Darla in bondage

It hadn’t gone well, Darla thought, as she leafed through an old magazine. She
shifted position, took her shoes off, and curled her feet up comfortably
beneath her on the couch. Across the room, Michael was still typing away.
They’d been working together quite well on the book, and then he’d had one of
his sudden fits of inspiration and had shooed her away, irritably, because he
didn’t want her “looking over his shoulder.” As if he hadn’t looked over mine
enough, she thought. And leaned on it at the same time. I wish we could get an
office with two desks, two typewriters, and a brick wall between them! With a
sigh, she picked up another magazine and slid farther down into the cushions
that covered Michael’s couch. Continue reading “Darla in bondage”

The Pickup Story

From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

As I drive on, speeding, playing with my nipple, teasing it,
wanting lips and teeth pulling on it instead of my finger. Hey,
I’ve been so engrossed with myself I haven’t really even noticed

He seems ok … just him being in the car has me excited, and the
show I’m giving him. He seems barely able to control himself …
As we cruise on, I really look at him for the first time …
middle aged, but attractive … he can’t tell if I’m looking at
him or not … GOD, this is exciting ….

My long, brown hair flows out behind me, my well shaped 34C
breasts teasing you ….

He’s wondering what’s next … I don’t even know myself … maybe
I should ask him where he’s going ….

From Lazarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I was sure you turned your head an inch in my direction. But you
then turned back to face the road. You put both hands back on
the steering wheel. I make a big deal about trying to find
something in one of my pockets. But really, shifting my hips
around, I manage to get my cock straight in my pants. My jeans
are too damn tight. My cock is rigid with horny lustfulness,
and it is really making itself obvious. I want to cover up so
you don’t get pissed off and kick me out. But I’m half sure that
you turned me on on purpose, and would rather I unzipped my fly.

I’m sure you can see the effect you had on me. I’m not one of
those super studs with 12″ battering rams. But my equipment is
long enough. I have always been pleased by my sexual partners’
responses. And two of my girlfriends have had to really work to
get it in because of its thickness. I wonder if you have a tiny,
tight pussy like them. Maybe you’ll let me know. Squeezing your
nipples in a sports car with a stranger sitting next to you is a
pretty good sign.

I found the piece of paper I was pretending to look for, and I
hold it out to you. “Are you going anywhere near this address?”
I ask. “There is a pool party being given there by some of my
older college buddies.” You reach for the paper, and your hand
closes over mine and holds it for a few seconds. Then you take
the paper and read the address. “You are in luck, my friend,”
you say. “We are heading for the same party.”

I thought I was hard before! The thought of getting a chance to
suck and nibble on your tits at this party is unbearable. I
can’t believe my luck! I’m kind of shy. While I let my barriers
down easily enough after a few hours, that is usually too late at
parties. By the time I get to know a lady, she has already
decided who she is going home with. My good looks and youthful
appearance are not enough to make up for being 5’7 and having a
pot belly. I am not worried about getting into a swim suit. I
just need to let my other qualities shine through.

“Did you bring your suit?” I ask. I know you must have, but I
am trying to make some light conversation. The party is about
half an hour down the road, and I really want to make a lasting
impression (and friend) while I have your undivided attention.
“Sure did!” you reply. And you let go of the steering wheel,
grabbed your skirt with both hands, lifted your ass, and pulled
your skirt up around your waist. Hummmph! (“Breathe, fool! If
you don’t breathe, you are going to pass out and miss
everything,” I scream silently to myself.) For an instant, I
thought you were nude underneath. Then I saw the tiny strings
holding the tiny hair-colored triangle of cloth.
From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

Damn, I think … what is it going to take to get this guy going?
He just sits there … acting as though he’s in pain or something
… Oh, I get it, he’s a little shy…well, we’ll work on that.

“Hey”, I ask, “how did you get invited to this party?” … He
responds about old college buddies … I wonder I ask him if he
likes my swimsuit … The only response is a stammered yes ….

Well, I’ll get him going somehow. I reach down between my legs
and stroke my pussy through my swimsuit with my long nails …
getting wet and uncomfortable now … he’s squirming a lot now,
sure would like to see that hard-on … he hasn’t even noticed
we’re not heading toward the address he showed me … somewhere
else, somewhere quiet, somewhere I may invite him into my
backseat ….

He’s trying not to stare, but he can’t help it … it encourages
me to be more daring … I pull the fabric of my swimsuit aside,
and sink my middle finger deep into my pussy … GOD! That feels
good … his mouth is open now, ready to catch flies or
something … I’ll bet he doesn’t even know…. I flick my clit
with my finger, oohhhhh … quiet, you’ll scare him off if you
make too much noise ….

I’m really turned on now, and 65 mph at the same time. OK …how
am I going to get a view of that cock?

From Lasarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I may be shy, but not stupid. You have definitely revved my
engine. Small talk is not on your mind. In fact, I am ready,
willing, and able to make a big impression. I reach over and
gently take hold of your wrist. You resist a little, because
your hand is briskly rubbing your pussy inside that skimpy suit
bottom. I firmly pull your wet fingers to my nose and sniff long
and deeply at your cunt juices. Then, my eyes never leaving your
face, I start to suck on your fingers. I lick all of the pussy
juice, and give your middle finger a real workout with my lips,
teeth and tongue.

When the delicious smell and taste is gone, I press your hand
against my bulging cock. With my other hand, I reach inside your
suit bottom. It takes just a second to get my fingers soaked with
your lubrication. Then I bring my fingers to my nose to sniff
deeply again, and lick your juices off my fingers. You are
pushing, poking, and squeezing me through my jeans.

