Make me hate you

“Rich,” says that one girl, “tell me a story.”
“Okay. This–”
“No, wait. Tell me something that will make me hate you.”
“You sure?”
She nods vigorously.
“Okay. You remember when I was in school, that humor magazine
I edited?”
More nodding. She arranges herself, Indian-style, on the bed,
one hand resting on a thigh, the other alighting first on a knee,
then a breast, then on the cool sheets before her.
“You *sure* you…?”
She nods again and bites her lower lip.
“Okay, but remember, *you* asked.”
“Go on.”
“Well, I would organize meetings to try and get some help
putting out our various issues. At least, that’s what it *looked*
like the meetings were for. They were really just to hone my
stand-up and to get laid.” Continue reading “Make me hate you”

Moonlight Love

I now believe what they say about opposites attracting. We are not alike in
so many ways and yet I feel so deeply about you, love. I’m flighty and
emotional, you are controlled and very cool about your feelings. I’m
spontaneous and you’re a thinker. One of the few things we share is our crazy
outlook on life, and our love of laughter, and our incredible sexual
encounters, of course.

My co-workers are beginning to get suspicious, dear. They know when the
yellow roses arrive, that I will immediately be in a frenzy for several days.
But, don’t stop, love. That’s such a wonderful way to announce your imminent
visit to my city. I always make a place for you in my life. You’re never
here for long, but with us time and space don’t seem to exist. Continue reading “Moonlight Love”

One Fat Fetish Night Story

Archive-name: Fetish/one_nite.txt
Archive-title: One Night

Susan was a woman who did everything right. She went to the right school, got
the right job, owned the right car, and had the right friends. That last part
was her downfall. All of her life she was very careful that everyone she
associated with was a perfect as she was. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, a
perfect wardrobe shown off by a perfect figure, size 6. She had no use for,
nor room in her life for, people who weren’t perfect, or could help her. As a
result of this, she did well in a material sense, but she had no real friends
or lovers. “You use me, and I’ll use you,” was the creed of her associates.
She was vacationing in Cancun when she first saw Mark. He was perfect. Wavy
black hair, classic face, and an atheletes body. They talked for a while and
she discovered that he was well-read, sensitive and funny. Yet, there was a
sadness about him, as if he had had a great tragedy in his life. Susan found
him irresistible. They danced and then went back to his room and made love.
It was heaven! He seemed to know exactly where to touch her, to caress her.
His kisses made her swoon and she squealed like a giddy teenager when he
entered her. The next morning they made love again. After breakfast, they
went to a remote beach and swam in the nude. She had never made love outdoors
before. The possibility of imminent discovery was very erotic. They swam some
more and then made love on the steps of a Mayan ruin. As he thrust wildly
into her, she swore she heard drums and felt hundreds of unseen eyes watching
them as they writhed in primeval lust. Each orgasm was more intense and
intoxicating than the last. She felt like a primitive, sacrificing her purity
to appease and entertain the gods. Finally, it was over. The sun was setting,
bathing them and the ruins in an unearthly glow. One more time they kissed.
It was time to go back to the hotel. Mark had seemed so happy all day, now
that faint look of sadness had colored his eyes again. He got dressed without
looking at Susan. She put on her bandeau. Odd; it seemed a bit snug. Then she
slid into her jeans. It was a struggle to get them over her hips, then she
could barely zip them! She was confused. Had they shrunk? No, the slight
bulge of flesh around the waist verified her darkest fear. She had grown! She
must have gained 5 lbs! She turned to Mark. What was going on? Mark was
staring at her lustfully … dressed as a Mayan! That was only for an
instant. Mark was looking at her with that same curious mix of love and
sadness, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. She thought she was hallucinating,
but her clothes still fit like skin. Of course she HAD been eating more than
usual on this trip. Her Mayan vision must have been her imagination, helped
by some tequila. “Let’s go to dinner,” he said. She smiled and took his hand.
Suddenly, she was very hungry. Susan was a bit uncomfortable on the flight
home. Her clothes were very snug, but that didn’t stop her from having
seconds and thirds of her dinner. The flight attendants had never seen
someone enjoy airline food so much. Susan felt wonderful. For the 2 weeks she
spent with Mark, she ate, slept and made love until she was more completely
sated than she had ever been in her life. She was sure she would drop these
12 lbs as soon as she got back to her job. The next morning she was late for
work because she had overslept. The bed had just felt TOO warm and cozy to
leave it when the alarm went off. Besides, she had the urge to make herself a
good breakfast. She hadn’t done it in years and had forgotten how long it
could take. Still, it is the most important meal of the day, so a stack of
pancakes with syrup disappeared before she left. The ride to work was also
interesting. She had never really paid attention to all the handsome men she
saw along the way. She was especially attracted to the big, burly men with a
bit of a paunch and hairy bodies. She knew she was changing. At that moment
her car swerved. She could have sworn she saw Mark dressed as a Mayan,
standing on the meridian and waving. When she blinked, he was gone. Cathy,
