Davy Jones Chest

Just another shitty day is paradise. I walked along the
beach at Waikiki on that beautiful Sunday afternoon. It was
the last year 18 year olds could drink in Hawaii and my
usual watering hole was the best place out of the sun. Great
bar, it was under the swimming pool at the Outrigger Hotel.
All those healthy young girls. And after a few beers, they
loved to swim in front of the three large pool windows and
show the cheering crowd a little tit and ass. Sometimes a
bit of pussy. Good clean fun. So I stopped for a cold beer
and to check out the show.I was 35 years old then, married
but enjoyed an occasional lady visitor to the Islands. Davys
was jammed. My usual spot a the regulars end of the bar was
full but there were two seats open in the middle right in
front of the center window to the pool. The noise was
deafening. Everyone was on their feet cheering for the girl
in the pool. I finally got Bono attention, forget the beer
and ordered a full bottle of champagne. Ice in the popcorn
bucket, bottle in the ice, and a glass in my hand, I turned
my attention to the girl in the pool.She was stunning. About
21 or so, with long blond hair streaming behind her as she
swam underwater in front of the pool window. Her breasts
were perfect. Not massive but a good C cup. Mouth watering
pink nipple erect in the cool water. And as she displayed
them to the crowd in the bar, she gently rubbed her hands
over her flat belly, her slender waist, up her sides and
caressed her lovely tits and held them up for all to see.
Every minute or so she would surface for air and her upper
body would no longer be visible but those lovely legs would
move seductively. And what an ass. Just the right amount of
chunk under her bikini bottom. You know how a great looking
ass tucks under with a little crease as if made to hold in
your hands. Well she had it.After ten or so minutes of
showing off her body, well all but her pussy and great ass.
Then she moved her right hand down her body, down her belly
and into her bikini bottom to her pussy. The bar got almost
quite with anticipation. I could clearly see her middle
finger slide into her pussy with only that thin, translucent
white material blocking my view. But not for long. She
slowly slid her bottoms off then stroked her tits with her
left hand as she masturbated with her right. The lips grew
larger and opened as her fingers moved between them. And as
she slipped her middle finger inside, the bar exploded.
People went wild and I just stared.Just that quick, it was
over. A couple of guys ran out of the bar. Jumped in the
pool and started trying to grab. Not what she had in mind so
on went the bottoms and the top. She left the pool. Somebody
always has to screw things up. So I drank my champaign and
read my book. Maybe ten minutes later, I turned, a bit
annoyed at first, as a wet body brushed by me and occupied
the bar stool next to me. She smiled, said Hi and asked if I
liked her little show. When I was able to get my mouth
working again, I told her I love it. That she was quite a
lady and I was sorry the guys in the pool ended it for me.
She smiled. Then laughed and her whole face lit up. She was
absolutely beautiful. She was Kimberley, I was George and
old enough to be her father.About that time, drinks arrived
from all over the bar. Followed by guys from all over the
bar. But she drank my champagne. Sent them all back to there
places in the bar a spoke to me. I was in heaven. She asked
if I could find her bag she left on the floor. I did. Black
cloth bag and from it she took her jewelry to put on.
Earings, rings, bracelets. Not cheap stuff. Not moderate
stuff. Good stuff. All together I say $15,000 at least. And
she just left it on the floor of the bar.Also out of the bag
came a mirror, eye makeup, etc. We talked for more than an
hour while she did her eyes and face. Kim took shorts and a
tank top from the bag and went to the ladies room to change.
I learned She was one day over 21, from Palm Springs, her
family had money and she did whatever she wanted. I was soon
to learn a lot more.