One more time, I reach inside your pussy for more nectar. This
time, I pull the near side of your shirt open and go straight for
your nipple. I get your nipple all slippery. Then I lean over,
gently rub and squeeze you to make your aureole stand out, and
suck your nipple into my mouth. I am in heaven. I lick and suck
and nibble on your nipple, while reaching over to rub, massage
and squeeze your other tit.

Kicking off my gym shoes, I pause to strip down to my suit. I
unzip my jeans, and quickly wiggle out of them. I am wearing
only my brief Speedo suit, which doesn’t hide the shape of my
cock. In fact, the head of my cock is peeking out of the
waistband. Looking up, I see that we aren’t on the road to the
party anymore. It takes a moment to figure out what happened.
I see you know the way to the secluded area that lovers use for
backseat bingo. YES! It’s gonna happen! I’m in love again!
You reach inside your pussy for more juice, and your hand quickly
finds my hot rod again. You tug at my suit to completely uncover
me, and then slip and slide your slick hand up and down my stick
shift. You really know how to handle a man.

We spin to a stop in one of the many hidden nooks. You are
almost frantic as you try to climb over the seat into the back.
But I grab your hips and stop you, using my shoulder to push your
legs apart. Your suit bottom has fallen off, and you are hanging
spread-eagled across the back of the seat. I stick my face into
your pussy from behind and shove my tongue deep inside you. I
feel you push back against my face. I start caressing your ass
while making love to your cunt with my nose and tongue. I lick
and suck on your clitoris with my nose buried inside of you. My
curly brown beard is dripping wet from your passionate, juicy



I’m trying to climb into the back … I’m ready for it damn it!!
But he’s got his head between ooohhhhhhh my oohh legs … GOD,
he’s got me hot … his tongue is probing my pussy, licking my
clit ….

I grab his head and force it closer (I wonder if he can still
breath?) That’s a boy, nibble on my clit … my orgasm is
getting closer, but not just yet ….

I pull away and get to the back seat. I invite you back with me.
You sit next to me, and I begin stroking your shaft again. I
kiss you deeply, tasting my juices on your lips and in your
beard. I kiss and bite your neck, then your chest and bite your
nipples, all the while still stroking your hard member … my
mouth works it’s way downward, slowly, you moaning with
anticipation…I kiss your chest, downward, licking your
bellybutton, downward, and finally the tip of your shaft is in
view ….

I hold your shaft firmly, and flick my tongue over it. You jerk
from the sudden movement, then ease back ….

I start to take your whole cock deep into my mouth ….



I can never get enough of that pussy smell. Both pussy smells.
That spicy, “I am juicy and want a cock inside me” smell. And
that sharp, acrid “Wahooo! I am comiiiiiing, now!” smell.
Especially that second smell. Pheromones. That’s what it must
be. Who can think about pheromones with a nose stuck inside a
squirming pussy? I can. I don’t need air at a time like this.
(Oh, maybe a little through my mouth between licking and sucking
on your pussy). But I have you where I want you … bent over
the seat with my nose in your cunt from behind. And I am
sniffing as hard as I can to get that smell.

But you won’t let me satisfy you. How disappointing. I know you
liked it because You squirmed all over me. And there was just a
tiny hint of that second smell. But you quit before you came,
and climbed into the back seat. I am not far behind, and I land
in the seat next to you. You pop a few of my buttons to get to
my chest, but Hey. Shirts are cheap. Pussy is priceless. And I
am going to get into yours. Yes!

You grab my cock and squeeze, hard. I love it. And while you
start working your way from my neck down to my belly, I am
moaning with the pleasure of it all. Please don’t tease me.
Squeeze me harder. Suck on me hard! Yes! Your tongue gives the
end of my cock a quick lick, and I feel a jolt of intense
pleasure. Then your lips kiss the head of my penis, grab hold
tightly and SUCK on the end. Your hand continues to squeeze the
rest of my rock hard shaft, slowly sliding up and down. Then I
feel you slowly, but with intense suction, sliding your mouth
further down. The pressure of your lips, tongue, and hand is
sheer ecstasy. I can feel my semen being sucked into the
channel, and I whimper, “I want to screw.”

In the meantime, I have found your pussy with my fingers. You
are now laying on your side with your mouth smoothly and firmly
sucking up and down my cock. Your top leg opens up for me, and
you roll almost onto your back. Your legs are now wide apart for
me. I lay across you and grab your inner thighs with both hands.
I open your outer pussy lips with my thumbs and rub your clitoris
between them. Then I bury my nose into your pussy again. I wrap
my arms around your ass and suck on your hot, juicy cunt as hard
as you are sucking on me. I want to screw you, but you won’t let

I feel now that it is too late. I really don’t like coming inside
a girl’s mouth, because I never know how she is going to like it.
But you were warned. I stop long enough to yell. “Stop. I’m
coming” But You just increase your slippery, sliding, sucking
pace. Faster, faster. Oh, no. It’s too late! I’m coming. And
I bury my face and tongue inside your pussy and pump, and fuck,
and push, and suck, and squeeze you with my arms as my semen and
sperm rushes and pumps and slides up my penis into your sucking
mouth. It seems to go on forever. Unbelievable intense agony
and pleasure. Pump, spurt, pump, spurt. Ten, fifteen times.
Then pump, twitch. Pump, twitch. Over and over. And through it
all I am rubbing my nose, lips and tongue in that second smell.



Oh, I love the taste of a mans cum … I really sucked him off
well. He couldn’t even sit still. And the way he sucked on my
pussy. God, he’s good at that.

