Best friends

Jill and I were best friends all through high school, always together
and looking for good times. This either meant finding boys, or parties
or raising some sort of hell. Sometimes we’d drive around, looking for
a couple of guys in a car to flirt with, then lose them if we wanted to
“teach ’em a lesson”.

Jill is beautiful without any question. She’s five foot six, with a
pair of very nice, long legs, blonde hair that falls halfway down her
back, blue eyes, and she’s very shapely…how does 38D-24-35 sound?
Dreamy isn’t it? Jill usually gets all the guy’s eyes when she walks
into a room, and her love of wearing tight sweaters doesn’t help. Continue reading “Best friends”

Afterhours at work

Ah spring! It was the kind of day where the air is so humid you
can cut it with a knife. I had just come back from lunch with my
friends and was still joking about our co-worker Ralph’s dress
habits. He says he was a nerd in high school, but that he is not
anymore. But just looking at him in his shorts and pink shirt,
trying to be cool, you can tell he lives, eats, and breathes com-
puters. Not that he’s disagreeable, but he just seems very naive
and tries too hard to fit in.

As we went up the stairs to get back to work, Eva came down. The
air conditioning in the building was always cranked, and Eva’s
nipples were responding by showing through her blouse. If ever
there was a woman that could stop traffic, she was it: shoulder
length blonde hair, dark complexion, and brown eyes. She looked
particularly good in the red blouse and black skirt that she wore
today. Continue reading “Afterhours at work”

Cyber Meeting

Cyber Meeting
By: abhishek singh
Hello all ISS readers! I am back again with a hot sizzling story. As you knows me IТm Abhishek Singh 18 male living in Delhi near mother dairy of Pandav Nagar. I will hope that u will enjoy the story. Mail me any comments, queries or anything on or
any female who wants some fun can mail me too.
Julia and Rose were two college roommates, both girls came from big cities on opposite ends of the country. Their first day of college when they met in their dorm room for the first time they felt they hit it off well and would become good friends. Both girls were highly into computers, both of them brought a technical arsenal matching that of a NASA super computer. Their toys ranged from camera’s to joysticks to hot new graphics programs and high speed machines. It was most obvious these girls weren’t joking around when it came to their hobbies of web surfing. They both decided for the better of their relationship, so as not to have to fight over phone or computer usage, to keep both computers and get separate high speed Internet connections for each. They spent many a nights that year surfing the net giggling over Internet porn they’d happen upon and meeting people in chat rooms on the Internet.
One night both girls sat quietly at their desks the occasional giggle coming from them as they typed away clicking madly. Each girl had decided to experiment and enter a chat for Lesbians and Bisexual women. Each girl had met someone they found to be very interesting. Night after night they met up with their “cyberdates” and chatted for hours into the night. The next each kept the topic of their chat to themselves in fear of revealing to their roommate the interest they had in the same sex.
Rose would casually pass on little clues to Julia about who she was talking to so much on her computer, and Julia would do the same keeping the information they shared limited to general things. Then one day Julia let it slip she had been talking to another woman by saying “her” in one of her sentences when talking about her friend. Rose surprised but happy that she was talking to a woman also let out how she had been talking to a woman too. The two giggled and went on saying little things about their cyberdates each one happy for the other.
Months went by and so did the nightly meetings, nothing personal had yet been passed between the girls and their cyberfriends except age, sex, and the common knowledge of their interest in women. So they decided to get a little more personal each girl told their cyberfriend how they would like to meet. The news that their cyberfriends lived in the same town came as a great and most welcome surprise to them. So they decided to meet at a local night club and see if they could recognize each other without the help of knowing before hand what the other looked like. So each girl dressed up in their sexiest night clubbing dresses a little stunned that they had both made plans on the same night but letting it go as a coincidence since it was a Friday night. They each made their way to their destinations in their cars.
Julia reached her meeting spot first and entered the club crossing the crowded dance floor to head for the bar. Soon after Rose reached her destination and went in deciding to stay close by the door in a booth so as to see all the people who came in and try to spot her date. As the night went on and minutes turned to hours they became a little uncertain about meeting the person they came to meet. Julia deciding to take a break and head for the bathroom to freshen up when in midstream she bumped into Rose of all people who was on her way back to her booth from the bathroom. Surprise turned to glee in both of them seeing how they had met someone that night they knew and felt comfortable with. Not much was said as to why they were both there but they decided to sit together and talk while they waited since the night was still young.
Hours passed by and their dates where nowhere to be seen, suddenly Rose turned to Julia and asked what brought her to this club on this particular night. Julia’s confession that she had come to meet her cyberfriend her came as a stunning surprise to Rose as she burst out, “Me too!” It didn’t take long for them to put two and two together and realize that the people they had met in the chat room was actually each other. Laughter burst from both of them in embarrassment as they went on confirming their sudden realization with details of their conversations.
A bit of shyness and embarrassment also took hold as they recalled some of the hotter topics of their conversations. The two decided to make the best of the night and hang out at the club together having drinks and dancing the night away. Later on they each drove their cars back to the dorm arriving at the same time and walking up to the room together. After the long night of dancing they felt a dip in the hot tub would be a great way to relax and loosen up before bed. They both changed into their bikini’s and took their towels and head down to the hot tub. To their luck no one else was around and they had the place to themselves. After setting the tub’s temperature they both slipped in and sighed in unison as they relaxed in the hot water and let the jets work over their tired muscles. Rose turned to Julia and brought up how funny it was that of all the people on the Internet they managed to find each other. Julia agreed and they both laughed about it for while commenting about the oddity of it all and how slim the chances were.
Then Rose mentioned the conversations they had, in particular the sexier ones about what they would do to each other. Rose then asked Julia if she felt the same way now that they knew who they were talking to. Julia a bit buzzed from the alcohol simply answered by reaching over and pulling Rose to her kissing her deeply.
Rose’s eyes went wide as she got pulled into the deep kiss, the surprise let way to pleasure as the answer she got was the answer she was looking forward to even if it was a bit more forward than she expected. Rose then leaned over and began to kiss Julia softly on the neck and along her face then on her lips for a long deep passionate kiss. Her hands roamed all over Julia as they kissed and she pulled down Julia’s bathing suit top and massaged her breasts pinching and pulling her nipples while still kissing her.
As they kissed Rose sucked Julia’s bottom lip a little, then as she broke off the kiss she moved down and lifted Julia’s breasts to her mouth kissing them. Then taking one of her nipples into her mouth Rose began to suckle it hard and passionately. Soft moans vibrated against the areola of Julia’s nipple as Rose suckled on it her hands pulled off Julia’s top completely and then moved down her body to pull her bikini bottoms aside and gently begin to rub Julia’s pussylips while still suckling on her nipple. She then switched to her other nipple and suckled on it equally as intense for a while. Rose’s fingers dipping into Julia’s pussy rubbing around inside hooking them so she could rub Julia’s g-spot and try to make her cum right on Rose’s hand. Then Rose stopped and pulled off her top to rub her breasts all over Julia’s as she took her into her arms and grabbed her ass massaging it while kissing and suckling her neck. Then Rose pulled off Julia’s bikini bottoms and lifted her up to sit her on the edge of the tub, meanwhile Rose slid off her bottoms so they were both naked.
Then Rose kneeled between Julia’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy like nothing Julia had ever experienced before. Suckling, licking, nibbling all over Julia’s labia and clit Rose’s tongue flickered over her sensitive clit while her fingers held Julia’s pussylips wide open. Rose’s fingers traced up and down her labia while she suckled on Julia’s swollen red clit. Then lightly Rose teased Julia’s asshole with her finger, rubbing the tight little rim in circles and dipping the tip of her finger in. Rose then moved her tongue down and licked Julia’s pussyhole dipping her tongue inside and licking around, then to try and drive her crazy Rose used the very tip of her tongue to flick against the tiny sensitive slit of Julia’s peehole.
She continued this as Julia screamed in pleasure and ran her hands through Rose’s short thick black hair. Rose then run her nails along Julia’s inner thighs still eating her pussy and tongue fucking her till she couldn’t take anymore and began to scream loudly convulsing with multiple orgasms. So then Rose began to finger fuck Julia with two digits, her middle and fore finger, again and again deep and hard while Julia was cumming. Rose licked around her fingers against Julia’s labia and clit tasting her sweet cum as it ran in streams down the sides of her pussy coating Rose’s hand and mouth.
After letting Julia settle down from cumming Rose pulled her down into her arms and held Julia close between her legs in the water kissing her softly as she panted and caught her breath. Soon after the two gathered their clothes and dried off to head back to their room. They decided to push the beds together in their dorm room and sleep with each other for the rest of the year making Rose and Julia’s freshmen year of college one to remember always.

