let the conversation stray to

the prom which was only two weeks away. I asked her if she was

going to the prom with anyone in particular and she said no.

That was what I was hoping she would say. I had my textbook line


“Would you like to go with me?”

At the moment I finished saying that, I tensed up and prayed

she wouldn’t reject me even though I had already assumed she

would. She gave me a great big smile and a bright red blush and

said, “sure”.

My heart fell to my feet. It was the most sensational

feeling I had felt in a long time. But I couldn’t stop there. I

had something else planned. I asked for her phone number so I

could call her that night and talk about our evening at the prom.

She wrote it out on a little piece of notebook paper and handed

it to me. At that moment the bell rang and we were off to next


For the remainder of the day I was very nervous wondering if

I had done the right thing. I realized it was too late to back

out so I decided to finish what I had started. No matter what

the results. As it turned out, that was one of the best

decisions I had ever made. I home after school still not sure of

myself. What if she was just fooling around. Maybe she was just

playing a joke on me. I really wanted to take her to the prom.

At that point I convinced myself that she meant what she said and

I was going to call her later that evening.

Once I convinced myself that everything would be all right,

I felt much more relaxed. I started fantasizing what it would be

like to see Beth with her clothes off. She was always a

conservative dresser in school so I wasn’t really too sure what

her body was shaped like. She always dressed in very nice

clothing but never anything tight. I knew her tits weren’t

enormous because that is a little hard to conceal. But I knew

she wasn’t flat chested either.

I dreamed about seeing her blonde bush, hoping it was just

as blonde as the hair on her head. Maybe I could get her to give

me my first blowjob or with a little luck we could go all the

way. After a few minutes of thoughts like that, I woke up and

decided that a good place to start would be to just get her to

the prom and worry about how far I was going to get later.

Dinner time rolled around and I ate quickly. I wanted to

call Beth right after dinner. But would that be too early?

Would I bother her during dinner? I started worrying about

everything all over again. I was a hopeless case.

I finally decided to call her not really caring what time it

was. I just wanted to talk to her. I got my fingers to dial the

number and I stopped breathing while the phone was ringing. My

heart stopped when someone picked up the phone. A soft sweet

voice was at the other end. I wasn’t sure if it was her so I

asked if Beth was home.

She said, “Hi, it’s me”.

Oh, Hi. I hope I’m not interrupting your dinner.”

“No. I had an early dinner and I am sitting in the bathtub

right now, just relaxing.

I felt a lump inside my throat when she said that. I

started imagining her lying in the bathtub. What a body.

“I am glad you accepted my invitation to the prom.”

“I’d love to go with you. Thank you for asking.”

She sounded so sincere that I couldn’t believe that she

would be pulling my leg so I put that completely out of my mind.

“Well, in addition to going to the prom, I was also

wondering if you would like to come over to my house to go

swimming sometime this weekend.”

I figured my luck was running so good that why not get a

little greedy and see just how far she will go.

“I am going to be busy this Saturday with me parents but

Sunday would be great.”

I asked if she would be able to get over to my house or

would she like my to pick her up.

“Pick me up about noon.”

She gave her address and we said our good-byes. I didn’t

really want to end the conversation but she said she had to get

out of the tub. I hung up the phone thinking this was going to

be a great weekend, if I had enough nerve to make it one.

I had called Beth on a Thursday so we had one more day of

school to see each other before the weekend. I got to class

before she did and just sat waiting for her to get there. I was

really nervous to face her after our conversation the night

before. I knew I would calm down once we started talking. Beth

got to class just before the teacher started teaching. We said

hello to each other but had no time to talk. The class lasted

right up to the bell so again we didn’t get any time to talk.

She just said on her way out, “see you Sunday”.

All night Friday and all day Saturday were spent fantasizing

about all the possible events of Sunday. I jerked off every

chance I got just thinking about how it would be with Beth.

Linda was a real exhibitionist and I kind of liked that. I

hoped Beth would be the same way with one little addition. I

wanted to go all the way. A guy just isn’t as sensitive to his

first as a girl is. I would have done it with Linda or any one

of a dozen other girls I knew. Who it was wasn’t that important.

I just had to do it.

Sunday morning rolled around and I got up real early just

thinking about the day ahead of me. I couldn’t wait. The

morning seemed to drag. I had never felt this much anticipation

before. It was a very strange feeling. I wanted to go as far as

I could with Beth but I didn’t want to push too hard. I didn’t

want her getting mad at me, especially just before the prom. I

don’t think I could have found anybody else on such short notice.

But I wanted to get her clothes off so bad, another fine mess I

got myself into. From eleven o’clock to eleven-thirty I sat

watching the clock. I finally decided it was time to leave. I

knew I could get to her house in about fifteen minutes but I had

to get out of my house before I went crazy. I got in the car and

started driving and of course I got there in fifteen minutes so I

had to kill fifteen more minutes before I went to get her. I

couldn’t show up early so I parked my car on a near by secluded

street and got myself off one last time before I actually saw


The time had come. I pulled up and parked in front of her

house, got out of the car and went up to the front door. I took

a deep breath and rang the doorbell. The same as in the past, it

felt like my heart stopped. I waited like what seemed like

forever. I heard someone coming to the door. It opened and

there stood Beth. The same cute blonde as in school. She looked

a little different this time. She was wearing a short silky

bright green robe, hip level, and a pair of flip-flops.

“I’m already to go. I have my bathing suit on underneath

and clothes to change into in the bag.”

“Lets go then”, I replied.

We made lots of small talk in the car on the way to my

house, mostly about school. I watched her legs as I was driving.

Her robe rode up her legs as time past. She had a nice set of

legs. I wanted to get between them so bad. The ride back to the

house wasn’t as bad as it was going to Beth’s because we were

busy talking and time passed quickly. We arrived at my house and

as if luck was on my side today, my parents were out and took my

brother with them. We were actually alone at my house. I showed

Beth around to the back of the house. She commented on how nice

the pool was and that she couldn’t wait to jump in. I asked her

if she wanted anything to drink and she said no thanks. I told

her I was going inside to get changed and I would be out in a

minute so she should go ahead into the pool without me. As I

closed the bathroom door I could hear Beth splashing in the pool.

In a little while I came out to find Beth splashing around and

playing with one of the floating toys. I immediately tossed

myself in and swam a couple of laps to get warmed up. I stuck my

head out of the water just in time to see Beth coming down the

slide. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini. Not the

skimpiest but it was nice and she looked nice in it. I didn’t

get a good look but I’m sure I would.

Beth was swimming around and laughing and having a grand old

time. She swam over by me and thanked me for inviting her over

to swim. I told her she was very welcome and she could come over


We swam around very innocently for the remainder of the

afternoon. We splashed each other and played with the floats and

other toys we had in the pool. I felt like I was a little kid

again. We were really having a lot of fun. I was glad we were

getting along so well. However all good things must come to an

end, or do they? Beth started complaining that she was getting

cold. That is the first sign that it is time to get out. I got

out and told her that I would be right back with some towels. I

ran into the house, grabbed some towels and ran back out again.

Beth was just starting to climb up the ladder. What a body she

had. It was perfect for the bikini. I held out the towel and

wrapped it around her nice and tight. I was about to let go when

she just leaned right up against me with my arms still around


“That’s better. I know I won’t be cold now.”

I stood there holding her in my arms not knowing what to do.

I said, “why don’t you go inside and change into something dry.

You’ll feel a lot warmer.”

“No, that’s okay. I think I’ll stay right where I am. I

like it here.”

We stood facing each other for a few minutes. We were

looking into each others eyes, not really knowing what to say or

what to do. I really don’t remember what I was even thinking.

Spontaneously, I leaned my head forward and gave her a peck on

the beak. She immediately smiled. That made me feel a lot more


Beth dropped her towel and put her arms around me and gave

me a kiss that will take a long time to forget. Our lips were

together for quite a long time. We were both enjoying every

moment of it. We finally broke ourselves apart and looked at

each other very contently. Her very calming personality made me

loosen up beyond my expectations. I felt very comfortable with

Beth, and especially in her arms.

She was starting to shiver so I recommended that we get

changed. Beth went into the bathroom and emerged soon after

wearing a tight pair of jeans and a halter top that you could see

her nipples pointing through.

“Your turn”, she said.

So into the bathroom I went. I got changed into the same

clothes I had on when I picked her up . They were handy. I came

out of the bathroom and found Beth sitting on a pool chair


“Are you ready to go?”

I really don’t know why I asked. I really didn’t want to

take her home, but it sounded appropriate. It was getting later

in the day and I’m sure she wanted to eat dinner.

“I guess so”, she said.

It didn’t occur to me for a couple of hours that I don’t

think she wanted to go home either. I drove Beth home holding

her hand as I drove and talking about our afternoon together.

The prom was now only one week away, on a Saturday night. I

decided that I was going to invite Beth over one more time before

the prom, on Friday night. I asked her if she would come over to

go swimming and stay for dinner. I did this with a little extra

information in the back of my mind. I knew my parents were going

out and my brother wouldn’t be hard to get rid of. I knew if I

had Beth alone for a while, wonderful things would happen. All I

could do was hope.

We arrived back at Beth’s house and as always being the

gentleman that I was, I walked her to the front door. We

exchanged very nice good byes and then exchanged one hell of a

kiss. She took any words I had left right out of my mouth. She

said good bye and stepped into the house. I drove home in a

daze. What a kiss! It was actually nice going to school that

week knowing that I would see Beth. She was always very nice to

me and would always have a big smile on her face.

I spoke to Beth every night on the telephone, usually for

several hours. Never anything important, just general

conversation. As time passed, I was getting more and more

comfortable with her. I think I had my first real girlfriend.

And would you believe, I was a senior in high school. I got off

to a real late start.

Friday came just as it always does, right on time. I picked

Beth up at three in the afternoon, after we got out of school.

She got into the car and right away slid over to the center of

the seat. She gave me a big kiss and said she wanted to sit next

to me. I had no complaints. I put my arm around her and she

didn’t complain. She was wearing the same robe. I asked if she

had the same bathing suit on underneath and she said yes and

opened up the robe to show me. She sure was right, but I wasn’t

looking at the bathing suit. I never really took a close look

before but she filled out the bathing suit very nicely. Her

chest was not big but very well proportioned for her size body.

On the drive back to my house we had the usual conversation

but about half way I noticed that she never closed her robe. Her

beautiful bikinied body was there for the whole world to see. The

moment I noticed that was the beginning of a raging hard-on that

lasted for a bit longer than I would consider comfortable.

I kept telling myself that this was my day.

We pulled into my driveway and I parked the car. Neither of

us was in a hurry to get out. She turned toward me, put her arms

around me and we began making out right there in my driveway. We

must have been there for about thirty minutes. I wrapped my

hands around her waist. Her skin was so smooth and soft. She

gave out sweet little moans as my hands massaged her back. I

started to scratch her back and that got her really excited. She

was rubbing my leg through my jeans, with each stroke going

higher and higher but never touching me where I wanted her too.

We stopped a moment to catch our breath.

“Is anyone home?”

“No, my parents are out and I was able to send my brother to

my grandparents house for the whole night. My parents won’t be

home until late.”

“Great, I was looking forward to this all week. Let’s go


We peeled ourselves apart, got out of the car and walked

around to the back of the house.

“I don’t have to go inside to change today. I have my

bathing suit on underneath.” As a gag, I started doing a

striptease. I tossed my sneakers aside and slowly started

unbuttoning my shirt. I was swinging my hips as if I were

dancing to music. My shirt came off nice and slow and I dropped

it to the ground. Then I went to work on my pants. I unsnapped

them and pulled down the zipper real slowly. Beth was standing

just a few feet away getting a real big kick out of it. For

these few minutes, all my shyness and inhibitions were gone. I

was just having plain fun.

Slowly the pants started coming down. I was shaking them

off with my hips. They fell to my ankles and I stepped out of


“That’s all folks!”, I joked.

Beth, laughing pretty hard, had to work to calm herself

down. She gave me a kiss on the nose and said, “Wait right



Beth walked around to the deep end of the pool. I knew she

had something in mind but I didn’t know what. She moved right up

to the edge of the pool with her toes hanging over the end. Then

started rocking her hips around just like I did. She was doing

the same striptease I did. She began to shake her shoulders and

the robe slipped off one shoulder at a time and then was slowly

guided to the ground. I expected her to jump into the pool. But

did she? No she didn’t. She put her right arm across her chest

and reached around behind herself with her left arm. She was

moving back and forth constantly. I saw the laces of her bikini

top come down to her side then suddenly she tossed her bikini top

on to the ground. There stood a beautiful body with a beautiful

set of knockers all for my eyes to take in.

I then expected her to jump into the pool, but she kept

right on going. She tucked her thumbs inside the waist band and

slowly pushed her bottoms down to her knees where she let go and

wiggled them down to her ankles. She stepped out with one leg

and kicked them behind her with the other. Now she was standing

in front of me with absolutely nothing on but a big smile. She

put her hands behind her head to accent her beautiful body. She

didn’t need to do that. When she felt that I had enough of an

eye full she dove into the deep water. I followed her lead by

dropping my suit to the ground and jumping in after her. We swam

straight toward each other. When we got close, I reached out

and put my arms around her waist and pulled her body against

mind. I never had a feeling quite like that one. There is

nothing else like two cool bodies rubbing against each other. I

felt her nipples digging into my chest and her soft hairs against

my erection. We loved rubbing up against the other’s body.

We slowly moved toward the shallow end of the pool, our

bodies inseparable. Her lips pressed up against mine, I reached

down with my hands and started massaging her tits. I did it the

same way Linda had shown me several years earlier. Her nipples

were almost solid in the cool water. Beth put her hands between

us and began rubbing my chest. The feel of her hands on me

almost made me go wild. After spending a little time with her

beautiful mounds, I slid my hands down her sides to her exquisite

ass. It was firm and very well shaped. I was squeezing and

running my fingers up and down her crack. She really seemed to

like this. She started playing with my ass also. It did feel

good. Beth shocked me when she started playing with my asshole.

She giggled when I jumped but kept right on going. I began to

do the same to her and she started to purr. Then, with a little

apprehension, I brought a hand around to her front side and

slipped it between her legs. I didn’t go right for her pussy

because I didn’t know what she would do. I began rubbing her

thighs. This got her even more excited. She was loving it. I

finally decided to go for her pussy. I slid my hand up and made

contact. Beth jumped and I moved my hand quickly.

“Keep going, don’t move your hand, I like it there.”

I immediately did as she wanted. I placed my hand on her

thigh and slid it up until I came to Beth’s pussy. Once again

Beth jumped, but I knew better than to move my hand this time. I

applied more pressure and began to move my hand forward and back

along the length of her slit. She loved it. The more she got

excited the more I enjoyed getting her excited. At this point in

time I completely forgot about my own pleasure and concentrated

on Beth’s. I gave careful consideration to every movement of my

hand. I found Beth’s most sensitive spot and gave it quite a bit

of attention. By now she wasn’t thinking about my pleasure

either. She probably wasn’t thinking about anything but the

excitement between her legs. Her breathing was so heavy as I

rubbed her clit that I thought she was dying but she felt just

the opposite.

At the same time I used a little innovation and raised her

out of the water a little bit with my leg and started sucking on

her nipples. I would pay close attention to the hard tips which

seemed to be continually getting harder.

Her excitement started to build beyond the point of

containment. She started moaning very softly, but that didn’t

last very long. Soon she was groaning and she kept getting

louder and louder until she was just a few steps below a scream.

I knew she was going to come soon and that she did. Her whole

body seemed to go into spasms and her breathing became very

erratic. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began to

squeeze very tightly. I almost came just watching her come. It

gave me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I had done that.

Beth slowly came down from cloud nine and began to relax her

body and luckily for me, relaxed the bear hug she had around my

neck. She looked at me with the biggest ear to ear smile I had

ever seen and gave me one of her usual, very healthy, kisses.

“You’re very talented.”

She tried to flatter me with bullshit.

“I had never done that before with any girl. I’m glad you

liked it.”

“Liked it, I loved it. We are going to have to do that more


“That’s fine with me.”

“Come over here” she said as she nudged me toward the side

of the pool.

We slowly glided over to the edge. I didn’t know what she

had in mind but I got a real good idea when she told me to sit up

on the edge of the pool. I was right, my first blowjob. My

dreams and fantasies were beginning to come true.

Beth very gently took my hard-on into her hand and began to

stroke it.

“You better be careful you’re are going to make a mess.”

“That’s the whole idea” Beth snickered as she kissed the

head of my rod.

I just leaned back and decided to enjoy the ride. Beth

began licking the head like a little kid on an ice cream cone,

and I think she really liked ice cream. She seemed to be

enjoying herself and I was no doubt enjoying it too. She put the

end in her mouth and with one stroke sank all the way down to my

balls. I let out a moan that even surprised me. She went up and

down with expert skill but I didn’t know any other. Even no

skill at all would have been pretty good. It didn’t take long

for me to build up a rather healthy load. I felt my climax

coming and I warned Beth but she kept right on going.

“Here I come!”

At that moment she pulled her head away and with one mighty

stroke of her hand I shot my load right into the pool. Beth kept

on stroking getting out every last drop then proceeded to lick my

head clean.

“Wow”, I blurted out in a tone of relief.

“Now I know what you mean when you said you loved it. That

was outstanding.”

Beth giggled and took off swimming toward the ladder. I sat

catching my breath waiting to see what she would do. She started

to climb out of the pool, and as her ass came out of the water

she wiggled it in my direction. I decided that was a good time

to get up and follow her. She walked over to the patio and laid

down in one of the sun chairs we had out. I loved watching her

walk around completely nude. She signaled for me to come over

and of course I did.

“Lay down next to me.”

