Cuckold wife

I first met Vicki about 7 years ago when we were both
23. She hired in to the company where I worked, but we had
very little initial contact. Vicki was fairly plain, not
too pretty; a typical female engineer. I was not drawn to
her, for she was definitely not my type. Her short hair was
dirty blond, her breasts were 36a, and her hips were
slightly hefty. My girlfriend Amy, however, had long
brunette hair, a 40d-26-36 figure, and loved sex. There
just wasn’t much reason for me to be interested in Vicki.
Our company has about 10,000 employees, and our
department over 200 people amassed in a large office area,
so Vicki and I did not have any opportunity to get to know
one another that first year. The only times that we spoke,
we started a fake/hostile relationship, always giving each
other a hard time. But that was just her nature. During
this time I became engaged to Amy, and we planned to marry
in the fall of 85.
During the summer of 85, we ended up as engineers in
the same section. A desk next to me became vacant, and
Vicki ended up sitting there. Quickly we became friends,
still always giving each other a hard time. Still I felt no
great attraction for her in a sexual manner (besides the
natural male curiosity), and our relationship soon began to
turn into a brother/sister interdependence. Both of us are
only-childs, so the experience was kind of unique for us.
Vicki clearly let me know that she found me in no
way attractive in a sexual manner. While I felt the same,
the more that she pointed this out to me, the more she
became attractive.
Amy was never jealous of Vicki. First of all, Amy is
not the jealous type, but second, Amy knows my taste in
women, and Vicki clearly did not meet the mold.
On schedule, Amy and I married in October of 85. Vicki
came to the wedding, bringing one of her first dates in
months. Vicki rarely dated, and was a self admitted virgin.
Meeting her, you would understand. She really looked like
the kind of girl who would become a lesbian, controlled by
some butch partner. However, she was straight, and I could
tell she really longed for a boyfriend. I even tried to set
her up with a few friends of mine, but I think she felt
uncomfortable dating my friends (as though they might tell
me something behind her back). Because of this, none of her
dates ever got serious, and she was not a first-date kisser.
Since she did not go out much, Vicki would always end
up doing things with my wife and I. I know that she felt
like a third wheel, so we always tried to invite her to
group activities where there were other single people. A
bunch of us even went to Disney World together in the spring
of 86. We took over three rooms in the Contemporary Resort
and had a blast.
Finally, around Christmas of 86, Vicki started to go
out with Rick (we quickly dubbed them Rick & Vick). Rick
was a little older than her, and had just broken up from a
serious relationship, so he was not in any hurry to rush
into anything again. This casual approach to their
relationship put Vicki at ease, and by the fall of 87 they
were truly in love. Vicki never revealed the exact date,
but I think she lost her virginity about October of 87 to
Rick was very good for her. Vicki’s self-confidence
really began to build. She started working out at a health
club, she bought better clothes (even purchasing a few mini-
skirts which were just coming back into style), and she
really started to wear the make-up well. A new hairstyle
complemented her change, and she really began to attract
some attention.
The time spent working out really helped her figure.
Her slightly pear-shaped behind became the talk of our
department as it metamorphosized into a tight, shapely ass.
Her clothes were not so plain anymore. While not sexy by
any means, they did fit her better, and were of brighter
colors. Jeans and slacks definitely fit her better, and she
knew it. More than once I gasped aloud when she bent over
in front of me. Of course she would pretend to get mad and
angry with me, but I knew that she enjoyed the attention.
Her make-up and hairstyle really made her look
beautiful. Vicki’s hair was now a lighter blond, and it had
grown shoulder-length. She never failed to turn a
And then came the breasts. Vicki started on “THE PILL”
in the summer of 88. Her hormones began to react, and by
Christmas of 88 she had gone from a 36a to a 36c. We’re
talking the difference between bumps and breasts here. It
was as though she had gone through puberty at 26. Once
again she became the talk of the department, and I actually
became quite proud of the fact that she spent all of her
free time at work with me. Guys would actually ask me what
my secret was.
But Vicki and I still remained just best friends. Our
relationship had not changed much, except that she did not
need my company outside of work. Rick (who became her
husband in July of 89), had his own set of friends, and they
usually did things with them. Rick and I were not
necessarily comfortable together, and usually avoided the
situation. I’m an engineer and kind of a computer geek,
were Rick is an office manager and a Raiders’ fan, and
little else really matters. But I like him; he is
definitely good to Vicki, and very good for her.
Vicki, being a virgin up until Rick, was clearly
faithful. While I joked at sex with her a few times, she still
quickly let me know that it would be impossible. I know
that she didn’t really take me seriously anyway. Our
brother/sister friendship continued.
In 1990, Amy and I had a daughter. One year later,
almost to the day, Vicki had a daughter as well. This gave
us even more to talk about as we compared notes, exchanged
clothes, and talked about such wonderful things as diapers
and rashes. And one thing both Amy and Vicki had in common
was breast feeding.
