Teen submissive nympho

She had been given only to men who treated her with
kindness, and so she learned the pleasures of cunnilingus and
caresses. When finally puberty had begun to render her a
beautiful woman, she immersed herself in the new electricity she
felt when her enlarging nipples were sucked; how her growing but
still perfectly bare vagina began to open when she felt the
electricity, and produce delicious liquid the help the mens’
penises stroke in her so easily; how her lips and anus both
became more sensitive so she could be overwhelmed by pleasure in
many places. Daily the ladies bathed and oiled and exercised her,
and shared her delight in sex with the understanding customers;
some of the staff ladies also sought her company.

When I came to know her, I felt at ease in her presence; for
she was simple, good natured, and never left any question as to
her motives. Continue reading “Teen submissive nympho”

The Pickup Story

From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

As I drive on, speeding, playing with my nipple, teasing it,
wanting lips and teeth pulling on it instead of my finger. Hey,
I’ve been so engrossed with myself I haven’t really even noticed

He seems ok … just him being in the car has me excited, and the
show I’m giving him. He seems barely able to control himself …
As we cruise on, I really look at him for the first time …
middle aged, but attractive … he can’t tell if I’m looking at
him or not … GOD, this is exciting ….

My long, brown hair flows out behind me, my well shaped 34C
breasts teasing you ….

He’s wondering what’s next … I don’t even know myself … maybe
I should ask him where he’s going ….

From Lazarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I was sure you turned your head an inch in my direction. But you
then turned back to face the road. You put both hands back on
the steering wheel. I make a big deal about trying to find
something in one of my pockets. But really, shifting my hips
around, I manage to get my cock straight in my pants. My jeans
are too damn tight. My cock is rigid with horny lustfulness,
and it is really making itself obvious. I want to cover up so
you don’t get pissed off and kick me out. But I’m half sure that
you turned me on on purpose, and would rather I unzipped my fly.

I’m sure you can see the effect you had on me. I’m not one of
those super studs with 12″ battering rams. But my equipment is
long enough. I have always been pleased by my sexual partners’
responses. And two of my girlfriends have had to really work to
get it in because of its thickness. I wonder if you have a tiny,
tight pussy like them. Maybe you’ll let me know. Squeezing your
nipples in a sports car with a stranger sitting next to you is a
pretty good sign.

I found the piece of paper I was pretending to look for, and I
hold it out to you. “Are you going anywhere near this address?”
I ask. “There is a pool party being given there by some of my
older college buddies.” You reach for the paper, and your hand
closes over mine and holds it for a few seconds. Then you take
the paper and read the address. “You are in luck, my friend,”
you say. “We are heading for the same party.”

I thought I was hard before! The thought of getting a chance to
suck and nibble on your tits at this party is unbearable. I
can’t believe my luck! I’m kind of shy. While I let my barriers
down easily enough after a few hours, that is usually too late at
parties. By the time I get to know a lady, she has already
decided who she is going home with. My good looks and youthful
appearance are not enough to make up for being 5’7 and having a
pot belly. I am not worried about getting into a swim suit. I
just need to let my other qualities shine through.

“Did you bring your suit?” I ask. I know you must have, but I
am trying to make some light conversation. The party is about
half an hour down the road, and I really want to make a lasting
impression (and friend) while I have your undivided attention.
“Sure did!” you reply. And you let go of the steering wheel,
grabbed your skirt with both hands, lifted your ass, and pulled
your skirt up around your waist. Hummmph! (“Breathe, fool! If
you don’t breathe, you are going to pass out and miss
everything,” I scream silently to myself.) For an instant, I
thought you were nude underneath. Then I saw the tiny strings
holding the tiny hair-colored triangle of cloth.
From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

Damn, I think … what is it going to take to get this guy going?
He just sits there … acting as though he’s in pain or something
… Oh, I get it, he’s a little shy…well, we’ll work on that.

“Hey”, I ask, “how did you get invited to this party?” … He
responds about old college buddies … I wonder I ask him if he
likes my swimsuit … The only response is a stammered yes ….

Well, I’ll get him going somehow. I reach down between my legs
and stroke my pussy through my swimsuit with my long nails …
getting wet and uncomfortable now … he’s squirming a lot now,
sure would like to see that hard-on … he hasn’t even noticed
we’re not heading toward the address he showed me … somewhere
else, somewhere quiet, somewhere I may invite him into my
backseat ….

He’s trying not to stare, but he can’t help it … it encourages
me to be more daring … I pull the fabric of my swimsuit aside,
and sink my middle finger deep into my pussy … GOD! That feels
good … his mouth is open now, ready to catch flies or
something … I’ll bet he doesn’t even know…. I flick my clit
with my finger, oohhhhh … quiet, you’ll scare him off if you
make too much noise ….

I’m really turned on now, and 65 mph at the same time. OK …how
am I going to get a view of that cock?

From Lasarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I may be shy, but not stupid. You have definitely revved my
engine. Small talk is not on your mind. In fact, I am ready,
willing, and able to make a big impression. I reach over and
gently take hold of your wrist. You resist a little, because
your hand is briskly rubbing your pussy inside that skimpy suit
bottom. I firmly pull your wet fingers to my nose and sniff long
and deeply at your cunt juices. Then, my eyes never leaving your
face, I start to suck on your fingers. I lick all of the pussy
juice, and give your middle finger a real workout with my lips,
teeth and tongue.

When the delicious smell and taste is gone, I press your hand
against my bulging cock. With my other hand, I reach inside your
suit bottom. It takes just a second to get my fingers soaked with
your lubrication. Then I bring my fingers to my nose to sniff
deeply again, and lick your juices off my fingers. You are
pushing, poking, and squeezing me through my jeans.

One more time, I reach inside your pussy for more nectar. This
time, I pull the near side of your shirt open and go straight for
your nipple. I get your nipple all slippery. Then I lean over,
gently rub and squeeze you to make your aureole stand out, and
suck your nipple into my mouth. I am in heaven. I lick and suck
and nibble on your nipple, while reaching over to rub, massage
and squeeze your other tit.

Kicking off my gym shoes, I pause to strip down to my suit. I
unzip my jeans, and quickly wiggle out of them. I am wearing
only my brief Speedo suit, which doesn’t hide the shape of my
cock. In fact, the head of my cock is peeking out of the
waistband. Looking up, I see that we aren’t on the road to the
party anymore. It takes a moment to figure out what happened.
I see you know the way to the secluded area that lovers use for
backseat bingo. YES! It’s gonna happen! I’m in love again!
You reach inside your pussy for more juice, and your hand quickly
finds my hot rod again. You tug at my suit to completely uncover
me, and then slip and slide your slick hand up and down my stick
shift. You really know how to handle a man.

We spin to a stop in one of the many hidden nooks. You are
almost frantic as you try to climb over the seat into the back.
But I grab your hips and stop you, using my shoulder to push your
legs apart. Your suit bottom has fallen off, and you are hanging
spread-eagled across the back of the seat. I stick my face into
your pussy from behind and shove my tongue deep inside you. I
feel you push back against my face. I start caressing your ass
while making love to your cunt with my nose and tongue. I lick
and suck on your clitoris with my nose buried inside of you. My
curly brown beard is dripping wet from your passionate, juicy



I’m trying to climb into the back … I’m ready for it damn it!!
But he’s got his head between ooohhhhhhh my oohh legs … GOD,
he’s got me hot … his tongue is probing my pussy, licking my
clit ….

I grab his head and force it closer (I wonder if he can still
breath?) That’s a boy, nibble on my clit … my orgasm is
getting closer, but not just yet ….

I pull away and get to the back seat. I invite you back with me.
You sit next to me, and I begin stroking your shaft again. I
kiss you deeply, tasting my juices on your lips and in your
beard. I kiss and bite your neck, then your chest and bite your
nipples, all the while still stroking your hard member … my
mouth works it’s way downward, slowly, you moaning with
anticipation…I kiss your chest, downward, licking your
bellybutton, downward, and finally the tip of your shaft is in
view ….

I hold your shaft firmly, and flick my tongue over it. You jerk
from the sudden movement, then ease back ….

I start to take your whole cock deep into my mouth ….



I can never get enough of that pussy smell. Both pussy smells.
That spicy, “I am juicy and want a cock inside me” smell. And
that sharp, acrid “Wahooo! I am comiiiiiing, now!” smell.
Especially that second smell. Pheromones. That’s what it must
be. Who can think about pheromones with a nose stuck inside a
squirming pussy? I can. I don’t need air at a time like this.
(Oh, maybe a little through my mouth between licking and sucking
on your pussy). But I have you where I want you … bent over
the seat with my nose in your cunt from behind. And I am
sniffing as hard as I can to get that smell.