Once again I did exactly as she asked. (I’m just a push

over. What can I tell you?) She wrapped her arms around me and

gave me a kiss. We started to massage each other once again. My

hands were all over her.

It wasn’t long before I was up again. I told myself that

this was the moment. I rolled Beth onto her back and spread her

legs. I was staring right down into her pussy. It was soaking

wet. I climbed on top of her and I was about to put my rod

inside her when she stopped me.

“Not today, I want to wait for a special day. I have never

gone all the way before. Let’s wait until tomorrow night, after

the prom.”

“I have never done it before either. Okay, I’ll wait but do

you think maybe you could take care of this little problem I have


“The little problem wouldn’t happen to be sticking me in the

stomach would it?”

“Not only are you beautiful, with a magnificent body, but

you can also read minds.”

“I don’t need to read minds. You’re just horny.”

“You’re damn right.”

Beth rolled out from underneath me and had me lie down on my

back. I closed my eyes just waiting for the feel of her lips on

my hot rod. I was not waiting in vain. There they were, just as

I expected. Going up and down with the smoothness of silk. I

opened my eyes to look down at her and was startled by a very wet

pussy inches from my face. Beth stopped what she was doing and

looked at me and said in a real childish voice, “Eat


How could someone turn down a request like that. I didn’t

have the nerve to tell her that I had never eaten out a girl

before. I had always thought it would be disgusting but was I

wrong. I knew I had to do something so I parted her flesh with

my hands and saw her little nub pointing out at me. I started

flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She began to go crazy.

She didn’t taste bad at all. Much better than I had expected. I

started licking her entire pussy. She was getting wild. Her

body was swinging all over the place and she was going up and

down on my cock so furiously that I thought she was going to

swallow it whole. I couldn’t hold on much longer and neither

could she. My gusher was about ready to blow. I could feel the

spasms flowing through Beth’s body and moments later through my

own. Beth collapsed on top of me and we just lay there for a few

minutes. By this time there wasn’t much daylight left and we

were getting pretty hungry.

“Lets put some clothes on and go upstairs to eat”. Beth’s

response surprised me.

“I am hungry. You were one hell of a meal but not very

filling. But why do we have to put clothes on? Lets stay just

the way we are. I love walking around my house in the nude but

it’s not often that nobody is home.”

“That’s fine with me.”

Beth climbed off me and I stood up. I held her hand as I

guided her up the stairs to the kitchen.

We arrived in the kitchen and I asked Beth if she would like

anything to drink.

“Do you have any iced tea?”


I pulled out two glasses and poured us some tea.

“What would you like for dinner? I had nothing special

planned. We have plenty here from hot dogs to hamburgers and all

the way up to roast beef. What would you like?”

“Well, I’ve been eating the same hot dog all afternoon so I

think I’ll have a hamburger this time.”

“Your right. Okay, hamburgers it is.”

I took a couple of hamburgers out of the refrigerator and

put them into the microwave. Beth went to the refrigerator.

“Do you have any ketchup?”

“Yeh, it should be on the door.”

I was starting to get hard again watching Beth walk around

the room stark naked. While looking for the ketchup, she saw

something that caught her fancy. She pulled out a large cucumber

and looked at me and said, “I just love cucumbers.”

She had the biggest grin on her face. I was hoping she

would go to work on it but she just put it back and closed the

door. Beth sat down at the table just as the microwave was

finished cooking. I took out the hamburgers, pulled out some

buns, put it all together on plates and sat them down on the

table. I sat down on the chair next to Beth. She really must

have been hungry because she dug right in. We did burn up a lot

of energy today. We started talking about how much fun we had

today. There was no doubt in either of our minds that it was a

fun day. Beth was a little bit of a slob while she was eating.

She dripped ketchup right on to her chest. Of course it landed

right on her nipple.

“Oh that’s cold.”

I started laughing as her nipple starting getting larger.

She went to reach for a napkin and I told her to wait. I leaned

over and with my tongue, licked the ketchup right off with one

fast flick.

“It looks like the fun is not over yet”, she commented.

We continued to eat, this time paying more attention to the

food. The burgers were gone in no time at all. I asked if she

wanted more and she said no. I cleaned off the table like a good

little boy and put the dishes in the sink. I turned to Beth and

said that it was getting time for me to take her home.

“Besides, I have had this hard-on almost all day and I am

getting pretty sore.”

Beth turned her chair to face me, lifted her knees to her

chest and spread her legs as wide as she could showing me her

wild pussy and said, “Does my poor baby’s dick hurt? Why don’t

you come over here and let me suck on it and make it better.”

I must have grown another inch. Now it was really starting

to hurt.

“Please no more, not tonight. It really does hurt.”

With that she put her legs down.

“Okay, I understand, but I don’t want to hear any crap from

you tomorrow night.”

I wasn’t too sure if she was mad at me or was being funny. I

was finally starting to get soft again. The pain was starting to

go away. But Beth couldn’t leave well enough alone, she had to

have one last stab at me.

“Just keep in mind tomorrow night after the prom, my body is

yours for the taking.”

She said that in such a voice that I couldn’t help but get

hard again. She started to laugh real hard.

“Don’t you worry. I’ll get you back for that one. Come on,

let’s go.”

I threw on some clothes that I had upstairs and Beth went

downstairs to get her clothes. I told her I would meet her by

the car. I got outside and it was getting pretty dark so I had

to fumble for the car keys. Beth wasn’t there yet so I got in the

car and started it up. A minute or two later, she hopped into

the car and I started driving her home. As soon as I got up on

the highway, I put my arm around her. This was starting to

become natural. I noticed she was wearing her robe. I couldn’t

resist sliding my hand down inside her robe and grabbing her

tits. She wasn’t wearing anything on underneath. Suddenly…

“Oh! You wanted to play now do you! Well I’ll show you.”

I knew she wasn’t mad at me by the way she said that. She

moved over to the far end of the seat, undid her robe and tossed

it in the back seat. I got hard instantly. She turned and faced

me, leaning back against the door and placing one leg on top of

the dashboard and her other over the seat.

“I am going to make you regret that you wouldn’t let me suck

you off.”

She began playing with herself at a furious pace. One hand

on her pussy and the other on her tits. She was running her

fingers in and out of her hole. She became sopping wet. I had a

hard time staying on the road. I had to slow down so I could

watch the action. Her breathing got real heavy and I knew she

was going to get herself off. I pulled the car over to the side

of the road and turned toward Beth.

“You stay right where you are. You deserve every bit of


She had such a large grin on her face that I knew she was

loving every minute of it. She got back to what she was doing

and I took my cock out of my pants and started stroking it. No

matter how sore I was, I just had to do it. You wouldn’t think

she could just leave me in my torment. Oh no, she had to tease

me right to the limit.

In a voice that was straining to come out of her mouth over

the sound of her heavy breathing she began saying, “Don’t you

wish your tongue was in my pussy right now, stroking my clit back

and forth, making me come. I’d have your cock in my mouth,

licking and sucking every inch of it until you were ready to

explode. Then I would swallow every drop of come you have. My

pussy is so wet. Look at what your tongue does to me. I’m going

to come soon. Stop… Stop… I want to feel your cock inside

me. Fuck me, Fuck me…Put it in me now. Oh yes, it’ll feels so

good. Slide it in nice and slow, that’s it, start pumping,

faster, faster.”

Beth could hardly breath. She was really getting into this.

“I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m…”

That’s all she wrote. She came all right, right in the

front seat of my car on the highway. Beth slowly wound down,

catching her breath one at a time. When she was partially back

on earth, she reached into the back seat, grabbed her robe, put

it on and very casually said,”Okay, you can take me home now.”

“Are you sure? I have this raging hard-on that could really

use your lips around it.”

Beth started laughing uncontrollably, “Fuck off and die. I

wouldn’t suck you off now if your dick was a foot long. You’re

just going to have to wait until tomorrow night.”


“Your welcome.”

I started the car rolling again toward Beth’s house. After

I had the car rolling, I put my hard-on back in my pants. I

could here Beth snickering off to the side. We arrived back at

her house and I parked the car. We just sat looking at each

other, then Beth couldn’t hold it in and broke out laughing.

“I’m really sorry about all that but I just couldn’t resist,

it was so much fun.”

That’s all right. Just remember, you’ll get yours tomorrow


“Sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to it. It’s time for

me to head inside. Now you take good care of yourself because I

am going to run you ragged tomorrow night.”

“Keep dreaming.”

We both got a little laugh out of that and then we got out

of the car. At the front door we gave each other a good night

kiss and said our good nights. I was real tired and I had to

drive home cautiously. I tried not to think of the days events

because that would just get me hard again and by this time that

hurt. I had to rest up for tomorrow night. I went straight home

and went right to sleep. The next thing I knew it was morning.

My dick was feeling a lot better after a good night’s rest. I

got out of bed feeling very relaxed. The night before really

made me feel good. But then I thought about tonight and suddenly

I was filled with anxiety. I couldn’t wait. I hung out around

the house all morning just relaxing and watching a lot of

television. Because I was so engrossed in the TV, the morning

went very quickly. The prom was to begin at five and I was

picking up Beth at four thirty. At noon I went to get my tuxedo

from the cleaners and pick up a corsage I had ordered for Beth.

After picking up the above, I went home and took a real long hot

shower. It felt wonderful. I put on my underwear, shaved and

all those other boring things and then went to watch some more

TV. I was starting to get real anxious again. I was looking

forward to this prom for a long time and especially what was to

come after.

Four o’clock was coming near and I decided it was time to

put my tux on. I had wasted the entire day around the house and

I loved every minute of it. I got dressed taking my nice sweet

time. I was able to go slow enough so that by the time I was

done it was four fifteen and time to leave. I talked my father

into letting me use his Lincoln. He doesn’t often let me drive

it even when he is in the car but tonight he let me take it with

no strings attached except that I bring it back in one piece. I

was off to Beth’s.

Arriving at Beth’s, I found her and her parents out in front

of the house taking pictures and waiting for me. I walked up to

Beth, gave her a kiss and handed her the corsage. She loved it.

She gave me a big hug to show her affection. Her mother

proclaimed it picture time so Beth and I had to pose for all the

necessary pictures. It was not as important to us as it was to

her parents. Her mother finally ran out of film and we were on

our way. Our high school had hired a very ritzy country club

about a ten minute drive away. We were there in no time. I was

surprised to see all the limousines and foreign sports cars there

but I’m sure everyone tried to get the best car that they could

possibly get their hands on. We got out of the car and walked

hand in hand to the entrance.

We entered the lobby and saw a crowd of people. It was a

very big place but the large number of people made it seem an

awful lot smaller. Beth and I looked around for friends and of

course there were plenty to be found. They said we should get on

line right away to get our pictures taken. So we did. After the

pictures were taken we pigged out on the buffet. It was real

good. After the buffet was plenty of dancing and plenty more

food. The band was average, nothing special. I felt great

holding Beth tight while we were dancing. I would get a hard-on

every time we were close and she noticed. I never did like big

dances so the evening seemed to drag. I was so much looking

forward to the action after the dance. It was getting to be

about midnight and I looked at Beth. She looked pretty bored.

“Would you like to go or stay a little while longer?”

“Let’s get going,” she said. “This is getting dull, besides

the best part of the night is yet to come.”

She said the magic words and we said our good byes to our

friends and left for the car. Once again, like a gentleman, I

opened the door for her. She was impressed. We got in the car

and I started it to warm it up. I asked Beth where she wanted to

go. She said in a real seductive voice, “let’s go somewhere so

that we can be alone for a while.”

“That’s no problem”, I replied.

I started driving away from the country club and toward a

spot I had picked out a couple of days earlier. Not too far away

was a reservoir with a dirt road going around it. The road was

very dark and I had never seen another car back there. We

arrived at the entrance to the road after just a few minutes

driving. As I started driving down the road, Beth commented on

how quiet and secluded it was. About a half mile into the road I

pulled off to the side and parked the car. Beth and I turned and

looked at each other. We moved together and started making out.

I started squeezing her tits and she stopped me.

“Slow down. I want to get us warmed up first. Beth kicked

off her shoes and started pulling up her dress very slowly and

sensuously. She got the big bundle of material up to her waist

and pulled down her panty hose to reveal her magnificent pussy.

She tossed her hose in the back seat and sat facing me. She

spread her legs and started playing with herself.

“Your pussy is soaked,” I told her.

She replied, “I have been looking forward to this for a long

time. I’ve been wet since before you picked me up today. About

an hour before you came to get me I was busy playing with myself

thinking about how your cock would feel inside me. I imagined

you slowly undressing me, bit by bit. After you had all my

clothes of you would just sit and stare at me. I would get so

wet just having you stare at me just like you are now.”

All the time this was happening Beth was rubbing her clit

and getting herself off. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled out

my cock and started stroking as she continued.

“You would then take my nipples between your lips and suck

on them one at a time. It would sent shivers up my spine. They

would get so hard. But then the fun would begin. You would bury

your face between my legs and you would use your tongue to drive

me crazy. But then the moment that would throw me over the edge.

You put the head of your cock right at the opening of my pussy. I

would spread my legs as wide as I could and wrap them around your

back. Then very slowly you would enter me going back and forth.

We were so excited that it would only take a few strokes for us

to come and I could feel your load deep inside me.”

At this point our breathing became real heavy as I watched

Beth reach climax. She couldn’t talk anymore. She was moaning

and groaning and too busy coming to say anything. Her body began

to shudder. I knew she went over the edge. I wasn’t far myself.

Beth noticed that I hadn’t come yet.

“Keep going, I want to see you jerk off for a change.”

The fact that I was being watched made me even more excited.

In just a few strokes I came all over my hand. It was a mess.

Beth took my hand and started licking my fingers. She licked

them clean, every drop of come was now in her mouth. She seemed

to love the taste. We both collapsed on each other, completely

out of breath.

It was starting to get warm in the car so Beth peeled off

the remaining pieces of her dress. She tossed the whole bundle

in the backseat. I followed Beth’s example and took off my tux.

It was a hell of a lot more comfortable that way. We sat side by

side with my arm around Beth. I brought my arm from around her

and started to massage her pussy. She let out a sound of

approval. Then she reached out and grabbed my cock and started

to stroke it trying to get it hard again. We sat for a few

minutes indulging ourselves before I got hard again. Beth had

gotten worked up right away. Once I was hard again, Beth backed

up against the door and spread her legs once again. She reached

under her seat and pulled out her purse. In her purse was an

average sized dildo which really caught me by surprise. I didn’t

expect her to have one of those.

“I have been playing with this for the past few weeks so

that when we did go all the way it wouldn’t hurt. She placed the

dildo at her opening and slide it in very gently. She gave a

gasp of pain but just for a moment. After that moment it slid in

nice and smooth and the pain turned to pleasure. I stopped her

and told her that she had better save some energy for me. She

said not to worry that she had more than I could imagine. I

believed her and let her continue with what she was doing. I

started to stroke myself again but Beth wanted me to make sure

that I didn’t come again. I wasn’t sure why but she would show

me shortly. Beth came again very quickly and then collapsed in

my arms. After catching her breath, she leaned over a little

more and took my dick in her mouth and with one smooth motion

went right to the bottom. She was going up and down and I could

feel myself building but this time it was going to take much

longer because I had just come a few minutes earlier. It took

almost fifteen minutes but Beth was persistent and I came right

in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. After she was sure

she got it all she sat up and said that it was time to relax

again. I couldn’t agree with her more. We just sat and stared

at the top of the car trying to catch our breath. Beth slumped

over and fell into my arms. I put my arm around her and held her

tight. I was able to reach around with my right hand and start

playing with her nipples. She signaled her approval by moving

even closer. We gave each other a real big kiss and then started

laughing. I’m not sure why but it just seemed like the thing to

do. Beth said to me, “are you ready to lose your cherry yet? I


“It would be hard for me to screw with a dick this soft.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll spring up to the occasion.”

“Yea, right.”

“It’s too hot in here, let’s go outside.”

Before I could say anything, Beth was out the door and

walking around to the front of the car. I said to myself, this

girl is weird but I wanted to get laid so bad that if I wanted it

I would have to get out of the car so I did. As I opened my door

to step out, Beth jumped up and sat down on the hood. The hood

was still nice and warm from the engine. The hood of the Lincoln

was real big so Beth slid all the way back with her back up

against the windshield. I walked around to the front of the car

and stared at Beth. She spread her legs very seductively and

said, “Fuck me.”

Believe me, that’s all it took to get me hard. I jumped up

on the hood with my flag pole waving in the wind and crawled

toward Beth. I laid down on top of her and I could feel my cock

in her bush. I gave Beth a real big hug and kiss and she said

once again, “fuck me.” Before I could react she slide her hand

between us and grabbed my cock. She directed it to the entrance

and started to move it up and down along her pussy to lubricate

the tip, then once she felt it was ready, she moved the tip back

to her hole and started to push it in. As soon as my head

entered she gave a sign of pain so I tried to pull out but she

said to keep going. The pain would go away in a moment. She

pushed me in a little farther. After my whole length was in she

let go of my cock and grabbed my ass with her hands. She slowly

guided me in and out until I was well lubricated with her juices.

I could tell now that there was no more pain. Beth let go of my

ass and wrapped her legs around my back and said, “go for it,

fuck my brains out.”

And that’s exactly what I did. I started pumping harder and

faster. Beth wrapped her arms around my neck. I thought she was

going to choke me. It was a great idea to get each other off a

few times first because I know I would have come instantly

otherwise. We humped away for what felt like eternity. I was

getting real tired but Beth was huffing and puffing, almost as if

she were cheering me on. Suddenly, I felt my climax building.

Beth was getting so turned on that it was turning me on just as

much. Beth started getting louder and louder until she was

almost screaming. I certainly hope no one else was in the area.