Amy’s breasts had grown to 42DD over the summer of
1990. It was really amazing, but they were always so sore
and tender that Amy could not breast feed, let alone
withstand me playing with them. She had to use an electric
pump to get the milk, and feed our baby with a bottle. Here
were two marvellous mountains of flesh which were as
untouchable as sacred Indian ground. One of my favorite sex
acts was the old pearl necklace, but Amy definitely could
not stand to have my cock between her tits. Oh well, the
breast feeding only went on until Thanksgiving. Quickly her
breasts returned to their original 40D.
Vicki however was amazing. Those breasts which had
been 36a’s in 1983 were now well over 38DD. The change was
incredible. 38DD’s are just as large as 42DD’s, the only
difference is 4 inches in the diameter of the rib cage.
So Vicki’s tits were now as large as my wife’s had been.
When she came back to work after her maternity leave, it
was quite a pleasure to see her try and fit into her
pre-pregnancy tops. Her tits were just enormous, and I
just couldn’t help but stare at times.
Vicki seemed to take this rather well. Although she
constantly complained about their size and weight, she only
seemed to be flattered by my attention.
On one particular day, she arched her back and
stretched, immediately drawing my attention. A poor button
gave up its life and popped off, flying across our cubicle.
We both completely cracked-up laughing. “My god Vicki.
They’re incredible! I think I would have died if I was as
close as that button too.”
She just laughed some more and shook a threatening
finger at me.
Vicki would always disappear right after lunch as she
went to our company’s medical department to pump the milk
from her breasts. I always volunteered to go and guard the
door for her, or to hold the pump, but she would just shake
her head and call me a pervert. After pumping, the milk
would be stored in her purse-sized ice chest.
This went on all summer until September of 1991 (I
write this less than a month after IT happened). Vicki and
I were assigned to go out of town together on a business
trip. Both of us are trainers for our department’s CAD-CAM
system, so we were sent to a CAD class in Alabama. The
class was on a Monday and Tuesday, so we planned to fly out
on the Monday morning red-eye, and return on Tuesday
evening. This way she would only have to be gone from her
daughter about 40 hours. She had gotten ahead in pumping
milk, so her husband had a good supply to take care of their
daughter until Vicki returned. Since a woman cannot turn
off the milk supply, Vicki planned to bring the pump with
her and pump on the trip. This milk would then be discarded
since it would be too difficult to carry back on the plane.
Vicki and I really started to look forward to our trip
together. It would be really nice to get away from our
spouses and children (mine was a holy terror by this time).
We would also get to spend some non-work time together. We
took the usual ribbing from our co-workers and our spouses,
but no one was serious. Vicki and I had been friends for so
long; certainly if anything was going to happen, it would
have happened by now. Right?
We arrived in Alabama right on time. Since I had been
here before (and since it is kinda the male thing to do), I
rented the car and we made it to the class with time to
spare. The class lasted until 3:00, and we skipped out of
the afternoon lab so we could check in to our hotel. Vicki
also needed to pump, after which we would explore the town.
It was incredibly hot for September, so we really wanted to
get out of our good clothes.
Our rooms were in the same wing of the hotel, opening
out into a common hall. The were typical rooms with double beds,
a dresser, a nightstand w/ bible, a table, and two chairs.
The T.V. was at least 15 years old, and being in the bible belt,
there was no adult channel. Oh well, I’d live. It would
only be one night.
At 5:30 I knocked on her door. After the usual “just a
minute” she opened it.
“WOW!” I exclaimed. She was wearing a jean miniskirt
and hot pink tee-shirt which was filled with those two
gigantic melons. Her maternity bra was clearly visible
under the thin material. I could only imagine what this outfit
would look like braless.
“Watch it” she responded sternly. “It’s just too hot
to wear anything else.”
“I’m watching it!”
She shot me a dirty look and started down the hall
towards the parking lot. Her legs looked great. Once
again, because of the heat, she wasn’t wearing hose. And
with her left-over summer tan and fit-and-trim legs, she
didn’t need them. I only wished that I could see more of
her ass. Transfixed I followed her.
We spent our government per-diem at a Chinese
restaurant, and found a small mall to walk around in
(which was thankfully airconditioned). There
just wasn’t much else to do in this mid-sized town.
We found two theaters in the mall, so we ended up seeing
Terminator 2 (I for the third time). Vicki’s
husband just wasn’t into those types of movies so it was her
first time. When the movie got out, it was 10:30 so we headed
back to the hotel, pausing briefly to get ice-cream at a very
packed Dairy Queen which had been trying to close since 10:00.
We said goodnight and parted in the hall. I turned on
the T.V., hit the john, and sat back to watch the news. At
least they had CNN. I quickly called my wife, told her I
was still alive, and she assured me that she and my daughter
were as well. Nothing exciting had happened since 4:00 that
morning, so we quickly said goodbye.