the office bitch, commented that she had put on a few pounds and they all
stared when Susan took a Danish off the coffee cart. In the 10 years she had
worked there, no one had seen anything but celery sticks in her hand. Susan
had trouble concentrating at work. Her mind was filled with an image of a
mountain lake, and a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney. She couldn’t
figure it out. She had never been to such a place. Finally, lunch time rolled
around. She planned to eat at the salad bar down the block. On the way, she
passed a tavern, a simple shot-and-beer kind of place. An intoxicating aroma
of fresh cheeseburgers, fries, and sausage and peppers filled her lungs. She
was ravenous! With only a slight hesitation, Susan sat down at the bar and
ordered a beer, absently munching on the bowl of pretzels in front of her.
She noticed this man playing pool, who resembled a bear more than anything
else. He was so big and muscular and hairy. Such a man once would have turned
her off, now she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. She rubbed her now-soft
thighs together as her sexual excitement heightened. Susan didn’t return to
work that day. She spent the afternoon shooting pool with Glen. They left the
bar around 8pm and went to her condo. It turned out that Glen was a rancher
from Idaho who had come to town for a training session for the new computer
he had bought for his ranch. When they got to her place she told him to fix
himself a drink and she went to her bedroom to get comfortable. She had to.
Her clothes were so tight she could barely breathe. Susan reached to unbutton
the waist of her skirt and the button just popped off, pushed out by a very
well rounded tummy. Suddenly the room was bathed in a blue glow. Susan turned
and gasped. Mark was standing there, DRESSED AS A MAYAN! He spoke. “Susan,
you have been blessed or cursed, it is up to you. Your heart was a small,
shriveled thing, but it is growing as your body is growing. Accept love in
your heart and you will find happiness. Reject it and be miserable for the
rest of your days. That man outside sees the real you, the loving Susan, find
her …. find her … find her.” His image began to fade. She looked at
herself in the mirror. There was a peacefulness about her that she had never
seen before. At that moment Glen entered the room. She saw his reflection in
the mirror. He was looking at her with such devotion. No man had ever looked
at her that way. So kind, so generous, so caring. She was falling in love
with him! But there was more! She was growing! Susan felt herself EXPANDING!
Her blouse was soon so tight that she could scarcely breathe. Relief came as
the buttons popped off one by one and the blouse ripped up the back and
around the sleeves. Her skirt literally shredded before her eyes as her hips,
ass and stomach ballooned to incredible size. She felt so … different.
Massive, thick, ponderous. By now, her stomach was a huge ball of fat
sticking way out in front of her. She could feel herself beginning to hunch
over as her breasts grew bigger, fatter … HEAVIER. She felt like a baby
elephant as she tried to move to the bed to lie down. She couldn’t believe
it. In spite of what was happening to her, she felt happy, and VERY HORNY.
Susan never made it to the bed. She could feel her now naked body growing
bigger and fatter by the minute. She could actually hear the floor creaking
under her increasing bulk. By now she looked like one of those fertility
statues; obscenely huge ass, massive tits supported by a rotund stomach, but
she was not only growing fatter but taller, too. She placed her hands on her
back in a vain attempt to support her exploding bosom, but it was hopeless.
In a grunt of rage and resignation she dropped to her hands and knees. She
was finally comfortable as her bloated breasts splayed out fatly in all
directions, on the floor. She struggled to stand up, but she couldn’t. She
was just TOO FAT! Then, she remembered Glen. At first she couldn’t see him,
but she knew where he was. She could feel his erect penis pressed against her
plump vulva; her plump, DRIPPING vulva. she felt him enter and she welcomed
it, mooing contentedly as he did. Susans body shuddered as Glen thrust into
her. Her great folds of fat rippled like Jello. Again and again she seemed to
turn inside out as her body exploded into another soul-searing orgasm. Glen
was also wild with lust. He had never made love to anyone so BIG! She was a
human featherbed; soft and yielding. He seemed to float on top of her. Seeing
her fleshy back ripple made him harder than he had ever been in his life.
This was FANTASTIC! the room echoed with their screams as they climaxed
together. The next morning Susan awoke, feeling as if she had a hangover. She
felt strange. She felt … tiny. She looked at herself. She was back to a
slim size 6! Had this been a dream? No; Glen was sleeping next to her. He
awoke and smiled at her, then he also looked puzzled. He also wondered if it
was a dream. Finally, Susan understood the spiritual message. She got out of
bed, went to the kitchen and made a big breakfast. The smell of coffee
brought in Glen, still naked. Susan rubbed some maple syrup on him and slowly
licked it off. Glen took food and stuffed it into her mouth. More and more
until her cheeks puffed out. Between gulps she whispered,” Yes darling. Stuff
me. Make me fat. I want to be fat. I NEED TO BE FAT!” When she couldn’t eat
another bite, he put her on her hands and knees and fucked her until she
swooned. “Baby, I’m going to take you back to my ranch … as my wife. Then
I’m going to stuff you like a hog, and breed you like a mare.” At those
words, Susan squealed in a wonderful orgasm. They were married and Susan
quickly grew plump. She got even larger once the babies started to come. They
lived happily.