I felt myself coming and I knew she was coming. Just a few more

strokes and that would be the end. Beth started screaming out


“I’m coming, I’m coming, faster, faster.”

Then she let out one last scream which also sent me into

oblivion. We both came at almost the same time. What a feeling

it was for my first time. I didn’t believe there was anything


Beth quickly quieted down because she was out of energy to

do anymore. I rolled off her and lay next to her. Beth turned

to me and grabbed me around the neck again and planted one hell

of a kiss on me. She was in a real excited mood.

She said, “that was wonderful, you were great. I never came

like that before. I will remember this moment for the rest of my


After that followed another real big kiss. We both just lay

back staring at the stars contemplating our ecstasy.

“That was one hell of an experience” I said to her.

Beth just kept staring up at the stars. It was getting a

little cold just laying on the hood so I suggested that we get

back in the car and Beth agreed. We sat down in the car and gave

each other a big hug. We really did have a good time.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

With that, I opened my door and stepped out. I went around

to the back of the car, opened up the trunk and pulled out a

small bag. I closed the trunk and got back into the car.

“What’s in there?”, Beth asked.

I pull out a Polaroid instant camera.

“I was hoping I could get some pictures of you without any

clothes on.”

“You have got to be kidding. No way. You’ll show them to


“No I won’t. I want them to have to jerk off with when

you’re not around. I promise you that I won’t show them to

anybody else.”

“Okay, as long as you promise not to show them to anybody

AND I want some pictures of you. Agreed?”


“What would you like me to do?”

“Well how about leaning up against the door and face me.”

Beth did exactly as I asked and I snapped a picture. The

flash startled both of us. It was very bright. I then told Beth

to spread her legs open so I could see her pussy. She did it

without question.

“Now make it look like you are playing with yourself.”

Once again Beth complied. She put her left hand on her

chest and her right hand between her legs. She leaned her head

back and made it look like she was really getting into it.

Actually I think she was because her pussy was getting wet again.

I snapped the picture.

“Now it’s my turn” Beth proclaimed.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Get out of the car and walk around to the front.”

I was feeling real brave by this point and I didn’t mind

walking around outside. I got out of the car and Beth followed.

We walked to the front and Beth said, “sit down on the hood of

the car with your legs hanging off the front. I did exactly what

she said. The hood was cold. Beth stepped back to take the

picture and realized that my dick was soft. She said that she

couldn’t have a picture like that so Beth came back close to me

and dropped her head between my legs and started to suck on my

cock. Her hot lips and tongue felt great on my dick. It was

only moments before I was hard again. Once Beth was satisfied,

she stepped back and took the picture.

“Now wrap your fingers around your cock and lean back a

little bit. I did that and she snapped another picture.

“Now slide back and lay up against the windshield.”

I slid back to another cold part of the hood and leaned back

onto a cold windshield. I was starting to get cold again. Beth

flashed another picture then jumped up onto the hood. She put

the camera down next to her and crawled up on top of me. She

planted a big kiss on my lips and said, “that was fun. Maybe

someday we can get some pictures of us fooling around.”

“That has possibilities.”

I was paying attention to what Beth was saying and not to

what she was doing. Beth arranged her pussy so it was over my

cock and with on smooth motion sat right down on my cock sending

it deep inside her pussy. She caught me completely by surprise

and the feeling of me inside her almost made me come right away.

Beth started to move forward and back and I started to move to

match the rhythm of her body. Beth giggled when she realized

that I wasn’t expecting her. She sat up and started to go up and

down on me. We were both real hot from the picture taking so we

got worked up real fast. It was only moments until our breathing

was heavy and our thrusts were at a quick pace. Beth started her

screaming again. It is hard to call screaming. They were more

like very joyful moans. They are the kind of sounds a very horny

girl makes when she is about to come. Maybe she was making those

sounds with good reason. She was a horny girl about to come.

Boy did she. I could see her body jerk as she reached her

climax. She had a very long climax this time. She kept up her

up and down motion long enough for me to come. My body was

jerking around too. It was real hard to control myself. When I

have a hard-on, my brains go to my dick. Beth slowed down her

motion and finally stopped with me still deep inside her. After

Beth regained her senses, she got off me and said that it was

about time I took her home. I was a little upset, we were having

such a great time but I knew that now were past the first step

and there would be much more to follow. I agreed that it was

getting late and that I should take her home even though I didn’t

want too. We pulled out our clothes and started to get dressed

outside the car. It was a little too cramped on the inside. I

had my pants and shirt on way before Beth was able to get her

dress back on so I went over to help her. Beth was pulling her

dress up and had it around her waist. I grabbed the camera from

off the hood and said, “smile.”

Beth flashed me a quick smile and I snapped the picture. It

was a beautiful topless shot with the most perfect grin. I told

her I wanted that one enlarged into a poster. She said she would

kill me. I walked over behind Beth and helped her pull her dress

up to her shoulders. But before I zipped it up for her, I

reached my hands inside and around to her front and began to

massage her tits. Her nipples got hard real fast but she pulled

my hands out and said it was time to get going. I zipped up her

dress and helped her get into the car. I closed the door for

her, walked around the car grabbing the camera and pictures as I

went, got in on my side, started up and began to drive off. Beth

moved over and sat down next to me. She put her head on my

shoulder and told me that she was tired. I put my arm around her

and told her that I was exhausted too; she had worn me out. Our

drive back to her house was very quiet and uneventful. We were

both real tired. I pulled up in front of Beth’s house and shut

off the car. I walked around and open the door for her. She was

really exhausted. I think she fell asleep on the drive back. I

helped her out and we walked to the front door. I stood facing

her and looked right into her eyes. She had a very sincere

looking smile on her face when she said, “I had a wonderful time

this evening.”

I knew she was telling the truth when a tear came to her

eye. She immediately swung her arms around me and gave me a real

tight and loving hug. We stood for a few minutes until I pushed

her head back so I could plant a real big kiss on her. When we

finally pulled apart, I asked Beth if I could take her out

tomorrow for lunch. Of course she said yes, as long as I didn’t

pick her up before noon, and after one more kiss, I left.

It really was a wonderful evening but I was too exhausted to

even think about it. I just drove home and went to sleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling very refreshed and very

good about myself. I had actually gone all the way and it was

exactly as I had fantasized it to be. It couldn’t have gone

better. Beth and I got along so well that I’m sure I would be

seeing a lot more of her in the weeks to come. I was looking

forward to the afternoon just to take her out and to be with her.

I didn’t even want to get in her pants which is very strange for

me but I sure as hell wouldn’t stop if the opportunity arose.

I went about my business in the house during the morning. I

watched lots of TV and ate lots of garbage. I had to stop myself

because I knew I was going to take Beth out for lunch. It

wouldn’t be very nice of me to sit there and not eat. It was

finally time to go get Beth. I got out into the car and started

it up. I still had the keys to my father’s Lincoln. It was

Sunday and I figured he didn’t need it. It was a good thing I

did use it. I had left the pictures from the night before in the

car. I started looking at the pictures of Beth and I got an

instant hard-on. I started jerking off sitting in the car while

it was warming up. It didn’t take too long for me and the car to

heat up. After I was done, I put my dick in my pants and drove

off. I was really looking forward to seeing Beth now. I started

driving a little bit faster. I got to Beth’s in no time flat. I

put the pictures in my pocket and went up to Beth’s door. I rang

the doorbell and heard Beth yell to come in. I opened up the

door and stepped inside closing the door behind me.

“I’m here.”

“Take a seat in the living room, I’ll be down in a moment.”

I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch

facing the television which was on to some Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I love Bugs Bunny. I started to get really engrossed in the

cartoons and I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on

around me. Beth had come down the stairs and and very quietly

sneaked around behind the couch. She really surprised me. She

put her hand over my eyes and said, “guess who.”

“Miss America.”

“Damn you’re close. But how many Miss America’s do you know

that love to walk around the house in the nude.”

Beth then pulled her hands away and leaped over the couch

and landed in my lap. She was just like she said, completely

nude. She gave me a kiss and jumped up and stood in front of me.

She started rubbing her tits and her pussy and said, “Do I get

you horny? Well if I do, you can have me but you have to catch

me first.”

With that she ran out of the room and of course I followed

quickly. Beth stopped at the top of the stairs and rubbed her

pussy once more. Then she ran into a room upstairs. I followed

and went through the entrance into the room which she ran into

and found Beth lying on her bed with her legs spread wide open

and her pussy pointing in my direction. She was rubbing her clit

at a feverish pace.

“I have been waiting for you to get here all morning. My

parents went out before I got up and I haven’t put on a stitch of

clothing all day. I have been waiting for you to make love to

me. Now you’re here and I can’t wait to have you inside me. So

drop your pants and get over here before I come without you.”

I immediately began to strip and believe me, it didn’t take

long. I crawled onto the bed and buried my face between Beth’s

legs. I started licking so fast and hard that she started to

moan and groan right away. She got so excited so fast that I

couldn’t help but get excited just as fast. Beth came in

minutes. As soon as she did, I moved forward and put my cock

right into her. It felt wonderful and in moments I came also.

I rolled off of Beth and she jumped up and reached for some


“It’s time to go for lunch” she said as she slipped on a

pair of jeans and a tube top. I asked her if those pants were

uncomfortable without any underwear. She said she loved the way

it rubbed up against her pussy. I wasn’t going to argue. I got

up and put my clothes back on and we were then off to lunch.

Lunch was uneventful. We went for pizza and we both love it

so we were too busy eating to discuss anything of importance.

We were just about to finish when a friend of Beth’s walked

in. She and Beth exchanged their greetings and then Beth

introduced me to Charlene. Beth said that they have been friends

for years. Charlene was a bit taller than me with brown wavy

hair that was just short of her shoulders. She was wearing a red

jogging suit and tennis shoes. She was very thin, making her

chest stick out a little. Nothing excessive but definitely

noticeable. The one thing that was very noticeable about her was

the fact that she was all legs. Some girls just seem to stand

out as having very long legs. Well Charlene was one of them.

She had come to pick up a pizza for lunch. Charlene sat with us

for a few minutes while she was waiting. We mostly talked about

school. Charlene was one year behind us. I didn’t ever remember

seeing her in the halls but then again that didn’t mean anything

because we went to a very big school. The only positive thing

that came out of the conversation was an invitation to a party

that she was having that week. Beth really wanted to go and I

had no special plans so I said that I would go also. Beth was

really happy that I was going. She didn’t want to go alone.

Charlene’s pizza was ready so she paid for it and left.

Beth was all excited about this party. After Charlene left,

we realized that we were done so we got up and left. The party

was all we talked about on the drive back to Beth’s house. We

really didn’t know what we wanted to do that afternoon. I had

just started driving toward Beth’s house as a habit. I parked in

front of Beth’s house and asked Beth what she wanted to do. She

didn’t have anything special in mind and asked if I wanted to

just sit on the front porch of her house and talk.

I liked that idea because I always have been fond of

general, what I call, ‘shoot the shits’. I can pass entire

afternoons with people just sitting and talking about absolutely

nothing important.

We walked up to the front of the house and sat down on a

couch. Beth got up right away and ran into the house reappearing

a few minutes later with a pitcher of iced tea and a couple of

glasses. She handed me a glass and poured some tea. After

pouring some for herself, she sat down right next to me putting

her head on my shoulder. That was my cue to put my arm around

her and give her a big squeeze.

“That feels good. Hold me tight,” Beth replied.

I held on to her real tight and rubbed her shoulder at the

same time. I was starting to feel very comfortable before Beth

surprised me by placing her hand on my crotch and started


“We are not going to get much talking done this way,” I told


“I know.”

I started getting hard real fast just as I usually do. This

time was no exception.

Beth started giggling, “you really get hard fast don’t you?”

“Only for you”, I told her even tough I knew that was a lot

of bullshit. I could get hard for any girl.

Beth had gotten me started so there was no turning back now.

I slipped my hand off her shoulder and down through the top of

her tube top and took hold of one of her tits and started

squeezing it gently and playing with her nipple. She gave a sign

of consent by squeezing my cock a little harder. I love tube

tops because they are so easy to get into.

Beth reached for my zipper and slowly pulled it down. After

a little maneuvering around she was able to get my cock to stand

straight up out of my pants. She sat back and started stroking

my shaft.

I couldn’t be outdone so I took my arm from around her and

placed it in her lap. I started massaging her pussy through her

pants. Her pants started to get a little damp so I reached up,

undid the snap and pulled down her zipper. As I started to slide

my hand into her pants I remembered that she didn’t have any

panties on. I felt her soft hairs in the heel of my hand as I

probed her soft, wet hole. Beth helped me along by spreading her

legs to give me better access. By this time my dick was rock

hard and getting ready to squirt. I leaned my head back and

closed my eyes. I was in heaven. I could hear Beth breathing

heavy as I played with her clit, making very low volume moans.

We enjoyed this action for a few minutes until finally it

was time to come. I came first, all over Beth’s hand. She kept

right on stroking until I felt her body jerk as she came a few

moments later. We were just starting to catch our breath when a

voice came out of nowhere, “I don’t think Mommy would approve of


We were so lost in what we were doing that neither of us had

paid any attention to what was going on around us. We quickly

retracted our hands and composed ourselves. Beth was white as a

ghost but slowly her color started to return. She then

introduced me to her sister Karen who was a very short girl with

short brown curly hair. Not the greatest looking but acceptable.

Beth told me that she was only two years younger than she was

which I wouldn’t have guessed because she looked much younger.

“Wait until I tell Mommy what I saw. She is going to kill


“You are going to keep your mouth shut Karen or I,m going to

kill you,” Beth replied.

By the tone of their voices I could tell that they didn’t

get along too well. Karen went into the house laughing and Beth

turned red she was getting so mad.

“Just wait a few minutes, we’ll get her back. She is a

horny little bitch and probably can’t wait to get herself off.

That is when we will catch her and make her wish she never said

anything to us.”

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. This was going to be

fun. We sat just holding hands for a few minutes until Beth

signaled that we should go into the house but very quietly. We

both moved like cats, very slow and silently.

Beth’s stairs were surprisingly quiet. We reached the

entrance to Karen’s room and Beth whispered in my ear telling me

that she had greased Karen’s door for just such an occasion.

Beth began to open the door ever so slowly until it was cracked

open about half an inch. Beth peered inside and grinned. She

then pointed for me to look. I moved around Beth and put my eye

up to the opening.

I could see Karen laying on her bed, completely nude, spread

eagle, masturbating furiously.

Beth opened the door a little bit wider. It didn’t make a

sound. She kept going until it was wide enough for us to slip

through. Beth entered her room and I followed right behind her.

Karen was breathing very heavily. I could tell she wasn’t far

from coming.

Very unexpectedly, even to me, Beth said out loud, “I don’t

think Mommy would approve of that.”

Karen looked up with an astonished look on her face, saw

both of us then curled up into a little ball and rolled off the

far side of her bed so we couldn’t see her. She must have turned

bright shade of red. She started screaming, “GET OUT OF MY


“Wait until I tell Mommy what I saw. She is going to kill


When Beth said that I couldn’t help but break out into


Beth began to laugh with me as we left the room. As we were

going down the stairs, I began to think to myself that Karen’s

body wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t mind getting into her pants

at all, but of course I had Beth so why need anyone else. Beth

was more than I could handle.

We sat back down in the living room still laughing at what

we had done. It was pretty funny.

“So tell me about Charlene and her parties. What are they


“Charlene lives with her father in a real nice apartment.

When Charlene has a party, she rents a large room on the ground

floor and usually orders one of those six foot sandwiches and a

keg or two of beer. The best part is the indoor heated swimming

pool in the next room.”

I thought to myself, oh god, not another pool.

“In each of the dressing rooms is a sauna. It’s a real nice


“Okay, you’ve told me about Charlene’s parties now how about


“You’ll really like Charlene. I’ve gone to a few of her

parties, she’s really a lot of fun to be with. She tells the

greatest dirty stories and gets the guys all hard then makes fun

of them.”

“That doesn’t sound like too much fun to me,” I commented.

“It’s fun to watch a guy try to hide a hard-on in a bathing

suit. Charlene likes to be a real tease. That’s just her

personality. She doesn’t mean any harm. She doesn’t always

tease, she likes to have her fun too.”

“So she’s not a virgin?”

“Nope, I was with her the night that she lost her cherry.

It was the night of her sixteenth birthday. She was having a

party at her father’s house in the country. It is a real nice

house in the middle of the woods right on a beautiful lake.

Anyway she had her boyfriend, Craig, there. That night after

most people had left, they swam out to a float that was anchored

in the middle of the lake. They thought that no one had seen

them but I did. I had a little idea about what they were going

to do but I wasn’t sure, so I waited until they were busy making

out then I swam out real quietly. My curiosity was so strong

that I had to see what was going to happen. Craig started

fondling her through her bathing suit. She loved it. I could

hear every sound she made. Charlene pulled off her top and then

started working on Craig’s suit. It came off real fast.

Charlene went right for his dick. She started stroking it

but it was already hard. Charlene didn’t waste any time. She

guided him right into her. She jumped with pain as he entered

her. Craig started moving back and forth and I could see that

Charlene was still in pain. After a few minutes of humping, she

didn’t seem to be in too much pain anymore. They were at it for

quite a while before Charlene showed any signs that she was about

to come but she finally did and Craig came just a few moments

later. They looked pretty satisfied. Charlene said that they

had better get back so they put their bathing suit back on and

headed for the house. As soon as they were back in the house I

started to swim back.”

“Did they know you were there?”