But you won’t let me satisfy you. How disappointing. I know you
liked it because You squirmed all over me. And there was just a
tiny hint of that second smell. But you quit before you came,
and climbed into the back seat. I am not far behind, and I land
in the seat next to you. You pop a few of my buttons to get to
my chest, but Hey. Shirts are cheap. Pussy is priceless. And I
am going to get into yours. Yes!

You grab my cock and squeeze, hard. I love it. And while you
start working your way from my neck down to my belly, I am
moaning with the pleasure of it all. Please don’t tease me.
Squeeze me harder. Suck on me hard! Yes! Your tongue gives the
end of my cock a quick lick, and I feel a jolt of intense
pleasure. Then your lips kiss the head of my penis, grab hold
tightly and SUCK on the end. Your hand continues to squeeze the
rest of my rock hard shaft, slowly sliding up and down. Then I
feel you slowly, but with intense suction, sliding your mouth
further down. The pressure of your lips, tongue, and hand is
sheer ecstasy. I can feel my semen being sucked into the
channel, and I whimper, “I want to screw.”

In the meantime, I have found your pussy with my fingers. You
are now laying on your side with your mouth smoothly and firmly
sucking up and down my cock. Your top leg opens up for me, and
you roll almost onto your back. Your legs are now wide apart for
me. I lay across you and grab your inner thighs with both hands.
I open your outer pussy lips with my thumbs and rub your clitoris
between them. Then I bury my nose into your pussy again. I wrap
my arms around your ass and suck on your hot, juicy cunt as hard
as you are sucking on me. I want to screw you, but you won’t let

I feel now that it is too late. I really don’t like coming inside
a girl’s mouth, because I never know how she is going to like it.
But you were warned. I stop long enough to yell. “Stop. I’m
coming” But You just increase your slippery, sliding, sucking
pace. Faster, faster. Oh, no. It’s too late! I’m coming. And
I bury my face and tongue inside your pussy and pump, and fuck,
and push, and suck, and squeeze you with my arms as my semen and
sperm rushes and pumps and slides up my penis into your sucking
mouth. It seems to go on forever. Unbelievable intense agony
and pleasure. Pump, spurt, pump, spurt. Ten, fifteen times.
Then pump, twitch. Pump, twitch. Over and over. And through it
all I am rubbing my nose, lips and tongue in that second smell.



Oh, I love the taste of a mans cum … I really sucked him off
well. He couldn’t even sit still. And the way he sucked on my
pussy. God, he’s good at that.

Well, it’s starting to get soft. We’ll fix that. I wanted to
make him cum before I let him fuck me so that when I finally
did, he should last longer. I start licking his balls, the
inside of his thighs, and circle down to his anus. Oh, yes, it’s
starting to get hard again. After a short rest, you’re eating my
pussy again, too. Oh, baby, stick your fingers deep inside of
me. Tickle my asshole, baby!!

I continue to licking and kissing your balls, finally taking
them into my mouth and gently biting them. I lick up and down
your shaft, and sensing that you are ready, I come up, pull your
face from my pussy, and kiss you deeply. You recoil a little at
first, tasting your own cum, but them kiss me back deeply.

I move and sit on your lap, plunging your cock deep in my pussy



You really got me this time. I’ve enjoyed sex with new friends
before. But never like this. Never in the back seat of a car,
without even knowing your name. You were so good! And you still
are. My penis is loosing its hardness. I am spent. But you
don’t move away like I expect. Instead, you shift your hips a
little so I can lick you more. You tilt your hips so that my
nose is buried inside you while I suck your clitoris. I gently
chew, ever so lightly, on your inner and outer pussy lips, and
stroke deep inside your juicy love box with a few fingers. Your
mouth is still wrapped around my cock, and I can hardly stand the
exquisite torture of your tongue rubbing it and sucking all of my
semen and sperm out of it.

I can see your anus because your legs are so wide apart for me.
I slide some lubrication all over my fingers, and smear it on the
outside of your honey hole. I have never done this before. You
must like it, because you tilt even more towards me. I study
what I am doing, because I want to do it right. As I rub little
circles around your back door, I see the wrinkles smooth out.
The muscle begins to relax, and I can scratch lightly around the
inside edge. More and more, your anal sphincter becomes smooth
and puffy. It even seems to be trying to turn itself inside out
for me, so that I can itch more of the smooth inner wall.

I haven’t been playing with your pussy for a few minutes, and it
is twitching all by itself. I bury my nose, lips and tongue in
it again. At the same time, I gently itch inside your anus with
the tip of my finger. My slow, short strokes — in, out, and
twisting — are really getting to you. You start squirming under
me, moan loudly, and then jerk a few times. At the same time,
nose deeply buried in your cunt, I get another strong whiff of
that special, oh-so-wonderful sharp smell. I am not the macho
type, but knowing you just came again fills me with pride.

From your non-stop licking and sucking action, from your obvious
horniness, and from the powerful pheromones filling my nose, I
swell to ready hardness again. You slowly disengage your mouth,
giving the end of my cock a long minute of loving, kissing and
sucking attention, and wiggle out from under me. We sit up and
you climb onto my lap. Your full breasts are bare, and I cup
them in my hands and suck on your nipples. Then, you lift my
chin and plant your open mouth on mine. I don’t like the taste
of my semen. But my initial reaction is overcome by your horny
body climbing all over me. Your hand reaches down to guide my
stiff cock into your wet love box.

Our mouths are locked in a passionate kiss. Our lips, teeth, and
tongues are sucking, licking and gently biting each others lips
and tongues. My hands explore your breasts, and I carefully and
gently pull and roll your nipples with my fingers. You squirm
around to lubricate my cock with your pussy juice. Then you
grunt deeply and settle yourself all the way down to its base. I
am squeezing your ass, and rubbing it all over. I reach far down
around the curve until my fingers feel your outer and inner pussy
lips wrapped around my cock. My hands under you give you enough
support to get your feet onto the car seat. Now you are
squatting on me, using your legs to slide all the way up my
shaft — almost pulling yourself off me, but not quite. Then all
the way down. And again. Slowly. And again. I love it, and
feel like I can go on like this for hours. I am ready to make
love with you as long as you want.



I squat down until your cock is buried deep within me. I slowly
inch up until you’re almost out of me, then back down, enjoying
your cock stretching my vaginal walls outward. I continue to
move up and down, building up slowly.

I lean forward slightly, guiding my nipples to your mouth. You
begin to suck on them. I whisper into your ear to bite them
gently. You comply.

I am close to cumming once again, having trouble believing I’m
doing this with someone I don’t even know. I take your hand
which is squeezing my ass and guide it to my anus. You lubricate
your fingers with our love juices, then slowly begin to probe my
puckered asshole. As it enters, I am transported to new heights
of ecstasy, and am barely coherent of what I’m doing. I feel you
building as well, our fucking movements more intense, faster,

I probe my hand between our legs and squeeze your balls. That
does it. You begin pumping under me with a fury unknown, and I
return every thrust. Faster, harder, until ooooohhhhh …

We come together …. it takes some time …. spent, we lie in
each others arms ………….



Now that all of the urgency of frantic, first-time sexual abandon
has been taken care of, we settle into smooth love-making. Your
striking hazel eyes gaze into mine steadily. For the first time,
we are speaking to each other. Not with words, but with our eyes
and bodies. Up until now it was lust. You sucked me off because
you love the idea of sucking cock. And you love the smell and
taste of semen and sperm. I sucked you off because I love the
idea of sucking pussy. And I love the smell and taste of pussy

After I came in your mouth I was satisfied. And I continued to
lick your pussy and play with you to give you pleasure. After
you came the second time you were satisfied. And you continued
loving care and kisses on the end of my cock to give me pleasure.
Our union now is almost tearful, as we share this wonderful
intimate knowledge of each other. As you squat on my hard penis,
I can feel your vaginal walls caressing me. And I support you
by your ass to help you achieve maximum pleasure. We take long,
deep strokes. I try to make the hard edge around the tip of my
cock reach you all over inside — to scratch your inner itches,
to caress your inner walls, to rub against your clitoris and
your G spot. You are massaging my cock from base to tip with
your muscles. You use your legs to give full range of motion, to
kiss and rub the head of my cock with your pussy lips, to rub the
sensitive outer nerve bundle with slow, full strokes.