Well, it’s starting to get soft. We’ll fix that. I wanted to
make him cum before I let him fuck me so that when I finally
did, he should last longer. I start licking his balls, the
inside of his thighs, and circle down to his anus. Oh, yes, it’s
starting to get hard again. After a short rest, you’re eating my
pussy again, too. Oh, baby, stick your fingers deep inside of
me. Tickle my asshole, baby!!

I continue to licking and kissing your balls, finally taking
them into my mouth and gently biting them. I lick up and down
your shaft, and sensing that you are ready, I come up, pull your
face from my pussy, and kiss you deeply. You recoil a little at
first, tasting your own cum, but them kiss me back deeply.

I move and sit on your lap, plunging your cock deep in my pussy



You really got me this time. I’ve enjoyed sex with new friends
before. But never like this. Never in the back seat of a car,
without even knowing your name. You were so good! And you still
are. My penis is loosing its hardness. I am spent. But you
don’t move away like I expect. Instead, you shift your hips a
little so I can lick you more. You tilt your hips so that my
nose is buried inside you while I suck your clitoris. I gently
chew, ever so lightly, on your inner and outer pussy lips, and
stroke deep inside your juicy love box with a few fingers. Your
mouth is still wrapped around my cock, and I can hardly stand the
exquisite torture of your tongue rubbing it and sucking all of my
semen and sperm out of it.

I can see your anus because your legs are so wide apart for me.
I slide some lubrication all over my fingers, and smear it on the
outside of your honey hole. I have never done this before. You
must like it, because you tilt even more towards me. I study
what I am doing, because I want to do it right. As I rub little
circles around your back door, I see the wrinkles smooth out.
The muscle begins to relax, and I can scratch lightly around the
inside edge. More and more, your anal sphincter becomes smooth
and puffy. It even seems to be trying to turn itself inside out
for me, so that I can itch more of the smooth inner wall.

I haven’t been playing with your pussy for a few minutes, and it
is twitching all by itself. I bury my nose, lips and tongue in
it again. At the same time, I gently itch inside your anus with
the tip of my finger. My slow, short strokes — in, out, and
twisting — are really getting to you. You start squirming under
me, moan loudly, and then jerk a few times. At the same time,
nose deeply buried in your cunt, I get another strong whiff of
that special, oh-so-wonderful sharp smell. I am not the macho
type, but knowing you just came again fills me with pride.

From your non-stop licking and sucking action, from your obvious
horniness, and from the powerful pheromones filling my nose, I
swell to ready hardness again. You slowly disengage your mouth,
giving the end of my cock a long minute of loving, kissing and
sucking attention, and wiggle out from under me. We sit up and
you climb onto my lap. Your full breasts are bare, and I cup
them in my hands and suck on your nipples. Then, you lift my
chin and plant your open mouth on mine. I don’t like the taste
of my semen. But my initial reaction is overcome by your horny
body climbing all over me. Your hand reaches down to guide my
stiff cock into your wet love box.

Our mouths are locked in a passionate kiss. Our lips, teeth, and
tongues are sucking, licking and gently biting each others lips
and tongues. My hands explore your breasts, and I carefully and
gently pull and roll your nipples with my fingers. You squirm
around to lubricate my cock with your pussy juice. Then you
grunt deeply and settle yourself all the way down to its base. I
am squeezing your ass, and rubbing it all over. I reach far down
around the curve until my fingers feel your outer and inner pussy
lips wrapped around my cock. My hands under you give you enough
support to get your feet onto the car seat. Now you are
squatting on me, using your legs to slide all the way up my
shaft — almost pulling yourself off me, but not quite. Then all
the way down. And again. Slowly. And again. I love it, and
feel like I can go on like this for hours. I am ready to make
love with you as long as you want.



I squat down until your cock is buried deep within me. I slowly
inch up until you’re almost out of me, then back down, enjoying
your cock stretching my vaginal walls outward. I continue to
move up and down, building up slowly.

I lean forward slightly, guiding my nipples to your mouth. You
begin to suck on them. I whisper into your ear to bite them
gently. You comply.

I am close to cumming once again, having trouble believing I’m
doing this with someone I don’t even know. I take your hand
which is squeezing my ass and guide it to my anus. You lubricate
your fingers with our love juices, then slowly begin to probe my
puckered asshole. As it enters, I am transported to new heights
of ecstasy, and am barely coherent of what I’m doing. I feel you
building as well, our fucking movements more intense, faster,

I probe my hand between our legs and squeeze your balls. That
does it. You begin pumping under me with a fury unknown, and I
return every thrust. Faster, harder, until ooooohhhhh …

We come together …. it takes some time …. spent, we lie in
each others arms ………….



Now that all of the urgency of frantic, first-time sexual abandon
has been taken care of, we settle into smooth love-making. Your
striking hazel eyes gaze into mine steadily. For the first time,
we are speaking to each other. Not with words, but with our eyes
and bodies. Up until now it was lust. You sucked me off because
you love the idea of sucking cock. And you love the smell and
taste of semen and sperm. I sucked you off because I love the
idea of sucking pussy. And I love the smell and taste of pussy

After I came in your mouth I was satisfied. And I continued to
lick your pussy and play with you to give you pleasure. After
you came the second time you were satisfied. And you continued
loving care and kisses on the end of my cock to give me pleasure.
Our union now is almost tearful, as we share this wonderful
intimate knowledge of each other. As you squat on my hard penis,
I can feel your vaginal walls caressing me. And I support you
by your ass to help you achieve maximum pleasure. We take long,
deep strokes. I try to make the hard edge around the tip of my
cock reach you all over inside — to scratch your inner itches,
to caress your inner walls, to rub against your clitoris and
your G spot. You are massaging my cock from base to tip with
your muscles. You use your legs to give full range of motion, to
kiss and rub the head of my cock with your pussy lips, to rub the
sensitive outer nerve bundle with slow, full strokes.