After this full day, I failed to realize how tired that
I was, and quickly dozed off while watching David Goodnow on
CNN Headline.
About 15 minutes later the phone in my room rang.
“Hello?” My heart was racing after being abruptly awaken.
“We need to go out.” It was Vicki, and she was
speaking in her distressed voice.
“I need to get something.”
“What?” I repeated, slightly annoyed. She was always
pulling crap like this.
“I dropped the pump on the bathroom floor and it
“I’ll be over in a second.” I was still dressed and
merely walked the few steps down the hall to her door and knocked.
“Just a minute.” God she was so predictable! I could
hear her putting clothes back on. She opened the door and
was dressed as before, but I was just too tired to care.
The broken pump was on the sink in the bathroom.
A plastic funnel covers the breast, and it had broken into
about 20 different pieces. Without it, the pump could not
build up suction and was therefore useless. The pump
itself, as well as the collection bottle was undamaged.
Vicki had moved to the desk/dresser and was
looking through the Yellow Pages section of the phone book.
“I called several places already, but none of them are open
this late.”
“Where would you buy one anyway?”
“Well, K-mart or Ventura normally. Or a drugstore.
But this town completely closes by 10:00.”
I picked the bed that Vicki was not using and stretched
out with her suitcase. Meanwhile, she tried every single
drugstore in the book. Nearly a quarter of them were open
late, but only the pharmacies. No one had a breast pump.
“Dang!” she exclaimed (hard language for her). “Who
else would sell them?”
“Oh, like I would know,” I replied. “Can’t you hold
off until morning?”
“No way. It hurts like crazy now. It was murder
getting through the ice-cream.” But I knew she’d do
anything, suffer any pain, for ice cream.
“This isn’t something that a 7-11 would sell.” I
thought back to my own experiences with breast pumps. I had
only seen them at one place besides a store. “You could
call a hospital. They could probably use your milk.”
She smiled and snapped her fingers. “Good idea.”
The next barrage of phone calls lasted until midnight.
Basically they went as follows:
Hospital one had no maternity ward.
Hospital two accepted donations, but only during the
day shift, and only from women who had been checked out by
their lab. Vicki stressed that this was an emergency, so
they connected her to the emergency room clerk. The clerk
told her that pumping was not considered an emergency, but
since she was from out of town they would do it. She would have
to pay $417.00 (cash) or get authorization from our company’s
Hospital three was a trauma center.
Hospital four repeated hospital two, except it was over
Call five went out to our insurance company (whose 24-
hour number our travel itinerary thoughtfully had printed on
it). Basically, to them, breast pumping was not an
emergency. Authorization refused. Vicki insisted that she
speak with a supervisor, who happened to be a doctor. He
also refused explaining that a mistake on her part (such as
breaking her pump) was not going to be insured, especially
for $417.00.
Between us we had $100.00, the hospitals wouldn’t take
a check, and neither of our bank cards would work anywhere
in this town. The hotel wouldn’t cash anything larger than
$50.00, and there were no Easy-Ed’s 24 hour check cashing
centers. Even the Western Union was closed until 6:00 am.
Already I could see that the breast pads in her
maternity bra were soaked. Dark circles were appearing on
her shirt at the tips of her huge tits. “Vicki, can you use
your fingers to force the milk out?”
“No, that just doesn’t work. It gets the milk started,
but it won’t do well enough.” She was still scanning
through the phone book, I think nearly on the verge of
tears. “Maybe I should call my doctor. He could talk to
the insurance company.”
“Well, all you really need is a baby.”
“Great,” she glared at me. “Where am I going to find
one of those?”
“I’ll volunteer,” I replied half jokingly. The joke
suddenly sent signals to my groin and I stared openly at her
“Well, you could wait until your tits exploded.” She
turned back to the phone book. “Listen Vicki, I’m serious.
I’d do it for you.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you would.”
“Well, problem solved then.”
She actually looked as though she considered it for a
moment, then replied: “No way, you’d enjoy it too much.”
So might you, I thought. “You’re running out of
choices. Besides, I’d promise not to enjoy it.”
She laughed at that. “Right.”
“No one would ever have to know, and tomorrow morning
we’ll buy you another pump.”
She paused for a moment. “Just what are you purposing
that you do to help me?” As if she didn’t know. “Nurse?”
“Babies aren’t the only ones with suction. It’s not
like a sex act or anything.”
She was quiet again and went back to the phone book for
several minutes. A hand went up to rub the side of one
throbbing breast. “If I agreed to this, how would we do
“I take it Rick has never tried this before?” I myself
had only once. Amy’s breasts were just too sensitive to
allow it.
“No, don’t be gross.”
“Why is it gross? Your baby does it every day.”
“That’s different.”