You lift your breasts to my mouth because you know I am hungry
for them. You whisper in my ear, “Bite them gently,” because
you know I want desperately to suck and chew on your nipples. I
bury my face between your breasts, and rub my beard up and down,
side to side. I squeeze your breasts together, and nuzzle them.
Then I take both nipples at once into my mouth. Softly, I suck
on them. Gently, I chew on them. My hands caress and squeeze
the fullness of your breasts as I nurse on your nipples.

After a long time of dizzy heaven, your pace begins to pick up. I
sense that you are shifting into an instinctive biological
rhythm. Perhaps it is in time with your heartbeat. Your
whimpers strike a chord deep in my loins, and I feel my semen
building pressure again. I reach further around your ass to feel
my cock sliding inside your pussy. Long, deep strokes. Very
slippery. Moving faster. My wet fingers brush against your
anus, and I feel you spread your ass cheeks wider for me. I
touch around the edges, and you shift your ass to center your
anus my finger. The sphincter muscle relaxes as I scratch around
its inner edge. I push a finger upward a little on your
upstroke, and you reverse quickly to capture my finger tip.

You have now moved into overdrive. But you are not by yourself.
Your eyes lock onto mine and you are smiling, humming, and
moaning. “Come with me, Baby,” you huskily whisper. Hmmmmm.
Hmmmmm. We are breathing and humming and softly whimper-moaning
together, in time with our long, slippery strokes. “Come with
me, Baby,” you urge me. Your hand reaches around behind you, and
you gently rub and manipulate my balls. “Come with me. Now,”
you insist. Your hand sends thrills of pleasure through me. I
feel the semen enter the channel, filling it to the head of my
cock again. My eyes fill with tears at the exquisite pleasure of
your pussy strokes, your hand strokes, your nipples teasing my
chest, your lips sucking on mine, your eyes holding mine. “Come
with me. Now. Yes. Now. YES.” And I go over the edge. “Yes,
I’m coming. Yes. Now. YES”. We push and shove and fuck and
squirm and slide and pump and squirt and squeeze and hug and
kiss and pump and fuck. Over and over again. Over and over.
YES. Over and over. Pumping, squeezing, twitching, squirming,
pushing and hugging and kissing. Hugging and kissing. Twitching
and kissing. Hugging and squeezing and crying and kissing and
sucking and rubbing. Over and over. Over and over. And Over…
and over.

We gently glide to a quivering stop in each others arms. I am
rubbing and stroking your arms and back and waist and ass. You
are rubbing my shoulders and neck and beard and hair, smothering
me with wet, sloppy kisses as I am doing to you. We are
whimpering and moaning. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm.
Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Softly. Almost like cats purring. Our arms
glide slowly to rest around each other. We snuggle into each
other’s arms. I shift my hips further down so you can lay
flatter on me. Your feet have already slipped out from under
you. You snuggle your hips across mine, knees spread wide on
each side. We rest. We murmur. We fall asleep. Hmmmmmmm.

Have a good time

Mark had not enjoyed New Year’s Eve since the year in high school when he and
Buddy waited outside the liquor store and scored a bottle of gin a college guy
bought for them. Since then, he’d gone to polite parties, made uneasy
chitchat, and left alone soon after midnight.

Still, Mark had been glad when Buddy phoned him at the dorm. New Year’s party
at Greg’s house. Sure, why not? Now, as he drove down the hill toward Greg’s,
Mark began his pre-party confidence rap:

Weight: check. Actually I’m thin right now. Tall, dark and thin. Hair looks
good. Sharp new sweater. Remember to drink the first beer fast. Be loose.
Smile. Circulate. Meet all available women. Look into their eyes, deeply,
deeply. You are irresistible, sensitve, patient–oh, so patient. Hell, I was
patient with Dora. Left high school a virgin. Wish I’d stayed one after laying
that nympho Margaret while Will watched. Okay, this party isn’t a swap meet,
just the old gang looking for a good time. And this year, I am going to have a
good time!! Continue reading “Have a good time”

Preachers Sexual Dream

There have been many stories in the newspapers in the last few years
about preachers that have gotten themselves in sexual relationships
outside what their particular religious group thought was right and
holy. I am going to try and write a few stories about the life of one
preacher that found his position as clergy helped him get into many new
and exciting positions. Hope you enjoy this piece of fiction, if so
leave a word of encouragement for CROSS FIRE.

Sunday would soon be upon me. It is now late Saturday night and the
Sunday sermon is no where to be found. I sit huddled over my desk in my
darken office studying. I was preaching through the book of Song of
Solomon because the lexicon has it as the next text. I had read many
books trying to push all of the erotic images into a symbol of God and
Israel yet I could not keep my mind from seeing the naked lust of the
text. Continue reading “Preachers Sexual Dream”

Marilyn – Executive Secretary

Archive-name: Working/marexec.txt


Archive-title: Marilyn – Executive Secretary

I had just about given up hope, but this day would change my

life for ever. It was my last interview for a great job, and I

was nervous as hell to begin with. I entered into the office of

a big corporation and was greeted by the receptionist who led me

into another private office, where I was to fill out some more

papers before my interview. The secretary was quite a looker.

She wore a blue pinstripe business suit and had long brown hair

that she had braided. She looked as if she belonged in the

movies, not the business world. Her body was also quite nice,

with her firm tits filling out her blouse very amply. I had to

think of other things for fear of exposing a bulging hard on!

Just then her boss came running thru the office and said

something about an emergency and that he’d be gone for the next

few hours. She was to cancel all appointments and reschedule

them for another time. Great. My last day in the city and I

get my last hope canceled. The secretary quickly called the

other appointments and informed them of the bad news.

Meanwhile, I was left standing there with a look of total shock

on my face. I explained to Marilyn, that was her name, my

situation, and how I had to leave on a flight later that day.

She could see the look of dejection on my face, and she came

around and gave me a light hug, to help ease my pain. Her arms

around me felt good, I must admit, and her perfume was strangely

seductive. She said that considering my situation, perhaps she

could take a look at my papers and give me a private interview

and relay the information to her boss. I told her that would be

very generous and kind of her, and with that we went into her

bosses office and she shut the door behind us with a sly grin on

her face as she turned the lock and walked over to the desk.

She proceeded to take off her jacket, which left her dressed in

her skirt and blouse, which now looked more sexy than ever.

Looking over my papers, she muttered something about how

impressive they looked and how she felt I would be a valuable

asset to the company. With that she got up from the desk and

came over to the front of the desk where she turned around in a

way that looked like one of those models on tv, and her voice

took on a less professional quality and a more erotic sense.

“Speaking of assets, what do you think of this asset?” as she

bent over to pick up a pencil she had purposely dropped. Her

skirt hugged her ass tight and her legs accented the lush shape

of her cheeks. I hastily cleared my throat and stuttered

something about it being one of the best assets I had ever seen.

With that she lifted her skirt up above her thighs and revealed

her long legs, dressed in white nylons and a garter belt, and a

pair of crotchless panties, that showed off her finely trimmed

pussy. “Perhaps you’d like to go over my assets in more detail?”

she smiled, and with that she started unbuttoning my shirt and

tie. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her face into mine and

kissed her deeply, our tongues probing into the recesses of

our mouths. She had my shirt off in no time, and I returned the

favor by removing her silk blouse, which in turn revealed her

large, firm tits held up by only a small bra that I removed

quickly. Her nipples stood up like cherries on a float, and my

mouth quickly engulfed one, then the other tit, sucking them

till they were hard and excited. She moaned in pleasure as my

hands caressed her ass underneath her skirt, feeling her smooth

ass and the edges of her panties. I slipped a finger into her

dripping pussy, and she went crazy.

At that she dropped to her knees and removed my pants and sprang

my hard cock free at last. Her expert tongue began licking and

nibbling on my tool and she quickly engulfed the whole shaft

into her warm and moist mouth. She proceeded to suck me like it

was the last cock in the world, and I was in total ecstasy. I

begrudgingly lifted her head and told her I was going to come

soon and that I wanted to save that for now. I stood up and

pulled her skirt down over her legs, which left Marilyn dressed

only in her hose and garter belt, and panties which I pulled off

with my teeth. She sat up on the desk and spread her legs for

me as I knelt down and started to suck greedily on her pussy.

