mature erotic story

I could feel my desire for her
building up inside. I could feel other
things too and I tried to keep my mind on her words. As we left
riding back to her hotel, she reached forward and caressed my back,
goose-bumps rise on my arms. I reached back and caressed her leg,
squeezing her knee softly. She replied by wrapping her arms low around
me and hugging me gently.
As we pulled in to the hotel parking
lot, I knew I didn’t want this to
end with a “thank-you-it’s-been-a-lovely-evening” goodnight. Parking
bike and putting away the spare helmet she’d worn, she solved my
“Would you like to come up and talk
some more?” She asked.
We went to her room, and as I laid
jacket on the chair, I turned to
find her standing close to me, her nipples hard and visible through the
cloth of her blouse. Wordlessly, I gently pulled her to me, feeling
breasts against my chest, her head tilted towards mine. As I gazed
her eyes, a warm feeling embraced me from within. I lowered my lips to
hers and kissed her, gently. Her lips parted, and my tounge caressed
exploring her for the first time. Wanting to find her secrets, her
We melted into each others arms, becoming one in our desires.

Slave For A Day

I went upstairs to the shower and relaxed as the warm water splashed
over my body, my mind was busy with the thoughts of the activities
that had taken place earlier in the day. I soaped up and washed my
hair and rested against the side of the shower wall as the excitment
of the thoughts made my cock lenghten to a full hard on again.. I
can’t remember when I have had so many erections in one day.. why
was this so exciting to me.. so many thoughts.. but I couldn’t
resist stroking my meat as I thought about Kelli sitting on her
slavehorse while I forced it into his mouth. Continue reading “Slave For A Day”

Darla in bondage

It hadn’t gone well, Darla thought, as she leafed through an old magazine. She
shifted position, took her shoes off, and curled her feet up comfortably
beneath her on the couch. Across the room, Michael was still typing away.
They’d been working together quite well on the book, and then he’d had one of
his sudden fits of inspiration and had shooed her away, irritably, because he
didn’t want her “looking over his shoulder.” As if he hadn’t looked over mine
enough, she thought. And leaned on it at the same time. I wish we could get an
office with two desks, two typewriters, and a brick wall between them! With a
sigh, she picked up another magazine and slid farther down into the cushions
that covered Michael’s couch. Continue reading “Darla in bondage”


Tina parked her car and made her way to the door of her
apartment. The rain had subsided, but the cloudy day only
added to her gloomy mood. She was glad it was Friday. Her
day had been terrible and she was looking forward to a night
out with her best friend Stacy. She turned the key and
unlocked the door. As she entered she noticed that the sun
door was ajar. Tina thought that she had locked it, but
since she was late this morning she could have left it open.
She did not notice anything missing and assumed she was
fortunate that no one had entered. Continue reading “Submission”

Good hotel adventure

“This water feels just right,” she purred as she walked out from
behind the waterfall, “do you suppose they heat it?”

He waved a hand in front of him, setting off ripples in the pond
where he was sitting, “I would imagine so, the water here in the
pond is warm enough to not even need a swimsuit.” He watched her
walking towards him, the waterfall had turned her suit almost
transparent, but it was her hazel eyes, set off by her brown hair
that captivated him. Continue reading “Good hotel adventure”

Make me hate you

“Rich,” says that one girl, “tell me a story.”
“Okay. This–”
“No, wait. Tell me something that will make me hate you.”
“You sure?”
She nods vigorously.
“Okay. You remember when I was in school, that humor magazine
I edited?”
More nodding. She arranges herself, Indian-style, on the bed,
one hand resting on a thigh, the other alighting first on a knee,
then a breast, then on the cool sheets before her.
“You *sure* you…?”
She nods again and bites her lower lip.
“Okay, but remember, *you* asked.”
“Go on.”
“Well, I would organize meetings to try and get some help
putting out our various issues. At least, that’s what it *looked*
like the meetings were for. They were really just to hone my
stand-up and to get laid.” Continue reading “Make me hate you”