Pregnant mom

Pregnant mom
By: anthony
Monica was 8 months pregnant. Her husband Greg was an over the road truck
driver and was usually gone 6 days a week. Monica’s hormones were in
overdrive. She was so horny, and she really needed to get laid. So, the
day she watched her son Jeff as he climbed out of the shower didn’t help
her much. It was an accident. She had been doing the laundry and was
taking a load of clean towels to the bath room. As she entered the
bathroom, her son Jeff had just climbed out of the shower. She tried not
to look, but her eyes caught a glimpse of his large semi erect cock as he
was drying his hair.
Her swollen pregnant pussy tingled as she watched her son’s large cock
bounce as he dried his hair with a towel. Monica couldn’t take her eyes
off of his magnificent cock. Jeff noticed his mother looking at his young
naked body. It made him uncomfortable at first, but the look of wild lust
in his pregnant mother’s eyes, soon turned him on. His cock began to grow
as he looked at his horny pregnant mother. She gasped as she watched his
large cock become even larger. “My God, he is huge!” she thought to
herself. Her pregnant pussy was now dripping as she stared at his erect 9
inch cock.
Monica knew she should leave the bathroom and forget all about the lustful
thoughts in her head, but her horny pussy now controlled her mind. Jeff
walked towards his mother, he was stroking his large cock. “Do you like
what you see, mommie?” he asked her. “Oh, yes Jeff you are quite a man
now, aren’t you?” she stated. Jeff grabbed his mother’s hand and placed it
on his throbbing cock. Monica could feel her pussy quiver as she gripped
his huge erection.
Jeff slid his hand inside of his mother’s loose fitting maternity top and
began to stroke her swollen tits. Monica moaned. She was furiously
stroking her son’s hard cock with her soft hand. Jeff moaned, and Monica
slowly knelt to the floor. She took the head of her son’s cock into her
warm, wet mouth. “Oh, Mom, that feels incredible” he said. He held her by
her pretty blonde hair as she sucked him.
“Oh God, mom, you suck so good” he moaned. “Jeff, let’s go to the bedroom,
it would be much more comfortable for me” she told her son. “Sure mom,
whatever you want” he said. She led him by his large hard-on towards her
bedroom. Jeff began unbuttoning his mother’s maternity top. He slid her
shirt from her. Her breasts were large and swollen. He unbuttoned her bra,
and tossed it to the floor. “God, you have excellent titties” he told her.
Jeff cupped each of the huge swollen white globes into his hands. He
stared at the large puffy dark colored nipples.
Jeff began to suck on his mother’s swollen nipples. He tasted her sweet
mother’s milk as it leaked from her erect brown nips. Monica moaned and
held her son as he suckled her breasts. His hand slid down over her huge
pregnant belly. His young cock throbbed with excitement as his hand slid
beneath the waist of her shorts. He slid his hand lower, until he felt her
hairy mound. His finger quickly found his mother’s swollen clit. She was
so wet, that he easily slipped a finger inside of her. “Oh, God, you are
making me feel so good, baby” she told her son.
Jeff’s cock was pulsating wildly as her finger-fucked her pregnant pussy.
“Mmm, yes baaaby!!!” she grunted. She began to jerk her son’s large cock
with both of her hands, as he fingered her. He watched as her pregnant
belly jiggled as she thrust against his hand. He pulled her shorts and
panties off. He began kissing below her large breasts, and she felt his
tongue as it slowly licked across her swollen belly. “Oh, God” she moaned.
He licked her pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as he worked his
way between her spread legs.
Monica almost fainted when her son’s tongue touched her wet clit. “Oh, yes
baby” she moaned. Jeff thrust his tongue deep inside of her hot, wet
pussy. Monica held her son’s head firmly, grinding her pussy against his
face. “Mmmm, yes oh yes” she yelled. Monica’s orgasm hit her like a ton of
bricks. She thrashed wildly as her sweet pussy juices gushed into her
son’s mouth. “Oh, eat me baby, you’re making mommie cum” she yelled. Jeff
hungrily lapped up his mom’s sweet pussy juices, fingering her deeply as
he licked her swollen clit.
Monica pushed her son away from her aching pussy. “You have to put your
big cock in me, fuck me baby” she grunted. She got on her hands and knees,
and raised her ass high in the air. “Put it in me, fuck mommie good” she
screamed. Jeff pressed his large cock head against his mom’s swollen
pregnant pussy lips. Monica quivered as she felt him slowly slide inside
of her. “Oh, yes deeper, give mommie all of it” she yelled. Jeff thrust
and deeply penetrated his mom’s hot pussy. She screamed and climaxed as
his large cock embedded all the way inside of her.
“God, it feels so tight, mom” Jeff moaned as he fucked his mom’s hot cunt.
He began slamming his cock with great force inside of her hot tight cunt.
Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood his sister Sherrie. “What
the fuck?” Sherrie asked in a startled voice. “Mom, Jeff, what are you
doing?” she continued. As Sherrie watched her brother’s long thick cock
slide in and out of her mother’s pussy, she felt her own young pussy
become quite wet.
“Come here, Sherrie, come to Mommie” Monica moaned. Sherrie was still
wearing her cheerleading outfit from after school practice. Sherrie
climbed onto the bed. Monica raised the blue cheerleading skirt above her
daughter’s hips and began rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties.
“Oh, are you that wet from watching your brother fuck your mom’s hot
pregnant pussy?” she asked. “Uh, yes” Sherrie softly moaned. Monica slid
her daughter’s white cotton panties to her knees. Sherrie moaned as her
mother pressed her face between her thighs and began to kiss her wet
pussy. “Oh, mom, that feels good!!” she grunted.
Jeff was furiously pounding away at his mom’s hot pussy from behind. He
watched as his mom spread his sister’s hot young pussylips apart with her
fingers. His sister had a beautiful pussy. He had always wondered what it
looked like. Monica slid her tongue between her daughter’s wet pink pussy
lips and began to lick her lovingly. Sherrie moaned and held her mom’s
long blonde hair. “God, lick me Mom” she moaned. Jeff’s excitement was
intensified as he watched his mom eat his sister’s pussy. As his sister
moaned and wiggled her little hips, he lost it. “God, I’m gonna cum” he
“Yes, shoot it for me baby” she moaned. Jeff’s cum erupted inside of her
like a cannon. She could feel his hot lava like cum as it splashed against
her tight pussy. “Oh, yes baby” she yelled as she came. Jeff continued
squirting his hot cum deep into his mom’s tight pussy. She hungrily sucked
her daughter’s young, swollen clit as she came. “God yes, mom I’m cumming”
Sherrie moaned. Monica tasted her daughter’s sweet pussy cum as it gushed
into her mouth. All 3 were climaxing together.
Jeff withdrew his still rock hard cock from his mom’s pregnant pussy. He
wanted to fuck his sister really bad. Monica could see the look in his
young eyes as he stared at his sister’s hot pussy. “Why don’t you show
your sister how good your big cock feels” she said. Jeff wasted no time.
He mounted his sister and slammed his cock deeply inside of her tight
pussy with one thrust. “Mmm, yes” Sherrie screamed as she felt her
brother’s large cock buried all the way inside of her. “I want to tast you
mom” Sherrie said.
Monica straddled her daughter’s pretty face and lowered her wet pussy
against her open mouth. Sherrie began licking her brother’s hot cum from
her mom’s pussy. “Mmm, you taste pretty good big brother” she seductively
stated. Sherrie licked her mom’s swollen clit as she rubbed a finger up
and down her very wet slit. Her mom’s pussy quivered as she hungrily
nibbled at the clit. Jeff was fucking the hell out of his sister. His
large cock was embedded in the tightest pussy he had ever felt.
He moved his large cock in and out of his sister’s hot pussy, while he
watched her eat his mom’s pussy. Jeff leaned forward and took one of his
mom’s large nipples into his mouth. She ground her pussy against her
daughter’s face. “Yes, suck my clit baby” she moaned. Sherrie’s pussy
gripped her brother’s large cock tightly. “Fuck, I’m cumming” Sherrie
moaned. Jeff felt her pussy tighten around his large cock. It firmly
squeezed him as if begging him to shoot his load. “Shit, sis, you are so
tight, I’m gonna cummm, he grunted. His cum exploded into his sister’s
young pussy.
“Oh, yes” she moaned. Jeff’s cum began squirting inside of her hot pussy.
She climaxed, and began to eat her mom faster. Monica grunted and
climaxed. Her pussy juices were flowing across her daughter’s pretty young
face. Sherrie noisily slurped up her mom’s hot pussy juices. All 3 once
again came together. Jeff continued pumping his sister until the last of
his cum erupted into her sweet pussy. Monica continued riding her
daughter’s face, and exploded with another intense climax. Sherrie’s young
face was glistening with her mother’s pussy juices. Jeff withdrew his cock
from his sister, and rolled away from her.
Monica slowly climbed from her daughter’s face, and lay beside her.
Sherrie took her mother’s large nipple into her mouth and eagerly sucked
on it. She tasted the sweet milk as the small stream squirted into her
mouth. “Oh, mom” Sherrie moaned. Jeff sucked the other nipple and was also
rewarded with a stream of mother’s milk. Monica moaned as her son and
daughter sucked her breasts. Her pussy tingled as she felt them suckle
from her large breasts. She slid her hand between her legs and stroked her
swollen clit. “Yes, suck them good for me” she told them. Her fingers
quickly worked her pussy to another incredible orgasm.
Jeff and Sherrie both sucked her large pregnant breasts for quite a long
time. Then they both ate her together to one more incredible orgasm. On
the nights that their father is gone, all 3 sleep in the same bed. Well,
they don’t sleep much, but…