You lift your breasts to my mouth because you know I am hungry
for them. You whisper in my ear, “Bite them gently,” because
you know I want desperately to suck and chew on your nipples. I
bury my face between your breasts, and rub my beard up and down,
side to side. I squeeze your breasts together, and nuzzle them.
Then I take both nipples at once into my mouth. Softly, I suck
on them. Gently, I chew on them. My hands caress and squeeze
the fullness of your breasts as I nurse on your nipples.

After a long time of dizzy heaven, your pace begins to pick up. I
sense that you are shifting into an instinctive biological
rhythm. Perhaps it is in time with your heartbeat. Your
whimpers strike a chord deep in my loins, and I feel my semen
building pressure again. I reach further around your ass to feel
my cock sliding inside your pussy. Long, deep strokes. Very
slippery. Moving faster. My wet fingers brush against your
anus, and I feel you spread your ass cheeks wider for me. I
touch around the edges, and you shift your ass to center your
anus my finger. The sphincter muscle relaxes as I scratch around
its inner edge. I push a finger upward a little on your
upstroke, and you reverse quickly to capture my finger tip.

You have now moved into overdrive. But you are not by yourself.
Your eyes lock onto mine and you are smiling, humming, and
moaning. “Come with me, Baby,” you huskily whisper. Hmmmmm.
Hmmmmm. We are breathing and humming and softly whimper-moaning
together, in time with our long, slippery strokes. “Come with
me, Baby,” you urge me. Your hand reaches around behind you, and
you gently rub and manipulate my balls. “Come with me. Now,”
you insist. Your hand sends thrills of pleasure through me. I
feel the semen enter the channel, filling it to the head of my
cock again. My eyes fill with tears at the exquisite pleasure of
your pussy strokes, your hand strokes, your nipples teasing my
chest, your lips sucking on mine, your eyes holding mine. “Come
with me. Now. Yes. Now. YES.” And I go over the edge. “Yes,
I’m coming. Yes. Now. YES”. We push and shove and fuck and
squirm and slide and pump and squirt and squeeze and hug and
kiss and pump and fuck. Over and over again. Over and over.
YES. Over and over. Pumping, squeezing, twitching, squirming,
pushing and hugging and kissing. Hugging and kissing. Twitching
and kissing. Hugging and squeezing and crying and kissing and
sucking and rubbing. Over and over. Over and over. And Over…
and over.

We gently glide to a quivering stop in each others arms. I am
rubbing and stroking your arms and back and waist and ass. You
are rubbing my shoulders and neck and beard and hair, smothering
me with wet, sloppy kisses as I am doing to you. We are
whimpering and moaning. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm.
Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Softly. Almost like cats purring. Our arms
glide slowly to rest around each other. We snuggle into each
other’s arms. I shift my hips further down so you can lay
flatter on me. Your feet have already slipped out from under
you. You snuggle your hips across mine, knees spread wide on
each side. We rest. We murmur. We fall asleep. Hmmmmmmm.

Davy Jones Chest

Just another shitty day is paradise. I walked along the
beach at Waikiki on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was
the last year 18 year olds could drink in Hawaii and my
usual watering hole was the best place out of the sun. Great
bar, it was under the swimming pool at the Outrigger Hotel.
All those healthy young girls. And after a few beers, they
loved to swim in front of the three large pool windows and
show the cheering crowd a little tit and ass. Sometimes a
bit of pussy. Good clean fun. So I stopped for a cold beer
and to check out the show.I was 35 years old then, married
but enjoyed an occasional lady visitor to the Islands. Davys
was jammed. My usual spot a the regulars end of the bar was
full but there were two seats open in the middle right in
front of the center window to the pool. The noise was
deafening. Continue reading “Davy Jones Chest”

Hidden Desires

As you walk into the room, I sneak up behind you, and put my hands

gently over your mouth. As you start to panic, I whisper into your ear.

уDonтt be afraid. Just do exactly as I say, exactly how I say. Do you


I can feel the smile begin under my hand as you nod your agreement. You

know that the evening should be quite enjoyable. I pull my hand away

from your mouth, and run it gently over the back of your neck, as I move

towards the chair.

уDonтt move a muscle until I tell you to.ф

I sit. I watch your breathing. I admire the curves of your body, the

swell of your breasts, so firm and plump. The gentle roundness of your

abdomen. The shape of your hips, the strength in those wonderful legs.

The gentle smile that plays on your face, as you begin to imagine what I

have in store for you this evening.

уUnbutton your blouse, slowly. Do not remove it until I tell you.ф

Your hands slowly make their way to the first button, caressing your

breasts slightly as they reach it. You undo each one as if it were a

delicate flower, ever so gently freeing it from the hole. As your blouse

slowly falls open, I can see the flesh underneath begin to appear. I

smile, as I realize you are wearing my favorite purple bra.

уPut your hands down. Donтt touch yourself at all. Just stand there, for


You lower your hands to your sides, wondering what is next.

уUnfasten your skirt, and let it slide slowly down to your ankles, and

then kick it away.Ñ„

Your hands fumble with the zipper slightly, but you manage to get it

loose. As it slips down your legs, I see the matching panties are on as

well. Again, I smile.

уCome over here, and get on your knees before me.ф

You make your way towards me, smiling in anticipation. As you drop to

your knees, I spread my legs, allowing you to move in close to me. You

start to reach for me, but I stop you with a gesture. You let your hands

fall to your sides, allowing yourself to remain at my control.