Health Club

After being a model in Chicago for many years, Sandi finally went to
work for another agency which was based in nearby Schaumburg. She only
had a couple of problems with this; first she had to find a place to
live so she didn’t have to commute, and then she needed to find a
health club to work out at because models always have to keep their
bods in good shape. Sandi had already decided against a Chicago Health
Club, because she wanted a more serious type of club, not some “bubble
gummer glitter palace”. She finally decided on World’s gym in Hoffman
Estates. Continue reading “Health Club”

Fucked From Behind

I was sitting in the living room when my husband left to go
to his bowling league. He bowls every Thursday, and tonight was
no exception. I was watching TV, and hardly noticed when he
left. I was looking forward to a nice, quiet night to myself.
I had dropped the kids off at mothers earlier this evening, and
they would not be back until next week. I could not remember the
last time I had the house to myself.

It was about 2 hours later when I heard a sound from the
back bedroom. I was walking back to see what happened when I was
grabbed from behind. Continue reading “Fucked From Behind”


She was standing in the bathroom powdering and rubbing lotion
onto her legs. She had a dark towel wrapped around her body and
another around her head. The bathroom was warm and steamy from
the shower as she wiped the mirror to look at herself. Thoughts
about today’s presentation were running through her head. She
was excited about the topic, and felt good about the work it
represented. Lipstick, she thought, a little lipstick. The
shower door opened, and she turned to kiss her lover. “Open your
towel” he said, in a low voice. Her mind, somewhere else, came
skidding back to his words, “Huh?” She was a little confused.
“Open your towel” he said again, pantomiming what he wanted her
to do, holding his hands wide. She blushed and shook her head
no. “Yes” he said, simply, a command. She undid the towel,
embarrassed, her mind filled with thoughts of being too heavy and
being unattractive. “Wider” he said. And she complied, not
raising her eyes. He murmured something appreciative, but she
barely heard. One warm finger traced a line from nipple to just
below her navel. “Beautiful” was his last word as he walked past
her, out into the bedroom. She stood there, nude and shaking for
a moment as he shut the door. Only after he had gone, did she
realize he was naked, too, but she hadn’t even noticed.

Bisexual Married Orgy

My wife Joyce and I have what we believe is a unique but not altogether
lifestyle. It wasn’t always so but during our third year of marriage Joyce
began talking about how she thought it would be fun if we invited another man
into our bed. At first I was a bit put off by the idea but over a period of
about three months Joyce convinced me that it would be for our psychical
excitement and not an emotional attachment. Finally I consented to allowing
her fantasy. In reality she had me excited about seeing her with another man
and I think I was looking forward to the experience as much or more than she.
We discussed who we could invite and immediate ruled our friends. Finally we
decided to see if she could find someone in one of the local lounges. The
following Friday night Joyce dressed in a new and very sexy outfit I purchased
for her that week. She was beautiful. About 10:00pm we entered one of the
more active lounges and found a small table. We were both quite nervous but
determined to go forward with our plan if we could find a willing male. Continue reading “Bisexual Married Orgy”

Singapore Sex Adventures

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, June and I
became intimately acquainted, not simply acquainted intimately. She
was very serious about her job and her work and as much as that
apartment on Greenwich must have been costing her company — I have
to figure about twenty-two hundred a month in 1978 dollars — along
with the equipment and her salary, they got their money’s worth.
The setup was ideal for us, as well. My apartment was
literally a block away and, as I worked at home, we got to spend a
good deal of time together. We spent a lot of it fucking and
sucking and we spent a lot of it talking or simply being together.
A true friendship developed along with the sheer physical passion.
There was a lot of passion. Continue reading “Singapore Sex Adventures”


I’m wondering how in hell I am going to make it to the party.
That lousy car of mine screwed me again. Middle of Nowhere! Oh
well. Might as well get out the old thumb. I can see a car
coming from the distance.