2 girls 1 guy

I am sitting at home alone watching the
evening news. It is the usual boring once
over with a little detail on the feature
stories. They give just enough information to
let you know that something is happening.
None of it is very interesting.

By the end I am ready to turn on the vcr
and put in a tape of some real hot action.
The guy behind the counter at the adult book
store rated very highly. The title on the
cover is “Unending Lust”.

The cover art shows a well hung man with
his right hand down a well endowed blondes
miniskirt. Her top exposes most of her
enormous breasts. I am getting hard just
thinking of what a body like hers could do in
bed. Her left hand holds the enormous bulge
in his pants. His left arm is around her with
his hand under her top and holding her left
breast. His index finger is touching her
erect nipple under the skin tight material.

I can’t get the tape in the vcr fast
enough. I have the vcr wired to the stereo so
the sound quality will be better that for just
the tv. I turn on the stereo, program it to
use the auxiliary port, adjust the volume and
the balance.

I had a friend check out my speaker
locations a few month back. Continue reading “2 girls 1 guy”

First Lesbian Experience Sex Story

I have to admit, I had never intended on any of this happening to

me. I am a girl that was a heterosexual. I never imagined turning


It all started when, one day, I was at school and went to the

bathroom to chill out. I was the only girl in there except for

the school “slut.” Her name was Kim and I never really talked to

her until then. She had asked me if I wanted a ride home from

school because I told her my car was not running. Continue reading “First Lesbian Experience Sex Story”

Lesbian Sex Story

The girl with the ring through her eyebrow hadn’t yet put

back on her clothes and was standing naked in the kitchen,

her head tilted back as she took a long swig of the bottled

water she had found in the fridge. Maxine, wearing only a

bath robe open at the front, stood by the kitchen door and

smiled. She wandered over to the girl, so slim and

sensuous, her body still a little clammy after their early

morning sex, and placed an arm over each shoulder, Continue reading “Lesbian Sex Story”

Lesbian Love In Jail

After their shower, an attendant showed them to the mud bath.

Entering a room with a number of narrow acrylic beds, they were

directed to leave their robes and escorted to two beds side by

side. The beds were more like shallow baths, complete with a

drain on one end and raised edges as well as a built in head

rest. Before they lay down, a layer of warm mud was poured on

each bed and the girls were capped with plastic hoods to protect

their hair. Continue reading “Lesbian Love In Jail”