Not Pregnant But Big

The skinny girl, the one with the bony hips and the tits that looked like
they got stuck on afterwards with modeling clay, just read you a list of your
faults – I mean, like a list written on one of those long sheets of yellow
paper with the blue and red lines for Pete’s sake – and you tell her to go to
hell, as politely as possible. And as you walk down her stairway and out her
front walk and start up your car, you realize that the big girl you met at
your old friend Fred’s the other night, the one with the incredible green eyes
and the big bouncy boobs and the little green shoes that looked like slippers,
has been walking around in your brain, and now and then one of those little
green shoes twangs the nerve that runs from your head to your dick. Laurie.
Like a damn fool you didn’t get her phone number.
On the way home you drop by Fred’s place. Fred looks like a large bear.
His house looks like where you’d expect a large bear to live. Stringy
furniture. Not very much light. Books everywhere. Longnecks empty of home
brew. Peanut shells on the floor (or are they acorn hulls?) Fred must have one
of every computer Apple ever made. He does something with cars and computers
for a living. You and Fred pop a couple of home brews. They say PHREDZ BIG
BEAR BRAU in sort of fake German leters, done with a computer. You never
forget your first Phredz. If you survive it, anyhow. “Yeah, Laurie’s something
else. Teaches high school. Phone number.” He does something with a computer
and her name and address and phone number eventually pop up on a screen.
While the computer disks whir, your mind wanders back to Fred’s party the
other night. Fred loves to roll back the peanut shells and turn on the old
time rock and roll. You boogied with Laurie and watched her feet move in those
little green shoes that looked like slippers. She wore a soft purple sweater
and when her huge boobs bounced to the music her big nipples showed right
through her bra and poked the backs of your hands. The skinny girl glared. The
backs of your hands are still burning. The computer prints out Laurie’s
address and phone number. You gulp down the rest of the longneck. You go home
and call Laurie. You feel like a high school kid. Even her voice has big
boobs. Sure she’d like to have dinner at your place tomorrow evening. Her
voice bounces “bye” and you put the phone down not quite believing it. You’ve
got a date with Laurie. You fall into bed worn out. Suddenly your dick’s as
hard as the nozzle on a fire hose. You think about those crazy nipples on the
backs of your hands and you cry out “Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” when you cum.
That’s all you remember.
The next day after work you pick up a couple of steaks and go home and
vacuum a little and throw away the newspapers and take a shower and do all the
other shit you do when you’re having a girl over to dinner. Phredz doesn’t
seem to quite set the mood you want, so you open a bottle of red wine to go
with the steaks At 6:30 the doorbell rings and there’s Laurie. Her big smile
and those incredible green eyes seem to light up your whole apartment, but
what you notice most is her cleavage peeking out of a scoop-neck white blouse.
She looks at where you’re looking and you see her blush a little. Her big ass
bulges under her purple skirt. You stumble out “Hi! C’mon in” and she walks
into your apartment, her big eyes bright. You talk about a lot of things while
you grill the steaks and get dinner on the table, about her school and how
much she cares about the kids. You can’t take your eyes off her, her big
laughing green eyes, her huge boobs riding up when she lifts her fork. She’s
fun to talk to. As for dinner, you could be eating oatmeal for all you notice.
Maybe she feels the same way. After dinner you put some music on the stereo
and sit down on the couch and talk some more. You feel her big butt move
closer to you on the couch and you know what to do. You fold your arms around
her and kiss those big luscious lips. Her tongue is soft and just a little bit
rough. She smells like a girl. You touch the bare tops of her breasts and she
gently pushes your hand away. You hold her and kiss her a little while longer
and then tell her you want to make love with her and gently guide her to your
You turn on the lamp by your bed, and she turns it off again. “I’m just
not ready for you to look at me yet. Not tonight. Maybe sometime.” In the
dark, you both slip out of your clothes. You open several snaps on her bra and
her huge boobs flop out into your hands and both of you fall onto your water
bed together. You kiss her mouth again and then your lips move to one of her
luscious nipples. It fills your mouth all warm and nubbiny. One hand moves
down over her back and over the shelf-like top of her enormous butt. Your
other hand glides over the gentle curve of her tummy, to her big hairy
pussy-mound. She presses even closer to you as you kiss her mouth again. Your
finger gently spreads her fat pussy lips, wet and luscious. Buried deep inside
them you find her clit, hard and nubby in the soft fat cunt lips. Your fingers
gently close around its protruding tip, then your middle finger slides down to
rub it. She moves her big butt gently in your hand. Her huge boobs press
against you. “You’re so lovely, Laurie. I wish I could see all of you,” you
whisper. “Soon”, she murmurs. “Put your dick in my pussy now. Don’t cum inside
me tonight, I’m not ready.”
Your cock’s hard as a poker. You mount her big body, slipping one hand
under her luscious butt while your other hand guides your cock tip through the
enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice. Your first fuck
thrust gives her all you’ve got, and she moves that big butt to meet it. Her
big body blends into the water bed mattress, until it feels like you’re
fucking a whole world of big luscious woman. Her enormous boobs push against
your chest. She murmurs “Suck my titties” and you pick up a fat flopper and
take its hard nipple into your mouth. She mvoes her butt even more and starts
making cumming noises. You keep up the fuck thrusts and she keeps cumming. Her
tight pussy squeezes and sucks at your dick, and you know that your dick isn’t
going to take no for an answer for very much longer.
“Let me suck you off now,” she says, and you slip out. Somehow she
rearranges herself so your hands can reach her boobs, and she daintily opens
her mouth around your love banana. She knows right where the tip of her tongue
will do the most good, and you know there’s no more holding back. You cry out
“Oh Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” and pour out your salty fuck juice onto her teasing
tongue. She keeps on teasing as she sucks out every drop. You embrace her and
hold her big body close, totally exhausted, folding her into your arms,
sandwiching your body in between her soft warm body and the soft warm water
bed. You just want to lie like that and sleep with her forever.
She breaks the spell. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got an awful day tomorrow.
I’ve just gotta get home and get some sleep. You just sleep. Call me
tomorrow.” You hold her and kiss her once more and then she’s gone. Laurie.
Somehow you get through the next day. Your head’s spinning around those
enormous boobs. As soon as you know she’s home from school you call her.
There’s that incredible warm voice. “T.G.I.F.,” she chuckles. “Let’s meet at
the flea market tomorrow. I’m looking for a toaster oven. Meet me around 9
where that old Chicano man sells vegetables. You know Isidro.” The Spanish
name rolls off her sweet tongue.
It’s already hot and dusty at the flea market when you get there. You
check out Sam who sells old books and magazines. You buy a couple of old
numbers of one of those magazines about really BIG girls he’s put aside for
you, but this morning Mary Waters does about as much for you as Meryl Streep.
The flea market is the best place in town to go look at girls, particularly
big girls, but this morning there’s only one girl you want to look at. You
head for the cool north corner where they sell fruit and vegetables. and
that’s where you find Laurie, chattering away in Spanish with the old
vegetable man.
When you see Laurie, you about drop what you’re carrying, and your teeth
as well. All she’s wearing up top is a pale lavender cotton T-shirt with
“Perfection” in a slanting script across the front. She’s the biggest girl
you’ve ever seen go braless. The T-shirt is almost horizontal above her huge
boobs, and then hangs vertical from her erect nipples, forgetting to go back
and wrap around her waist like you’d think a respectable T-shirt would want to