“When Charlene got back to the house she started to look for

me. She asked someone else where I was and they said that I was

out taking a swim. When I walked in a few minutes later Charlene

came up to me asked if I was out swimming and I told her that I

was and that it was very interesting. She asked if I was

watching her and Craig and I said yes, from a lot closer than she

thought. Charlene laughed and said that she hoped I enjoyed it

as much as she did. I said not as much, but I did enjoy it.

Charlene and I went on talking about our love lives for several

hours on into the wee hours of the morning until the end of the

party. Most people had left by about two but a few spent the

night because they were either too drunk to drive or lived too

far. When we all woke up in the morning, Charlene and I had our

arms around each other. Everyone though we were fooling around.

I don’t remember doing anything with Charlene, who knows?”

“I’d love to get it on with you and Charlene.”

“Yea, I bet you would. Keep dreaming.”

“Now you really have me looking forward to this party. I

will have to keep my eyes on Charlene and maybe I’ll get to see

her in action. Speaking of action, seeing Karen playing with

herself and talking about Charlene has made me real hot.”

“Well that’s too bad because we can’t do anything here

because Karen is home, unless of course you know another place we

can go.”

“Of course I do.”

“Well let’s go then.”

Beth and I both headed for the car. We jumped right in an I

was off in a flash. I didn’t want to go back to the reservoir,

not during the day because it is much easier to be seen. Luckily

I knew of a trail on a nearby mountain that I used to hike on

when I was younger. I could park the car near by and we could

walk into the woods a hundred yards or so. Beth asked me where

we were going but I just told her to wait and see. It was about

a ten minute drive to get up to this place. When we arrived, I

parked the car and got out. Beth looked around and commented

that she didn’t even know that place existed. I took her hand

and guided her toward a trail and then into the woods. We walked

for about five minutes. It was a lot harder walking now than it

was a few years ago because the brush had grown in a little. We

came to a small grassy clearing, I stopped and pulled Beth to my

planting a big kiss on her lips and saying, “we’re here”.

“Nice place,” Beth said as she put her arms around me and

returned the kiss. I put my arms around her grabbing her ass and

squeezing until Beth let out a sigh. She did the same to me. A

few moments later I reached around to the front of her pants,

opened the snap and pulled down the zipper. I put my arms back

around her but this time I put my hands inside her pants and

grabbed her bare ass. I was so beautifully soft I couldn’t help

but to squeeze it. Beth of course, taking her cue from me, did

the same thing. I began pushing down on her pants from behind

until they slid off her ass and down her legs. I kept pushing

her pants down until they were around her ankles. Beth took her

arms from around me and pushed me back a couple of steps. I now

had a good view of her standing in front of me with her top still

on and her pants around her ankles. Beth reached down and pulled

her pants completely off. Now she was just standing with only

her top on. I could see that between her legs she was starting

to get real wet by the real shiny spots on the inside of her

thighs. I started moving toward her but she signaled me to stop.

Beth reached up, grabbed her tube top and pulled it up over her


She said, “now you can come here.”

I moved to her very quickly and put my arms around her. I

gave her a real big kiss and then began kissing my way down her

neck, to her shoulders and then to her nipples. I sucked on her

nipples as I felt them getting harder in my mouth. Once her

nipples were completely hard, I started to move down again

finishing with my face buried in her short hairs. I darted my

tongue in and out between her legs and immediately Beth opened up

her legs a little more to allow me better access.

After only a few moments of tongue action, Beth stopped me

and prodded me to stand up. I did just as she wished. As soon

as I was completely on my feet, Beth began to undress me. First

came my shirt, but before she removed my pants, she slipped her

hand inside my zipper to give me a superb hand job which had me

rock hard in seconds, not that I wasn’t already hard. Beth then

grabbed my ass just as I had done to her and pushed my pants down

to my ankles. Beth got on her knees to pull my pants off over my

feet. The whole time she was maneuvering my pants off, she was

rubbing her cheek against my hard-on. Her smooth skin on my cock

made me want to come instantly. After my pants were off, Beth

stood up and kissed me as we held each other tightly. I could

feel her nipples in my chest and my cock in her short hairs. It

just got me that much harder.

Beth, very playfully, began to wrestle me to the ground. I

put up a little fight but not much. We both dropped to the

ground together with Beth on top of me. Beth kissed me and then

moved her kisses down my body very slowly. She kept going down

until she reached the head of my dick where she stopped and

planted a kiss right on the tip. She stuck her tongue out and

flicked the top of the head. My cock was so hard and so

sensitive that I felt the soft touch of her tongue all through my

body and it gave me chills. Beth started playing with my dick

using her hands. She started playing with me like I was a stick

shift on a car. We both got a real good laugh out of it. Beth

began to slowly lick the length of my hard-on. Her tongue was so

soft that I could hardly contain myself. I stopped Beth from

what she was doing because I didn’t want to come yet and I knew I

was getting close. I quickly flipped Beth around so that she was

on her back and my face was between her legs. I started to lick

on her real sensitive spots and it drove her crazy just as she

had driven me crazy. I lapped away for only a few minutes when

she said, “put it in.” I knew exactly what she wanted so I

stopped my tongue action and moved up so I was positioned to slip

inside her. I put the head of my cock at the opening of her

pussy and she moved to meet it. I slipped the head in and then

quickly pulled out. This really drove her crazy. She wanted the

whole length of me in her but I pulled out a few times more.

This was getting her so worked up that she lashed her arms and

legs around me and pulled me down so that my entire length had no

place to go but deep inside her. She moved my body with her arms

and legs until I picked up the rhythm that she wanted. From that

point on there was no stopping. We moaning got louder and I felt

closer to coming with every stroke. The bright sun and the soft

gentle breeze got us both even more excited.

“I’m coming,” I could hear Beth whisper under her breath. I

also was about to come. I could feel Beth tense as she was

coming and the moment I knew she was coming I was excited just a

bit more so that I came also at the same time filling her with

everything that I had inside me. After a few coast down strokes,

Beth released me from her grasp and just let her arms and legs

flop to the ground. Our breathing was still heavy as I pulled

out of her feeling the cool breeze against me giving me more

chills as I was still very sensitive.

Beth opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “we never came

at the same time before, that was wonderful.”

I suddenly had a burst of energy and I stood up. I looked

at Beth’s body lying on the ground and she looked very beautiful.

I reached down and took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She

suddenly got dizzy so I pulled her close to me to help hold her

up. She recovered her senses very quickly and we began putting

our clothes back on. It took us a few minutes to do that because

we were both very tired and drained from our ordeal. Once we

were both completely dressed, we started walking to the car. I

said to Beth that it would be nice if we could walk through the

woods completely naked but unfortunately there probably be other

people at the parking lot. Beth said that one day we should take

a drive to the north where there is a large state park where we

could find a place secluded enough to do just that but for now we

will just have to settle for something close. Right after Beth

had said that and before it hit me what she had said, she had

stopped walking, reached down, unsnapped her pants and pulled

down the zipper exposing most of her lovely nest.

“How’s that for being an exhibitionist” she said.

I replied, “that’s fine for here in the woods but what if we

get to the parking lot and there are some other people there?”

“I don’t think they’ll even notice.”

“I’ll bet you that they would.”

Beth, very cocky now, asked, “what do you want to bet?”

“If someone notices that your fly is open, when we get to

the car, you will take your pants off and leave then off until we

get back to your house.”

“And if no one notices, you’ll take off your pants until we

get back to my house. Is it a deal?”

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

I took Beth by the hand and walk the rest of the way out of

the woods and on to the trail that led down a hill to the car.

We could see the parking lot from the top of the hill and we

could see that there were no other cars in the lot but mine. It

was still a few minute walk to the car so maybe another car would

pull in. As I was hoping another one did. As soon as the car

stopped, a guy and girl got out. They walked around to the front

of the car and gave each other a big hug and kiss and I could see

the guy grabbing the girl’s tits. I figured that they were up

there to do the same thing as we had just done. Beth and I

continued to walk down the hill and the other couple started

walking up. They had a little trouble walking a straight line so

I figured they were a little drunk. We got closer and closer but

they gave no indication of noticing that Beth’s pants were open.

Luckily for Beth, her pants fit snugly so that they didn’t slide

down as she was walking. The other couple walked by us with

nothing more than a nod to recognize our presence but as they got

farther up the hill I could hear them giggling. Unfortunately,

that was not enough proof for me to win the bet. I was a little


We got to the car and I opened the door for Beth. We gave

the couple on the hill one last look to see that they had each

others hands down the back of the other’s pants. We got a little

laugh out of that. Just as we turned around, we heard the guy on

the hill yell, “your girlfriend has a nice pussy!”

The other girl hit her boyfriend on the head and then they

kept on walking. I looked at Beth with a shit eating grin. She

knew she had lost the bet. She took off her pants right there

then sat down in the car and closed the door. I walked around to

the other side and got in. I looked at Beth and said, “that guy

is right, you do have a nice pussy.”

I started up the car and began to drive away. Beth slid

over on the seat to sit next to me just as she always does. But

instead of me putting my arm around her like I usually do, I

slipped my hand between her legs and stuck my fingers into her

wet hole. She was still soaking wet from our ‘afternoon

delight’. She had no objections to my actions. On the contrary,

she opened up her legs wide so that I could move my fingers in

and out more easily. Beth put her head back and just enjoyed the

ride. I pulled my fingers out and began massaging her clit.

This got a very favorable response. I kept moving my hand with

steady constant motion. I stopped the car a block from Beth’s

house so that she could put her pants back on. She was still in

the same position as she was when we first started only it was

evident that she had come several times by the look on her face

and by the fact that both my hand and my seat were completely

soaked. Beth came back down to earth and struggled to get her

pants on in the car. When she finally had them on, I started

driving and in a few seconds I was in front of her house. We got

out and I walked Beth to the door. I decided that it was time

for me to go so I gave her a real good kiss good bye and got into

the car and drove away.

That ended a very, very exciting day in my love life. My

sexual education increased on almost a daily basis. With Beth I

was so comfortable that I had almost forgotten how it was to be

nervous or scared about what a girl thought or what she would

say. My education was of course nowhere near over yet. It had

many many more years to go.

My next major learning experience came later that week at

Charlene’s party. I picked up Beth and in a short period of time

we were at Charlene’s apartment building. We didn’t have to go

upstairs because the pool was on the first level. We stepped

into a large party room and like Beth said there was the large

sandwich with a whole table to itself. It was about six feet

long. Right after the sandwich, I couldn’t help but notice all

the beautiful bodies running around in real skimpy bikinis. Some

of these girls were real knockouts. The only other girl there

that I recognized was Charlene. There were plenty of guys there

too. Boyfriends I assumed. Charlene came over to say hello as

soon as she noticed us. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini of

all and did she look nice. Her tits weren’t big but neither was

she. Her whole body was beautifully proportioned. We exchanged

our greetings and then she showed us the dressing rooms where we

could change. The dressing rooms were real nice. They had the

sauna just like Beth had told me. We changed very quickly and

then jumped in the pool. I got there before Beth so I just

looked around at all the nice bodies lying on the lounge chairs.

Beth joined me only a few minutes later. I felt a little out of

place because Beth and Charlene were the only people there that I

knew. Some of the other people I had seen around school but I

did not know who they were.

Beth swam over by me and I put my arm around her and gave

her a kiss. We just sat there for a little while until Charlene

swam over and told us that the reason she was having the party

was for graduation. Graduation was of course only a week away.

It had occurred to me that Charlene was not graduating. She was

a year behind Beth and I. I told that to Charlene and she told

me that she need an excuse for a party and that was it. She told

her father that some of her friends were graduating and she

wanted to throw a party. As it turned out, Beth and I were the

only ones there that were graduating.

After a while of swimming and eating and swimming some more,

Beth and I finally called it quits and sat down on a lounge chair

at the side of the pool. Over the course of the evening I had

become friendly with several of the people there so Beth and I

had a lot of bullshit conversation to keep us busy. The evening

dragged on and at about one o’clock in the morning I asked Beth

if she wanted to go. Beth was a little drunk by this time and

she really didn’t want to go. There weren’t many people left at

the party but Beth was still having a good time. We had been

there so long that I was starting to get bored. Then a wonderful

thought hit me. I would get Beth into the sauna and we could

fool around in there. With Beth in the state she was in it

wasn’t hard. We walked into the sauna which was empty by this

hour an sat down on one of the benches. Beth sat next to me and

I immediately started making out with her. Beth had absolutely

no complaints. I slipped my hand inside her bikini top and began

playing with her nipples. They became erect immediately. So as

not to feel left out, Beth put her hand inside my bathing suit

and started stroking my cock. We were getting into each other

real fast. I laid Beth down on the bench and started to remove

her bottom. She stopped me right away and said, “what if someone

comes in?”

“They can come in and watch.”

Beth didn’t get a chance to say anything else because I

immediately buried my face between her legs and began munching

away. Beth was breathing too heavy to say anything. I loved to

look up at Beth’s face when I was eating her out. She had a look

of total ecstasy on her face. She just closes her eyes and

tosses her head back and opened her mouth wide to moan and to

allow enough air to pass to stay alive. Looking up the length of

her body I could see her nipples hard and erect just waiting for

me to play with them.

As I looked up Beth’s body this time I noticed something

different. I noticed Charlene’s face looking in the window in

the door. She was licking her lips and her eyes were staring at

us. She noticed me looking at her and gave me a wink. I stopped

eating Beth and started to move my tongue up the length of her

body. I paused for a few moments at her nipples to gently suck

on them and then continued my way up until I reached her lips.

We exchanged a large kiss and then I drifted my lips around and

started sucking on her ear. At the same time I whispered to her

that Charlene was watching us through the window.

Beth didn’t give me any response at first. I think that she

didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden Beth started laughing,

sat up and signaled for Charlene to come in. Charlene was

startled but she did come in and sat down on the bench on the

other side of the room. The room was actually very small so she

wasn’t far away from us.

Beth, still laughing said, “why don’t you tell us one of

your dirty stories.”

“Everyone at the party left a few minutes ago. You two are

the only ones left. I think I can tell you a story that did

actually happen to me.”

I didn’t believe her but I figured that it was good that she

said that because it made me that much more horny. I love

hearing true stories about peoples sex lives.

“Beth knows this story is true because she was there too.”

Now I was starting to believe because I looked at Beth and

she was starting to blush.

“Beth didn’t tell you about the last party I had here a few

months ago.”

“No she didn’t” I replied, “this should be a good one”.

“Oh it is. You’re going to love it. I was having a party,

the same as this one tonight and late in the evening as the crowd

started to dwindle down we had only couples left, three of them.

Beth was here with some guy, I don’t even remember who he was.

We were all dressed because no one had been swimming for a while,

we were all a little drunk and none of us wanted to leave. One

of the guys suggested that we play strip poker. This got mixed

feelings amongst the six of us but I was really into it so I ran

upstairs to get a deck of cards. When I got back down, everyone

was sitting in a circle on the floor waiting for me. I sat down

in my spot and started shuffling the cards. We all agreed to

start with the same number of clothes. The guys had a shirt,

pants, undershirt and shorts. The girls, a shirt, pants, bra and

panties. One of the guys asked what happens when you lose all

your clothes. As drunk as I was I told him that I would do

anything the person with the highest cards wanted me too. Within

reason. I told him no blowjobs if his pants were still on and

other things like that. I will not go all the way. I’m warning

you now. At that very moment I got up and ran into the other

room and came back with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I said, ‘this

should keep the party going.'”

“I took a big gulp and passed it around. Everyone took a

swallow and then I dealt the cards. Everybody started to fumble

with their cards and then we all drew in turn. We were playing

that the lowest hand would take off a piece of clothing. We all

looked around to see who had the lowest hand it turned out to be

Beth’s date so he took his shirt of without any hesitation.

After the next hand it was Lisa, the third girl who lost her

shirt. After a few hands, everyone had lost some clothing but no

one had exposed anything yet. Some of the guys were down to just

their shorts and most of the girls were down to their panties and

bras. I dealt the next hand and everybody very careful looked at

what they had. We were all pretty drunk by now because the

bottle had gone around several times and it was almost empty. At

the end of the hand it turned out that I had to remove my bra. I

was so drunk I didn’t care who was looking at me. I reached

around, unhooked the back and tossed it in the pile with the rest

of my clothes. One of the other guys looked at me and said,

‘nice tits’. Being the tease that I am I leaned forward and

shook them and his eyes almost popped out of his head.”

I was getting into this story so much that I almost didn’t

notice that Beth had stuck her hand down my swimsuit and started

stroking my cock. Charlene stopped the story and said, “why

don’t we get comfortable.”

Beth immediately grabbed the waist band of my bathing suit

and pulled it right down to the floor. I reached for Beth and

pulled her bottoms off and she took her top off by herself. I

kick my bathing suit aside and then we helped Charlene take off

her suit. Beth took off her top and I took off her bottom.

Charlene said as we all sat down where we were, “let’s get

back to the story.”

Just as Charlene started, Beth once again started stroking

my cock. I slipped my hand between her legs to play with her

pussy. She opened her legs up so that it was easier for me.

Charlene continued, “I dealt out the next hand and I noticed

that the guys were having trouble keeping their eyes on their

cards. They were all staring at my tits. It made me feel great.

My nipples were really starting to get hard. I had a great hand

this time and the loser was the guy that said I had nice tits.

He was down to just his shorts so I looked at him and said,

‘let’s see your cock.'”

He turned red but he did remove his shorts. His dick wasn’t

that big but boy was it hard. It was standing straight up. I

didn’t say anything, I just dealt out the next hand. Beth lost

that one, she had to take off her bra. She was a bit more

reluctant than I was but she took it off after a little prodding.