VVVVRRRRROOOOOOMMMMM! “HEYYYYY! Not so Close!” Damn sports car
drivers think they own the …! (Screeech) What the hell?
Stopping? Backing up? Why would anybody stop for me anyway?
Hmmmmm. Nice. I always liked red sports cars and sporty women.
Be cool. This chick must’ve seen something she likes. (“Keep
your mouth shut, and let her lead,” I’m thinking to myself.) I
point helplessly at my heap of worthless junk, steaming its life
away. Continue reading “Pickups”

Helen is in her place

Helen sighed. “I bet you’d like that huh?”
“Yeah.” She was so damn cute, curled up on the sheets, her
long legs drawn up. I found myself staring at her virgin ass.
Helen and I cheated with each other. She would call, every six
months or so, and we’d meet, talk about old times, and fuck. Or
not fuck, as her whim dictated. Sometimes, she just wanted to
sleep with me.
She snuggled back against me. “I’m pretty drunk.”
“I know.” I said, caressing her small, firm breasts with both
hands. I pinched both nipples, hard, causing them to tighten into
little pink knots. She moaned. Helen always loved having her
nipples mauled. Continue reading “Helen is in her place”

The Pickup Story

From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

As I drive on, speeding, playing with my nipple, teasing it,
wanting lips and teeth pulling on it instead of my finger. Hey,
I’ve been so engrossed with myself I haven’t really even noticed

He seems ok … just him being in the car has me excited, and the
show I’m giving him. He seems barely able to control himself …
As we cruise on, I really look at him for the first time …
middle aged, but attractive … he can’t tell if I’m looking at
him or not … GOD, this is exciting ….

My long, brown hair flows out behind me, my well shaped 34C
breasts teasing you ….

He’s wondering what’s next … I don’t even know myself … maybe
I should ask him where he’s going ….

From Lazarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I was sure you turned your head an inch in my direction. But you
then turned back to face the road. You put both hands back on
the steering wheel. I make a big deal about trying to find
something in one of my pockets. But really, shifting my hips
around, I manage to get my cock straight in my pants. My jeans
are too damn tight. My cock is rigid with horny lustfulness,
and it is really making itself obvious. I want to cover up so
you don’t get pissed off and kick me out. But I’m half sure that
you turned me on on purpose, and would rather I unzipped my fly.

I’m sure you can see the effect you had on me. I’m not one of
those super studs with 12″ battering rams. But my equipment is
long enough. I have always been pleased by my sexual partners’
responses. And two of my girlfriends have had to really work to
get it in because of its thickness. I wonder if you have a tiny,
tight pussy like them. Maybe you’ll let me know. Squeezing your
nipples in a sports car with a stranger sitting next to you is a
pretty good sign.

I found the piece of paper I was pretending to look for, and I
hold it out to you. “Are you going anywhere near this address?”
I ask. “There is a pool party being given there by some of my
older college buddies.” You reach for the paper, and your hand
closes over mine and holds it for a few seconds. Then you take
the paper and read the address. “You are in luck, my friend,”
you say. “We are heading for the same party.”

I thought I was hard before! The thought of getting a chance to
suck and nibble on your tits at this party is unbearable. I
can’t believe my luck! I’m kind of shy. While I let my barriers
down easily enough after a few hours, that is usually too late at
parties. By the time I get to know a lady, she has already
decided who she is going home with. My good looks and youthful
appearance are not enough to make up for being 5’7 and having a
pot belly. I am not worried about getting into a swim suit. I
just need to let my other qualities shine through.

“Did you bring your suit?” I ask. I know you must have, but I
am trying to make some light conversation. The party is about
half an hour down the road, and I really want to make a lasting
impression (and friend) while I have your undivided attention.
“Sure did!” you reply. And you let go of the steering wheel,
grabbed your skirt with both hands, lifted your ass, and pulled
your skirt up around your waist. Hummmph! (“Breathe, fool! If
you don’t breathe, you are going to pass out and miss
everything,” I scream silently to myself.) For an instant, I
thought you were nude underneath. Then I saw the tiny strings
holding the tiny hair-colored triangle of cloth.
From Super Sporty Slut
To Lazarus Long

Damn, I think … what is it going to take to get this guy going?
He just sits there … acting as though he’s in pain or something
… Oh, I get it, he’s a little shy…well, we’ll work on that.

“Hey”, I ask, “how did you get invited to this party?” … He
responds about old college buddies … I wonder I ask him if he
likes my swimsuit … The only response is a stammered yes ….

Well, I’ll get him going somehow. I reach down between my legs
and stroke my pussy through my swimsuit with my long nails …
getting wet and uncomfortable now … he’s squirming a lot now,
sure would like to see that hard-on … he hasn’t even noticed
we’re not heading toward the address he showed me … somewhere
else, somewhere quiet, somewhere I may invite him into my
backseat ….