She held my head into her cunt and begged me to eat her out,

which I willingly did! Her clit started to grow and I quickly

found it and sucked hard on it, which sent Marilyn into a

shuddering orgasm, flooding my mouth with her juices. I lapped

up all I could, then stood up a minute and kissed her mouth,

sharing her sweet nectar with her. This made her even more

excited and she pushed me back down and begged to be sucked some

more. I obliged, licking the walls of her pussy with my hard

tongue, sending shivers up her spine as she shook with orgasm

after orgasm. My cock was dripping now with precum and she said

she wanted to taste it, so I stood up and she rolled over on the

desk and was laying with her head over the side and her hot ass

raised ever so slightly. She took my cock into her mouth and

licked up all the precum and again i felt myself on the verge of

exploding, so I pulled away again and walked around to the back

of the desk where I pulled Marilyn closer so her ass was now on

the back edge of the desk, and I grabbed it and kissed her

cheeks lightly, sticking a finger up her pussy at the same time.

This seemed to really set Marilyn off so i added a second and a

third finger, fucking her with my hand for a few minutes. Then

she begged to be fucked with my cock, so I stood up and put the

tip of the head just into her pussy from behind, and teased her

for a little bit. Just a bit at a time until she couldn’t stand

it any longer and she thrust her ass backwards which made her

pussy engulf my entire cock. I started thrusting slowly in and

out her and she met each thrust with a reverse thrust of her own

that made our rhythm perfect. I reached over and played with

her tits while we fucked doggy style on the boss’s desk. What

an interview I thought to myself as fucked this insatiable woman

silly. Marilyn rolled over and lay on her back, her sexy legs

raised high over my shoulders and I sank my cock deep into her

drenching pussy. Her face showed signs of total pleasure as I

fucked her deeper than ever before with her legs lifted up and I

grabbed her ass and raised her off the desk just a few inches.

This seemed to open up just another inch inside her and I

plunged my cock to the deepest limits of her cunt. She began

shaking in a violent orgasm that sent chills down my spine, as

my secretary continued to fuck like no other woman I’d had

before. I fucked her harder and faster, sensing my own building

orgasm. She could sense it too, as she warned me that she had

better get to taste some of that come or I’d never get any job!

I pulled out and climbed on top of her, and started fucking her

tits with my steel rod. Her tongue met every forward thrust and

her lips teased me with a wanton lust of come. It didn’t take

long and I moved forward so she could take the whole cock in her

mouth, which she did easily. Her mouth seemed to tighten up as

I increased my tempo, fucking her like a pussy.

She then started to jerk my cock as she sucked and I pulled out

of her sweet mouth and my cock sprayed a torrent of hot come all

over Marilyn’s face and lips. Her tongue rapidly moved to catch

all that she could, but the load was just too much for her to

get all of it. Her face was covered in a light paint of hot

white, sticky come, and she seemed to love every minute of it.

She started to rub it into her cheeks and she licked her fingers

as she did, while I sat exhausted on her chest. I stuck my cock

back into her mouth so she could lick it clean, and she smiled

and moaned with joy as she did so. We then got off the desk and

collapsed in the leather couch, holding each other gently.

Needless to say, I was offered the job and took it without

hesitation. Marilyn asked to be transferred to my division as my

own secretary, and we had many more desktop adventures along

with every other imaginable place. I guess it just goes to show

that interviews are not always just paper and talk!

Sex Skiing Holiday Story

Archive-name: Casual/skiholdy
Archive-author: C.Thompson
Archive-title: Skiing Holiday, The

It was a stunning start to the day Sarah thought as the powder snow
rolled down the hill following her trail in the virgin snow . Not that
she had any idea where she was in this tall pine forest or even that
it mattered,as it was certain that eventually she would leave the forest
or stumble across some landmark or maybe even spot the chairlift that
had taken her up here.
Sure enough a few minutes later the trees thinned out to reveal a small
clearing with an old mountain hut just off to the right hand edge with
surprisingly some ski’s propped up outside the door. Being an inquisitive
person sarah came to a halt in front of the hut in a flurry of snow sending
a fine mist up into the shining sky. Breathlessly she undid the bindings on
her boots and planted her ski’s in the snow while wondering who would stop
here on a morning such as this. Deciding that she souldn’t stand about all
day she moved over to the hut door but stopped still when a familiar low
moaning sound started coming from the direction of the hut.Quietly now she
moved she moved around the hut and finding a crack in the wood wall peered
in through it. The sight that met her eyes left her breathless as a tall
blonde man could be seen face down in a young girls blonde pussy slurping
his tongue up her hole. The girls legs where splayed wide open for this
licking and her firm breasts were being caressed by both her own and his
hands, her taunt erect nipples being flicked in unison as soft moans
escaped her lips.
Watching eagerly sarah realised that her own pussy had now dampened
considerably and after realeasing her own well formed and some would say
well endowed breasts to the sunlight she slowly slid her ski pants down her
thighs. As sarah moved into a more comfortable position she quickly took
the ski boots off and then turned back to watch the show while sliding her
hand down her body. She gasped when she noticed that the couple had now
changed position and that the girl was now down on her knees with her mouth
at his crotch while he was standing up as they rocked slowly back and forth.
All sarah could see was the girls puffed out cheeks and his large heavy balls
rythmically bouncing off her chin. Seeing this caused sarah’s hand to go
towards her own soaking pussy even faster and as her hands reached the
swollen pouting lips her fingers scooped the love juice which had started
to trickle out down it and massaged it back into her juicy pussy while
slipping her fingers in and out. As she felt herself orgasming she saw the
couple stop their rocking suddenly as the girl started to gulp hard and
he let a loud moan escaped his lips. This was too much and sarah came
violently with a low gutteral cry of joy as her fingers were pulled even
further up into her pulsing vagina.
As the orgasm finished her eyes opened and she noticed that inside the
couple had now disengaged and both had a slightly puzzled look as they
looked around the hut. All that sarah saw was that his cock was still hard
and rampant covered with a wet sheen of saliva and cum. Getting up off her
own knees she walked to the hut door and opened it letting the sun shine
behind her as the couple saw her tall and agile brunette figure naked in
the sun with her pouting vagina leeking juices into her pussy hair and down
the inside of her thighs.
Stunned the couple did nothing until sarah walked over pushing him to the
ground and then they grinned to each other and sarah as she lowered herself
down onto him while her lips sought out his. But before their tongues
contacted the girls blonde pussy appeared beside their heads and both
tongues snaked at the all too willing pussy as sarah and his hard cock
slid up and down together as one. Now this thought sarah as the orgasms
rocked her was better than ski-ing any day .