The next few hands went by and everyone was now down to just

their panties or shorts except for the guy that had already lost

his. He was still rock hard. I dealt the next hand and everyone

was looking around to see if they could tell who was going to

lose it next. When we all finally showed our cards, it was none

other than me. I starting getting really excited. I could feel

the wetness between my legs. I couldn’t believe that I was about

to completely undress in front of these people but with all the

alcohol inside me I was all to anxious to show off my body. I

stood up and pushed my panties to the floor and just stood there

for a minute so that everyone could get a good look. The guy

without the shorts started to stroke himself. I told him to stop

just to keep him in pain. I sat back down and shuffled the cards

for the next hand. All the guys were looking at me and I was

getting soaking wet. Even Lisa couldn’t keep her eyes off me and

that surprised me. The next hand came and went and so did Lisa’s

panties. She was very reluctant to take them off but after a bit

of forceful persuasion we got them off her. The next hand put us

in an unusual position. The guy with nothing on had lost so what

should we do. Beth had the high hand so we asked Beth what she

wanted him to do.

Beth said, “jerk off. I want to see you jerk off.”

I didn’t expect that of Beth but she was so drunk that she

would say anything. That guy was so turned on by what was going

on that in just a few strokes he shot his load right onto the

floor. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it and then we told

him that he was out of the game because he had gotten off. We

decided that would be the end of the game, when everyone had

gotten off one way or another.

I lost the next hand and Beth’s boyfriend told me to play

with myself. I was so hot that I didn’t argue with him in the

least. I just lay back on the floor and spread my legs open

toward the group of players. The room became absolutely silent

as I slide my hands between my legs and started to massage my

already soaked pussy.”

I noticed as Charlene was telling this story that her hands

had slipped between her legs and she was doing exactly as the

story said. Beth was still stroking my cock and I had my hand

between her legs. We were all just sitting in the heat of the

sauna generating so much of our own heat that we didn’t even

notice how hot it was in there. I looked at Charlene’s pussy and

it looked as wet as the hand I had between Beth’s legs. We were

all really getting into this story. Charlene continued.

“I was so excited that I erupted in just a minute or two.

To excite everyone else, I was moaning and groaning with every

stroke so that everyone could hear just when I got off. The

others almost died with excitement.

“Now there were four people left. My boyfriend, Beth and

her boyfriend, and Lisa. Lisa was the only one with nothing on.

All the others still had shorts or panties on. Beth’s boyfriend

lost the next hand and off came his shorts. Next came my

boyfriend’s shorts then Beth’s panties. Everyone in the room was

now completely naked. The anticipation was high to see what

would happen next. Lisa lost the next hand and my boyfriend had

the high cards. He wanted a blowjob. Lisa wouldn’t do it. We

all wanted to see it so we pushed Lisa real hard to doing. I

took my boyfriends cock in my hand and Lisa’s boyfriend pushed

her over. She didn’t want us pushing her so she did it on her

own. She put his dick in her mouth and began a slow rhythm up

and down. My boyfriend just threw his head back in ecstasy. As

we expected it didn’t take long for him to come and he shot all

over himself. Because he was the one that got off, he was out of

the game and not Lisa. Lisa was a bright red when she was done

but she regained her composer quickly. The next hand was lost by

Beth and won by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wanted to see Lisa

eat out Beth. We all weren’t going to push Lisa to do that but

she didn’t put up much of a fight. To this day I think Lisa is a

lezzie but I never asked her. Beth didn’t seem to mind having

another girl eat her out. She spread her legs right away and

Lisa buried her face between them. In the silence of the room we

could hear Lisa’s tongue lapping away at Beth’s clit. Beth threw

her head back and let Lisa do all the work. Beth’s boyfriend

began stroking himself and he came before Beth did. But Beth

didn’t take to long after that to come. She let out a low level

yell at that very moment.”

“Lisa turned out to be the winner because she was the only

one that hadn’t come yet. We soon took care of that. We all

ganged up on Lisa, held her down and let her boyfriend bury his

cock inside her pussy. Lisa became very excited very quickly, we

all did. I couldn’t be left so I got between their legs and

started to lick on his balls and her pussy. Yes I’ll admit it.

I like to eat pussy too. Lisa came in moments and her boyfriend

shot his load right into my mouth which was waiting there

hungrily. After that escapade we all just looked at each other,

started laughing and began putting our clothes back on. We had a

great time and I’m sure we will do it again.”

That ending was too much for me and I shot my load right

into Beth’s hand. I looked across at Charlene and she was also

about to come. Her legs were spread wide open and I had a

beautiful view of every smooth motion of her hands. Charlene

called out to us rather loudly, “I’m coming, here I come.”

Just after those words I could see her body shake. There

was no doubt in my mind that she had gotten off. I looked over

at Beth who had placed her head back. She hadn’t come yet. I

was surprised. It usually doesn’t take that long for her. I

have to take care of this problem. I got down on my knees and

put my tongue right on her clit and started flicking it back and

forth. That got a real nice response from Beth. I felt

Charlene’s hand on my back. She was pushing me aside so that she

could get in between Beth’s legs. I let her right in so that I

could watch Beth get eaten out by another girl. I had a

beautiful view from just in front of Charlene. I could see every

motion of her tongue and the movement of Beth’s pussy. I got

hard again and started to stroke myself. Beth wrapped her legs

around Charlene’s head to get Charlene to apply more pressure.

In just a minute, Beth had a shuttering climax. I felt every

muscle in her body contract with spasms. Charlene came up from

her meal and gave me a real big kiss. I could taste Beth all

over her mouth and I loved it. It tasted wonderful. Charlene

took my cock in her hand and stroked it until I came again.

Charlene and Beth looked at each other and started laughing,

threw their arms around each other and held each other tightly

while in a wet embrace. Their lips were pressed hard against the

others and their bodies became one. Seeing their nipples rubbing

against each other almost made me hard again. Beth and Charlene

finally broke apart and reached for their bathing suits.

We all got dressed quickly. After putting our bathing suits

back on, we put our street clothes on top. All three of us were

really tired but still very excited from what had happened that

evening. Charlene walked us out to the car and we said our good

byes. Charlene gave Beth a big kiss good bye and then came over

and gave me the same. We got into the car and I drove away.

I asked Beth, “did that poker game really happen?”


“And you really do get into other girls?”

“Yeah. One night last month, Charlene had the apartment all

to herself so she called me up and we spent the entire night

together in bed. We made love all night long. It was great.”


I drove Beth home and then drove myself home. I had trouble

believing that this night was really true. I kept thinking about

Charlene between Beth’s legs. It was such a turn on to watch the

two of them together. I was hoping that the three of us could

get together again real soon.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Beth

started spending more time with Charlene than with me. I knew

that I couldn’t take up all of Beth’s time but I was starting to

feel left out. One day I went over to Beth’s house to see if she

wanted to go out for lunch and I found Beth and Charlene sprawled

out on the living room floor, completely naked and in the

sixty-nine position eating at each other’s pussy. When I went

over to join them, I was politely asked not to and that made me

feel pretty shitty. I was standing there with a raging hard-on

looking at these two beautiful bodies on the floor and I couldn’t

do a damn thing, so I left.

“Time to find a new girlfriend”, I told myself. I had

become really attached to Beth but it appeared she liked pussy

better than cock so I had better just leave it like that.

It took me a long time to get over Beth but I think I

handled it well. To quote someone famous, and I have no idea

who, “All things come to those who wait.” After high school I

had a full time job as a security guard. It kept me busy while I

figured out what wanted to do with my life. His job was pretty

boring but worked relatively short hours and was home in plenty

of time for dinner.

One day me brother was feeling sick and asked me if I would

deliver his newspapers for him. I once had that same paper route

many years back so I knew it and I told him that it would be no

problem. What he didn’t tell me until later was that he wanted

me to do his collecting for him too. That got me mad because now

I had to knock on every door to get the paper money. I guess it

wasn’t too bad. I started about six o’clock, and there were

about fifty houses on the route so it took a while to do.

Knocking on doors in the early evening can sometimes be lots off

fun. I went to one house and the lady that lived there answered

the door in a bikini. I guess she had a pool in the back and she

was going for a swim. I don’t know. The sun was going down so I

know she wasn’t sunbathing. She was in her thirties bit she

looked pretty nice. She gave me the money I wanted and then I

was on my way. After the fortieth house I was getting pretty

tired but I was almost done. I knocked on the door to the next

house and who answers the door but none other than Julie, a girl

that I graduated high school with. She was in a couple of my

classes and I always thought the she was cute but that was back

in the days when I could never even look a girl in the eyes. She

was also a cheerleader which made it even worse. What caught my

attention right away was the fact that she was wearing a white

night gown that was slightly see through.

“What are you doing delivering papers?”

“My brother was sick so he asked if I would help him out.”

“That was very nice of you.”

“Actually if I didn’t do it my mother would probably kill

me. She says I’m suppose to be nice to him. I don’t know why.”

“Just a minute, I’ll go get the money for you.”

I stood there for about a minute then she returned and

handed the right amount of money plus a tip.

I said, “thank you very much” and started to turn away when

she asked, “so what are you going with yourself now that you are

out of school?”

“I have a job as a security guard in a store. It is only

temporary until I figure out what I want to do. Right now I have

no idea.”

Julie was about to say something when I heard a crack on the

ground in front of me. I looked down and saw a very shiny,

little metal ball. I reached down and picked it up. It was

really warm. I had no idea what it was. I looked up at Julie

and she was bright red.

“I wonder where this came from?” I asked.

Julie looked at me, “you don’t know?”

“No, am I suppose too?”

“Yes. It is called a Ben Wa ball. It goes in here.”

Julie lifted her night gown and pointed right at her pussy.

My eyes were glued right to her patch of hair.

“Why don’t you put it back where it came from?”

Julie spread her legs inviting me to slip my hand between

them and stick the ball back inside her. I was never very good

at taking hints but this was a little hard to miss. I reached

out and ran my hand along the inside of her thigh all the way up

until I touched her slit. Then I pushed the ball inside her

along with my middle finger. I slid my finger in and out a few

times and Julie was very agreeable with my actions. I pulled my

finger out and started to work directly on her clit. At that

point I realized that her bush was very soft. Not course or

rough at all. She sighed and leaned over against the door frame.

I moved forward and gave her a kiss and of course she

reciprocated. I looked around to see if anyone was watching us

only to find out that her door was hidden by a row of bushes.

Not worrying about getting caught, I removed my hand and lifted

her night gown up above her head and tossed it on the floor

inside the open door. I stepped back to take a better look at

her body. Julie realized what I was going and assumed a really

sexy pose to show it off. I was really impressed with what I

saw. She was average size and weight but what I didn’t notice

when she had her night gown on was that she had rather large tits

for her size. Her bush was jet black; the hair on top of her

head was dirty blonde and her eyes were brown. From the position

she was standing in, all the features were very noticeable not to

mention the fact that it made her look super sexy.

“Now let’s see what you got.”

“You want me to take off my clothes right here?”

“Right where you’re standing.”

I felt really dumb taking off all my clothes right in front

of her house. The only thing between me and the street was a

bunch of shrubs. I did as she asked but it took me a while. I

must have turned pretty red. Once all my clothes were off, Julie

took a real good look at me. I’m not the largest guy in the

world but I have enough. Besides, I was pretty hard and that

always makes a person look a lot bigger.

“Not bad, why don’t you come inside?”

I picked up my clothes and entered the house. Julie closed

the door and followed in behind me. I leaned over and tossed my

clothes on a chair. Just as I stood back up again, Julie wrapped

her arms around me from behind, held me real tight and started

massaging my chest. I could feel her tits in my back and her

soft pussy against my ass. Her hands very slowly inched her way

down. I reached around behind me, grabbed her ass and started to

squeeze it. She had a much softer ass than Beth. Julie’s hand

kept getting lower until she reached my cock which she carefully

wrapped her hands around and began to stroke it ever so gently.

Her hands were extremely soft and it felt like a piece of fur was

wrapped around me. Actually, her entire body was very soft. I

turned around, gave her a kiss and asked, “how did you get your

body so soft?”

“Lucky for me it comes naturally.”

I started to massage her tits. They were just as soft as

the rest of her body but by no means flabby. Her nipples pointed

right out at me. I bent down a little bit and started to suck on

them but Julie didn’t let me spend much time there. She took me

by the hand and led me over to a couch that was in the middle of

the room. Julie sat on the backrest with the couch facing in the

opposite direction. She spread her legs open and took my cock in

one hand and the other hand she put around my back. She placed

the head of my cock right at the entrance to her wet hole and

then pushed me from behind with her other hand. I slid into her

with very little resistance. After I was in, she put both hands

on my ass and set the rhythm she wanted me to move at. I could

feel those little balls inside her. They really stimulated the

head of my dick. Her pussy felt just as soft as the rest of her

but then again if her pussy wasn’t so soft I would probably be in

trouble. She pushed and pulled at my ass as my dick went in and

out. I could feel my climax building fast. I had a hard time

telling what was happening to Julie because she didn’t make a

sound. All I could hear was her breathing which was a little

heavier than it was before. I was getting closer to the edge and

Julie’s breathing was getting heavier. I couldn’t hold off any

longer and I shot my load inside her. After I regained my senses

I realized that Julie hadn’t come yet so I kept on going. I

could feel her hands on my ass prodding me to continue. Now she

wrapped her legs around the back of my legs. I assumed this was

a good indication. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was

heavy. Suddenly her breathing got very heavy as she threw her

head back and held on to me more tightly. I felt a slight

shudder in her body and after a few more strokes she let go of me

and collapsed on the couch behind her.

She was lying with her back on the seat with her legs up the

backrest opened wide so I could see her sopping wet pussy. After

a moment of relaxation, Julie began to laugh very gently.

“That was fun,” she muttered.

“It sure was,” I replied. “We will have to do that again

some time.”

“We sure will, real soon.”

I helped her up to her feet and gave her a kiss.

“I have to go finish delivering the papers.”

“I want you to come back here at eleven o’clock tonight and

maybe we’ll have some more fun.”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll be here at eleven.”

I grabbed my clothes and started putting them back on.

Julie just stood back and watched me. She liked to watch. She

walked me to the door when I was done, open it up and gave me a

kiss good bye. I watched her beautiful body disappear behind the

door, grabbed the bag of papers which I had left outside and

continued on my merry way.

I finished delivering the papers in a daze. I didn’t

believe what had just happened until I felt my dick. It was

really sensitive. I wondered what she had planned for that

night. It didn’t hit me until later that she had said to come by

at 11:00. The rest of the night dragged until about fifteen

minutes before eleven when I started to walk over to her house.

I reached the house in about ten minutes and stepped up to the

front door. I knocked on it twice and waited. There was no


I started to get a little nervous. Maybe she was just a big

tease and wanted to get me all worked up for something that

wouldn’t happen. I raised my hand to knock again when suddenly I

felt a hand on my shoulder. It scared the shit out of me as I

turned around to see who it was. I expected to see Julie but it

wasn’t her. Instead there was a real short girl with long hair.

I couldn’t see much detail because there were no light on in

front of the house and the moon was hidden by the bushes.

“Hi, Julie called me and told me that she was going to be a

little late and that I should meet you here so that you wouldn’t

leave. My name is Debbie.”

“Hi. Where did Julie take off too?”

“Julie didn’t say. She just said to keep you busy till she

got here. She said ten or fifteen minutes at the most before she


“That was very nice of you. Are you and Julie close


“We have been best friends since we were little kids. Why

don’t we go over here and have a seat.”

I could see that she was pointing to a patio bench that was

over toward the other side of the house. We moved across the

side of the house and out from behind the bushes. The moon light

started to shine on us and I could see Debbie as she walked in

front of me. She was wearing black pants and a black sleeveless

shirt making her very hard to see. We sat down on the bench side

by side and then I got a better look at her. Very cute. That

was my first impression. She had a very small face which was

just, well, very cute. I started to scan a little more and

noticed that the sleeveless shirt was actually a black vest.

This vest had a V-neck that was cut almost down to her navel and

pretty wide at the top. I could see the outline of her breasts

as almost half of each one was visible and she had no shirt on

underneath. I started getting hard just sitting there looking at

her. Her mounds were beautifully shaped as they were pushed

inward by the vest. I had to get the conversation going again

before I started to drool so I asked her how far away she lived.

“I only live a few houses over.”

“So how come I have never seen you before? I only live down

the street.”

“I went to private school instead of the local high school.

That’s probably why.”

“So maybe you could tell me what Julie has in store this


“I really don’t know. She only called me a few minutes

before you got here and told me to keep you from leaving.”

I was just sitting looking at Debbie and her very enticing

body. Debbie noticed me looking at her and said, “when Julie

called me I was in bed so I just threw on what clothes were lying

around and came over here. Is it my clothes you are looking at

or something else?”

“I’m looking at what’s in your clothes. They’re beautiful.”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

Debbie took my hand and held it and said, “you’re as nice as

Julie said you were. She said some pretty nice things about you.

She told me all about what happened this afternoon. She didn’t

say much because we weren’t on the phone that long but I got all

the important parts.”

Debbie lifted up my hand and very quickly slid it inside one

side of her vest.

“Are my tits as nice as Julie’s?”

I was kind of speechless but I did blurt out a few words.

“It is real hard to tell because your vest is tight.”

Debbie was quick to take my hint. She let go of my hand and

undid the two buttons holding the bottom of the vest closed. I

expected her to fall right out of it but she didn’t. Her breasts

were extremely firm. I started to squeeze on the one that I had.

I stopped for a moment and removed my hand and took a very good

look. They were beautiful. Perfectly round and firm.

“When Julie told me what happened today it got me really

excited. Do you think we could fuck? I’m really in the mood.”

She really caught me by surprise but I said, “you don’t even

have to ask”.