When she returned, she stopped to talk
to a man my age three stools away. After a short
conversation, he left the bar and she came back to me. The
champaign was almost gone. Kim asked me to walk with her to
her hotel. The Royal Hawaiian. Said some of the guys in the
place were still bothering her. I smelled a rat. What would
she want with me and who was that other man. But why would
anyone with that kind of jewelry try to roll me. Had to go
with her. You gotta take your best shot and this was to good
to pass up.We stopped for coffee and she told me what she
wanted. Could not believe what she said. The other man was
her husband. He was 40 and she 21. She married at 18. He was
rich. He picked her off the streets as a 16 year old
runaway. A for her 21st birthday, she could pick a man to
join them. She had brought girls to bed for him. And today
she would fuck and suck use both. Now I had read Playboy and
Penthouse but who would ever believe… So we finished our
coffee and went to meet Carl. Kimberley and Carl and I had
cocktails and snacks on the lawn of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
as the sun dropped low in the sky.They had a small suite. A
bedroom with a king size bed; living room with three chairs,
a couch and dining area; and bathroom with large tub. There
was food on the table and good champaign. We drank and got
to know each other. Nice people. Kimberley went to the
bedroom. Thirty minute later she was back with her hair up,
in sexy black dress, high heels and stockings. Carl and I
looked like afternoon at the club. She was Manhattan at
night. I went to the bathroom for a quick shower. Got to
wash the eatable parts. Came back to the smell of fine
Hawaiian. Carls turn in the shower. I smoked some Hawaiian
for the first time in years. Kimberley and I danced. She
molded her body to mine. Her tits pressing my chest. Her
hips..her pussy warm through her dress against my groin. I
was hard. Her hand on the back of my neck and her mouth
reaching my cheek. “We have all night. All the time we need
to enjoy each other, George.”Kimberley tongue explored my
mouth. And mine hers. Her hands moved over my back. Alone
the side of my legs. Up the front of my legs and over my
chest. Her ass fit my hands. I could feel the top of her
stockings and rim of a garter belt. I felt no panties. Her
lips were in my ear.”I love the feel of air on my pussy”. We
kissed more. Carl came back. I tried to pull back from
Kimberley but she held me. Danced me to the chair next to
the couch. Carl passed me a joint as Kimberley’s lips worked
on my chest. She went to her knees. Drew my hands to her
tits and press her face against my hard cock trapped in my
pants. Carl passed the joint back to me. I took a hit and
Kimberley hands opened my belt. Unhooked my pants and opened
my fly. Carl took the roach and handed a full glass of
champaign to me. As I sipped the bubbly and rolled her
nipple between my thumb and forefinger of my other hand, I
felt the warmth of Kim’s breath on the head of my dick. Her
lips nibbled at the ridge of cockflesh around my cock. I had
to sit down. And I did. But I held on to that lovely tit.
Kim removed my socks and pants. She stood, took a hit and a
sip. Off came the dress. I was right. Heels, black
stockings, garter belt, pussy and ass. She sat on the floor
between my legs, leaned down to nibble and lick my balls.
Carl moved across from me and moved Kimberley so she was on
hands and knees. Then opened wide. Went down on me until my
cock was deep in her throat, closed her wet lips tight and
sucked as she slowly slid my dick out. This girl could suck
cock. Carl ate Kimberley’s pussy and asshole from behind as
she licked my dick, ball, under the balls. She lifted my
legs over the arm of the chair and rimmed my asshole. I
could feel her nose at the base of my balls while her tongue
went around and around and finally inside my shitter. Carl
said, “George. Come taste this pussy.”I didn’t want to move
but he was my host and she was his wife. I got up but Carl
told her to stay put. We sat on the floor behind this great
looking young lady on all fours. We play with and examined
both pussy and ass. Drank, smoked, and discussed the pink
color. The erect clit. The wet, opened lips and smooth, hot
texture of the cunt flesh inside. The brown wrinkled look of
Kimberley asshole. He licked her clit as I ate her tight
rear shoot. Then we changed places. She must have come two
or three times. Her asshole would spasm on my finger or
tongue. Carl was ready for more and so was I. He moved to
her head and slid his cock down her throat. “Fuck her
George. Fuck her like a dog. Her asshole is mine, don’t fuck
that. Just put a finger up her ass as you fuck that pussy.
Right Kimberley. Ask George to fuck you.””Oh! God. Please
fuck my pussy George. Do it now.”She was hot, wet, and
tight. I road that pussy hard. She met every thrust open
with hips rolled up and ass pressed back to give me maximum
penetration. Carl pulled his cock from Kim’s mouth.
“Kimberley. Does your asshole want a finger. Ask
nice.””Please put a finger up my ass. Fuck my pussy and
finger fuck my ass. Please George.”I wet my finger in her
pussy. Bottomed out my cock at the very bottom of her cunt.
On the backstroke, inserted one wet social finger all the
way up that brown, wrinkled hole. Rotated the finger so as
to press on the cervix, the hard knot at the back of the
pussy. And I fucked her. Carl fuck her face in perfect time.