do. Her dark areolae show through the T-shirt, even their little nubbiny bumps
visible through the thin fabric. Below, she’s wearing cut-off blue jeans,
with a faded designer label from one of those places that makes blue jeans
that fit women with BIG asses. Laurie’s ass doesn’t quite fit the cut, but
bulges out below the raveled edge of the blue jeans to reveal its edge next to
her big soft thigh. She chuckles “Hi” and gives you a big hug. Old Isidro is
lucky he isn’t killed by a flying zipper. You see him chuckle too, his old
eyes crinkling. “Isidro’s got the first Texas canteloupes of the season,” she
tells you as you snuggle into her enormous melons. “I’ve known Isidro for
years. His father and my grandmother went to school together on el West
Side.” You look a little puzzled. “My grandmother’s an old Canary Islander
from San Antonio. That’s where I get my big green eyes.” You ask her where
she gets her Texas canteloupes and she chuckles “from Isidro” and keeps
laughing until her huge boobs jiggle in the glaring sun. You think you may
just quietly go crazy.
You take her hand and start walking along one of the dusty paths between
the tables and tailgates. You let a fingertip trace the path between the edge
of her butt and the edge of her thigh and she murmurs “mmmm”.
She sees a high school age kid and yells “Hi, Jimmy!”
“Hey, Miss Laurie, look what I found.” He shows her a worn old poetry
book. She leafs through it and finds a poem.
“They flee from me that sometime did me seek.” The 400 year old words
come to life in her soft dark voice. You can see that Jimmy’s looking at her
nipples. You see his dick bulge in his shorts. As she reads, first she looks
at Jimmy, but now you can see her looking at you.
“When her loose gown from her shoulders did fall
And she me caught in her arms long and small
Therefore all sweetly did me kiss
And softly said, Dear heart, how like you this?”
Her big green eyes meet yours. You like it a lot, is how you like it.
“Jimmy’s one of my real successes. When he started in my English class,
he could just about read at sixth grade level. Now he’s reading everything he
can get his hands on.”
“I’ll bet he never took his eyes off your big boobs the whole year.”
“He never took his eyes off the book.” She tries to look very proper, and
almost succeeds. “C’mon, I’ve gotta get this lettuce home. Follow me in your
car. I’m parked back of Isidro’s place.” She gives your hand a quick squeeze.
You follow her to her little white house. The sun’s bright. Spring
flowers bloom in the flower beds. The lawn needs mowing.
You walk behind her into the house and into the kitchen, enchanted by her
huge butt. She stows the vegetables in the refrigerator. As she turns around,
you gather her into your arms for a long kiss on her luscious mouth. Then you
do what you were aching to do at the flea market, lift up that T-shirt, take
one of her huge breasts in both hands, and start sucking. She holds you tight
in her cool heavy arms. Her skin is sweaty and a little bit gritty from the
dust of the flea market. You’re crazy to fuck her. You can tell by the way she
moves her hips against you that she’s crazy to fuck too. You both move off to
the bedroom. Sunlight streams through the windows onto the floral-print
bedspread. You slip the T-shirt over her head, and she gets out of the cut-off
blue jeans and you both land on the queen-size bed.
You just can’t believe how big her boobs are. They make Texas canteloupes
look like, well, like skinny girls. Your fingertips graze over pale white
stretch marks, smooth and fibrous as some exotic leather, that begin just
below her neck and reach down almost to her areolae. Her nipples are dark,
hard, almost half an inch tall. You take one of them in your mouth, trying to
suck in the pale brown areola, but your mouth can’t take it all in, so you let
your fingertips caress its smooth, slightly bumpy edge. With both hands you
try to hold the huge udder to your mouth, but they don’t begin to reach around
it. You let go with one hand to try to hold the other breast, your fingertips
closing around the erect nipple. She makes yumming noises.
After a while your hand slips down her smooth, slightly bulging tummy to
the soft hairy pussy-mound. You caress it until your finger slips into the
soft smooth pussy lips, thicker and fatter than you ever dreamed pussy lips
could be. Your fingertips meet around the bulging clit, then your middle
finger starts to run along its shaft. You keep sucking the huge luscious
nipple. You’d like to move to the other boob but it’s all just too big. “Eat
me,” she murmurs.
You go down on her and spread her huge soft thighs. Sunlight streams onto
her luscious pussy as you spread it with your hands. You see her inner pussy
lips, like soft fleshy pink rose petals, as your tongue meets the protruding
clit tip between them and your lips meet around it. Your hands reach up to
grasp her swollen breasts. “Eat me deep,” she gasps, and you plunge your
tongue deep along the shaft of her big clit. “Put your fingers inside me.” You
put two fingers inside her flowing pussy. She starts to move deep inside,
incredibly tight around your fingers. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she screams,
moving tighter and faster. “Fuck me now! Fuck me NOW!”
You climb on top of her big body and drive your cock all the way in with
one huge fuck thrust. Her cunt grips your cock so tight it almost hurts. She
moves her enormous butt in time with your fuck thrusts and screams “fuck me!
Oh, fuck me!” Her nails claw your back as she cums once more, then relaxes.
“I wanna be on top now.” You slip out of her and roll over on your back,
your cock still rock-hard, and she sits down on your hips and fucks herself
down onto your cock. She leans forward so her long brown hair falls over your
face like a curtain that hides both of you from the whole outside world. Her
mammoth mammaries, swollen still bigger with her crazy lust, hang into your
waiting hands. She starts to move that wonderful butt of hers up and down. You
start sucking one of her big nipples and she cums again, bucking and pitching.
Finally you can’t stand it any longer.
“I’m gonna turn you over and fuck your fat cunt again and cum inside
“Oh yeah, I wanna cum when you do.” Once again you get on top and start
to move. You cry out “Oh Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” as your boiling hot fuck juice
pours out inside her. She keeps moving her big butt and screams. You collapse
onto her, and both of you lie motionless and exhausted for long minutes.
Finally you roll off and take her in your arms and you both sleep.
When you wake up, her lovely round face is beside you on the pillow, her
enormous boobs pressing against your chest. All you feel like saying is
“Laurie, you’re so lovely, you’re so big, you’re so wonderful.”
“You were so good to me with your big loving cock.”
“You’re so lovely. Why wouldn’t you let me look at you naked before?”
“I’m always afraid the first time. Guys have given me so much shit
aboutIabout how fat I am, what a pretty face I have and how pretty I’d be if I
weren’t so fat. One guy even said I needed a boob job.” Tears begin to well up
in her eyes.
“I can’t believe it. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” You
aren’t bullshitting her when you say it. “What made you decide to trust me?”
“At the flea market, when you ran your fingertip along the bottom of my
butt. I figured any guy who’d do that in the flea market must be turned on by
me just like I am.”
You tell her you’ve been hurt too. You tell her about the skinny girl and
the list of your faults. The tears are gone as she about rolls off the bed
laughing. “I know who you’re talking about. I’ve heard that same story about
her from two of my girl friends. That’s what you get for running around with
skinny girls.” The way she drags out the word skinny, it sounds like something
nice people don’t do.
She slips out of bed and goes to the refrigerator for a couple of beers.
You swallow the insipid supermarket brew and make a mental note to bring her a
six pack of Phredz. She slips on a terry cloth bathrobe – purple of course –
that doesn’t begin to come to terms with her enormous cleavage. You sit down
together on the couch. On the end table there’s a picture of a young guy, a
Green Beret. He has the same round face and bright green eyes Laurie does. “My
kid brother,” she explains. “He’s off somewhere in Central America.” She looks
thoughtful. “My brothers and I, we’ve all got minds of our own.”
Two thoughts run through what’s left of your brain.
You’d kick every Communist ass in El Ropo with that guy.
And you’d sure like to have a kid with those big green eyes.