уSlip the straps of your bra down your shoulders, but donтt take it


You slide the straps down, uncovering just a little more of your

breasts. I reach out, and gently caress the exposed skin, just above

your nipples. I can feel the goose bumps rising from your skin, as my

touch sends waves of excitement through you. I can almost feel the

disappointment fill you, as I remove my hands. уUnfasten my pants.ф

You reach for me with slightly shaking hands, and undo the button of my

jeans. Sliding the zipper down, you let your finger glide down the

length of my erect manhood, giving me the goose bumps you just had

yourself. I smile, knowing youтre enjoying this as much as I am.

уPull my pants off, but leave the underwear.ф

I lift up my hips, allowing you to pull my jeans out from under my body,

and down my legs. You help me to free them from my feet, and toss them

across the room, to join your clothes. I settle back in, and your eyes

come to rest on my crotch.

уEyes up. You may not look at that. Yet.ф

You meet my eyes, a smile dancing behind them.

уStand up, and turn around.ф

You stand, and turn to face away from me. I reach out, and gently touch

and feel your behind. I can feel your excitement through your panties,

and again, I smile. If I know you, youтre dying for more contact than

IÑ‚m giving you, which is all part of my plan. I slip my fingers under

the leg bands of your panties, and give your butt a nice squeeze. As my

hands work their way closer to where you want them, your legs spread

ever so slightly, allowing me better access. Which is when I remove my


уNot yet. Iтm not ready for that yet.ф

I gently guide you back to your knees in front of me, facing me once

again. I reach out, and push your bra down enough to free your hard

nipples. Giving them a nice firm tweak, I lean in and give you a soft

kiss. Feeling the hunger in your lips, I pull away before it gets away

from me. Leaning back, I take your hands in mine, and guide them to my


As your hands make contact, I lift my hips, giving you the signal to

pull off my underwear, freeing my erection. You wrap your hand around

it, gently stroking my firmness. Your free hand slips to my sac,

caressing and fondling. You move in to engulf my cock, but I reach down

and grab your head.

уNo. Not until I give you permission.ф

You sit back, sulking just a little. I stand you up before me, and turn

you around, so that your butt is in my face. Reaching up, I pull your

panties down to your knees. You slip them off, and I bury my face

between your cheeks. Running my tongue up and down the crack of your

ass, I can feel the shivers of delight flowing through you. You thrust

back at me, and my tongue finds its way to your tight ass. You reach

back and spread your cheeks wide, giving me full access to your glory.

уPlease, lick my asshole╖you know I love it when you lick my ass.ф

I let my tongue gently tease your bud, and then pull away. Again, my

tongue finds its way in, and then pulls away. You moan with frustration

as my teasing gets you hotter and hotter. I push you gently away, and

lead you to the bed, where I put you on all fours. Spreading your

asscheeks once again, I slide my stiff cock around your tight hole, and

gently thrust forward.

уOhhh╖please, go deeper, but slowly. You know I love it slow╖ф

Not wanting you to be disappointed, I slowly push forward, until my cock

is buried in your ass. Pulling out just as slowly, we gently develop a

rhythm. Reaching forward, I wrap my hands around your tits, pinching and

teasing your nipples, just the way you like it. Our bodies sway and rock

to the music of our lovemaking, until all too soon, I feel the familiar

tightening in my balls, that signals the coming eruption.

уIтm going to cum, baby╖fill you up with my seed╖ф

With one last desperate thrust, I drive my cock deep into your ass, and

explode. My cum fills you up, and leaks out the sides, running down your

thighs. We collapse together on the bed, spent. At least, I am.

You gently free yourself from my cock, and slip down to take it in your

mouth. Lovingly, you clean my cock of every drop of juice. Pushing my

legs up, you run your tongue down to my puckered ass, much as I had done

to you. You probe my ass, making me ready for what you had in mind.

Pushing my legs to my chest, you guide your hard cock to the rim of my

hole, and with one hard thrust, bury it deep inside me. I cry out,

loving the mix of pain and pleasure IÑ‚m feeling. Your motions cause your

tits to jiggle and shake, making me love it even more. I reach out and

grope your titties, pinching your nipples as you fuck my ass.

уGod, you know I love that. Pinch them hard for me, just the way I like


Giving you what you want, while you gave me what I wanted. Isnтt that

the life is supposed to be?

Your strokes are getting shorter and shorter, and I can feel you

straining to hold back.

уCum on me, baby. I want to see you shoot╖ф

With one last push, you pull free, and jerk your cock til it explodes,

covering my chest with cum. With one last spurt, you fall to the bed

next to me, exhausted. We lay together, your hands gently rubbing your

cum into my chest.

уIf only the guys you play softball with knew I was a little more than I

appear, huh?Ñ„ I smile.

уNo. Iтd probably have to share you, and I never want to do that. I love

you, and all of your hidden treasures, too much to ever share you.Ñ„

We kiss, one last time, before sleep overtakes us.