She paused again. I could see the engineer’s mind
looking for alternatives, but I had given her an easy way
out of the problem, and it was getting critical.
“You wouldn’t tell anyone?” she asked.
“Who would believe me?”
“If Rick were to find out…”
“There’s no way he could find out. This isn’t
something to feel guilty about. We’re friends Vicki, I
think maybe our friendship could survive this.”
“I don’t want you to touch me.” She said. “How would
we do this?”
“You would sit on the bed, and I’d put my head in your
“I can’t sit like that, I’ve tried it while feeding
before. I have to have my back against something.” The
headboards on these beds were made up of shelves, and
clearly could not support someone’s back, and the pillows
were too small to be of any use.
“Then I’ll sit on a chair, and you sit facing me on my
lap.” I couldn’t fight the erection groin in my jeans, I
only hoped that she wouldn’t see it. At this, I got up and
told her to stand up. Between the frustration, the pain,
and her exhaustion, Vicki seemed to give in. The chair for
the desk had no arms, so it would work perfectly. I moved
it into the center of the room, between the two beds’
She looked at me sternly and said: “I’m only doing
this because I’m in incredible pain.”
“So am I. I’m only thinking of you.” I couldn’t hold
back an ear-to-ear grin.
“Right.” She moved over to the desk lamp and shut it
“You don’t need to turn the lights off,” I said taking
my seat.
Hotels have about a million different lights in the
rooms (none of which are bright enough to do any good). She
moved to the entryway to turn off that light, then the two
headboards, then the nightstand, and then the hanging light
over the table. She also made certain that the drapes were
together. She did, however, leave the bathroom light on.
Next she took her shirt off, but all I could see was
her silhouette against the drapes. I realized that she was
opening the nursing flaps on the bra, and removing the
nursing pads (these round funky pads that soak up milk when
a woman starts to “leak”). She moved to me, hesitated a
moment, then straddled my lap placing her hands on the back
of the chair to either side of my head. I could make out
the outline of her breast protruding from the bra, but it
was too dark to see the nipple. She started to move her
breast towards my mouth. “Let me do this,” she commanded.
I was only happy to be here.
I felt her right nipple press against my lip. As I
opened my mouth I felt a high pressure stream of warm liquid
hit the back of my throat. I moved forward until my lips
circled her nipple and pressed firmly against the flesh. A
gasp escaped her lips as the pressure was released.
The milk was very warm, but being body temperature, I
almost couldn’t feel it in my mouth, but I could
definitely taste it. Breast milk is very sweet, and really
not too bad. As I sucked on her breast I could feel the
nipple harden between my lips and I couldn’t help but tongue
it a few times. Each time she gasped, but didn’t pull back.
The breast was also getting very warm, a side-effect of
producing milk.
By this time I had a full erection, but she sat
back near my knees and couldn’t feel it; and in the dark
she couldn’t see it. I didn’t let it worry me. I just
went with the feeling.
As I continued to nurse and lick her nipple she started
to slightly squirm until at one point she pulled her breast
completely away. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Sensitive.” She replied.
“Am I hurting you?”
Her voice turned to a whisper. “No, it’s just
sensitive.” Even in the dark I could tell that she was blushing.
“Well, you can’t run away,” and with that I slipped my
hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. My mouth
made contact with the top of the bra, and I followed her
curves back down to naked flesh. I then extended my tongue,
licking my way back to the nipple; she actually moaned
aloud. I pulled her even closer and I felt her come in
contact with the bulge in my jeans. Due to the fact that
she had on a miniskirt, only the thin material of her
panties separated her from my jeans. My cock pressed hard
against her as I continued to nurse.
Obviously feeling my erection, she tried to pull away,
but I had her firmly about the waist. The movement only
accented her squirming, and I intensified my sucking and
tongue action. Her left breast kept hitting my right
cheek, soaking it with leaking milk. Within only a few
moments her attempts at escape became gentle rubbing against
my bulge. The milk became thicker, and I knew this breast
was about done.
As the right breast went dry, my hands went up to the
back of her bra. I quickly unhooked it. She didn’t say a
word. As I took my lips away from her nipple, I pulled the
bra forward, and down her arms. Running my hands up her
stomach to her chest, I cupped both enormous breasts. I
guided her left breast to my mouth and began to nurse again.
My left hand toyed a moment with her spent breast, and with
her nipple which was nearly 1/2 an inch long. She started
to rub her crotch against my cock again, and I could only
imagine that her panties must be soaked. I couldn’t smell
her however due to the aroma of the milk.
As I started to quickly tongue the left breast, and tug
gently on the nipple of the right one, Vicki began to
intensify her movements. Within a few moments her hands
left the back of the chair and wrapped around my neck
forcing my face hard against her breast. Suddenly the
movements became a bucking, and she started to moan loudly,
an orgasm coming upon her. I continued to suck but her
jerking became frantic and I lost her breast which then
sprayed my face with milk. She continued to moan and rub
her cunt against my cock.