Debbie stood up, kicked off her flip flops and let down her

pants. She pulled me to my feet and pulled my pants down, faster

than I probably could have. After she had my pants off, she

pushed me back down on the seat and climbed up on my lap. She

grabbed my cock and held it up to meet her pussy as she sat down

on it. She went straight to the bottom on the first stroke. Her

tits were at face level so I leaned right into her and started to

suck on her nipples. Her nipples were perfectly sized for her

size tits which matched the size of her body. Perfect. It was

hard to say perfect but she had a much better body than any of

the other girls that I knew. Debbie was bouncing up and down on

my lap. She was very tight and it wouldn’t be long until I came.

What made the situation even worse was the fact that she was

talking to me while we were fucking. But mind you, not your

usual conversation.

“Oh God, it feels so good having you inside me. Julie got

me so excited when she told me how you fucked right in the middle

of her living room. From then on I just had to have you. I

needed to feel you pounding in and out of me. I want you to make

me come. I can feel my climax building. It won’t be long now.”

I was really getting turned on by what she was saying but I

couldn’t be outdone so I started in.

“I’m so glad you let me fuck you. Your pussy is so tight I

can feel every bit of your insides. You’re so wet and it feels

so good that I could fuck you all night.”

“That could be arranged if you like.”

“I like.”

At that very moment I could see a set of headlights pulling

into the driveway but I couldn’t stop what I was doing and

neither could Debbie. We kept right on humping away. Luckily it

was Julie.

“I told you to keep him occupied but you didn’t have to fuck


Without missing a stroke, Debbie said, “yes I did. When you

told me what happened today you got me too horny to keep my hands

off. If I didn’t jump him I would have been playing with myself

all night and that’s not as much fun.”

Julie seemed to be very interested in what we were doing.

She stepped around behind Debbie and very slowly removed the only

piece of clothing that Debbie had left, her vest. Julie dropped

it to the ground and I could now see the full shape of her chest.

It was outstanding. Julie seemed to like it too. She reached

around Debbie and cupped her tits in her hands and started

massaging them, running Debbie’s nipples between her fingers.

“Oh Julie that feels so good. Reach down and massage my

clit, I’m going to come soon.”

With that Julie lowered one of her hands to Debbie’s pussy

and began massaging as Debbie continued to go up and down on my

shaft. Debbie tossed her head back and Julie cradled it in her


“I’m going to come. Oh God, I’m coming.”

It wasn’t hard to tell the moment that she came because her

rhythm got very slow and she seemed to concentrate more on each

stroke getting as much pleasure out of each one as possible. As

Debbie’s climax started to subside she realized that I hadn’t

come yet. She very gently climbed off me and got on her knees.

“Julie, give me a hand with this.”

Both Debbie and Julie started licking the entire length of

my shaft from bottom to top. It wouldn’t be long before I came

at all. Moments before I came, Debbie wrapped her lips around

the head of my dick and with one smooth stroke when all the way

down. That was all she wrote. I erupted right into her mouth.

She didn’t flinch a bit. She kept going up and down but didn’t

lose a drop.

Debbie lifted her head, “he tastes almost as good as he


That was one hell of a profound statement since I didn’t do

anything but sit there and enjoy the ride. Debbie did all the

work. Julie signaled to Debbie that we should go in the house.

Debbie, who was still busy playing with my dick, agreed. She

stood up, picked up her clothes and without putting anything on

walked over to the front door. I didn’t want to be left outside

so I too picked up my clothes and hurried to catch up with them.

Julie unlocked the door and we all went inside. Debbie turned on

a few lights and then I could really take a good look at her. I

was in love. She was more than just cute, she was beautiful and

I’m not just talking about her body. She had a lovely face and

beautiful features. Everything about her was beautiful and best

of all, she was short. I am about five foot six and I like girls

that are shorter than I am and Debbie was perfect. She about

five feet and very thin. She was thin but not skinny. The

perfect bikini body. She looked much better without the bikini

though. I had just come but I felt my dick getting hard just

looking at her. Debbie saw me looking at her and came up to me,

put her arms around me and gave me a very deep kiss. After she

released the lip lock, I whispered in her ear, “you’re


She pulled away and said “thank you.”

I noticed her starting to blush. Debbie began to take off

my shirt. She was doing it very slowly with a big smile on her

face. I felt a little bit more comfortable now that it was off.

Julie walked back into the room and Debbie turned and faced her

and put her arm around me. Of course I put my arm over her

shoulders. Julie said, “my don’t you two look nice.”

My dick got a little bit harder knowing that Julie was

looking at our bodies.

“Why don’t you two come over here and help me get my clothes


We didn’t waste anytime. We both went to work removing

Julie’s clothing. Debbie removed her top while I removed her

pants. Debbie had her top off first and as I looked up I could

see the two of them kissing and massaging each others tits. I

was hoping that this relationship didn’t turn out to be like Beth

and Charlene. But what was nice was the fact they Debbie and

Julie were letting me participate so I had no complaints at all.

After I had Julie’s pants off, I stood up and gave Julie a

kiss at the same time as Debbie. Having all our lips and tongues

together at the same time felt really interesting. So much so

that we spent a few minutes going it. The longer we did it the

closer our bodies got until the three of us had our arms around

each other holding us tightly together. Julie broke away from

the group and finally told us what she wanted to do that evening.

“I was going to do something tonight but since the two of

you ended up here this evening you can help. Both of you are

going to help me shave my pussy tonight.”

Debbie and I looked at each other and said, “sounds like


Julie guided us upstairs and we entered her bedroom. She

had everything she needed set up there. Julie put an additional

sheet on top of her bed and then jumped on it. She seemed to be

in quite a rush. She took a set of electric clippers, turned it

on, spread her legs as wide as she could and began to shear off

her bush. She took off as much as she could with the electric

clippers as Debbie and I used our hands to brush away the hairs.

Debbie stuck her finger inside Julie’s hole.

“You’re soaking wet.”

“I have been anxiously awaiting this all day.”

Julie then took a can of shaving cream and sprayed some in

her hand. Then she began to smear it all over the stubble that

was left and down between her legs. After that was done, she

reached over to her night table which on it a razor and a bowl of

water. She handed the razor to Debbie and said, “here you do it.

You can see better.”

Debbie didn’t hesitate. She stroked Julie’s mound very

slowly and very carefully following every curve with utmost care.

I had a beautiful view, being right next to Debbie. It took

Debbie about five minutes to complete the job. As she was

getting close to the end, I grabbed a washcloth that was on the

night table and waited. When Debbie was done I wiped Julie’s

pussy clean of all leftover shaving cream then Julie got up and

stood in front of a full length mirror to admire what had been

done. Julie smiled when she saw how clean it looked. She rubbed

herself a few times and then turned to Debbie, “now it’s your


Debbie was very hesitant. She didn’t want to be shaved.

“You shaved me now I am going to shave you.”

With that she pushed Debbie down on the bed and pushed her

legs open. Julie massaged her pussy which made Debbie horny and

she stopped resisting. Julie used the electric clippers and then

the razor. The most unusual thing that I noticed was the fact

that Debbie was holding my hand through the entire ordeal. She

was holding on but not very tight. She was definitely not scared

or nervous in any way, she just wanted to hold my hand. It

wasn’t very important at this moment but it became very important

at a later time.

When Julie was done I wiped off Debbie’s pussy and she too

stood in front of the mirror to admire herself. Debbie seemed to

be pleased. Julie came over and started to rub Debbie’s hairless


“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“No it wasn’t,” Debbie replied as she started to massage

herself. They both stood in front of the mirror for a few

moments admiring each other and watching as they fingered the

other. I just sat on the edge of the bed watching the whole

thing and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to bury my face

between their legs. Julie turned to Debbie and embraced her

tightly then whispered something in her ear. I could not hear

what they were saying but it did get Debbie to giggle. Debbie

had a very nice laugh and I was starting to become very

interested in becoming very close friends with her. I was in

need of a new girlfriend and maybe she would be it. When Debbie

was finished giggling, both girls turned and looked at me with a

very sarcastic smile. I soon found out why. They both came

running at the bed and jumped right on top of me. I thought we

were in for a great love making session but they had other plans.

Julie sat on top of my chest facing my direction which kept me

from realizing what was going on because I had this beautiful,

bare twat to look at until I heard the electric clippers. I felt

Debbie grab my cock and start to go around it with the electric

clippers. I began to put up a fight. Debbie yelled at me, “if

you don’t lie still I am going to cut your dick off!”

That calmed me right down.

“Just be careful”, I replied.

I had no choice but to just lay there. Julie kept turning

around to see how Debbie was doing. I figured I should make the

most of the situation so I grabbed Julie’s ass and very quickly

slid her forward until her pussy was right in my face. I buried

my tongue inside her hole real fast before she had a chance to

protest even though I don’t think she would have. I started to

lick away at the entire length of her slit. She loved it. She

started moving her hips to give me better access to her more

sensitive spots. Before I knew what was happening, Debbie had

finished and pulled Julie off me to her disappointment. They

stood me in front of the mirror to see their their handiwork. I

must say that after it was all over I wasn’t upset that they had

done it at all. Seeing they beautiful bodies alongside mine

really got me going.

I reached down and placed my hands between each of their

legs and applied pressure to their clits. They were all worked

up from the events which just occurred and I was the finishing

touch. They both got even more excited.

“Let’s get in bed” was the suggestion that Julie made.

Neither Debbie nor I answered, we just slowly moved toward the

bed. Julie pulled off the extra sheet that she had put down,

pulled back the covers, and laid down with her legs spread wide

open and her hand extended to me to join her. I crawled into the

bed on top of her and signaled for Debbie to come right next to

me. The action started right away. I could feel their hands all

over my body, especially down by my balls. They liked the

feeling of no hair and of course I paid particular attention

between their legs which was now very sensitive.

After about fifteen minutes of foreplay, I ducked underneath

the covers and got into a sixty-nine position with Julie. As I

licked her pussy, I felt Debbie join her at licking and sucking

on my cock. We lost all track of time. I had no idea how long

we had been eating each other. When my tongue became tired I

very slowly turned myself around and popped out from underneath

the covers to find Debbie’s and Julie’s tongues entwined. I

stopped midway up their bodies and began sucking on their

nipples. I would take one of each of their nipples in my mouth

at the same time then rub them together. They seemed to like


Suddenly Julie exclaimed, “it’s too fucking hot in here!”

and threw the covers off the bed and onto the floor. Debbie and

I paid no mind. We kept right on going with what we were doing.

Julie was really getting hot so I climbed on top of her, took

hold of my cock and slowly slid it into her. She gasped with

pleasure as I drove it in and out. Debbie propped her head up

with her arm and watched as Julie and I made the bed shake.

Debbie placed her other hand on my ass and rubbed as I stroked.

She didn’t play with my ass long though. Soon she lifted up her

leg and began to massage herself. I could see that she was

getting pretty turned on by watching us.

Julie was getting ready to come but again it was hard to

tell because she was so quiet. She dug her nails into my back and

I felt her body shudder. Soon after I stopped my motion, Julie

collapsed, out of breath. I looked at Debbie who was very close

to getting herself off and said, “would you like me to help you

or do you want to get off all by yourself.?”

I loved Debbie’s reply. “I want to come with you inside me

and I want you to come inside me.”

Without another word I climbed of Julie, rolled Debbie over

on her back and spread her legs. I couldn’t help but to once

again admire her body.

“Put it in” she cried.

I did just that and she replied, “oh god that feels good!”

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed tight.

Our bodies were so tightly wrapped that we moved in synchronous

motion. Debbie definitely let you know when she was excited.

She moaned and cried out and occasionally yelled out instructions

like, “faster” or “harder” or “don’t stop” or any of a thousand

other things. By this time Julie had recovered and sat up

against the headboard and was watching us with her legs spread

open and her hand between them trying to get off again. The

feeling I had with Debbie was like with no other girl before.

She was so stimulating and excited that I just had to keep going.

I couldn’t let myself come. I wanted to keep going all night

long but alas, she was so exciting that I couldn’t contain myself

any longer. I filled her with my cream and once again she came

to a climax in my arms. Julie also came at the same time we did.

Our magnetic excitement just seemed to be contagious and Julie

couldn’t hold on any longer.

That was all I could remember of that torrid sex scene. The

next thing I knew after I woke up was Debbie, cuddled up in my

arms and Julie laying on the other side of me with her hand

between my legs. I looked at the clock on the night table and it

was four o’clock in the morning so I decided I should wake Debbie

because maybe she had to get home. I gently tapped her on the

shoulder and she opened her eyes.

“It’s four o’clock, do you need to get home?”

“Yes I do but first…”

Debbie looked at me with her beautiful eyes and gave me the

most delicious and sensuous kiss I had ever experienced.

She said to me in a very soft whisper, “I want to thank you

for a great evening. I never came like that before. It was

great and you were great and Julie was great and the whole thing

was just wonderful. Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome but I better get you home now.”

I gently removed Julie’s hand so as not to wake her and

Debbie and I softly got off the bed and walked downstairs, hand

in hand, to get our clothes. I really liked Debbie. Not just

because she was fabulous in bed but by the way she talked and

acted, she impressed me as a really sensitive person with loads

of caring inside her. Who ever said the soft sensitive people

couldn’t love to fuck.

We helped each other get dressed. She helped me with my

clothes first and then I helped her. I helped her put on her

vest and I felt sorry that I had to hide her beautiful tits but

when her vest was on it really didn’t hide too much anyway.

It was still dark outside as we opened the door and stepped

out leaving Julie upstairs asleep to recover from her exhausting

night. I held Debbie’s hand as we walked down the street to her

house. I recognized the house but never realized that she lived

there. We walked to the front door and Debbie said as she turned

to face me, “thank you again for a great night. I had a

wonderful time. It’s a good thing Julie called me this evening

or I may never have met you.”

“I’m really glad that you were there too. You were loads of

fun and I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“I can guarantee that will happen again only next time I

want you all to myself. I don’t want to have to share you with

Julie, for now anyway.”

“That’s no problem at all. Maybe you would like to go out

for dinner with me tomorrow night.”

“I’d love too. Could you pick me up around five?”

“I’ll be here.”

With that I put my arms around her and we started making out

on her front step. She was a wonderful kisser amongst everything

else. I could feel her tits pressing up against my chest and I

couldn’t help but slip my hands between us, unbutton her vest and

take hold of her magnificent knockers. I was only in contact for

a few moments when she pulled away and said, “let’s save it for



One last kiss and I was on my way. As I got to the end of

her driveway, she removed her vest to give me one last look and

then stepped into the house. I was hard all the way home but

once I got in bed I was asleep before I even realized how horny I

was. I had a real hard time getting up in the morning. I was

really exhausted but no matter how tired I was, I really looked

forward to spending the evening with her. Even if I didn’t get

in her pants I would feel very satisfied just to spend time with

her and get to know her better.

That day passed very quickly because I was busy at work. We

have a cashier where I work with enormous tits. Most of the day

is spent looking at her. She swings them around a lot to show

them off but because of the nature of my job I try never to mess

around with people I work with. I got home from work a little

late. Didn’t have time to shower, just put on something nice and

get over to Debbie’s. I was hurrying because I thought I was

going to be late and when I got to Debbie’s, I found her still in

her robe drying her hair.

“Hi, I’m running late. Sorry. I just got out of the

shower. I’ll be dressed in a few minutes. Why don’t you come

into the other room and talk to me while I get ready.”

I followed her into her bedroom. I couldn’t believe the

place. It was wall to wall teddy bears and dolls and other

assorted stuffed animals.

“Where did you ever get all these animals?”

“They have been given to me as gifts over the years.

Because I am so small, my family thinks I look real cute with

stuffed animals. I think they’re kind of nice.”

Debbie pulled a dress out of the closet and asked what I

thought of it. It was a one piece knee high dress that was a

combination of yellow and white. It was a bright sunny day out

so I thought that it was fine. She decided that it would do and

laid it out on the bed next to where I sat myself down. Debbie

then dropped her robe to the floor completely baring her body for

me once again. My first sight of her was from behind and I once

again noticed how small and smooth her ass was. Debbie faced a

vanity mirror and put on a little bit of make-up, some perfume

and them put some baby powder on her chest and between her legs.

She turned and walked over to where I was sitting, picked up the

dress and slipped it over her body. No bra, no panties, no


“You don’t put anything else on?”

“I like to feel as comfortable as possible. There is no

need for anything else. It is not windy so I don’t have to worry

about my dress blowing up so what does it matter?”

“Good point. Are you ready to do?”

“Yep. Let’s go.”

We walked out to the car and I opened the door for her.

After she was in, I closed the door and went around to my side,

got in and started up. No sooner had I started the car than

Debbie slid over and sat next to me. I wouldn’t have been

surprised in any other car but my car had bucket seats with a

console in the middle.

“Isn’t that going to be uncomfortable?”

“Is it okay if I sit next to you?”

“It’s okay with me but I don’t think your bottom will agree

with me.”

“If my bottom gets sore then you’ll just have to kiss it and

make it better.”

“That’s no problem,” I commented.

I started up the car and drove away. I put my arm around

her and she cuddled close. I didn’t slip my hand inside her

dress because I wanted this to be more of a social evening. I

just wanted to be with her. As I was driving, she spent most of

her time kissing my neck. It got me a little horny but nothing

that I couldn’t control.

We arrived at the restaurant and went right in. We both

wanted Chinese food so that is what we had. It was a good thing

the restaurant wasn’t crowded because I forgot to make

reservations. It was one of the best restaurants in the area and

I knew Debbie would like it. I was really starting to like her.

For some reason I felt like I had to impress her. After the

waiter seated us, Debbie asked me what to order. I had been

there many times before and I knew almost every item on the menu.