He’s trying not to stare, but he can’t help it … it encourages
me to be more daring … I pull the fabric of my swimsuit aside,
and sink my middle finger deep into my pussy … GOD! That feels
good … his mouth is open now, ready to catch flies or
something … I’ll bet he doesn’t even know…. I flick my clit
with my finger, oohhhhh … quiet, you’ll scare him off if you
make too much noise ….

I’m really turned on now, and 65 mph at the same time. OK …how
am I going to get a view of that cock?

From Lasarus Long
To Super Sporty Slut

I may be shy, but not stupid. You have definitely revved my
engine. Small talk is not on your mind. In fact, I am ready,
willing, and able to make a big impression. I reach over and
gently take hold of your wrist. You resist a little, because
your hand is briskly rubbing your pussy inside that skimpy suit
bottom. I firmly pull your wet fingers to my nose and sniff long
and deeply at your cunt juices. Then, my eyes never leaving your
face, I start to suck on your fingers. I lick all of the pussy
juice, and give your middle finger a real workout with my lips,
teeth and tongue.

When the delicious smell and taste is gone, I press your hand
against my bulging cock. With my other hand, I reach inside your
suit bottom. It takes just a second to get my fingers soaked with
your lubrication. Then I bring my fingers to my nose to sniff
deeply again, and lick your juices off my fingers. You are
pushing, poking, and squeezing me through my jeans.

One more time, I reach inside your pussy for more nectar. This
time, I pull the near side of your shirt open and go straight for
your nipple. I get your nipple all slippery. Then I lean over,
gently rub and squeeze you to make your aureole stand out, and
suck your nipple into my mouth. I am in heaven. I lick and suck
and nibble on your nipple, while reaching over to rub, massage
and squeeze your other tit.

Kicking off my gym shoes, I pause to strip down to my suit. I
unzip my jeans, and quickly wiggle out of them. I am wearing
only my brief Speedo suit, which doesn’t hide the shape of my
cock. In fact, the head of my cock is peeking out of the
waistband. Looking up, I see that we aren’t on the road to the
party anymore. It takes a moment to figure out what happened.
I see you know the way to the secluded area that lovers use for
backseat bingo. YES! It’s gonna happen! I’m in love again!
You reach inside your pussy for more juice, and your hand quickly
finds my hot rod again. You tug at my suit to completely uncover
me, and then slip and slide your slick hand up and down my stick
shift. You really know how to handle a man.

We spin to a stop in one of the many hidden nooks. You are
almost frantic as you try to climb over the seat into the back.
But I grab your hips and stop you, using my shoulder to push your
legs apart. Your suit bottom has fallen off, and you are hanging
spread-eagled across the back of the seat. I stick my face into
your pussy from behind and shove my tongue deep inside you. I
feel you push back against my face. I start caressing your ass
while making love to your cunt with my nose and tongue. I lick
and suck on your clitoris with my nose buried inside of you. My
curly brown beard is dripping wet from your passionate, juicy



I’m trying to climb into the back … I’m ready for it damn it!!
But he’s got his head between ooohhhhhhh my oohh legs … GOD,
he’s got me hot … his tongue is probing my pussy, licking my
clit ….

I grab his head and force it closer (I wonder if he can still
breath?) That’s a boy, nibble on my clit … my orgasm is
getting closer, but not just yet ….

I pull away and get to the back seat. I invite you back with me.
You sit next to me, and I begin stroking your shaft again. I
kiss you deeply, tasting my juices on your lips and in your
beard. I kiss and bite your neck, then your chest and bite your
nipples, all the while still stroking your hard member … my
mouth works it’s way downward, slowly, you moaning with
anticipation…I kiss your chest, downward, licking your
bellybutton, downward, and finally the tip of your shaft is in
view ….

I hold your shaft firmly, and flick my tongue over it. You jerk
from the sudden movement, then ease back ….

I start to take your whole cock deep into my mouth ….