One Fat Fetish Night Story

Archive-name: Fetish/one_nite.txt
Archive-title: One Night

Susan was a woman who did everything right. She went to the right school, got
the right job, owned the right car, and had the right friends. That last part
was her downfall. All of her life she was very careful that everyone she
associated with was a perfect as she was. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, a
perfect wardrobe shown off by a perfect figure, size 6. She had no use for,
nor room in her life for, people who weren’t perfect, or could help her. As a
result of this, she did well in a material sense, but she had no real friends
or lovers. “You use me, and I’ll use you,” was the creed of her associates.
She was vacationing in Cancun when she first saw Mark. He was perfect. Wavy
black hair, classic face, and an atheletes body. They talked for a while and
she discovered that he was well-read, sensitive and funny. Yet, there was a
sadness about him, as if he had had a great tragedy in his life. Susan found
him irresistible. They danced and then went back to his room and made love.
It was heaven! He seemed to know exactly where to touch her, to caress her.
His kisses made her swoon and she squealed like a giddy teenager when he
entered her. The next morning they made love again. After breakfast, they
went to a remote beach and swam in the nude. She had never made love outdoors
before. The possibility of imminent discovery was very erotic. They swam some
more and then made love on the steps of a Mayan ruin. As he thrust wildly
into her, she swore she heard drums and felt hundreds of unseen eyes watching
them as they writhed in primeval lust. Each orgasm was more intense and
intoxicating than the last. She felt like a primitive, sacrificing her purity
to appease and entertain the gods. Finally, it was over. The sun was setting,
bathing them and the ruins in an unearthly glow. One more time they kissed.
It was time to go back to the hotel. Mark had seemed so happy all day, now
that faint look of sadness had colored his eyes again. He got dressed without
looking at Susan. She put on her bandeau. Odd; it seemed a bit snug. Then she
slid into her jeans. It was a struggle to get them over her hips, then she
could barely zip them! She was confused. Had they shrunk? No, the slight
bulge of flesh around the waist verified her darkest fear. She had grown! She
must have gained 5 lbs! She turned to Mark. What was going on? Mark was
staring at her lustfully … dressed as a Mayan! That was only for an
instant. Mark was looking at her with that same curious mix of love and
sadness, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. She thought she was hallucinating,
but her clothes still fit like skin. Of course she HAD been eating more than
usual on this trip. Her Mayan vision must have been her imagination, helped
by some tequila. “Let’s go to dinner,” he said. She smiled and took his hand.
Suddenly, she was very hungry. Susan was a bit uncomfortable on the flight
home. Her clothes were very snug, but that didn’t stop her from having
seconds and thirds of her dinner. The flight attendants had never seen
someone enjoy airline food so much. Susan felt wonderful. For the 2 weeks she
spent with Mark, she ate, slept and made love until she was more completely
sated than she had ever been in her life. She was sure she would drop these
12 lbs as soon as she got back to her job. The next morning she was late for
work because she had overslept. The bed had just felt TOO warm and cozy to
leave it when the alarm went off. Besides, she had the urge to make herself a
good breakfast. She hadn’t done it in years and had forgotten how long it
could take. Still, it is the most important meal of the day, so a stack of
pancakes with syrup disappeared before she left. The ride to work was also
interesting. She had never really paid attention to all the handsome men she
saw along the way. She was especially attracted to the big, burly men with a
bit of a paunch and hairy bodies. She knew she was changing. At that moment
her car swerved. She could have sworn she saw Mark dressed as a Mayan,
standing on the meridian and waving. When she blinked, he was gone. Cathy,
the office bitch, commented that she had put on a few pounds and they all
stared when Susan took a Danish off the coffee cart. In the 10 years she had
worked there, no one had seen anything but celery sticks in her hand. Susan
had trouble concentrating at work. Her mind was filled with an image of a
mountain lake, and a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney. She couldn’t
figure it out. She had never been to such a place. Finally, lunch time rolled
around. She planned to eat at the salad bar down the block. On the way, she
passed a tavern, a simple shot-and-beer kind of place. An intoxicating aroma
of fresh cheeseburgers, fries, and sausage and peppers filled her lungs. She
was ravenous! With only a slight hesitation, Susan sat down at the bar and
ordered a beer, absently munching on the bowl of pretzels in front of her.
She noticed this man playing pool, who resembled a bear more than anything
else. He was so big and muscular and hairy. Such a man once would have turned
her off, now she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. She rubbed her now-soft
thighs together as her sexual excitement heightened. Susan didn’t return to
work that day. She spent the afternoon shooting pool with Glen. They left the
bar around 8pm and went to her condo. It turned out that Glen was a rancher
from Idaho who had come to town for a training session for the new computer
he had bought for his ranch. When they got to her place she told him to fix
himself a drink and she went to her bedroom to get comfortable. She had to.
Her clothes were so tight she could barely breathe. Susan reached to unbutton
the waist of her skirt and the button just popped off, pushed out by a very
well rounded tummy. Suddenly the room was bathed in a blue glow. Susan turned
and gasped. Mark was standing there, DRESSED AS A MAYAN! He spoke. “Susan,
you have been blessed or cursed, it is up to you. Your heart was a small,
shriveled thing, but it is growing as your body is growing. Accept love in
your heart and you will find happiness. Reject it and be miserable for the
rest of your days. That man outside sees the real you, the loving Susan, find
her …. find her … find her.” His image began to fade. She looked at
herself in the mirror. There was a peacefulness about her that she had never
seen before. At that moment Glen entered the room. She saw his reflection in
the mirror. He was looking at her with such devotion. No man had ever looked
at her that way. So kind, so generous, so caring. She was falling in love
with him! But there was more! She was growing! Susan felt herself EXPANDING!
Her blouse was soon so tight that she could scarcely breathe. Relief came as
the buttons popped off one by one and the blouse ripped up the back and
around the sleeves. Her skirt literally shredded before her eyes as her hips,
ass and stomach ballooned to incredible size. She felt so … different.
Massive, thick, ponderous. By now, her stomach was a huge ball of fat
sticking way out in front of her. She could feel herself beginning to hunch
over as her breasts grew bigger, fatter … HEAVIER. She felt like a baby
elephant as she tried to move to the bed to lie down. She couldn’t believe
it. In spite of what was happening to her, she felt happy, and VERY HORNY.
Susan never made it to the bed. She could feel her now naked body growing
bigger and fatter by the minute. She could actually hear the floor creaking
under her increasing bulk. By now she looked like one of those fertility
statues; obscenely huge ass, massive tits supported by a rotund stomach, but
she was not only growing fatter but taller, too. She placed her hands on her
back in a vain attempt to support her exploding bosom, but it was hopeless.
In a grunt of rage and resignation she dropped to her hands and knees. She
was finally comfortable as her bloated breasts splayed out fatly in all
directions, on the floor. She struggled to stand up, but she couldn’t. She
was just TOO FAT! Then, she remembered Glen. At first she couldn’t see him,
but she knew where he was. She could feel his erect penis pressed against her
plump vulva; her plump, DRIPPING vulva. she felt him enter and she welcomed
it, mooing contentedly as he did. Susans body shuddered as Glen thrust into
her. Her great folds of fat rippled like Jello. Again and again she seemed to
turn inside out as her body exploded into another soul-searing orgasm. Glen
was also wild with lust. He had never made love to anyone so BIG! She was a
human featherbed; soft and yielding. He seemed to float on top of her. Seeing
her fleshy back ripple made him harder than he had ever been in his life.
This was FANTASTIC! the room echoed with their screams as they climaxed
together. The next morning Susan awoke, feeling as if she had a hangover. She
felt strange. She felt … tiny. She looked at herself. She was back to a
slim size 6! Had this been a dream? No; Glen was sleeping next to her. He
awoke and smiled at her, then he also looked puzzled. He also wondered if it
was a dream. Finally, Susan understood the spiritual message. She got out of
bed, went to the kitchen and made a big breakfast. The smell of coffee
brought in Glen, still naked. Susan rubbed some maple syrup on him and slowly
licked it off. Glen took food and stuffed it into her mouth. More and more
until her cheeks puffed out. Between gulps she whispered,” Yes darling. Stuff
me. Make me fat. I want to be fat. I NEED TO BE FAT!” When she couldn’t eat
another bite, he put her on her hands and knees and fucked her until she
swooned. “Baby, I’m going to take you back to my ranch … as my wife. Then
I’m going to stuff you like a hog, and breed you like a mare.” At those
words, Susan squealed in a wonderful orgasm. They were married and Susan
quickly grew plump. She got even larger once the babies started to come. They
lived happily.

My First Time

Archive-name: First/1st-time.txt
Archive-author: The Unknown Wanderer
Archive-title: My First Time

I had never gotten laid in high-school. It was one of those
reputation and late maturity things. This was kinda suprising, because
when I went to college I seemed to have no problems at all with getting
dates. About ten months ago, I met a girl/woman (who’s to say?) in a
computer class and eventually, we ended up going out for the rest of the
school year. Our college (remain nameless) was in Massachusetts. She
lived in Georgia and I am from California. Towards the end of the
school year, we were getting kind of sad due to having to be apart for
about three months and were arranging to come back a little early and
getting an apartment together.

Well, 3 days ago, the most incredible experience of my life
occurred. Cindy (her) was always very, very playful, but we never really
got past much than heavy petting. I never really minded much because I
was still a virgin and really liked her too much to want to mess
anything up. Well, 4 days ago we were packed (still living apart) and
arranged to meet one last time the next day in my dorm room before we
left that evening on our respective flights, and that was when it

Now, Cindy is about 5’7″ with hazel eyes and flaming, long red
hair down past her shoulders a little ways. She had nice large D tits
which she dressed to comment on as much as possible as well as a big, but
not overly big ass. I made sure to remember she was on birth control,
but never thought much else of it. Finally, in public, she was always
somewhat of a tease, which never really embarassed me, more than it made
me proud of her features.

Not many people at all were left in the dorm, like my roommate
who was not there. Cindy came over about 1 o’clock and was due to leave
about three. For about an hour, we talked and I finished packing. Cindy
was especially attractive that day with her hair up in a high ponytail,
wearing a very nice, very snug green sweatshirt and some very tight blue
jeans. At about 2, we were pretty much left with an hour to kill. We
were both sitting on my bed kissing (she was wearing terribly alluring
perfume), when Cindy mentioned she had a little going away present for me.
She got up, went to the blinds and shut them, the room was still well enough
lit through the blinds. She undid her hair, letting it fall about her
shoulders and walked over to me

We started kissing more heavily and she gently pushed me horizontal.
She then climbed over me and while sitting up, she pulled of my T-shirt,
then kissed my chest a little. She slid down the bed and started to work
on my jeans. I was now starting to get real hard. She slid off my jeans
and tossed them on the floor. She saw my hard large cock in my briefs, and
grinning, began to rub my crotch a little making me even harder. I pulled her
down closer to me and began to neck with her some more. Now she was starting
to really smile. She sat back up over me, and reached up and pulled off her
sweatshirt. Her large D tits fell un-hindered free against her chest. I
took them each in my hands and start to rub them. Cindy was now starting to
groan. I pulled her down to me and slipped a nipple in my mouth and began
to tease it with my tongue. Cindy was now moaning and breathing very heavily.