Archive-name: Fetish/biggirl.txt
Archive-title: Your First Phredz

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CAP clinic

Ann was stunned as she hung up the phone. She’d known John had been going
to the Centre’s clinic about his headaches and stomach problems, but didn’t
know he’d been seeing a lady shrink.

He’d mentioned he’d seen the psychologist who’d given him some relaxation
and meditation exercises to follow, and they had seemed to help. But he’d
never mentioned seeing another doctor, and a young woman at that, from her

Now, the doctor wanted to see her next week at 4:30 during John’s “session”
whatever that was all about, and talk with her about helping John with his

Dr. Whetmore had said not to say anything to John about their conversation
or next week’s visit, which had seemed strange, but then she didn’t want
John upset. She had assured Ann there was nothing to worry about, but she
felt Ann could really help John with his problems and help him on the road
to recovery. She’d said she’d seen this in lots of young executives who
were under terrible strain to produce as they moved up in their careers.

John was the Director of Public Relations for the Centre and had just taken
over this position from his predecessor about a year ago. It was just about
6 months ago that John had started getting these headaches and stomach
aches that had sent him to the Centre’s clinic.

About that time he’d come home and told Ann that he thought there was some
“funny business” going on with the way the clinic was run, but that he
needed more evidence before he told her more.

He was always such a straight arrow, and with the amount of government work
the Centre did, he felt it his duty to find out if there was something
going on that wasn’t right. He’d occasionally tell her things about some of
the research the clinic did, but since much of it was ‘hush hush’ he
couldn’t tell much except it involved some high tech “brainwashing” and
“mind control” stuff.

Much of the work the Centre for the Advancement of Psychology, or CAP as it
was called by the employees, did was just normal psychology research with
rats, and such or studying which colors had what affect on people, and
relaxation methods and techniques for stressed out executives or high
ranking government people.

It was a fast paced environment and there was a lot of stress, so CAP ran
its own private health clinic with a full range of services from general
medical to addiction rehab, to psychology and psychiatry.

John had gone to the clinic about 3 months ago and lately it seemed to have
helped. His stomach aches were far less freguent and his headaches seemed
to go away when he closed his eyes and just let himself relax. He seemed to
hum some silly mantra or something, kind of like a familiar lullabye, but
it seemed to help and he was in a much better mood, except when Ann brought
up the subject of starting a family.

With John at age 33 and she at age 30, she felt it was time, and she badly
wanted a baby before it was too late. She was surprised at how few of the
women she knew whose husbands worked at the clinic had children, but they
seemed to poo-poo it by saying “We have our pets, and careers, and besides
these silly men are just like children anyway.”

Many of the wives worked right at the Centre, and many of them worked in
the special daycare where workers and local townspeople received excellent
daycare and nursery care for their pre-schoolers, but Ann so far hadn’t
been interested in a “career”, especially with other people’s children and

the Visit and the Secret Revealed

The week had gone uneventfully, and John seemed much better. He’d been
sleeping so soundly, he’d wet his bed twice that week, but Ann didn’t have
the heart to scold him or make fun of him. He seemed embarrassed enough
when he woke up and had to change his bed and PJs.

He’d been listening to some tape or something the doctor had given him, but
all Ann could hear was music and nature sounds. It seemed very relaxing and
soothing, but Ann didn’t have time for that nonsense.

Finally, Friday afternoon at 4:25 Ann sat waiting for Dr. Whetmore, when
Dr. Rotman came out and invited her into his office to “talk” before they
went in to see John and his associate.

While they talked, Dr. Rotman explained that much of John’s problems were
due to the stress of his job, and this silly “investigation” he’d started,
and finally decided to drop. His pressure and the strain were making him a
little paranoid, seeing “bogey men everywhere” as Dr. Rotman explained it.

While the doctor was talking he kept playing with a small shiny ball on a
thin metal chain, kind of like a pendulum, and Ann was fascinated by it as
it swung back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, with a gentle,
steady rythm, and the soft click, click as it hit the other ball. She found
it hard to concentrate on what the doctor said at first, but then it seemed
so much easier, as she relaxed and just listened to him while she watched
the ball.

Finally, the doctor said “Let’s go see Dr. Whetmore and John, Ann so we can
find how to help John with is problems.”

Ann found herself rising and taking the doctor’s arm as they walked slowly
to the room at the end of the hall, and the doctor kept talking slowly and
softly to her reassuring her everything would be alright, just as long as
she accepted John’s problem and helped him to get over the stresses he was

As they entered the room, Ann saw an attractive young woman sitting in a
chair beside a couch talking to a man who was lying on the couch with
headphones on and with a small tube going into his arm. He was covered with
a blanket up to his chest, and Ann could see his feet were bare and he was
fast asleep.

As Dr. Rotman introduced the woman, Ann learned she was Dr. Janet Whetmore,
a psychiatrist who dealt with special problems like John’s. Dr. Whetmore
talked softly to Ann for a while, and Ann began to really trust Dr.
Whetmore and to like her as though she were a long time friend and

The two doctors exchanged knowing smiles, then Dr. Whetmore offered Ann a
glass of juice which she gratefully drank. After a few seconds she felt
very “alive” and “able to listen” to Dr. Whetmore and hung on her every

Dr. Whetmore explained she was a psychiatrist who dealt with special
problems, called paraphilia. She explained these were fetishes or sexual
interests in objects or things, like feet, or clothing or a special time in
life. She explained many men wanted to dress up in women’s clothing, and
this was called transvestitism and the “love of womens’ clothing”. She
explained that a lot of men in important positions, like John’s, found the
stresses of everyday life caused them to want to escape into an easier
life, where they had no responsibilities, and a time when they were cared
for as babies.

These men wanted to wear baby clothing, and be dressed as babies,
especially in diapers and baby panties, and to wet their diapers like
little babies.

Unfortunately, their desires and their positions created further stresses
and conflicts and this sometimes made them sick, especially if there was
stress at home, or they were afraid their wife wouldn’t accept their
fetish. Then they could get really sick and have a breakdown.

Ann felt very sad, and sorry for these type of men. How could their wives
be so mean as to deny them this outlet for their stresses. The doctor had
explained these people were called infantilists, who loved to dress and
play as babies, but didn’t want to actually play “with babies” or children
at all. They just wanted to be babied and loved the way a mommy loved her
little baby.

In most ways they were as normal as any man, and could be capable lovers
and supporters, but needed to be babied sometimes to relieve stress and
escape from the pressures of their demanding roles and jobs.

As Ann thought about this it seemed to make so much sense, and besides here
was this learned doctor, her new friend, explaining it all softly to her,
and telling her she felt it was alright.