If the world only knewâ•–

Cyber Meeting

Cyber Meeting
By: abhishek singh
Hello all ISS readers! I am back again with a hot sizzling story. As you knows me IТm Abhishek Singh 18 male living in Delhi near mother dairy of Pandav Nagar. I will hope that u will enjoy the story. Mail me any comments, queries or anything on lusty_passion@hotmail.com or lusty_passion@rediffmail.com.
any female who wants some fun can mail me too.
Julia and Rose were two college roommates, both girls came from big cities on opposite ends of the country. Their first day of college when they met in their dorm room for the first time they felt they hit it off well and would become good friends. Both girls were highly into computers, both of them brought a technical arsenal matching that of a NASA super computer. Their toys ranged from camera’s to joysticks to hot new graphics programs and high speed machines. It was most obvious these girls weren’t joking around when it came to their hobbies of web surfing. They both decided for the better of their relationship, so as not to have to fight over phone or computer usage, to keep both computers and get separate high speed Internet connections for each. They spent many a nights that year surfing the net giggling over Internet porn they’d happen upon and meeting people in chat rooms on the Internet.
One night both girls sat quietly at their desks the occasional giggle coming from them as they typed away clicking madly. Each girl had decided to experiment and enter a chat for Lesbians and Bisexual women. Each girl had met someone they found to be very interesting. Night after night they met up with their “cyberdates” and chatted for hours into the night. The next each kept the topic of their chat to themselves in fear of revealing to their roommate the interest they had in the same sex.
Rose would casually pass on little clues to Julia about who she was talking to so much on her computer, and Julia would do the same keeping the information they shared limited to general things. Then one day Julia let it slip she had been talking to another woman by saying “her” in one of her sentences when talking about her friend. Rose surprised but happy that she was talking to a woman also let out how she had been talking to a woman too. The two giggled and went on saying little things about their cyberdates each one happy for the other.
Months went by and so did the nightly meetings, nothing personal had yet been passed between the girls and their cyberfriends except age, sex, and the common knowledge of their interest in women. So they decided to get a little more personal each girl told their cyberfriend how they would like to meet. The news that their cyberfriends lived in the same town came as a great and most welcome surprise to them. So they decided to meet at a local night club and see if they could recognize each other without the help of knowing before hand what the other looked like. So each girl dressed up in their sexiest night clubbing dresses a little stunned that they had both made plans on the same night but letting it go as a coincidence since it was a Friday night. They each made their way to their destinations in their cars.
Julia reached her meeting spot first and entered the club crossing the crowded dance floor to head for the bar. Soon after Rose reached her destination and went in deciding to stay close by the door in a booth so as to see all the people who came in and try to spot her date. As the night went on and minutes turned to hours they became a little uncertain about meeting the person they came to meet. Julia deciding to take a break and head for the bathroom to freshen up when in midstream she bumped into Rose of all people who was on her way back to her booth from the bathroom. Surprise turned to glee in both of them seeing how they had met someone that night they knew and felt comfortable with. Not much was said as to why they were both there but they decided to sit together and talk while they waited since the night was still young.
Hours passed by and their dates where nowhere to be seen, suddenly Rose turned to Julia and asked what brought her to this club on this particular night. Julia’s confession that she had come to meet her cyberfriend her came as a stunning surprise to Rose as she burst out, “Me too!” It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together and realize that the people they had met in the chat room was actually each other. Laughter burst from both of them in embarrassment as they went on confirming their sudden realization with details of their conversations.
A bit of shyness and embarrassment also took hold as they recalled some of the hotter topics of their conversations. The two decided to make the best of the night and hang out at the club together having drinks and dancing the night away. Later on they each drove their cars back to the dorm arriving at the same time and walking up to the room together. After the long night of dancing they felt a dip in the hot tub would be a great way to relax and loosen up before bed. They both changed into their bikini’s and took their towels and head down to the hot tub. To their luck no one else was around and they had the place to themselves. After setting the tub’s temperature they both slipped in and sighed in unison as they relaxed in the hot water and let the jets work over their tired muscles. Rose turned to Julia and brought up how funny it was that of all the people on the Internet they managed to find each other. Julia agreed and they both laughed about it for while commenting about the oddity of it all and how slim the chances were.
Then Rose mentioned the conversations they had, in particular the sexier ones about what they would do to each other. Rose then asked Julia if she felt the same way now that they knew who they were talking to. Julia a bit buzzed from the alcohol simply answered by reaching over and pulling Rose to her kissing her deeply.
Rose’s eyes went wide as she got pulled into the deep kiss, the surprise let way to pleasure as the answer she got was the answer she was looking forward to even if it was a bit more forward than she expected. Rose then leaned over and began to kiss Julia softly on the neck and along her face then on her lips for a long deep passionate kiss. Her hands roamed all over Julia as they kissed and she pulled down Julia’s bathing suit top and massaged her breasts pinching and pulling her nipples while still kissing her.
As they kissed Rose sucked Julia’s bottom lip a little, then as she broke off the kiss she moved down and lifted Julia’s breasts to her mouth kissing them. Then taking one of her nipples into her mouth Rose began to suckle it hard and passionately. Soft moans vibrated against the areola of Julia’s nipple as Rose suckled on it her hands pulled off Julia’s top completely and then moved down her body to pull her bikini bottoms aside and gently begin to rub Julia’s pussylips while still suckling on her nipple. She then switched to her other nipple and suckled on it equally as intense for a while. Rose’s fingers dipping into Julia’s pussy rubbing around inside hooking them so she could rub Julia’s g-spot and try to make her cum right on Rose’s hand. Then Rose stopped and pulled off her top to rub her breasts all over Julia’s as she took her into her arms and grabbed her ass massaging it while kissing and suckling her neck. Then Rose pulled off Julia’s bikini bottoms and lifted her up to sit her on the edge of the tub, meanwhile Rose slid off her bottoms so they were both naked.
Then Rose kneeled between Julia’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy like nothing Julia had ever experienced before. Suckling, licking, nibbling all over Julia’s labia and clit Rose’s tongue flickered over her sensitive clit while her fingers held Julia’s pussylips wide open. Rose’s fingers traced up and down her labia while she suckled on Julia’s swollen red clit. Then lightly Rose teased Julia’s asshole with her finger, rubbing the tight little rim in circles and dipping the tip of her finger in. Rose then moved her tongue down and licked Julia’s pussyhole dipping her tongue inside and licking around, then to try and drive her crazy Rose used the very tip of her tongue to flick against the tiny sensitive slit of Julia’s peehole.
She continued this as Julia screamed in pleasure and ran her hands through Rose’s short thick black hair. Rose then run her nails along Julia’s inner thighs still eating her pussy and tongue fucking her till she couldn’t take anymore and began to scream loudly convulsing with multiple orgasms. So then Rose began to finger fuck Julia with two digits, her middle and fore finger, again and again deep and hard while Julia was cumming. Rose licked around her fingers against Julia’s labia and clit tasting her sweet cum as it ran in streams down the sides of her pussy coating Rose’s hand and mouth.
After letting Julia settle down from cumming Rose pulled her down into her arms and held Julia close between her legs in the water kissing her softly as she panted and caught her breath. Soon after the two gathered their clothes and dried off to head back to their room. They decided to push the beds together in their dorm room and sleep with each other for the rest of the year making Rose and Julia’s freshmen year of college one to remember always.