I can never get enough of that pussy smell. Both pussy smells.
That spicy, “I am juicy and want a cock inside me” smell. And
that sharp, acrid “Wahooo! I am comiiiiiing, now!” smell.
Especially that second smell. Pheromones. That’s what it must
be. Who can think about pheromones with a nose stuck inside a
squirming pussy? I can. I don’t need air at a time like this.
(Oh, maybe a little through my mouth between licking and sucking
on your pussy). But I have you where I want you … bent over
the seat with my nose in your cunt from behind. And I am
sniffing as hard as I can to get that smell.

But you won’t let me satisfy you. How disappointing. I know you
liked it because You squirmed all over me. And there was just a
tiny hint of that second smell. But you quit before you came,
and climbed into the back seat. I am not far behind, and I land
in the seat next to you. You pop a few of my buttons to get to
my chest, but Hey. Shirts are cheap. Pussy is priceless. And I
am going to get into yours. Yes!

You grab my cock and squeeze, hard. I love it. And while you
start working your way from my neck down to my belly, I am
moaning with the pleasure of it all. Please don’t tease me.
Squeeze me harder. Suck on me hard! Yes! Your tongue gives the
end of my cock a quick lick, and I feel a jolt of intense
pleasure. Then your lips kiss the head of my penis, grab hold
tightly and SUCK on the end. Your hand continues to squeeze the
rest of my rock hard shaft, slowly sliding up and down. Then I
feel you slowly, but with intense suction, sliding your mouth
further down. The pressure of your lips, tongue, and hand is
sheer ecstasy. I can feel my semen being sucked into the
channel, and I whimper, “I want to screw.”

In the meantime, I have found your pussy with my fingers. You
are now laying on your side with your mouth smoothly and firmly
sucking up and down my cock. Your top leg opens up for me, and
you roll almost onto your back. Your legs are now wide apart for
me. I lay across you and grab your inner thighs with both hands.
I open your outer pussy lips with my thumbs and rub your clitoris
between them. Then I bury my nose into your pussy again. I wrap
my arms around your ass and suck on your hot, juicy cunt as hard
as you are sucking on me. I want to screw you, but you won’t let

I feel now that it is too late. I really don’t like coming inside
a girl’s mouth, because I never know how she is going to like it.
But you were warned. I stop long enough to yell. “Stop. I’m
coming” But You just increase your slippery, sliding, sucking
pace. Faster, faster. Oh, no. It’s too late! I’m coming. And
I bury my face and tongue inside your pussy and pump, and fuck,
and push, and suck, and squeeze you with my arms as my semen and
sperm rushes and pumps and slides up my penis into your sucking
mouth. It seems to go on forever. Unbelievable intense agony
and pleasure. Pump, spurt, pump, spurt. Ten, fifteen times.
Then pump, twitch. Pump, twitch. Over and over. And through it
all I am rubbing my nose, lips and tongue in that second smell.



Oh, I love the taste of a mans cum … I really sucked him off
well. He couldn’t even sit still. And the way he sucked on my
pussy. God, he’s good at that.

Well, it’s starting to get soft. We’ll fix that. I wanted to
make him cum before I let him fuck me so that when I finally
did, he should last longer. I start licking his balls, the
inside of his thighs, and circle down to his anus. Oh, yes, it’s
starting to get hard again. After a short rest, you’re eating my
pussy again, too. Oh, baby, stick your fingers deep inside of
me. Tickle my asshole, baby!!

I continue to licking and kissing your balls, finally taking
them into my mouth and gently biting them. I lick up and down
your shaft, and sensing that you are ready, I come up, pull your
face from my pussy, and kiss you deeply. You recoil a little at
first, tasting your own cum, but them kiss me back deeply.

I move and sit on your lap, plunging your cock deep in my pussy



You really got me this time. I’ve enjoyed sex with new friends
before. But never like this. Never in the back seat of a car,
without even knowing your name. You were so good! And you still
are. My penis is loosing its hardness. I am spent. But you
don’t move away like I expect. Instead, you shift your hips a
little so I can lick you more. You tilt your hips so that my
nose is buried inside you while I suck your clitoris. I gently
chew, ever so lightly, on your inner and outer pussy lips, and
stroke deep inside your juicy love box with a few fingers. Your
mouth is still wrapped around my cock, and I can hardly stand the
exquisite torture of your tongue rubbing it and sucking all of my
semen and sperm out of it.