Now, slid her up some more to me and began to work on her jeans.
After a second, I pulled them off exposing her wide hips and fantastic ass.
She was wearing unbelieveable black high-cut bikini panties. I start to pull
at them, but Cindy propped herself up and said, “Not so fast. This is my
present to you.” She then leaned over to me (her large tits falling on to
me) and slid down to my briefs. She slid those off and my large 7″ erect
cock finally sprang free (her hair falling all down around my cock). She
looked over my large cock at my face and grinned. Cindy then began to lick
my balls, the underneath of my cock – all up and down, and my head real,
real slow. I was getting SO hard. Then she finally, suddenly closed her
mouth over my shaft and began to suck. Moaning and thrashing, within
minutes I came into her mouth and chin. When she came back up she was
grinning like crazy.

I said, “Now its your turn.” And pulled her by her thighs,
horizontal with her head past my feet and her crotch right next to my
face. Her pussy was bulging between her legs and her panties were
starting to show her dampness. I slid them off over and behind me (her
red cunt hair was gorgeous), and dove into her cunt with my tongue and
pulled out just as quick, sending waves of ecstasy rippling through her
body. I slowly licked up and down the outside of her slick pussy lips.
Finally, I plunged back into her cunt slowly licking her clit to
eventually send her an orgasm.

Now, I was back erect and we were both reaching our peaks. We
rested for a second, then we kissed and licked each other for a couple
minutes. Then I motioned and pushed her into a position with her on
“all fours” leaning the headboard of my bed. I got behind her and played
with her large dangling breasts as they stiffened a little more and she
moaned. She then looked behind her as I started to finger her now
slick cunt. I eventually go to working 2 fingers in her, and her head
fell limp as she moaned in pleasure. I knew it was the time, and pulled
out my fingers and brought my cock to her pussy. I gently seperated her
cunt’s lips and slipped my head inside. Then I slid my hands back up to
cup her breasts (her nipples now standing out very hard). I moved just
a little my head in and out of her pussy, and she brought her head back
up looked around at me, and said, “Fuck me, now…”

I then pulled on her breasts as I banged into her and her head
fell again. I banged deep into her again, and I was in heaven. I
squeezed her tits as I pulled myself into her again and again. She
used her muscles to clench onto my dick as I went in each time, and also
slid back onto me a little to create a little more impact. She kept
getting slicker and slicker and I worked her faster and faster. We
were both moaning. Eventually I grabbed her tits and pulled her back
onto me, and held her there as I came (a lot!) into her pussy, and Cindy,
in turn, had a shuddering orgasm.

We then collapsed onto the bed and rested for about 20 minutes
when she got up, dressed and we said our good-byes. Ahhh…Aren’t first
times the best?

First Date Sex

It was our first date together and I was so nervous I could almost
feel myself shaking. Barbara was stunning and had a perfectly
proportioned figure. I relaxed as I rang her door bell and when she
answered I was even more pleased with the way she looked.

She wore a thin white blouse which fit loosely, a black stone-washed
jean skirt which stopped above her knee, and high heel shoes.

As I drove, I spent almost as much time looking at her as at the road.

We went from one destination to another enjoying ourselves thoroughly
at each place. As the night progressed, we relaxed and moved closer and
closer. Our last stop was a small cafe to get a late night snack. As she
sat across the table, I felt her foot gently caressing my leg. Continue reading “First Date Sex”

Christmas Sex Story

A warm, tanned Jenny lying in front of the Yuletide fire. Gift-wrapped in
leather and steel. Watching my every move with wide eyes, above the foam that
fills her mouth. At the right time, I’ll remove that foam, and fill her
mouth another way, but not now. Firelight glints from heavy steel
chains, locked to the padded cuffs on her wrists and ankles, spread-eagling her
before me. The other ends of the chains are bolted to screw sockets concealed
by the pile of the carpet. She moves and mumbles, trying to speak through the
foam packing. Soon she’ll be trying to scream, but it won’t come out any
louder. Continue reading “Christmas Sex Story”

3way 3 some

I just recently moved to a new city, started a new job, and met so
many new people that I felt very insecure and lonely. About a two months ago
I met John and Debbie through a mutual friend. John is very nice looking, at
about six foot two inches with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I was attracted
to him right away, but his wife Debbie sort of intimidated me. Debbie is a
goregous blonde, the type that guys pant and drool over. She’s really tall,
about five foot ten, with long blonde hair that reaches her waist. She has
a beautiful figure (36-24-35) and is in really good shape. And she has a nice
tan that makes her green eyes stand out. We went to dinner, our mutual friend
that I was seeing was a nice guy, but we weren’t anything more than friends.
We talked about moving into the area, and how hard is was to find new friends
and make new contacts. Just after we were seated for dinner, Debbie and I
excused ourselves and went to the “powder room”, the wine we’d been drinking
in the lounge had run its course and we wanted to get rid of it. When I came
out of the stall, Debbie was combing her hair in front of the mirror and I
checked my make-up. I saw her eyeing me in the mirror, giving me an up and
down look, and felt pretty good that she thought I was a potential rival (not
that I’d try to take a married guy from his wife). I’m not bad looking. I’m
five foot four with light brown hair, brown eyes (that guys say are very sexy
“bedroom” eyes), and I’m proud of my figure (34c-22-34), although sometimes
I wish my breasts were larger. The dress I was wearing was a light slinky
affair that showed off my figure and was green and black (my favorite colors)
and it came down to just above my knees. Debbie wore a pure black dress that
accented her cleavage and her hips, and her long legs with a slit on one side
that stopped almost indecently high on her thigh. Debbie said “I’m jealous.
John keeps looking at you and undressing you with his eyes.” I looked at her,
not sure what to say, but I did giggle a bit. I’d noticed John eyeing me a
lot, but I figured that he was just enjoying my legs. I told her that John
was probably just fantasizing about having us both (most men seem to have a
fantasy about two women). Debbie stopped combing her hair and looked at me
with an impish look in her eye. “Have you ever done that?” she asked. I
blushed, thinking of one time I had, and told her yes. It was several years
ago with my boyfriend and my best girlfriend. Debbie wanted the details, but
I sort of stammered, saying that it was a long story. She said I’d have to
tell her about it some other time, but she’d also had that fantasy, and wanted
to know how it felt. When she said that I could feel myself start to get wet
thinking about her and John in bed and her fantasizing about another woman
with them. Debbie started to adjust her clothes a bit, and then asked me to
check her bra strap, that she thought it was coming loose. I stood behind
her and unzipped the back of her dress. My hands shook slightly, as I reached
to re-hook one of the three hooks that had come loose. I felt her stiffen as
my fingers touched her bare skin, and felt little electric shocks race through
me, making my pussy feel even wetter. I hooked her bra, and Debbie suddenly
Continue reading “3way 3 some”

hypno erotica

“Christina, I want you to become very, very horny.” I said as I purposely

rubbed my growing member. “I am your master. You must obey me. You are

totally mine. Now spread your legs and let me explore your body.” “Yes,

master.” she said as she parted her legs. Her legs were silky smooth, and felt

sooo good. I slowly and purposely moved my hands past her knees and outlined her

secret region with my hands. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I took

liberties with her. I massaged her clit until her it felt prominent. I felt

for lubrication, and then tentatively inserted one finger, then two inside her,

finger fucking her while rubbing her clit. Her breasts were level with my mouth,

so I leaned over and began to sensuously lick her left nipple until it was erect.

Desire spread from my loins as I felt her female body react erotically to my

touches. I waited until I knew that she was on the road to orgasm.