Asian Oriental Sex

Note: The names in this story have been changed.

Kei’s Story, part One

This story is about a young oriental girl from a small country in
southeast Asia. Her name is Kei, and she is 24 years old. I
have known Kei for 2 years.

First, I will tell you about Kei. Kei is a very shy and modest
girl, probably the most modest I know. In the 2 years I have
known her, she has never worn anything that would reveal more
than her hands and face. She is also devestatingly beautful.
She is small, around 5″4, slight build, and has beautiful dark
brown skin, similar to a white girl who has gotten a verrrry deep

Since Kei is so pretty, I have always thought that it was unfair
that her beauty was always hidden beneath so much cloth! I
decided one day that it was time for her to experience some new
things (new to her, anyway). I had a plan for her.

A friend of mine (Rick) is a medical student at a local
university, so this gave me an idea. One day, Kei was feeling
ill, and I insisted that she make an apointment at the doctors.
Now, since kei had only spent a short time in USA (having just
moved here from Asia), she had no idea what hospitals were like.
She reluctantly made the apointment for the next day. Of course,
she felt better by then, but I told her to go anyway.

The next day, I drove Kei to the hospital where we met my student
friend Rick. Rick and I were both very attracted to oriental
women, and Kei was no exception. I sat in the waiting room, and
Geroge motioned for Kei to follow him. He took her into a small
room, told her to put on a hospital gown, and left. A few
minutes later he came for her, and brought her back to the
waiting room. Boy, was I surprised when she sat down next to me.
The gown he had given her was very short – it came down only to
mid-thigh, and pulled up even higher when she sat down. It was
the first view I, and probably any guy, had ever had of her legs.
God, where they beautiful. Her dark legs were firm and
well-toned – her skin clung tightly to the muscles of her thighs
and calves. The two guys sitting across the room were staring
rather obiously at this sight, enjoying the view. Kei was
obviously very embarrassed by this, since she never before been
this exposed to a stranger. If only she knew what would happen
in a few minutes!!

Rick finally came back and took her to a room down the hall. This
room had 3 beds in it, two of which were occupied by male
patients. He motioned for Kei to sit down on the other. This she
did, but glanced nervously at the other two men. After she sat
down, Rick reached around to back of her neck, and to her horror,
untied the gown and let it slide down until it was resting on her
lap. This had the direct result of making her shapely chest
visible to 3 men she had never even met. Her face registed her
embarrasment as her smooth dark breasts were exposed. Rick then
proceeded to hold his stethescope to her chest, listening to her
heartbeat. After a few moments of this, he put it down and
started to push on her stomach. After a few more routine
examination kinds of things, he moved one had to her left breast
and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger, causing her to
gasp. He squeezed harder, then moved to the other breast and
repeated the proceedure. He ran his finger in little circles
around her nipples, making them erect. All the while, Kei
lowered her eyes and did not look at the other men in the room.

If Kei thought that she could never feel more open and exposed
than this, she was wrong. Rick told her to lie down on the bed,
and he removed her gown from her lap leaving her completely
naked. He told her to spread her legs, which she refused to do.
After he told her she had to do it, she very slowly opened her
legs. Joe lubricated his fingers with some Vasiline, and with one
had spread her flesh while inserting his first two fingers into
her. She gasped as he worked his fingers in and out, massaging
her clit in the process. When his fingers first entered her, she
gasped and clutched the side of the bed, her face contorted with
embarrasement, humiliation, and hornyness. Rick gave her a few
seconds to get herself under control. Then, he continued his
stimulation. After a while the physical sensations began to have
an effect on her; her clit and nipples got erect, and she began
to breath in slower, deep breaths. She was trying very hard to
ignore the sensations Rick was producing. A few more minutes of
this and she could no longer control herself. She began to moan
lightly, and her pelvis rose rhythmically off the bed. As Rick
stroked her clit, her orgasm overtook her; she opened her eyes
wide, looked directly into Rick’s eyes, and made little sounds
betraying the extacy she was trying to hide. After her orgasm
had subsided, she saw that the other guys in the room were
watching her lustily. Rick, however, acted as if what had just
happened was a normal procedure. He told her he would have to do
some tests on her. He took a clit vibrator from a tray beside
him, and strapped it to her. He told her to stand up and put her
gown on. When she had done this, (much releaved to hide her body
from prying eyes), he reached between her legs with one had and
turned on the vibrator, causing her to gasp and cry out. He told
her to follow him, and he left the room and walked down the hall.
She had trouble walking, but, consiously placing one foot in
front of the other, slowly followed. When he had come to the
waiting room, he told her to sit down and wait until he came back
for her.