Finally, Dr. Whetmore said “John is an infantilist Ann. He wants to wear
diapers and baby panties, and be treated as a baby sometimes to help him
relieve the pressure of his job. That is why he has been so sick,
especially when you told him you wanted to have a new baby in your family.
It made him think you wanted someone new to love and care for and that you
wouldn’t accept the baby inside him and let it come out.

John is lying here now, Ann and has been listening to a special tape I made
for him to help him feel better physically and to help him feel better
about himself. He also has been receiving an IV with pentathol in it so we
can talk to him and ask him questions and get the honest answers.

Would you like to talk to John and ask him about his being a baby, Ann ?”

Ann paused for a second, while she thought about her husband, the 33 year
old executive, being a baby, then finally said “I’m not sure, but I should
find out. If that’s what he needs to get better, then I should know how to
help him. I do love him, and don’t want to hurt him !!”

“Very good Ann, come and sit over here, where John can see you and you can
talk. I’ll speak to him for a few minutes then you can ask him questions.”

As Ann pulled her chair over closer to the couch, she recognized the young
man now as her husband John. The doctor talked to John for a few minutes
and finally said “John, your wife Ann is here now and wants to talk to you.
She knows you want to be a big baby, and to be her baby, so you can feel
comfortable about talking to her. Be a good boy and answer her questions
honestly and properly, just as you do for me.”

To Ann she said “Go ahead, Ann, ask him anything you want.”

Ann hesitated at first then said “John do you feel better knowing I know
you want to be babied ??” to which he replied “Yes, much better.” then
asked her “Do you want to baby me ??”

Ann didn’t know what to say for sure, but finally said “I think so, but I
don’t have much experience. What do I have to do ??”

At this, Dr. Whetmore interrupted, and said “Ann, you just have to treat
John like a baby. Love him, take care of him. Feed him when he’s hungry,
help him get dressed, and change his wet or dirty diapers when he need
changing. You can do that can’t you ??”

At first Ann seemed a little shocked by the idea of changing diapers on her
husband, but then as the doctor told her it was just like playing dolls,
and when she used to babysit for the babies in her neighbourhood, she
decided it was easy and would be Ok.

Finally, Dr. Rotman gently pulled down the blanket, and Dr. Whetmore talked
to Ann, “See Ann, John is wearing diapers and baby panties just like a
little baby. He wet his diapers too, like a little baby. John likes to wear
diapers and to wet them like a baby, and needs his diaper changed now, just
like a little baby. You can do that can’t you Ann.”

As Ann said “Yes”, the doctor led her over to the couch and gave her a
fresh diaper. She had some difficulty at first, and John seemed to squirm
around a bit, but as Ann talked soothingly to him, much like a mother with
an infant at changing time, he settled back, and Ann finally got the diaper
on him and the panties pulled up.

Ann felt a small pin prick in her arm, then began to feel very sleepy, yet
her mind seemed sharp and clear and she could hear her friend talking to
her. She could see herself taking care of John at home at night and on
weekends, with John crawling around and playing in a big playpen. She was a
happy mommy now with her baby around the house, and loved changing his wet,
or messy diapers.

John was much happier now, and a very good baby. Sometimes he was more like
a little boy, but always his diapers reminded her and him that he was still
a diapered baby.

The doctor told her she would give Ann two sets of tapes to listen to for
the next week until their next session. One just for John and one for Ann.
They should listen to the one with words each evening before bed, then the
one with the music all night. This would help them accept their new roles
of mommy and baby much easier and help John get better and feel better much

Each week from now on, they would come together for their appointments, and
Ann should keep John diapered at bedtime from now on, and whenever possible
around the house. If John started wetting his pants during the day, she
should scold him like a toddler and then put him in daytime diapers too.

It was Ok for John to wear diapers at work, since many of the other men
wore diapers too, to relieve stress. Later on Dr. Whetmore would introduce
Ann to other mommies who had big babies at home, so they could exchange
ideas and babysit for each other.

Ann found herself warming to these ideas, and began to like the ideas of
having John toddling around the house in just a diaper, panties and Tshirt.
If she wasn’t to have any little babies at home, at least she could have a
big baby at home.

Soon, both John and Ann were sitting chatting with the doctors, and Ann
found herself quite relaxed discussing the “needs” John would soon have. A
diaper bag, about 2 dozen cloth diapers and a dozen plastic panties, some
bottles and perhaps some special rompers and playsuits.


Back to the Beginning

As Ann and John left, Dr. Whetmore smiled to herself. She turned to Dr.
Rotman and said “You were a good boy today Danny. I guess by now you need
your didees changed too don’t you Snookums ??”

Dr. Rotman seemed to change before her eyes. He started snivelling and then
spoke in a little boy voice “Yes nana, me all pissy. Need didee change
peez.” and Dr. Whetmore proceeded to have him lay down on the couch and
gently changed his soaking diapers then gave him a bottle and talked gently
to the sleeping baby.

In about a half hour, the two doctors left for home. Danny was meekly
carrying his diaper bag and teddy in one hand while he held “nana’s” hand
with his other hand.

As she drove home, Janet mused to herself. Since coming to the Centre 6
years ago she never dreamed how successful this would be. She smiled as
they passed the town limits and she read the sign “Coucheville” and
translated from french to english, Diaper Town.

It was appropriately named.

Dr. Whetmore had worked in psychology and behaviour research for nearly 15
years, with 7 of those spent working on special government “brain washing”
and behaviour modification projects for various intelligent agencies. She
had learned her trade well and was considered one of the best behaviour
modification specialists in Canada, after leaving the US government service
to take up this position.

When her friend, Dr. Joyce Lovely, had told her of the need for a new
directory of Abnormal Behaviour, Janet had jumped at the chance. Funding
was virtually unlimited since many major corporations poured money into the
Centre for their research into buyer motivation, and the US and other
governments funded special projects for modification studies.

Janet’s specialty had always been paraphilia, the love of objects or things
not normally related to sexual acts. In private practise she had learned
quite a bit about what motivated certain individuals to want to wear
clothing normally reserved for the opposite gender, or to wear leather or
rubber. What had always fascinated her, though, were the infantilists or
adult babies. They wanted to wear baby clothing, especially diapers, and
then wanted to use their diapers like little babies, and be changed or fed
or treated as much like babies as possible.

As she studied this particular group she learned many of them had deep
seated ties back to their baby or infant years and longed for the
sensations of soft baby clothes, the feelings of uncontrolled urination or
defecation and the resulting sensations of wetting or filling their
diapers. The sense of helplessnes and complete lack of responsibility
associated with being a baby gave them similiar feelings of
irresponsibility for their actions, allowing them to do or feel whatever
they wanted.

When the US government first approached her she couldn’t understand why
they wanted her especially, but as the interviews and security clearances
were underway she soon understood. They wanted her to develop programs to
instill the feelings and desires normal for a transvestite or infantilist,
then associate these with strong guilt feelings to let them get control of
various undercover enemies or individuals the government wanted to control.