“Christina, let me enter you now.” I said as I pulled my erection where she could

see it. She had a look of sexual desire as she slowly and sensuously lowered

her beautiful body onto my swollen member. She was adequately lubricated, and

she began to easily take me in. We pumped slowly at first and then faster and

harder as the two of us began to experience each other. It became difficult

to stay on the bed so we slipped onto the floor. I pushed upward as she pushed

downward in rhythm as if we had been fucking for years. Her hair brushed up

against her breasts as she moved, and the sight of this drove my orgasm closer

and closer to fruition. She began to reach for my chest, and I cupped her

breasts. I began to squeeze her mammaries, and as I did she pumped harder

and harder. She squealed as the first waves of orgasm hit her body, and I came

hard as she grabbed my hands to squeeze them. She fell on me exhausted and

sweaty, awaiting my next command. I pulled her close to me and counted my

blessings. This beautiful woman trusted me enough to allow me to control her

this way, and I wanted to make sure that she received as much pleasure out of

our encounters as I did. I knew that she wanted to feel helpless and

totally unable to resist my commands, and that she wanted to remember her

helplessness after her hypnotic sessions. I was more than willing to allow her

these simple pleasures. I also wanted a few pleasures for myself. I knew that I

could accomplish these things with a few post-hypnotic suggestions.

Post-hypnotic suggestions are triggered by words or phrases that the

hypnotist utters at his discretion. The subject could be doing anything,

but when she hears the phrase, she feels helplessly compelled to perform a

specific task. My hypnotic drug intensified this effect immensely. Under

normal conditions, a person wouldn’t do anything unusual to them, like

stripping in public or performing oral sex in a restaurant. Under the influence

of the drug and my hypnotic commands, however, Christina would do anything,

absolutely ANYTHING. It would be her obsession to obey my post-hypnotic

commands until I released her. After I rested a few minutes, I began to instruct

her. “Christina, I want you to remember our wonderful lovemaking. I want you

to remember how horny you were, and how totally helpless you became. You will

feel your submission to me like a warm shower washing over your body, washing

you clean and making you feel wonderful. “I also want you to remember this:

whenever I say the word ‘suck’ you will feel an overwhelming desire to suck

my cock. You must do it wherever I say, whenever I say. You will suck me until

I cum, and then you will continue on as if nothing unusual occurred. When

you are finished, you will have a fully satisfied feeling of satisfaction

at your submission. “When I touch your left breast, you will awaken, fully

refreshed and sexually satisfied.” I rolled over a bit to facilitate

fondling her breasts. I started with her right one, of course, because I

love to fondle a hypnotically helpless female. I moved my other hand downward

to feel her bush. My sperm had mixed with her natural juices, leaving her pussy

region still somewhat moist. I caressed her vulva, and then when I felt that

I had had enough, I fondled her left breast. Her eyes became full of life.

Oh, Rudy, that was the best time that I ever had with a man!” she exclaimed. I

felt so totally helpless and submissive. I had no control over myself, yet I

knew what was going on. And you know what? I felt totally at ease! It felt so

normal to be submissive to you. And I want you to know, I’ve never felt more

horny in my life, and so satisfied by a man afterward. I’ve never had an orgasm

like that before.” she confessed. “I’m glad that you feel that way, Christina.”

I said, knowing that what she said truly came from her heart. “I’ve never

been with a woman such as yourself. You are so beautiful, I just want to

hold you because I’m afraid you’ll go away.” “I won’t go away from you.” she

said. “At least not until I’ve had a shower and some sleep!” “We could take

one together. I need to clean up, too. You’ll like my shower. It’s very


We rose and I led her to my shower area. It was unusually large, and the

actual shower area was one big room with six stalls, like a locker room

shower. The original owner had this built for him for reasons that he

wouldn’t specify. I liked the large shower, and it was one of the reasons

that I bought the house. Now I had someone to share it with. We entered the

shower and each set our water the way we wanted it. We reveled in

pleasure as we cleaned each other off for the first time. Her breasts felt so

unique as I caressed them with my soapy hands. I worked my way down to her

belly, then her pubic hairs, and then her pussy. She spread her legs as I washed

off our sex, taking care not to rub too hard on her delicate tissues. The warm

cloth must have felt good on her, for she moaned as I carefully cleaned her

private region. I then continued to clean her legs and her feet. She then per

formed the same on me, being careful not to rub my semi-erect member too hard.

I could feel her love all over me as she washed my body with her washcloth. In

this way we became even more familiar with each other’s bodies. After our shower

encounter I showed her my bedrooms and we settled down in my master suite. As we

both drifted off to sleep I realized how lucky I was, and that today was the

first day of many hypnotic encounters.