As she sat down across from three male patients, her gown again
pulled up her legs, revealing the inside of her thighs, but not
the vibrator. She sat down quietly, and placed her hands on her
knees. She was determined not to show what she was feeling.
After a minute to let her calm down, I started to talk to her.
I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner tonight, but she
found it difficult to respond. Her words came haltingly, with
pauses for breath every few seconds. As the conversation
progressed, the vibrator began to have the desired effect. She
resorted to nodding her head for yes and no questions. As it
became obvious that she was close to orgasm, I asked her a
question requiring a long reply. She was cuming while talking,
trying so hard to concentrate on the her speech.

After a few minutes, Rick came back and took her to another room.
In this room was an examination table equipped with stirrups,
which she eyed fearfully. He told her to lie down on the bed and
removed her gown and vibrator. He told her to slide toward the
end of the table, and put her legs in the sturrups. He left, and
a few short minutes came back with 3 other medical students and a
dick shaped piece of ice 8 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. As
she lay there, one of the other students began to ask her about
herself and her country. At the same time, Rick gently spread
her dark flesh with one hand. She tried to concentrate on what
she was saying. Rick waited until she started a long sentence,
and then, slowly inserted the tip of the ice dildo. She stopped
in mid-sentence, gasping and inhaling sharply as the cold ice
penetrated her. He continued to slide the ice inside her,
watching as her silky smooth flesh parted to accept it. After it
was inside her, he quickly fastened a cloth under her crotch so
that it kept the ice in place. He took her legs from the
stirrups, and put her gown back on. He then told her to follow
him, and he walked out of the room. She could barely walk, and
had to concentrate on each and every step, going very slowly.
He turned to go up a set of stairs, motioning for her to go
first. She did, slowly. After walking around for 2 or 3
minutes, he took her back to the examining room, removed her
gown, and removed what was left of the ice.


Submissive Satin Slave Part 4

“So, come on!” Brenda urged Sally. “Tell me all about your kinky week-end.”
The waitress had just left and Sally had starting to eat her salad.
“Okay. Well, it really started Thursday night,” Sally began. “You know how
I’ve told you about how much James likes my sexy underwear and all?”

Brenda nodded, taking a bit of her own salad. Sally sipped her tea then
began again.

“Well it was about ten and we were talking. Fighting actually, about how he
thinks I never wear them for him anymore. He was telling me how much he likes
to feel them against his skin, how my lacy stuff turns him on and how it makes
his dick hard and so on. I had just had my period. I guess I was in my post
menstrual bitchy phase so I suggested that if he liked them so much he should
wear them.”

“Did He?” Brenda asked.

“Not that night,” Sally said. “In fact, he got mad at me for even suggesting
it. I tried to tell him that a lot of men wear their wives or girl-friends
panties and stuff, but he said I was crazy. He could tell he was making me
mad and I could tell he was horny. He started playing with my ass and tits
and since we hadn’t fucked since I stated my period I became aroused. After a
quick frantic fuck he rolled over and pretended to sleep. He tossed and
turned all night, keeping me awake. I think he was fantazing about wearing my
Continue reading “Submissive Satin Slave Part 4”

Asian Sex Experience

There comes a time when your mind becomes so loaded with experiences
that you must tell someone about them to allow new ones to take their places.
They become a part of your everyday
life. They affect you in the form of daydreams, not allowing a
moment to concentrate on the job at hand. At first they are no
more than just a fast glimpse of a girl in your past. Quickly
she passes, but give her a few moments, she’ll be back. Continue reading “Asian Sex Experience”

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Asian Sex Story

Kimiko groaned softly to herself as the wide straps of her bra dug deep into her slender shoulders, and while only standing five feet tall and weighing in at a scant ninety five pounds, you’d swear that at least half of that weight was residing inside of the 32DD lace bra of the cute twenty three year old Japanese-American flight attendant!!! After being on her feet all day inside the cramped airliner, she was dying to get checked into her hotel room and just soak for and hour in a hot tub!!! The cab ride to the hotel was uneventful, but it was at the reservations desk that trouble reared it’s ugly head!!! “What do you mean you don’t have my reservation,” she asked wearily, Continue reading “Asian Sex Story”

Fucking Asian

I have just recently returned from Japan and I would like to share with you an event that happened while I was there. You see in Japan community bathing is not all that uncommon, so needless to say I was in baths many times with the opposite sex. Which for me was not a problem. I do admire the female body and I love the Asian look especially an Asian female. I don’t know why but I love the dark eyes and dark hair against the creamy smooth skin. For the most part I witnessed in Japan 95% of the females are very small which makes things easier in the act of sex. Which brings me to my point.

Like I mentioned Japan is popular for natural hot springs. Most of the time there is a hot spring inside and occasionally they are outside. In this particular case it was outside underneath the stars. I remember looking up and seeing the beautiful night skies through the steam rising off our bodies and the hot natural waters form deep within the earth. This particular night was going to be one I will remember for the rest of my life. Continue reading “Fucking Asian”

Another Filthy Joke

A teacher was wrapping up class, and started talking about tomorrow’s
final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up
tomorrow, barring a dire medical condition or an immediate family
member’s death. One smart ass, male student said, “What about extreme
sexual exhaustion?”, and the whole classroom burst into laughter.
After the laughter had subsided, the teacher glared at the student,
and said, “Not an excuse, you can use your other hand to write.”

(there are more jokes at Filthy Letters)