The next thing I knew two breast were hitting me in the
face as she stood (while still straddling me) and leaned
forward. A hand touched my crotch and traced its way up to
my zipper. In seconds her hand was fishing through my open
fly, and soon pulled my throbbing cock out. “Please,” is
all she said.
Why she was asking me, I don’t know, for I really
didn’t have a say in the matter. Using her right hand, she
moved the crotch of her panties aside. Using her left, she
grasped my cock and guided it against her hot, moist pussy.
I felt the lips of her cunt spread open, and then she sat
down, engulfing me it a very warm, velvety vice.
“Oh God,” I exclaimed.
“Please,” she repeated. “Suck me.”
I quickly found her breast again and continued to suck.
Now her movements were up and down on my cock, and she
continued to moan loudly. I could clearly feel the lips of
her pussy around my shaft as she fucked me. Within seconds
she had another orgasm and I followed immediately. It
hadn’t even taken 30 seconds from the time I entered her.
I came in her cunt for at least a minute while she thrashed
about, and while I continued to nurse.
Despite the incredible sensitivity in my cock, I stayed
in her and continued to suck. She merely sat still and
breathed hard. I could feel her heart beating through her
breasts and against my lips. As this breast started to go dry,
she began moving up and down on my cock again, which had
never lost more than half of its erection. Soon I was hard
again, and she was moaning. Since the breast was now dry,
I moved back to the other one and began to lick the nipple.
“Yes!” She moaned. “Lick me.”
I continued to lick her, alternating from breast to
“Fuck me Vicki, common, fuck me.” I said to her.
She increased her pace and moaned louder.
Noting that this talk seemed to turn her on, I tried
some more: “Common Vicki, fuck me. Ride my cock. You’re
fucking ME Vicki. Do you like fucking my cock with your
“Yes…” is all she could say. Her head was back and
she was using all of her energy to move up and down. “…I …want IT again .”
“You want to come on me again? You want to come on my

“Then grind you pussy against me. Feel my cock in your
This took her over the edge and her hips moved in a
blur as she came on my cock again. She was just too wet, so
I really couldn’t feel her that well, and the speed was
wrong for me, so I didn’t come with her. Instead, I lifted
her up (still attached to my cock) and moved to the bed.
She went down back first, with me on top, her legs
straddling my waste. I pulled out and took off my clothes,
then quickly removed her panties, leaving her in only the
mini skirt. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide
apart, then re-mounted her. My cock sunk down to the
hilt, and I could clearly feel my balls against her ass.
She moaned still again. I couldn’t believe I was finally
fucking Vicki, and that she was so turned on.
In only a few more strokes I could tell that she was
fairly numb, so I changed my attack. I pulled out of her
and moved up to straddle her chest. Clearly perplexed she
looked at me with questioning eyes. I reached down to her
gigantic tits and rapped them around my hard, wet cock.
After I began to fuck her cleavage, Vicki got the idea and
replaced my hands with hers. My only regret is that I
couldn’t see too well in the darkness.
Her tits were very firm. I could feel every inch of my
cock sliding in and out between them. Vicki actually moaned
slightly as she gave in to the illicit and unknown feelings
that she was having, and I could see that she was rubbing
her nipples with her index fingers while cupping her
breasts, pushing them together. She also was grinding her
hips at the air, so I reached back and inserted a finger
into her cunt and found her clit with my thumb. After only
a few more minutes of watching this, I came again, soaking
her neck. While she didn’t come again, she was too tired to
She got up to go to the bathroom dropping her skirt on
the floor. I was asleep before she returned.

The next morning I awoke to find her beside me, still
asleep. Dried milk covered part of my face and chest. I
could hear a vacuum cleaner down the hall, and its sound had
slowly awoken me. I turned to stare at Vicki. The blanket
only covered her from the waste down, so for the first time
I looked upon her magnificent breasts in the light of the
morning sun. She lay slightly on her side, facing me, so
that her right breast lay on the sheet, and her left breast
lay on the right one. A man cupping both hands together
might be able to encompass one of them. The skin was very
tight, almost artificially smooth, with purple veins barely
exposed thought the flesh. The nipples were light brown,
almost pink, and now lay flat against the breast.
Her beautiful blond hair was sprawled upon the pillow,
and her lips slightly parted in a smile as she slept. I
watched her for about a minute. Her breathing did
incredible things to her breasts and I began to feel an
erection once again.
I checked my watch and found it to be 10:15 am.
Neither of us had set an alarm. We were already over two
hours late for the class – oh what the hell!
The sounds of the vacuum seemed to be coming closer, so
I quietly slipped out of bed and placed the DO NOT DISTURB
sign on the door, ignoring the complimentary Wall Street
Journal. Opening the door made the vacuum sound even
louder, and the latch made a horrible click, but Vicki only
rolled onto her back and sighed. Her tits gave in to
gravity and spread slightly to either side.