Kimberley asshole started to pulse on my finger. Her pussy
squeeze. Drew my hard cock down and down to the bottom. My
dick grew large and harder. And the more I swelled the
harder, hotter, wetter, deeper, tighter that pussy sucked my
cock. Carl took full strokes in her mouth. I lost it right
then. My body took over. My arm went around her hips, lifted
her body to mine. My finger deep in her bowel. My dick
locked full in her, I grew to maximum size and rigidity. My
whole body orgasmed. Mind, body, and soul in the steel hard
flesh I had in her body. Time stopped. No breath was drawn.
Carl thrust to her face. I reached to top. My dick reached
into my body and exploded my fluid Kimberley. Her body
didn’t just receive my cum. She drew it out of me. I
exploded. She imploded. Over and over. Got of at least ten
shots. I took my finger from her ass. Lifted her hips to
stay deep inside. Saw Carl go stiff, holding head full down,
and pump his cum into her body. Every time Kimberley gagged
from the size and depth of Carl, her throat gripped tighter.
And he would pump again. I stroked her clit with my finger
on each of Carl’s cum shots. I was deep inside her. My body
having after shocks as Kimberley continued to climax. And
then it was over. Carl fell back into the chair. Kim”s hips
sunk to the floor. I rode her down. One finger still on her
clit. Just being still. I slid my other arm up so I could
hold one breast in my hand. I gently, slowly eased my cock
from her pussy and rotated that finger lightly around her
clit. I was almost out when Kim jumped. Her ass flared up,
pussy gripped and I came again. Grabbed hips, positioned ass
and pussy just right got it again.We were all spent. Carl
lay back in the chair. Kim on the floor in front, face in
his lap, head of his dick resting in her mouth. She was on
her side. I lay behind her like a spoon, soaking inside her
pussy, holding her tits. And after a bit, we moved. Kim to
the bathroom and back with two warm washcloths. Cleaned both
our organs and went to shower. Carl joined her and I had
another joint. Great sex. Got to have been on my top ten
orgasm list. And yet I’m still almost hard.Kimberley came
back in. Said Carl was almost out. Be snoring in a minute.
Opened the couch into a bed. I lay down on my face, to tired
to move much less shower. Kim came back with warm wet towel
and a dry one. Said Carl was cutting ZZZ. Still on my face
with my leg apart, Kim washed my ass and inside my legs.
Turned me over, arms over my head and washed under my
armpits. Kissed my lips and told me not to move. Back with a
rinsed towel, she finished my sponge bath with special
attention balls and cock. And I’m half hard again. Kim left
for the bathroom and probable bed. Back on my belly, spread
eagle, fresh air on the back of my balls, half hard in the
mattress.I doze thinking of my luck. Wife and kid on the
mainland. Meeting Kimberley and Carl, mostly Kimberley.
Dozing for a while. A hour more or less. I felt her presents
before she spoke.”Awake?””Yea””Can’t sleep?””Dozing.
Afterglow.””Don’t turn over. You look comfee face down,
spread out.””I am.””Thanks for a great birthday.””Thank you!
Your birthday. I got the present. Pleasure with a beautiful
21 year old lady.”I feel her get up from the chair near the
bed. Then the foot of the bed moved as she sat down between
my feet. One hand on each of my calfs.”Don”t talk. Be
Still.”I did what she said. Her hands slid up the inside of
my upper legs. She pushed my legs further apart. And her
hands spread the cheeks of my ass. Kimberley tongue lightly
flicked, first the hairs, then the skin just behind my
balls. Finger tips lightly moving over back and hips. Down
the outside and up the inside of my legs. Kim mouth and wet
tongue are everywhere. Around my balls back to my asshole,
up the crease. I don’t know how long it continued. I guess I
drifted lost in sensation. But now I need more. As I turn
over, her mouth engulfed me. We moved to 69 on our sides.
The taste and touch of her firm, young flesh is
intoxicating. I use all I knew. Mouth, lips, finger on her
womanhood. And I give a soft, whimpering kind of shaking and
quite orgasm. As she moved away, I roll on my back. Kim
knelt between my legs. I cupped one breast in each hand and
got a blow-job from a lady who wanted me to come in her mouth.
“Good night Kimberley.”
“Good night George.”