I can see your anus because your legs are so wide apart for me.
I slide some lubrication all over my fingers, and smear it on the
outside of your honey hole. I have never done this before. You
must like it, because you tilt even more towards me. I study
what I am doing, because I want to do it right. As I rub little
circles around your back door, I see the wrinkles smooth out.
The muscle begins to relax, and I can scratch lightly around the
inside edge. More and more, your anal sphincter becomes smooth
and puffy. It even seems to be trying to turn itself inside out
for me, so that I can itch more of the smooth inner wall.

I haven’t been playing with your pussy for a few minutes, and it
is twitching all by itself. I bury my nose, lips and tongue in
it again. At the same time, I gently itch inside your anus with
the tip of my finger. My slow, short strokes — in, out, and
twisting — are really getting to you. You start squirming under
me, moan loudly, and then jerk a few times. At the same time,
nose deeply buried in your cunt, I get another strong whiff of
that special, oh-so-wonderful sharp smell. I am not the macho
type, but knowing you just came again fills me with pride.

From your non-stop licking and sucking action, from your obvious
horniness, and from the powerful pheromones filling my nose, I
swell to ready hardness again. You slowly disengage your mouth,
giving the end of my cock a long minute of loving, kissing and
sucking attention, and wiggle out from under me. We sit up and
you climb onto my lap. Your full breasts are bare, and I cup
them in my hands and suck on your nipples. Then, you lift my
chin and plant your open mouth on mine. I don’t like the taste
of my semen. But my initial reaction is overcome by your horny
body climbing all over me. Your hand reaches down to guide my
stiff cock into your wet love box.

Our mouths are locked in a passionate kiss. Our lips, teeth, and
tongues are sucking, licking and gently biting each others lips
and tongues. My hands explore your breasts, and I carefully and
gently pull and roll your nipples with my fingers. You squirm
around to lubricate my cock with your pussy juice. Then you
grunt deeply and settle yourself all the way down to its base. I
am squeezing your ass, and rubbing it all over. I reach far down
around the curve until my fingers feel your outer and inner pussy
lips wrapped around my cock. My hands under you give you enough
support to get your feet onto the car seat. Now you are
squatting on me, using your legs to slide all the way up my
shaft — almost pulling yourself off me, but not quite. Then all
the way down. And again. Slowly. And again. I love it, and
feel like I can go on like this for hours. I am ready to make
love with you as long as you want.



I squat down until your cock is buried deep within me. I slowly
inch up until you’re almost out of me, then back down, enjoying
your cock stretching my vaginal walls outward. I continue to
move up and down, building up slowly.

I lean forward slightly, guiding my nipples to your mouth. You
begin to suck on them. I whisper into your ear to bite them
gently. You comply.

I am close to cumming once again, having trouble believing I’m
doing this with someone I don’t even know. I take your hand
which is squeezing my ass and guide it to my anus. You lubricate
your fingers with our love juices, then slowly begin to probe my
puckered asshole. As it enters, I am transported to new heights
of ecstasy, and am barely coherent of what I’m doing. I feel you
building as well, our fucking movements more intense, faster,

I probe my hand between our legs and squeeze your balls. That
does it. You begin pumping under me with a fury unknown, and I
return every thrust. Faster, harder, until ooooohhhhh …

We come together …. it takes some time …. spent, we lie in
each others arms ………….



Now that all of the urgency of frantic, first-time sexual abandon
has been taken care of, we settle into smooth love-making. Your
striking hazel eyes gaze into mine steadily. For the first time,
we are speaking to each other. Not with words, but with our eyes
and bodies. Up until now it was lust. You sucked me off because
you love the idea of sucking cock. And you love the smell and
taste of semen and sperm. I sucked you off because I love the
idea of sucking pussy. And I love the smell and taste of pussy

After I came in your mouth I was satisfied. And I continued to
lick your pussy and play with you to give you pleasure. After
you came the second time you were satisfied. And you continued
loving care and kisses on the end of my cock to give me pleasure.
Our union now is almost tearful, as we share this wonderful
intimate knowledge of each other. As you squat on my hard penis,
I can feel your vaginal walls caressing me. And I support you
by your ass to help you achieve maximum pleasure. We take long,
deep strokes. I try to make the hard edge around the tip of my
cock reach you all over inside — to scratch your inner itches,
to caress your inner walls, to rub against your clitoris and
your G spot. You are massaging my cock from base to tip with
your muscles. You use your legs to give full range of motion, to
kiss and rub the head of my cock with your pussy lips, to rub the
sensitive outer nerve bundle with slow, full strokes.