I crept back into bed and carefully covered her right
nipple with my mouth, barely touching her flesh. Slowly I
worked my tongue across the nipple and began to build up a
suction. Just as milk began to flow, Vicki awoke in a haze
and moaned aloud.
I pulled my lips away for a second (getting sprayed
with milk from the built-up pressure), and said: “Good
She didn’t even try to resist, she just began to moan
again. As I continued to nurse, she started to squirm. I
slowly used my right hand to brush her left breast, then
followed the curve of her body down into the sheets. I moved
my hand over her stomach, past her bush (lightly touching
the hair), and began to rub her inner thighs. By the time I
had emptied the right breast, she was violently moving her
hips, trying to bring her clit in contact with my hand.
As I started to roll her towards me, so that I
could reach her left breast, Vicki completed the roll and
landed on top of me. I felt her hand grasp my cock again
as she inserted me into her soaking pussy. This caused the
blankets to slide down her back and fall to my knees, and
for the first time I had a partial view of her brown bush
(well, I knew she wasn’t really a light blond). Her hand
continued to hold the base of my cock as she fucked me.
Her eyes were closed, her back was arched, and her tits
obscenely hung down in front of my face. Using her free
hand, Vicki placed the left breast against my face without
opening her eyes. Taking the hint, I sucked the nipple into
my mouth and was immediately rewarded with a flow of milk.
She leaned farther forward and placed her hand on the
headboard to hold herself up. The other hand had moved to
my balls and was gently rubbing them.
Up until now, my hands had ahold of her waist,
but I slowly moved them down to her gorgeous ass and used
them to accelerate her movement. This seemed to really turn
her on, so I slowly slid a finger down the crack of her ass
until I touched her hole. The gasp was noticeable. I
moved my finger on down to where my cock plunged in and out
of her. I traced her pussy lips with my finger, and then touched
my shaft which was covered with her juices. Now wet, I slowly
inserted the tip of my finger into her ass as I continued to suck on
her tit.
It sort of shocked me, but Vicki pressed hard against
my finger, pressing it deep into her rectum, at the same
moment taking my cock extra deep into her cunt. She
screamed aloud, shook slightly, and collapsed on top of me in
orgasm, her breast somehow staying in my mouth. I then
started to come, filling her again with my load. She sighed
loudly in pleasure as I slid my finger out of her ass.
As our orgasms wound down, I continued to nurse until
her breast was empty. For the first time, she kissed me
directly on the mouth, tasting her own milk. We kissed like
this for nearly five minutes. As long as I live I will
never forget the feeling of her tongue against mine, her
breasts pressing into my chest, and my cock in her pussy,
growing stiff once again. She moved her hips slightly,
acknowledging the developing erection within her.
Moving like a cat, Vicki kissed down my chin, over my
chest (sliding off of my shaft), and down to my stomach, her
breasts tracing a path until they came in contact with my
come-covered cock. Without even hesitating, my sweet
innocent Vicki engulfed my cock, eagerly devouring her own
cunt juices and my come. Those beautiful lips slid slowly
up my shaft until just the tip of the head was exposed, and
then she would slide my cock back into her mouth. After
continuing this for about five minutes, I was as hard as I
had ever been. She then took my cock from her mouth and
began to lick up and down the shaft like it was an ice cream
stick, her tongue lingering on the head. She would then
trace the entire length down to my balls, and even slipped
one of them into her mouth. I was going to come quite soon.
Sensing this, Vicki began to suck my cock again,
furiously licking at the shaft. Staring down at her bobbing
head, swaying breasts, and overall nakedness, I shot another
load into her mouth. I couldn’t have had much come left at
this point, but what there was she quickly swallowed. My
cock was incredibly sensitive this time, and I had to make
her stop.
“I can’t believe you’ve made me come four times this
quickly Vicki. I’ve never been this turned on in my life.”
She smiled, obviously proud of herself. “I can’t
believe you made me come so many times either,” she replied.
“I guess we’re gonna miss class.”
I laughed. “It looks like it.”
We then moved to the shower, both too sexual exhausted
even for any groping. All we did was kiss. And
passionately we kissed (especially for two people who had
not yet brushed their teeth).
I had to dress to go back to my room, and found that my
shirt was covered with dry milk, and that the area around
the fly in my jeans was covered with dried cunt juice.
However, in the few steps back to my room, no one noticed.
I retrieved my paper and put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign.
My room had not yet been done up by the maid. It was
then that I realized that the maid would know that we were
checking out today, and would wait to do our rooms until after
we left. The DO NOT DISTURB signs were most likely
meaningless. Oh well, better safe than walked in on.
By 11:30 we had dressed and checked out of the motel.
I had done the best I could to clean my shirt and jeans so
that Amy would not notice the stains when I returned home.