I told her to order whatever she wanted, that everything on the

menu was good. I ordered Szechuan Beef and Debbie ordered Shrimp

in Garlic Sauce, not that it really makes much difference.

After we ordered, we sat looking into each others eyes. She

had beautiful eyes. I became so hypnotized that I got flustered

and couldn’t think of anything to say. When Debbie spoke it

broke the spell and brought me back to reality.

“Thank you for taking me out for dinner.”

“Don’t thank me until you’ve eaten the food. You may not

like it.”

“After all you have said about this place, I don’t see how I


“Everyone has different tastes. We’ll see.”

“What did you think of Julie last night?”

“That seems to be a strange question. Why don’t you ask me

what I thought about you?”

“That’s my next question. What did you think about Julie?”

“What do you want me to tell you, that she is pretty, she

has a very soft body with big tits, or that she’s a good lay?”


“Yes what?”

“Tell me what you though about all those things.”

“She is pretty, she has a very soft body with big tits, and

she is a good lay.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Debbie said that with a very disappointed look on her face.

I inquired as to why.

“I was just wondering if you liked Julie more than me.”

“So why are you frowning? You didn’t ask me your next

question yet.”

“Okay, what did you think of me last night?”

“You are much more beautiful than Julie; I don’t like big

tits, and you are much more exciting to fuck than she is.”

Debbie suddenly opened up with an ear to ear smile and began

to blush. She looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was

listening to our conversation. I continued.

“Not only are you a sexual dynamo, but from what I’ve seen

from just our conversations, you are also a very sensitive,

caring, and lovable person. I wouldn’t mind spending a lot more

time with you in the near future.”

Debbie turned an even brighter red than she was before. She

reached across the table and gave me a kiss.

“You can see as much of me as you like.”

“I’ve already see every inch of your body that there is to


“You know what I mean.”

The waiter served our food and we started to eat. Debbie

was very impressed at how good the food was. I’ll admit that is

was a little better than usual. We didn’t talk much while we

were eating. We were both too involved in what we were doing. A

few small conversations broke out between mouth fulls but nothing

of any importance. We finished dinner and just sat back very

satisfied with the meal. I asked Debbie if she wanted dessert.

“After a meal like that I have no room. Let’s wait until

later. There is a good movie on HBO and we could go to my house

and watch it if you want too. I could make us some dessert


“That sounds good to me.”

I signaled the waiter for the check. With the check he

brought two fortune cookies. Debbie picked up one, opened it and

read it.

“Enjoy, the night is still young.”

I picked up the other one and read it.

“Pleasant company makes for very pleasant evenings.”

I couldn’t believe the cookie said that. It was the perfect

saying at the perfect moment. Debbie made a comment about that


“I guess we are going to have a very pleasant evening then,

aren’t we?”

“I guess so. Are you ready to go?”


I left the tip on the table and paid the check by the door

and then we were on our way.

As it was with Beth, the more and more time I spent with

Debbie, the more comfortable I became. I was loosening up which

made it much more comfortable for me to talk with her. She was

no longer the stranger that sat on my dick in front of Julie’s

house. I was really glad that she was so sexually open. It

makes for a very exciting relationship. But not only was she

active with her body but she was also a very fun person to be

with. It’s hard to describe her. Just in the way she smiled and

the way she laughed and the look in her eyes draws you to her.

The words I’m looking for are ‘magnetically appealing’. How do

you like that phrase? I liked it. Anyway…

We arrived back at Debbie’s house and we went inside. She

directed me toward a den and told me to sit down on the couch.

She turned on the TV and told me that she was going to go make

some popcorn for the movie. I sat and watch the rock video

previews that they have between movies. We had gotten there

about fifteen minutes before the movie was to start. Just before

the movie was about to start, Debbie reappeared with a large bowl

of popcorn, a pitcher of iced tea and some glasses. There was

also a major change in what she was wearing. Now she had on a

really cute terry cloth outfit consisting of a halter top and

short shorts. It really looked nice on her. It accented the

shape of her ass and her chest. She poured the tea and then sat

down next to me.

“Is the movie almost ready to start?”

“Yeah, in another minute or two,” I told her.

I had no idea where we were going to put all that popcorn.

We had just finished a large dinner not more than thirty minutes

before. Debbie dug right in. After a minute of munching, the

movie started, so Debbie sat back on the couch and rested her

head on my shoulder. I reciprocated by putting my arm around her

and squeezing her tightly to me. She moved her hips so that she

could get as close to me as possible. We sat absolutely silent

for the entire length of the movie. The only movement between

the two of us was to reach for the popcorn or the tea or for me

to move my arm around because it had fallen asleep.

Immediately after the movie was over, Debbie jumped to her

feet and put in a video tape.

“Let’s watch another movie,” she told me.

“Wasn’t that one enough?”


Debbie came back to the couch and sat down next to me.

“What are we watching now?”

“Just wait and see.”

So I waited. To my surprise it turned out to be an X-rated

movie. Debbie asked me if I wanted to watch it or should she

turn it off. I told her that I wanted to watch it. So we did.

At the first sex scene I slipped my hand inside Debbie’s top.

She immediately grabbed my hand and said, “not until the movie’s


I almost died right there. I had to sweat through the whole

movie with a raging hard-on. I rubbed myself a couple of times

and Debbie snickered each time. She was loving every minute of

my frustration. After about an hour and a half the movie was

finally over. I was in pain.

Debbie stood up and took me by the hand and lead me to her

room. She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor. Next

she went for the pants and got them off my with absolutely no

fight at all. I reached out to her and removed her top and then

her shorts. I pulled her close to me so I could feel her body

against mine and we started making out standing stark naked in

the middle of her room. As soon as our lips were apart, Debbie

made a very good suggestion.

“Let’s go take a shower.”

I had never taken a shower with anyone else before but I was

sure that with Debbie, it was going to be fun. Instead of taking

my hand, she lead me by my cock to the bathroom. I followed very

close behind her so she wouldn’t pull it off. The bathroom was

right across the hall and as we entered I was amazed at how large

it was. It wasn’t what you think of as a glamorous bathroom. It

was just big. Everything was very spread out. As soon as we

stepped inside, I could feel shag carpeting on my feet. The

entire room had white shag on the floor.

We walked over to a translucent glass door which Debbie

opened and stepped inside. The shower was enormous. I looked

inside to see a shower nozzle on each of the four walls and a

bench on two of them.

“Come on in” Debbie said to me.

“Nice shower.”

“It’s a lot more fun than it looks.”

“It looks like a lot of fun.”

Debbie turned a few knobs on one of the walls and water

started to spray out of one of the shower heads. She adjusted

them until the water was an agreeable temperature then turned

another knob and water began spraying out of all four nozzles.

Water sprayed every inch of the shower and every bit of us also.

After only a moment we were both completely wet and we moved

toward each other, taking the other in our arms and began making

out under the heavy stream of water. As we held our bodies

tightly together, I would reach my hands down and grab Debbie by

the ass and squeeze, not only to feel her firm buns but for me

to feel my cock against her bare pussy. It was still very smooth

and it was a great sensation.

Debbie reach over to redirect some of the water and retrieve

a bar of soap. She began to soap up my entire body. I looked

around and noticed another bar of soap so I grabbed it and soaped

up Debbie. With my hands full of soap, Debbie’s body felt

perfectly smooth with not a single imperfection on it. We ran

our hands over every part of each others body. Even after we

were full of soap, the feeling of hands sliding on our bodies

made us continue to keep our hands moving.

I could feel Debbie smearing soap all over my cock. The

soap made her hand slide so gently that it felt like I was

fucking her. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft tightly and

started to stroke the entire length very slowly. The entire time

she was stroking me, I continued to run my hands all over her

body especially her nipples. She really like that. When my

breathing got very heavy, she increased the speed of each stroke.

I was in heaven. Suddenly she stopped and said, “I grew up in

this house and ever since I knew what it was I would masturbate

in the shower. Every time, without exception so if you’ll excuse

me for a moment you can watch me get myself off for a change.”

I was so astounded by what she said that I couldn’t say

anything so I just sat down on one of the benches as Debbie sat

on the one directly across from me facing in my direction. She

spread her legs wide open and planted her feet on the floor

taking the bar of soap that she had and soaped up both her hands.

I had a beautiful view of her pussy as she sank her hands between

her legs to soap herself up even more than I had already. She

leaned back against the wall and massaged every square millimeter

of her snatch with tender loving care. Her breathing got heavy

very fast and I could see her body start to move around. I

reached for my shaft and stroked myself while enjoying the show.

Debbie began to moan and groan and in the confines of the shower,

it sounded quite loud.

My eyes were fixed to her pussy but her hands took up all

the scenery so I refocused my eyes on her entire body paying

particular attention to the expressions on her face. Her

reactions were that of pure pleasure. Her entire body showed the

pleasure that she was in. Her nipples were tall and hard, her

hips were swaying with the motion of her hands. Her whole body

was actually getting into the rhythm.

Watching a beautiful girl play with herself in the shower

was too much for me to contain so I shot my load straight up into

the air. Once I got hold of myself again I realized that Debbie

was still going at it so I decided to have some fun.

“You really love me sitting here watching you, don’t you?”

It was hard for her to speak but she said, “yes, I do. It

really turns me on. Next to Julie, you are the only other person

to ever see me do this. Julie would come over about once a week

and we would come in here and get all soaped up just like we did.

Then we would sit next to each other and I would play with her

and she would play with me until we both got off. It was


I moved over and sat on the bench next to her and flicked my

tongue across just the tips of her nipples. Her nipples were so

sensitive that it drove her wild.

“Get down between my legs and hold them up.”

I quickly did as she asked. I watched her masturbate with

her pussy only inches from my face. I held her legs up so she

wouldn’t slip off the seat. She was getting very close to

orgasm. I couldn’t believe that she was lasting this long. I

was almost hard again. I pushed her legs up even higher so I

could get closer to her and I grabbed her nipples and twirled

them between my fingers. That was enough to send her over the

edge. She yelled and screamed and her whole body tensed up. I

couldn’t believe it but she was having one continuous orgasm for

quite a while. It was hard to tell how long but it was a hell of

a lot longer than a guy’s single shot. When she was finally

done, her body went limp just like a wet noodle. I put her legs

back on the floor and then a brilliant idea hit. I reached up to

the wall behind me and directed the spray nozzle directly at her

exposed pussy. When the stream of water hit her she screamed and

immediately put her hands back between her legs, spread her pussy

lips and let the water hit her clit. Her clit was so sensitive

that she came again within seconds. I couldn’t believe that such

a small girl had so much energy. I soon found out that she

didn’t have as much energy as I thought when she did the wet

noodle routine again. Her breathing was still very heavy. I

turned her body so she could lie on the bench and catch her

breath. I stood up and turned off the water. I looked down at

her nude body lying there and got hard. She had such an

exquisite body that it would get anyone hard just to look at it.

Now that it was completely wet made her look just a little bit


It didn’t take long for Debbie to get it together. She

stood up and immediately gave me the biggest hug of my life. I

thought she was going to crack some of my ribs.

“No one has ever made me come more than once. I never felt

like that before.”

Just getting out that statement was a lot for her. She had

to stop talking to catch her breath again. I took her hand and

lead her out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and started wiping

her down from head to toe. When I got down to her pussy she

jumped when I tried to reach between her legs to dry her.

“I’m still really sensitive down there. Keep wiping and

come back to that area later.”

I could have been a nice guy and kept on going but I felt

more like being mean and rotten. I quickly put my arms around

her and tackled her down onto the shag carpeting; forced apart

her legs, put my face between them and started to lick her. She

put up a noble fight at the beginning but I had wrapped my arms

around her legs so she wasn’t going anywhere. After about a

minute of fighting I got the best of her. I could tell that she

was getting turned on again. Her nipples grew so fast that I

could see them getting bigger. Her breathing got very heavy

again and her body, just like before got tense. Now that she was

on a larger surface, she arched her back, with her legs around

the back of my neck. This allowed me to lift the entire lower

half of her body into the air. I didn’t lift her very high but

just enough to give her a great head rush. Through all of our

awkward positioning, my tongue never missed a stroke. She was so

sensitive from our escapades in the shower that she reached a

climax in only a few seconds. But this time it didn’t subside.

As long as I kept my tongue flicking across her clit, the orgasm

would remain. Her breathing got so heavy that I thought she was

going to pass out from lack of air. I finally stopped when she

told me she couldn’t breath anymore. I think she could breath,

she just couldn’t handle that much pleasure at one time.

I let her lie there for a minute. When I realized that she

would not be getting up under her own power for a while, I picked

her up, carried her into her room and gently placed her on the

bed. Instantly upon making contact with the bed, she rolled over

on her side, placed her hand between her legs and squeezed her


“What did you do that for?” I asked.

“It prolongs the sensation a little bit.”

I sat on the bed right next to her admiring her body and

waiting for her to come back to life. I couldn’t believe what

had happened. I know that I didn’t do anything different. I

know that I’m not that good. So why did she go off in such a

frenzy? Maybe someday I’ll find out.

Debbie rolled over on to her back and extended her arms up

for me to come to her. I leaned over and once again she took me

in her arms and gave me a bear hug. I also held her tight for a

few minutes then said, “you’re pretty exhausted so I guess I’ll

get going now and let you get some sleep.”

Debbie sat right up and said, “you’re not leaving this house

with a hard-on.”

With every bit of energy she had left, she rolled me on my

back and with a single gulp swallowed every inch I had. I must

have grown another inch in her mouth. She proceeded to give a

sensational blowjob. Her attention never left my dick. In and

out of her mouth continuously with only a moments hesitation to

lick the head. She continued for about five minutes which was

all I needed. I came right into her mouth but she didn’t fluster

or lose a drop. She swallowed each and every bit of it. When

Debbie was finally finished she looked at me and said, “now you

can leave under one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“That I will get to see you again tomorrow.”

“You would need a shotgun to keep me away.”

With that I stood up and grabbed my clothes. I put them on

right in front of Debbie and she seemed to get a kick out of

watching me. After I was dressed I proceeded for the front door.

Debbie followed me without picking up any of her clothing. She

opened the front door for me and I turned to say good bye and

Debbie just walked outside in front of me. Debbie’s house was

not hidden by bushes like Julie’s was.

“Aren’t you afraid someone is going to see you?”

“This is a dead neighborhood after midnight. No one ever

comes out this late except Julie and I.”

“And what do you and Julie do?”

“I’ll tell you about some of our experiences another time.”

Debbie started walking to my car and I followed. I opened

the door and got inside. Debbie leaned inside and we kissed each

other good night. As she was leaned over I grabbed one of her

tits that just happen to be hanging there.

“Don’t you ever stop?” she asked me.


“That’s good. Good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night.”

One last kiss and I closed the door. I started up the car

and turned on the headlights. Debbie, having a little bit more

fun, gave me a real sexy pose in the bright light then went into

the house. I drove the half block back to my house and crashed

out for the remainder of the evening. What a day it had been.

I guess I had myself a girlfriend again. It felt good to

know that someone wanted to see me. I really liked Debbie a lot.

I hope she liked me. The fact that she wanted to see me often

made me think that she did but I will just have to find out if

she really did or not. It’s not important that she told me as

long as she still wanted to see me but it was nice to know.

I awoke the next morning in a really good mood. I couldn’t

believe how good I felt. I felt like I had really accomplished

something the night before. I ate breakfast and went to work as

usual. Work was boring as usual, except the time I spent

watching the cashier with the big tits. I think she liked being

stared at. She sure didn’t try to hide it. I was starting to

get tired of where I worked. It wasn’t that bad but I had to do

something with my life and I was just sitting at home wasting

away. I was spending all my free time lately with Debbie so I

wasn’t thinking about my future. I tried to think of things that

I could do. I could go to college, or trade school, or go into

the military, or even stay where I was. What an awful thought

that was.

Suddenly, as I was thinking of all the different

possibilities, Debbie popped back into my head. For the

remainder of the day I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Not that

I really wanted to but I didn’t like walking around all day with

a hard-on. It just wasn’t too comfortable. I was looking

forward to getting home and calling Debbie to see what she wanted

to do tonight.

Finally the work day came to an end. I worked in a very

large store and at the end of the day I had to walk around to

check the locks on all the fire doors. The cashier that I have

been telling you about cornered me in one of the back storerooms.

I was in a rush to get home to call Debbie and I really didn’t

feel like messing with her.

“I noticed that you have been watching me a lot. I also

noticed that I get you real hard. Why don’t we fuck so you won’t

have to strain your pants anymore.”

What she said to me really pissed me off. She thought the

whole world gets hard looking at her tits and that everyone

wanted to fuck her. She lifted up her shirt to show me her tits.

No doubt they were impressive but like I said earlier, I don’t

get into big tits. They are nice to look at but the really don’t

turn me on any. This girl was nice looking, not outstanding,

about average. Under other circumstances I probably would have

fucked her but her cocky attitude really turned me off.

“So you want to get laid? Well there are a bunch of guys up

by the front of the store who just finished a hard day’s work.

Walk up there with no shirt on and I’m sure that each and every

one of them will fuck your brains out. As for me, I have my own

horny girlfriend at home and it’s her pants that I want to get

into, not yours.”

That pissed her off. She immediately pulled her shirt back

down and left the store. I really shouldn’t have said that but

she asked for it. Now let’s get back to work and finish my job

so I could get home to Debbie.

As I was driving home, all I could think about was Debbie.

I kept picturing her beautiful body in the sexy pose she gave me

when she stood nude in front of my headlights last night. I

shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about getting in her pants.