You lift your breasts to my mouth because you know I am hungry
for them. You whisper in my ear, “Bite them gently,” because
you know I want desperately to suck and chew on your nipples. I
bury my face between your breasts, and rub my beard up and down,
side to side. I squeeze your breasts together, and nuzzle them.
Then I take both nipples at once into my mouth. Softly, I suck
on them. Gently, I chew on them. My hands caress and squeeze
the fullness of your breasts as I nurse on your nipples.

After a long time of dizzy heaven, your pace begins to pick up. I
sense that you are shifting into an instinctive biological
rhythm. Perhaps it is in time with your heartbeat. Your
whimpers strike a chord deep in my loins, and I feel my semen
building pressure again. I reach further around your ass to feel
my cock sliding inside your pussy. Long, deep strokes. Very
slippery. Moving faster. My wet fingers brush against your
anus, and I feel you spread your ass cheeks wider for me. I
touch around the edges, and you shift your ass to center your
anus my finger. The sphincter muscle relaxes as I scratch around
its inner edge. I push a finger upward a little on your
upstroke, and you reverse quickly to capture my finger tip.

You have now moved into overdrive. But you are not by yourself.
Your eyes lock onto mine and you are smiling, humming, and
moaning. “Come with me, Baby,” you huskily whisper. Hmmmmm.
Hmmmmm. We are breathing and humming and softly whimper-moaning
together, in time with our long, slippery strokes. “Come with
me, Baby,” you urge me. Your hand reaches around behind you, and
you gently rub and manipulate my balls. “Come with me. Now,”
you insist. Your hand sends thrills of pleasure through me. I
feel the semen enter the channel, filling it to the head of my
cock again. My eyes fill with tears at the exquisite pleasure of
your pussy strokes, your hand strokes, your nipples teasing my
chest, your lips sucking on mine, your eyes holding mine. “Come
with me. Now. Yes. Now. YES.” And I go over the edge. “Yes,
I’m coming. Yes. Now. YES”. We push and shove and fuck and
squirm and slide and pump and squirt and squeeze and hug and
kiss and pump and fuck. Over and over again. Over and over.
YES. Over and over. Pumping, squeezing, twitching, squirming,
pushing and hugging and kissing. Hugging and kissing. Twitching
and kissing. Hugging and squeezing and crying and kissing and
sucking and rubbing. Over and over. Over and over. And Over…
and over.

We gently glide to a quivering stop in each others arms. I am
rubbing and stroking your arms and back and waist and ass. You
are rubbing my shoulders and neck and beard and hair, smothering
me with wet, sloppy kisses as I am doing to you. We are
whimpering and moaning. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm.
Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmm. Softly. Almost like cats purring. Our arms
glide slowly to rest around each other. We snuggle into each
other’s arms. I shift my hips further down so you can lay
flatter on me. Your feet have already slipped out from under
you. You snuggle your hips across mine, knees spread wide on
each side. We rest. We murmur. We fall asleep. Hmmmmmmm.

You Pick Me Up

I’m wondering how in hell I am going to make it to the party.
That lousy car of mine screwed me again. Middle of Nowhere! Oh
well. Might as well get out the old thumb. I can see a car
coming from the distance.

VVVVRRRRROOOOOOMMMMM! “HEYYYYY! Not so Close!” Damn sports car
drivers think they own the …! (Screeech) What the hell?
Stopping? Backing up? Why would anybody stop for me anyway?
Hmmmmm. Nice. I always liked red sports cars and sporty women.
Be cool. This chick must’ve seen something she likes. (“Keep
your mouth shut, and let her lead,” I’m thinking to myself.) I
point helplessly at my heap of worthless junk, steaming its life
away. Continue reading “You Pick Me Up”