I usually did my own laundry anyway, so this would probably
not be a problem.
Once I had loaded the luggage into the trunk, we got in
the car and kissed across the console. I realized how
carefree we could be while in another city. “I thought you
didn’t like me in a sexual manner, Vicki.”
She smiled and looked away. “I thought I didn’t
either. But last night I realized that I’m…”
“That you’re what?”
She turned back and the tears started to flow.
“That I’m in love with you.” With that she started to
I chuckled and tried to hold her, the console again
getting in the way. “I’ve known that I was in love with you
too for quite a while. Why are you crying?”
“I’ve cheated on Rick…” More sobs.
I was quiet for a while, realizing that the guilt was
hitting her. “Vicki. While we’re together, our love
creates a universe just for you and me. We’re not quite
like lovers, we’re not quite like brother and sister, and
we’re not quite like friends. We have something different
now, something good and special. In no way should it
interfere with our other relationships. It’s just between
you and me. My love for you does not in any way lessen my
love for Amy. Likewise, when you go home, what happened
here has nothing to do with Rick anymore than it has to do
with your aunt Martha.”
Her crying stopped and she laughed. “I don’t have an
aunt Martha.”
“An uncle Bill?”
She nodded.
“Okay, …any more than it has to do with your uncle
Within a little while she was happy again, and we got
through lunch without too much trouble. We then drove
around some more until time to check in at the airport. We
talked about everything, except our night together. We even
bought her a new breast pump, which she ended up using
around 5:30 than evening at the airport.
“I could do that you know,” I offered.
“I know.” She actually smiled. “But I think I’ll use
the bathroom, and you’re not allowed in there.”
“Okay, fine.”

The flight back was uneventful and we returned to work
the next day. She explained that the night had gone really
well. The only thing that she felt guilty about was not
feeling guilty. Over a private lunch at a Wendy’s we talked
about it.
“I had no problem.” She told me. “I guess your
private universe speech made some kind of sense.”
“Good, I didn’t want you spilling your guts and having
Rick tear me apart,” which was definitely within his
“Well, if you remember,” her voice was a whisper, “I’m
the one who made all of the advances.” She blushed
“Yes. I remember. But I did come up with the
suggestion of substituting for your pump.”
In a Spock-like look she replied: “The only logical
solution.” She turned her head slightly and raised an
eyebrow. Leaning forward, she whispered again: “Besides,
when you suggested it, I was so turned on I could hardly
think straight. I don’t know why, but something snapped
inside of me at that moment.”
“Yes, and I snapped inside of you later.”
She blushed again.
When we got to the car, on impulse I pulled her to me
and kissed her hard. In seconds we were all over each other. I
began to massage her breasts, and shortly her blouse had
rings of milk forming on them
“I’ve soaked through the pads,” she said. “You’ll have
to drop by my house so I can change.”
“No problem.” I smiled to myself.
She noticed the smile and replied: “And nothing is
going to happen. We have to get back to work.”
“No problem,” I repeated.
After we reached her house and stepped inside, I turned
her to me and kissed her again. She didn’t even pretend to
resist. As I frenched her, I slowly undid the buttons on
her blouse and was soon removing her bra. I then placed my
hand in the center of her back and forced her backwards,
arching her back. This thrust her tits upward, and I
quickly sucked the right one into my mouth. I began to
drink her milk once again.
Soon we moved to the couch and I continued to drain her
breast while kneeling before her as she sat on the edge of
the cushion. Meanwhile, my fingers rubbed the crotch of her
slacks as she moved against my hand. When the breast was
empty, I unbuttoned her slacks and pulled them off of her,
taking her panties, shoes and socks with them. I spread her
legs wide, and for the first time looked at her gaping cunt
in daylight. The lips were still closed, but the juice
running from them was evident. As I attacked the other
breast, my fingers went to work, starting from her ankles
and moving up her legs.
As I reached her crotch, Vicki began to moan again. I
slowly opened her lips and inserted two fingers into her
cunt. I continued to work them in and out for the ten
minutes it took me to drain her breast. By this time she
was nearing an orgasm.
Kissing down her stomach, I moved my lips to her clit.
You would have thought that I shot her the way she jumped.
Within seconds her fingers were in my hair, and she pressed
my mouth hard against her cunt. I removed my fingers and
replaced them with my tongue, sliding it as far up her juicy
pussy as I could. I sucked her clit, licked her cunt, and
moved down to tongue her ass. All of these actions had her
bouncing up and down on the couch cushion.
My fingers were completely soaked, and they had nothing
better to do, so I inserted my index finger into her
asshole. This really got her bucking, so I invader her with
both fingers. She forced herself up and down, fucking her
ass with my fingers. This kept my tongue moving from cunt-
lips to clit. In only a matter of seconds she came again.