In the 6 years she was allowed to develop her “programs” she continued to
“treat” outside patients, particularly the TV and adult baby patients, to
help increase their feelings and release their inhibitions as fully as
possible, and then learn their motivations, the “hot buttons” that turned
them on so to speak, until she knew exactly what to do to “create” a TV or
adult baby personality from scratch. In the final two years several
antigovernment leaders had been programmed to become adult babies or TVs or
better yet sissy babies, male adult babies who wanted to dress and act like
baby girls, and then had their compulsions put them in compromising
positions where their credibility was shot.

Finally, she’d had enough and working on her director with her advanced
hypnotic and conditioning skills managed to effect her release from the
government service.

When Joyce had explained the setup at the Centre, and told her of her
ultimate plan, Janet was shocked, disbelieving and enthralled.

Coucheville was originally a regular town, but as the Centre grew in
importance, and became the main employer, then the sole employer the town
slowly died and the Centre families where the only inhabitants. This made
it an ideal location for the government work the Centre did. Noone would
ask questions.

Joyce had used her own considerable skills with hypnosis and subliminal
programming to get control of the two original senior directors until she
had the virtual control of the Centre and its unlimited source of funds.
Over a two year period, each of the male executives was programmed to obey
her. This way, the men still kept up the front of a male dominated and
controlled organization, which kept the government happy, yet Joyce was
actually at the head controlling the men.

Unfortunately, Joyce found the strain of constant programming and creating
a submissive personality also began to breakdown the men’s effectiveness at
work, and soon they “burned out”, and became useless except for menial
chores or minor functions where creativity or decision making capability
was not required.

As they talked, Joyce and Janet formed a devious and very effective plan.
Janet would use her incredible knowledge and skills to develop the same
effeminate or infantile drives in the men that they needed to control, and
would then work on the women to continue reinforcing these desires and
controls at home. The men would still be able to function normally but
would be as dependent on their “mommies” or nana as babies. The TV converts
would be shamed into obedience for fear of exposure.

For the first 2 years, half the men had been feminized and half had been
infantilized. Finally, they decided the adult babies were much easier to
control than the TVs, since fear and shame often resulted in poor
performance. The “babies” were trained to lose all bladder control at all
times, and both bladder and bowel control except when meeting with
outsiders like government officials. The constant wearing of diapers
reminded them of their dependence on mommy or nannies.

Finally, the wives were brought into the picture and were programmed to see
their husbands as babies at all times, and then come to work at the Centre.
Many were secretaries to their baby husbands and fed the necessary
instructions to their husbands just as they fed them their formula bottles
or baby food. Those husbands who didn’t require a secretary would find
mommy in the daycare centre or nursery and go their for their meals and
changes whenever possible.

As Coucheville grew, the Centre developed its own schools, medical centres
and all the facilities a small town would need, with the best teachers,
doctors and facilities available.

As Joyce and Janet discovered the one problem became procreation and the
existing children born prior to the new programs.

They developed a program to have the women not want other babies, since
they would always have their baby husbands around. When it was necessary
for a woman to give birth to keep the population at necessary levels,
certain husbands would be allowed to “make a little baby for mommy”. At all
other times mommy was completely happy with baby’s tonge being artfully
applied to the desired location, or could listen to a special tape for half
an hour and experience orgasmic heaven while they listened.

The existing children were all “programmed” as required. Girls were taught
to be dominant and independent. They were trained to keep the boys as
babies as much as possible. The boys who were already toilet trained were
retrained and back in diapers in just a week or so. Once in diapers, the
baby feelings, needs and desires were emphasized until their personalities
developed into the dependent, submissive nature of most babies.

Boys with good intellects and skills were educated at the Coucheville
schools and taught an accelerated program to develop the particular skills
they required for the job they were to learn. This way a skilled workforce
would always be available.

A few girls and young women were similiarly trained to keep a balance of
skilled and necessary workers.

Over the last year, not a single male was toilet trained, and all wore and
used diapers constantly. The 25 males who had reached maturity and were
ready to marry were “prepared” and matched with suitable females, and then
fully introduced to a life of complete babyhood during their honeymoon
period. Therafter they were obedient, diapered little submissives for their
mommy who kept them in line and ready to do whatever was required of them.

John, with whom she and Danny Rotman had just finished the 10th session,
had been the first, and the last outsider to come to Coucheville.

He had come to Coucheville 2 1/2 years ago, when the Centre needed some
fresh public relations talent. The present director of PR had been one of
the original TV submissives, and had begun to be ineffective at raising the
funds they needed for their special training program. Somehow both she and
Joyce had slipped up on making sure John was properly indoctrinated, and it
wasn’t until John had started his “investigation” abuot a year ago that
they realized their mistake.

Janet had had John’s work area equipped with a special “white noise”
generator, which actually played subliminal messages that would cause his
stomache aches and headaches simulating stress from overwork. Finally, John
had gone to the Centre’s clinic to see Dr. Rotman, Janet’s personal ‘pet’,
for treatment.

Danny had introduced John to the new “relaxation” and “meditation”
treatments for stress, which in actual fact were subliminal conditioning
and hypnosis techniques she’d developed to lure unsuspecting new trainees
into her program. John had been particularly resistant to hypnotic
suggestion, and finally Janet had had to take over his “treatments” once
Danny had him under.

The last 4 sessions she’d used two new drugs the Centre had developed for
the government to break down a person’s resistance to hypnotic programming
to ensure John accepted her suggestions. When he started wetting his bed
last week, she knew he was well on the road to diapered domination. Now she
just had to prepare his mommy to accept her proper role.

Ann at least was a much easier subject, and Janet was sure she would
willingly and easily play her role once she listened to her own tapes a few
times. Next week’s visits should be VERY interesting.

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Another Filthy Joke

A teacher was wrapping up class, and started talking about tomorrow’s
final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up
tomorrow, barring a dire medical condition or an immediate family
member’s death. One smart ass, male student said, “What about extreme
sexual exhaustion?”, and the whole classroom burst into laughter.
After the laughter had subsided, the teacher glared at the student,
and said, “Not an excuse, you can use your other hand to write.”

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I was looking at her, so radiantly pregnant, and so gorgeous,
and she was complaining that she looked FAT!
To me, a glowingly pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing
in the world It gave me a constant hard-on, and she couldn’t
understand it The other thing that it did, is make me envious
God! how I wished that I could take her place for a while.
(So did she, and she told me so repeatedly)

I always have fantasies about being a girl, and getting and being
pregnant If I was a girl, I probably would have been knocked-up
at age-11, and continuously pregnant since then, during the times
I wasn’t nursing I guess, it’s really a good thing I WASN’T born
a girl Anyway, that’s why so many of my stories involve
little girls fucking their fathers Where else would they even have
a chance, that someone who really loved them, was the one who got
them pregnant? (This always assumes that the little girl seduces
the man, not vice-versa, as usually happens in real-life Oh well,
that’s why it’s a story.)