Pregnant mom

Pregnant mom
By: anthony
Monica was 8 months pregnant. Her husband Greg was an over the road truck
driver and was usually gone 6 days a week. Monica’s hormones were in
overdrive. She was so horny, and she really needed to get laid. So, the
day she watched her son Jeff as he climbed out of the shower didn’t help
her much. It was an accident. She had been doing the laundry and was
taking a load of clean towels to the bath room. As she entered the
bathroom, her son Jeff had just climbed out of the shower. She tried not
to look, but her eyes caught a glimpse of his large semi erect cock as he
was drying his hair.
Her swollen pregnant pussy tingled as she watched her son’s large cock
bounce as he dried his hair with a towel. Monica couldn’t take her eyes
off of his magnificent cock. Jeff noticed his mother looking at his young
naked body. It made him uncomfortable at first, but the look of wild lust
in his pregnant mother’s eyes, soon turned him on. His cock began to grow
as he looked at his horny pregnant mother. She gasped as she watched his
large cock become even larger. “My God, he is huge!” she thought to
herself. Her pregnant pussy was now dripping as she stared at his erect 9
inch cock.
Monica knew she should leave the bathroom and forget all about the lustful
thoughts in her head, but her horny pussy now controlled her mind. Jeff
walked towards his mother, he was stroking his large cock. “Do you like
what you see, mommie?” he asked her. “Oh, yes Jeff you are quite a man
now, aren’t you?” she stated. Jeff grabbed his mother’s hand and placed it
on his throbbing cock. Monica could feel her pussy quiver as she gripped
his huge erection.
Jeff slid his hand inside of his mother’s loose fitting maternity top and
began to stroke her swollen tits. Monica moaned. She was furiously
stroking her son’s hard cock with her soft hand. Jeff moaned, and Monica
slowly knelt to the floor. She took the head of her son’s cock into her
warm, wet mouth. “Oh, Mom, that feels incredible” he said. He held her by
her pretty blonde hair as she sucked him.
“Oh God, mom, you suck so good” he moaned. “Jeff, let’s go to the bedroom,
it would be much more comfortable for me” she told her son. “Sure mom,
whatever you want” he said. She led him by his large hard-on towards her
bedroom. Jeff began unbuttoning his mother’s maternity top. He slid her
shirt from her. Her breasts were large and swollen. He unbuttoned her bra,
and tossed it to the floor. “God, you have excellent titties” he told her.
Jeff cupped each of the huge swollen white globes into his hands. He
stared at the large puffy dark colored nipples.
Jeff began to suck on his mother’s swollen nipples. He tasted her sweet
mother’s milk as it leaked from her erect brown nips. Monica moaned and
held her son as he suckled her breasts. His hand slid down over her huge
pregnant belly. His young cock throbbed with excitement as his hand slid
beneath the waist of her shorts. He slid his hand lower, until he felt her
hairy mound. His finger quickly found his mother’s swollen clit. She was
so wet, that he easily slipped a finger inside of her. “Oh, God, you are
making me feel so good, baby” she told her son.
Jeff’s cock was pulsating wildly as her finger-fucked her pregnant pussy.
“Mmm, yes baaaby!!!” she grunted. She began to jerk her son’s large cock
with both of her hands, as he fingered her. He watched as her pregnant
belly jiggled as she thrust against his hand. He pulled her shorts and
panties off. He began kissing below her large breasts, and she felt his
tongue as it slowly licked across her swollen belly. “Oh, God” she moaned.
He licked her pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as he worked his
way between her spread legs.
Monica almost fainted when her son’s tongue touched her wet clit. “Oh, yes
baby” she moaned. Jeff thrust his tongue deep inside of her hot, wet
pussy. Monica held her son’s head firmly, grinding her pussy against his
face. “Mmmm, yes oh yes” she yelled. Monica’s orgasm hit her like a ton of
bricks. She thrashed wildly as her sweet pussy juices gushed into her
son’s mouth. “Oh, eat me baby, you’re making mommie cum” she yelled. Jeff
hungrily lapped up his mom’s sweet pussy juices, fingering her deeply as
he licked her swollen clit.
Monica pushed her son away from her aching pussy. “You have to put your
big cock in me, fuck me baby” she grunted. She got on her hands and knees,
and raised her ass high in the air. “Put it in me, fuck mommie good” she
screamed. Jeff pressed his large cock head against his mom’s swollen
pregnant pussy lips. Monica quivered as she felt him slowly slide inside
of her. “Oh, yes deeper, give mommie all of it” she yelled. Jeff thrust
and deeply penetrated his mom’s hot pussy. She screamed and climaxed as
his large cock embedded all the way inside of her.
“God, it feels so tight, mom” Jeff moaned as he fucked his mom’s hot cunt.
He began slamming his cock with great force inside of her hot tight cunt.
Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there stood his sister Sherrie. “What
the fuck?” Sherrie asked in a startled voice. “Mom, Jeff, what are you
doing?” she continued. As Sherrie watched her brother’s long thick cock
slide in and out of her mother’s pussy, she felt her own young pussy
become quite wet.
“Come here, Sherrie, come to Mommie” Monica moaned. Sherrie was still
wearing her cheerleading outfit from after school practice. Sherrie
climbed onto the bed. Monica raised the blue cheerleading skirt above her
daughter’s hips and began rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties.
“Oh, are you that wet from watching your brother fuck your mom’s hot
pregnant pussy?” she asked. “Uh, yes” Sherrie softly moaned. Monica slid
her daughter’s white cotton panties to her knees. Sherrie moaned as her
mother pressed her face between her thighs and began to kiss her wet
pussy. “Oh, mom, that feels good!!” she grunted.
Jeff was furiously pounding away at his mom’s hot pussy from behind. He
watched as his mom spread his sister’s hot young pussylips apart with her
fingers. His sister had a beautiful pussy. He had always wondered what it
looked like. Monica slid her tongue between her daughter’s wet pink pussy
lips and began to lick her lovingly. Sherrie moaned and held her mom’s
long blonde hair. “God, lick me Mom” she moaned. Jeff’s excitement was
intensified as he watched his mom eat his sister’s pussy. As his sister
moaned and wiggled her little hips, he lost it. “God, I’m gonna cum” he
“Yes, shoot it for me baby” she moaned. Jeff’s cum erupted inside of her
like a cannon. She could feel his hot lava like cum as it splashed against
her tight pussy. “Oh, yes baby” she yelled as she came. Jeff continued
squirting his hot cum deep into his mom’s tight pussy. She hungrily sucked
her daughter’s young, swollen clit as she came. “God yes, mom I’m cumming”
Sherrie moaned. Monica tasted her daughter’s sweet pussy cum as it gushed
into her mouth. All 3 were climaxing together.
Jeff withdrew his still rock hard cock from his mom’s pregnant pussy. He
wanted to fuck his sister really bad. Monica could see the look in his
young eyes as he stared at his sister’s hot pussy. “Why don’t you show
your sister how good your big cock feels” she said. Jeff wasted no time.
He mounted his sister and slammed his cock deeply inside of her tight
pussy with one thrust. “Mmm, yes” Sherrie screamed as she felt her
brother’s large cock buried all the way inside of her. “I want to tast you
mom” Sherrie said.
Monica straddled her daughter’s pretty face and lowered her wet pussy
against her open mouth. Sherrie began licking her brother’s hot cum from
her mom’s pussy. “Mmm, you taste pretty good big brother” she seductively
stated. Sherrie licked her mom’s swollen clit as she rubbed a finger up
and down her very wet slit. Her mom’s pussy quivered as she hungrily
nibbled at the clit. Jeff was fucking the hell out of his sister. His
large cock was embedded in the tightest pussy he had ever felt.
He moved his large cock in and out of his sister’s hot pussy, while he
watched her eat his mom’s pussy. Jeff leaned forward and took one of his
mom’s large nipples into his mouth. She ground her pussy against her
daughter’s face. “Yes, suck my clit baby” she moaned. Sherrie’s pussy
gripped her brother’s large cock tightly. “Fuck, I’m cumming” Sherrie
moaned. Jeff felt her pussy tighten around his large cock. It firmly
squeezed him as if begging him to shoot his load. “Shit, sis, you are so
tight, I’m gonna cummm, he grunted. His cum exploded into his sister’s
young pussy.
“Oh, yes” she moaned. Jeff’s cum began squirting inside of her hot pussy.
She climaxed, and began to eat her mom faster. Monica grunted and
climaxed. Her pussy juices were flowing across her daughter’s pretty young
face. Sherrie noisily slurped up her mom’s hot pussy juices. All 3 once
again came together. Jeff continued pumping his sister until the last of
his cum erupted into her sweet pussy. Monica continued riding her
daughter’s face, and exploded with another intense climax. Sherrie’s young
face was glistening with her mother’s pussy juices. Jeff withdrew his cock
from his sister, and rolled away from her.
Monica slowly climbed from her daughter’s face, and lay beside her.
Sherrie took her mother’s large nipple into her mouth and eagerly sucked
on it. She tasted the sweet milk as the small stream squirted into her
mouth. “Oh, mom” Sherrie moaned. Jeff sucked the other nipple and was also
rewarded with a stream of mother’s milk. Monica moaned as her son and
daughter sucked her breasts. Her pussy tingled as she felt them suckle
from her large breasts. She slid her hand between her legs and stroked her
swollen clit. “Yes, suck them good for me” she told them. Her fingers
quickly worked her pussy to another incredible orgasm.
Jeff and Sherrie both sucked her large pregnant breasts for quite a long
time. Then they both ate her together to one more incredible orgasm. On
the nights that their father is gone, all 3 sleep in the same bed. Well,
they don’t sleep much, but…

Cum Drinking Story

Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate’s small dinette table one summer
morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news. Their husbands
were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and Linda got together to
chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was wearing short shorts and a light
blouse, as the summer weather was quite warm.

“I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed sometimes.
I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do is shove it in me,
jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do miss the
wild times I used to have when I was younger, you know?” said Linda as she
slowly sipped at the cup of coffee in her hands.

“Exactly. I mean, I love Roger dearly, and wouldn’t really want to spend
my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while.”
Kate responded. “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, Lin?” she asked
almost shyly.

Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the depths of the other
woman’s sensitivities. She swallowed the sip of warm coffee in her mouth and
leaned forwards surreptitiously.

“When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on purpose at a
fraternity party. After it got real late, I ended up being the only girl
there. The guys all started talking about their sexual conquests, and they
all claimed to be the worlds’ greatest lovers, you know?” She stopped for a
second to take another sip of coffee. “I said that any woman worth her salt
could outlast ten guys, and they all laughed. I challenged them. I got up
real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I could, without falling on my face!
A couple of the guys hauled some mattresses out to the living room, and I lay
down right in the center of them. I started stroking my cunt and licking my
lips really sexy, and before you know it, there were 20 or 30 naked guys
dancing around. I laid back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and
motioned him over.
“What’ll it be, smarty?” I asked. He said he wanted to fuck me but good,
so he got down there, jerked his cock until it was hard, and shoved it in.
Let me tell you, these guys were just drunk enough so that they couldn’t last
very long. This first one must have stroked about 10 times before he shot off
straight up my pussy. The next guy wanted a blow job, so I sat up, stuffed
his teeny cock in my mouth, and a few seconds later had a sperm chaser after
all the beer I’d had.”
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Cum Drinkers

Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate’s small dinette table one summer
morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news. Their husbands
were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and Linda got together to
chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was wearing short shorts and a light
blouse, as the summer weather was quite warm.

“I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed sometimes.
I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do is shove it in me,
jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do miss the
wild times I used to have when I was younger, you know?” said Linda as she
slowly sipped at the cup of coffee in her hands.

“Exactly. I mean, I love Roger dearly, and wouldn’t really want to spend
my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while.”
Kate responded. “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, Lin?” she asked
almost shyly.

Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging the depths of the other
woman’s sensitivities. She swallowed the sip of warm coffee in her mouth and
leaned forwards surreptitiously.

“When I was in college I got drunk accidentally on purpose at a
fraternity party. After it got real late, I ended up being the only girl
there. The guys all started talking about their sexual conquests, and they
all claimed to be the worlds’ greatest lovers, you know?” She stopped for a
second to take another sip of coffee. “I said that any woman worth her salt
could outlast ten guys, and they all laughed. I challenged them. I got up
real slowly, and stripped as sexily as I could, without falling on my face!
A couple of the guys hauled some mattresses out to the living room, and I lay
down right in the center of them. I started stroking my cunt and licking my
lips really sexy, and before you know it, there were 20 or 30 naked guys
dancing around. I laid back, crooked my finger at the nearest one, and
motioned him over.
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