I was so incredibly turned on by this point that I
practically ripped my clothes off. Lying before me was an
incredible blond still grinding her hips in post-orgasm.
Her hair was tossed wildly on the back of the couch, and those
giant tits swayed erotically from her movement. Her legs
were spread wide apart, and her cunt was gaping open. Juices
and saliva ran down to the crack of her ass. My
cock was rock hard and she spread her legs wider when she
saw it. I have never seen such a look of hunger on
someone’s face. I’m sure that mine mirrored hers.
I again knelt before her and slid my cock deep into her
cunt. I could clearly see her lips spread to take my shaft,
and I felt the tightness of her hole. As I withdrew my
length, I could see her pussy lips cling to my juice-covered
“Look Vicki, look and see me fucking you.”
Her eyes came open and she looked down to where we were
connected. “Look at my cock fucking your cunt.”
She began to moan with each thrust, but her eyes
remained riveted to my shaft. Realizing that her vantage
point did not actually let her see the penetration, I
slipped my hands under her knees and lifted her legs,
forcing her cunt higher, and causing her breasts to roll up
and down with each thrust. She now had a pretty good view
of my cock pistoning in and out. “Touch my cock Vicki.
Feel how much juice is on it.”
Vicki lowered her hand to my cock and used her fingers
to trace from my pubic hair, down my wet cock, and to her
clit. Without any coaxing, she began to furiously
masturbate, rubbing her clit wildly.
“That’s it, play with your cunt.” I was sweating
bullets by now. My cock was incredibly hard, but I had come
so much in the last two days that I knew I could hold out
for a while. “Come on, finger your cunt.”
Vicki’s only reply was with moans. I pushed her knees
back towards her shoulders even further, allowing even
deeper penetration. At the same time, her ass was brought
higher in the air, and I again inserted my fingers into her
backdoor. As I fucked her pussy, I wiggled my fingers
Just as she was about ready to come her chest began to
flush. Recognizing this sign, I pulled out of her, fingers
and cock. Her eyes went wide in panic, and her fingers
stopped moving on her clit. However, before she could form
a question, I slid the entire length of my cock up her cunt-
juice lubricated ass. The tightness was incredible, but
there was so much come on my cock that I went in to the
For a second I thought that she was going to get mad,
but as I began to pump in her asshole, she started to move
her fingers once again. “What are you doing?” she asked
“I’m fucking you in the ass Vicki. Use your other hand
to play with your cunt too.”
Her right hand worked over her clit, while her left
moved down to her gaping pussy. Soon she had two fingers
plunging deep inside. This action brought her arms against
her body, forcing her tits together, making them appear
larger than ever before. If this were not enough, she now
arched her spine, head back and eyes closed.
“Oh God,” she moaned. “Please fuck my ass.”
Finally she had said something really crude; words which
I never thought to hear from Vicki. But then I never expected to
see this lust on her face, those huge tits swaying wildly
with my thrusts, her fingers all over her cunt, or my cock
thrusting in and out of her anus.
“Do you like my cock in your ass?”
“Yes, please fuck me.”
“Fuck you in the ass?”
“Yes, fuck my ass.”
“Have you been fucked in your ass before?”
“No…fuck…ass.” She started to breath really heavy.
The thought of what she was doing was driving her nuts.
“Then I’m the first man to fuck your asshole?” She
nodded, eyes still closed. “And you like playing with
yourself, showing me how naughty you are. Fingers deep in
you cunt.”
“Yes,” She pulled her left fingers from her cunt, and
spread the lips open. “Look at my cunt,” she ordered, and
then slowly slid the fingers from her right hand into the
gaping hole. “Look at me finger myself.” And with that she
Her orgasm built slowly. Muscles started to twitch in
her thighs, and her back arched even further to where her
entire weight was supported by my hands on her legs, and the
top of her head against the couch. This drove my cock into
her ass to the hilt, and it was only seconds before I would
come too.
“My cock is going to come inside your ass Vicki.” As I
said this, her orgasm reached full force. My come erupted
into her rectum and her whole body shook as though in
“I’m coming in your asshole,” I moaned.
She screamed.
I fell back onto the floor on my butt, panting
frantically, dropping Vicki onto the couch.
Several minutes later we came down from the feeling
enough to speak. “Why is it so good?” she asked between
“Because we’re not suppose to be doing it,” I replied.
“It’s illicit and you love it.”
“And I love you. I can’t believe I let you do that,”
she said referring to her introduction to ass fucking.
“If it upset you I won’t do it again.” I smiled.
“We’ll see.”
And so we have. Vicki and I have continued our
“nooners” every Tuesday and Thursday since the trip. I
don’t know where this will lead, but for now our
relationship has only gotten stronger. Neither of us has a
desire to leave our spouses. One of our remaining
goals is to fuck at work, which would be very difficult to
arrange, and could definitely land us in the unemployment
line. But we’re thinking up schemes. I’ll let you know.