Somehow I knew that I would get enough of that. I should spend

more time with her trying to please her as a girlfriend and not

just to make sure that she always gets off. But as I thought a

little harder I realized that most of the time, she was the one

coming on to me. She usually started so I must be doing what she

wants. I wanted to keep her happy, so what if that made me happy


I felt very relieved when I got home. I went into my room

to change out of my uniform and into a comfortable pair of jeans.

I grabbed something to drink and decided to call her.

Debbie was the one to pick up the phone. There never seems

to be anyone else at her house.


“Hi, it’s me.” I assumed she would recognize the voice. I

would have been upset if she didn’t.

“I’ve been waiting for you to call.”

“Why? You have something you want to talk about?”

“No. Nothing special, but there is a question I have been

meaning to ask you for a while.”

“You can ask me anything.”

“I really don’t know how to ask this so I am just going to

have to ask you straight. Does it bother you that I enjoy making

love with Julie?”

Her question definitely caught me off guard but I didn’t

drop the phone or anything.

“Why should it bother me?”

“I don’t know but I had a boyfriend once who Julie and I

tried to coax into bed and he got all bent out of shape the

moment I touched her.”

“Have I said anything yet?”

“No not yet, but I don’t know, maybe you have a limit.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all as long as I don’t get ignored.

I can’t handle rejection. I really love to be with you and I

would feel pretty bad if you wanted someone else more than me and

it doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl.”

“That’s good. The reason that I asked is because Julie

wanted to come over this evening and she wanted me to invite you

too. I just wanted to check to make sure that it didn’t bother


“It didn’t bother me the first time and it doesn’t bother me

now. I just want you to know that you are the person I want, not

Julie. I want to make love to you. If Julie wants to join us

that’s fine with me as long as it doesn’t happen all the time.”

“I’m really happy that you feel like that. We can love each

other as much as we want but every now and then I have this urge

to make love with Julie. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I

do love Julie. We grew up together and have always been best

friends and will always be best friends. I know Julie and I can

never have a life long relationship as lovers but we do enjoy it


“Why can’t you have a life long relationship?”

“Because I dream of someday getting married and having

children and that is a little hard for Julie and I to do.”

“You have a point there but you and Julie can always love

each other even after both of you are married, you just need

husbands that will cooperate.”

“Are you volunteering?”

“Not yet.”

Debbie was silent after that statement. I had to stop and

think about what I had just said also. Debbie finally picked up

the conversation again.

“Why don’t you come over to my house at about seven.”

“What time is Julie coming over?”

“Same time. Will I see you then?”

“Of course you will see me then.”

“I hope so. I’m counting on it. See you later. Bye.”


I hung up the phone and felt a thrill of excitement go

through me. This was going to be a great evening.

My knowledge about how to please a girl was growing on a

daily basis now. Every time I made love to Debbie I learned

something new. Every time I made love period, I learned

something new. I couldn’t wait to see what I would learn today.

The next few hours went real slow as it does every time I

want something to happen quickly. It was eventually time for me

to walk over to Debbie’s. Actually I ran over there. When I got

there I had to wait to catch my breath before I rang the doorbell

so it didn’t really serve any purpose to run. Debbie answered

the door wearing the same terry cloth outfit she had on last

night. This time I could see her nipples trying to poke their

way through her top.

I stepped inside and we put our arms around each other and

exchanged quite a long kiss. After breaking away I asked, “is

Julie here yet?”

“No not yet but she should be here soon. Why don’t you come

sit down over here?”

Debbie directed me over to the couch and we sat down

together. I put my arms around her and we started making out. I

ran my fingers through her hair and it felt so silky. Debbie

lifted up the back of my shirt and started to scratch my back.

It felt very relaxing. My lips left Debbie’s and I made my way

down to her neck. I ran my lips all over it and around to her

ears. Her ears were really sensitive and she pushed me away but

I forced my way back in there. She pleaded with me to stop but I

wouldn’t. I ran my tongue all over her ears and that got her

pretty excited. I stopped as soon as her breathing got heavy and

returned to her lips. Just as I reached her lips, the doorbell

rang and it was none other than Julie.

Julie came in and gave Debbie a kiss than came over to me

and gave me one also that included a little slip of the tongue.

She looked down at my pants and noticed a bulge so she asked,

“what have you two been doing?”

Debbie replied, “nothing yet, we were just getting warmed


Julie sat herself down in a chair facing the couch and

Debbie and I sat down where we were on the couch. She sat down

right next to me so I put my arm around her and pulled her close

to me. Debbie began staring at Julie and I couldn’t figure out

why until she asked, “what have you been smoking?”

“What do you think I’ve been smoking?”

“You’re going to be loads of fun tonight.”

“You bet I am. Why don’t you two start fooling around so I

can watch and get even hornier than I already am?”

Debbie looked over at me then back to Julie and said, “I

think that can be arranged.”

Debbie took my hand which was over her shoulder and slid it

down inside her top until I took hold of one of her tits.

Julie’s eyes became glued to us. Debbie reached over and undid

the snap and zipper on my pants and pulled out my cock which was

now stiff as a flag pole. She wrapped her hand around it and

commenced stroking. I took my free hand and opened up Debbie’s

pants. I tried to stick my hand inside her pants but we were so

tangled up that it was useless. I pulled my hands away from

Debbie and we both stood up. I lifted her top off at the same

time she lifted my shirt off. I pulled her close to me to give

her a kiss and to feel her nipples dig into my chest.

I inched my hands down to the waist band of her pants and

pushed her pants down to about her knees. Then I got down on my

knees and pushed her pants the rest of the way and removed them

from her body. I lifted my head up and there I saw her still

bare pussy. There was a little stubble now as it was starting to

grow back but that didn’t bother me at all. I put my face

between her legs and darted my tongue in and out at the lips of

her pussy. Debbie spread her legs a little bit to allow me

better access. As I was giving her this tongue action I could

look up to see her with her eyes closed, squeezing her tits, and

playing with her nipples.

After a few minutes I stopped what I was doing and I stood

up. Debbie knew what to do immediately. She got down on her

knees and removed my pants and then proceeded to lick the length

of my shaft. I looked over to Julie and I could see her just a

few feet away put her hand inside her pants and start

masturbating. Debbie looked over her way and knowing that Julie

was really getting turned on, slipped my dick into her mouth and

sucked on it with all she had. I played with her hair and her

ears as she was sucking and that seemed to stimulate her a little

bit more. As soon as I felt like I was only a few minutes away

from coming, I stopped Debbie and maneuvered her body until she

was lying on her back on a coffee table that was right in front

of Julie’s chair. I spread Debbie’s legs so Julie could have a

beautiful view and then I placed the head of my dick right at her

entrance. I ran it up and down her slit to stimulate both Debbie

and Julie. Julie couldn’t wait for me to put it in her. I

teased both of them just a little bit but then I couldn’t stand

it myself any longer so I leaned forward and pushed my cock into

Debbie’s tight hole very slowly. Both Debbie and Julie were

moaning. I could see Julie’s hand moving inside her pants at a

pretty good clip. I knew she was going to come soon. Debbie

moaned louder as I pumped harder and faster. Soon Debbie came

with a flurry of arms and legs. They were waving all over the

place. I was only moments from coming so I kept right on going

and the moment before I came, I pulled out of Debbie, jumped up

on Julie’s lap and came right in her face. That caught her

completely be surprised and it was enough to send her over the

edge as she came also.

Debbie, as soon as she realized what I had done, jumped up

and started to lick my come off Julie’s face and then gave her

one of the sloppiest kisses I’ve ever seen. When that hot scene

was over we all just started laughing. I don’t know why it was

just kind of funny.

Debbie and I figured it was about time to undress Julie.

This time Debbie went for her pants and I pulled off her shirt.

I lifted it up to find no bra, just her full tits. Her nipples

were rock hard and I couldn’t resist the temptation to just take

a mouth full. I looked down at Debbie to see her tongue flicking

back and forth between Julie’s legs. I pushed Julie back down in

the seat so that Debbie could have clear access to the flesh she

wanted so bad. I massaged and sucked on Julie’s tits while

Debbie continued to eat her pussy. It was a magnificent sight.

Debbie stopped what she was doing, smiled, looked up at

Julie and said, “you taste so good I could eat you forever.”

Julie replied, “you can eat me anytime you want, as much as

you want.”

These words coming from two beautiful girl was enough to get

me hard again. I was so excited that I reached down and started

to stroke myself to get a full hard-on. It bothered Julie that I

was doing that myself so she reached down between my legs and

took over. Her soft hands did a fine job at getting me hard.

Debbie was very careful to ensure that Julie was getting the

most from her tongue. She used her hands to massage Julie’s soft

folds of flesh and to caress her still bare mound.

By this time Julie was getting worked up again. I was

massaging her chest while Debbie continued to eat her out with

unparalleled skill. I guess it takes a girl to know what another

girl really likes. Julie’s breathing got heavier and heavier

until I could hear her moaning under her breath. She stopped

stroking my cock and began to massage her pussy right around

Debbie’s tongue. I kept right on going with hands and mouth on

Julie’s chest. She was so close to the coming that her body

started to tense. I think Debbie could tell that because

immediately she buried her entire face into Julie’s pussy and

applied pressure to her clit. Julie came very shortly after

that. You could see the spasms running through her body. Debbie

didn’t stop though, she kept right on licking at her. Her orgasm

slowly subsided and she pulled Debbie up to her feet and close

enough so they could put their lips together for a very loving

and very wet kiss.

After what seemed like an eternal kiss, Julie just collapsed

letting her arms fall to her side. Debbie smiled as she stood up

looking at Julie’s body and the affect that she had on her. When

she realized that Julie just wanted to rest, she turned to me,

took me by the hand and said, “now the two of us can be alone


Being with both Julie and Debbie was super exciting but

there was something really special about having Debbie’s

undivided attention. When we made love we weren’t just fucking,

we were, as I said, making love. It was very special when we

were together alone.

Debbie stepped out from between Julie’s legs and we both

walked across the room to a large sliding glass door which lead

to Debbie’s back yard. The sun had set and the yard was

surrounded by tall bushes so I didn’t feel like we were going to

be watched. We walked to a large hammock swinging in the breeze.

Debbie laid down in it, hung her legs over the sides and said,

“there is nothing like making love under the stars with a warm

breeze blowing.”

I couldn’t have agreed with her more. I guided myself into

the hammock and laid down on top of her. We embraced each other

for several minutes before I slid my cock into her. We had both

come not long before so we both knew that this was going to be a

long and beautiful experience. I pumped for what seemed to be

thirty minutes or more. We were rolling around in the hammock

each entwined with the other’s arms and legs. We had to be

careful not to roll out of the hammock but because our bodies

were just one large mass but we always slid back to the center of

the hammock. During this entire event, not a word was passed

between us. This evening was beyond compare.

I could feel my orgasm building but it was still a long way

off. Debbie was also showing signs that she was losing control.

I began to hump faster and faster and Debbie began to breath

harder but still did not come. I knew that this was going to be

one hell of a climax when it finally came. To add a little

change of pace, I sat up pulling Debbie with me and landing her

right in my lap. I was still inside her but now she was in

control. In this position, her feet were able to touch the

ground so she was capable of going up and down on me with ease

and that she did. She jumped up and down taking my full length

into her at every stroke and landing hard so that her clit could

get the most stimulation. She leaned forward as she bounced and

put her arms around me. Our lips met as we breathed in unison

and in time with her strokes.

I wanted to come but my body just wasn’t ready. It was

savoring this experience for all it was worth. Debbie seemed to

be doing the same. We kept going up and down, in and out until I

felt like I was going to drop from exhaustion. The night breeze

was warm but it was nothing to prevent us from sweating. Soon

our entire bodies were covered with sweat and we slid against

each other very smoothly.

The night seemed almost endless but I knew that I was going

to come soon. I could feel it building and spreading to all the

other parts of my body. A few strokes before I was a to come,

Debbie dug her fingernails into my back, threw her head back and

opened her mouth wide in a silent scream as she came to a

shuttering climax. I came with enormous spasms and shot stream

after stream of come deep inside her filling every chamber of her

body with my hot fluids.

Debbie kept going up and down but I could tell that she was

now almost completely out of energy and I didn’t have enough left

to do anything else so I eased Debbie onto her back, slid myself

out from inside her into what now felt like a very cold breeze

and laid down next to her. As I regained some of my energy, I

lifted my hand and placed it between her legs moving it up to her

wet and steaming pussy. I slowly massaged her applying just a

little pressure. She responded by placing her hand on my cock

and balls and also slowly massaging me. Unfortunately that was

all I could remember. We both must have fallen asleep.

We were both so exhausted that we did not awaken until the

next morning. I was the first to arise noticing that we were

still in her backyard just as we were the night before but this

time the sun was just above the horizon and her yard was no

longer in the concealing dark that it had been. I looked around

and noticed that the bushes hide the yard well even in the light

so again I did not worry. Debbie’s hand was still wrapped around

my cock so I gently removed it and sat up. I looked down at

Debbie and she had a beautiful smile on her face and her body

looked even more wonderful in the daylight. I could see every

last little detail, every tiny little crease in her nipples to

the very short hairs between her legs. I stared at her for a few

minutes taking all there was to see, getting to know her body

well by sight now instead of just by feel.

I tried to stand up gently so as not to wake her but my

effort was in vain. She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled

showing me all her pearly white teeth. I leaned over to give her

a kiss and as I did she put her arms around me and pulled me down

to her. We laid there just kissing for a few minutes. It really

felt good being outside in the breeze and sunlight with a

beautiful, not to mention naked girl in my arms.

After breaking our lips apart, we looked at each other like

we wanted to do something but we didn’t know what. Debbie

suggested to go inside to see if Julie was still where we had

left her the night before. I helped her to her feet and then we

walked hand in hand inside the house. Julie seemed to have

disappeared. She was not in the chair but what was in the chair

was a picture of Debbie and I outside in the hammock. We were

both lying on our backs with my hand on her crotch and hers on

mine. Julie must have taken the picture after we had fallen

asleep. Debbie was a little surprised that she had taken it but

you have to admit, we sure did look good together.

After a long, exhausting, and sweaty night we decided it

would be a good idea to take a bath. The bathtub was enormous as

was the shower but it didn’t really matter because Debbie and I

held each other tightly the entire time so we didn’t take up much

room. We spent a total of about two hours in the tub rubbing and

massaging each other’s body. Most of my massaging was

concentrated between her legs and she spent a hell of a long time

making sure my cock was absolutely spotless by stroking it until

I came. Our lips rarely parted and a word rarely spoken. All of

our actions were in our hands.

After getting out of the tub and drying each other off, we

spent the entire morning just lounging around the house never

putting a stitch of clothing on. I really didn’t feel like going

home, I just wanted to stay with Debbie. I really felt good when

I was around her. She made me feel like a very important person.

She would hang all over me, hugging me, kissing me, and stroking

my cock every now and then.

By the time lunch time came around, we were both really

hungry but not for food. We looked each other in the eyes and

without saying a word decided that it was time to make love

again. Debbie grabbed a blanket, took my cock in her hand and

lead me outside into the backyard again. Because it was noon

time the sun was high in the sky flooding the entire yard with

radiating sunlight. Debbie spread out the blanket in what looked

like the exact center of the yard and said, “let’s make love out

here. Don’t worry; no one can see us; it’s just that I love to

be nude out in the sunlight. I come out here to masturbate a lot

but I have never made love with anyone here before and I can’t

think of a better person to do it with.”

“I’ll make love to you anytime and anyplace.”

Debbie responded to my reply with a real big smile then she

laid down on the blanket and spread her legs giving me an

invitation I couldn’t refuse. I looked down at her sun soaked

body and instantly became hard thinking about being inside her

once again. I knelt on the blanket and put my face between her

legs. I darted my tongue in and out striking her clit with no

rhythm or timing. Each time my tongue stimulated her, she wasn’t

expecting it and each time it made her jump. After just a few

times she couldn’t stand it anymore so she pulled my head right

into her so that I would be applying pressure all the time. I

licked and I sucked and she squirmed and she squealed and we had

a wonderful time. Before I got her off with my tongue, I pushed

my dick inside her and soon we got off together. After

completing what we had started out to do I rolled off her and

laid next to her on my back holding her hand.

We stayed there for the remainder of the afternoon

sunbathing. I had never done that in the nude before and it

really felt good. Luckily the sun wasn’t that strong so I didn’t


As the sun started going down, Debbie and I went into the

house and began getting dressed. Debbie really liked to watch me

dress because first she handed me my clothes and she sat down on

a chair to watch. After I was dressed then I helped her get

dressed. I hated to see her beautiful body disappear underneath

her clothes but I knew that it was still there just waiting for

me to peel the clothes off again.

From that time on, Debbie and I saw quite a lot of each

other. We made love as often as possible, especially out in her

backyard in the sunlight. Julie joined us every now and then.

It was a beautiful sight to see the three of us making love in

Debbie’s yard. We knew it was because Julie brought over a video

tape deck and camera mounted on a tripod and we filmed it.

Debbie saved the tape so that when Julie and/or I came over, she

played the tape and then has one hell of a love making session.

Nothing is more special than just Debbie and I together

though. We have been seeing each other now for almost three

years and are now engaged to be married. I found a real job that

pays real money and Debbie is also working at a good job but when

we get home in the evening, that is when the real fun begins. We

rarely wear any clothes in the house for the simple reason that

it is more comfortable and we love to look at each other’s body.

We don’t make love as often as we used too but when we do it

never seems to be any less that our first weeks together.

All my fears and all the apprehensions that I had as I was

growing up suddenly didn’t mean anything anymore. I loved a

beautiful girl and she loved me and I no longer had any worries

about who would go out with me, would I get rejected or any of

the other bullshit things that had plagued me before. It all

goes to show that with a little patience and saying the right

thing at the right time or even just being in the right place at

the right time, everything will eventually turn out for the