Gay First Time Experience

It happened in the lockerroom one day in September when Alex was prepping for a meet. Although many of us would agree that the lockerroom can be an uncomfortable place – something about the forced sense of fraternity that it evokes, and all the pains of undressing around ones peers – for Alex, there was never anything strange about it. As a swimmer, he had always been in and out of lockerrooms, changing into speedos and jumping into the shower before and after a session. Puberty struck him late though, and when it did it came with a vengeance. He started to become more muscular, developed the characteristic pubic hair, and a fringe of hair under his arms…all these normal changes made Alex ever the more aware of his body that he had so freely exposed before. This is something that happens to all of us, I suppose. It’s even normal that we start to notice other’s bodies as well. But what struck Alex in particular was other boys’ bodies.

So this one day, Alex happened to be changing as usual. As he lifted his shirt over his head, a boy from the other school’s swimteam came over two lockers down from him to grab a towel from his locker. The boy had just come from some exercise laps in the pool and beads of water were dripping from his hair down over his entire body. Alex couldn’t help but stare out of the corner of his eyes, as the boy jiggled his legs from side to side to get the blood flowing and toweled over his chest. Alex found himself frozen in motion for an instant, but as the boy gave him a disturbed glance, he was jolted back into reality and continued to undress. As Alex pulled down his pants though, something incredible happened: his pubescent cock sprang to life! Naturally, he was petrified, and began thinking of ways to hide it. With that other boy standing right next to him though, there was little he could do, and he continued to stand hunched over with one hand clasped to his waistband, pretending to be looking for something in his locker. Fortunately the boy went away, and as he calmed down the erection subsided. Alex let his pants drop to the ground, and, kickiing them aside, he pulled his speedos over a now subdued member.
The ensuing swimmeet was a bit of a challenge. Whenever he wasn’t in motion, and even occasionally while in the water, Alex was preoccupied with thoughts of what had happened earlier, and he had to constantly move around to keep his mind from straying down south to the unruly beast tucked into his lycra suit, that he had so tenuously tamed. Alex’s performance suffered that day, and his coach, shocked at the change, gave Alex a talking to after the meet.
It was awful. Alex’s mom picked him up at the end of the day, and drove him home, sulking. He was so disturbed that he barely touched his dinner, and instead retired early to his room. He threw himself into bed and began crying into his pillow. After about half an hour of sobbing, Alex fell asleep, exhausted by the day’s events.
In his sleep, however, he found little refuge from his raging hormones. His dreams were haunted by images of failure in the pool, and then being back in the lockerroom. Only this time, the room was filled with so much steam that he could barely see. In his dreams, Alex wandered passed the benches stumbling, and pushing away the mists, until suddenly, he felt something come upon him from behind and press up against his back. Instead of panicking, though, Alex was overcome by a strange sense of euphoria and he turned around to see what was touching him. It was the boy from earlier that day! Alex awoke suddenly, sweat covering his face, and as he turned over, he noticed that his dick was as stiff as a post!

He sat upright in bed, thinking over his emotions. What did this mean? Was he gay? He certainly didn’t want to be. His whole life, he had been surrounded by swim jocks who talked of nothing but pussy and sticking their one-eyed monsters up slutty chicks. Alex had never really taken part in these conversations, which in retrospect seemed a little foretelling, but still, he could’t believe that he could actually be into guys. The more he thought about it though, the harder is penis got, and Alex had the incredible urge to touch himself.

It had been a while since he had masturbated. When he was younger, around ten years old, he and some of the guys from the team would go into the woods beyond the pool and play with themselves. His friend Rich had learned how to do it from an older cousin, and all the boys were eager to learn. It was all in innocent fun though, and when those days had passed, Alex rarely got off anymore. But now he just couldn’t resist.

Alex popped open the button on his jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper. Then he slipped his hand underneath the band of his boxer-briefs and grabbed onto his cock, slowly squeezing the pulsating member to utter exhilaration. After a little while of exploration, Alex decided to go for broke. He yanked his pants and underwear down to his ankles and tossed them off the bed. He returned his fist to its position around the burning hot shaft, feverishly jerking the skin up and down. His thoughts began to wander back to the boy in the lockerroom earlier that day. He stopped for a moment, trying to think of girls instead. He though of his gorgeous, 18 year old neighbor, Patricia, and her enormous, perky breasts. He thought of pushing his dick up her sweet, warm, pussy. None of this was working though, and again he thought of that beautiful, sleak, suntanned male god from the swimmeet. “Fuck it!” He thought to himself, and he began to imagine himself running his fingers all over the boy’s tight, sinewy body. He thought about tearing off the guy’s speedos with both hands; about getting down on his knees and licking the boy’s doubtlessly enormous cock up and down, and up and down. He thought about taking the boy into himself, letting that wonderful, piece of meat forge its way up his tight little asshole, and, as he imagined the boy releasing a hot load of spunk into his rectum, Alex let his hand rub vigorously over his rim, pushing himself to climax. His body bucked back and forth. He squeezed his cockhead and burst in hot joy, letting all of his gooey white goodness shoot out in rapid streams onto his chest and trickle down to his stomach, and onto the sheets. Utterly spent, Alex fell back onto his pillow and reposed, running his hands over his stomach, and feeling the sweet, warm stickiness of his wad ooze through his fingers. Needless to say, he was quite satisfied.
After that night, Alex’s problems seemed to go away. He continued to fantasize about men, constantly, and he continued to swim at the same time. Having gotten that initial blast of anxiety out of his system though, a lockerroom full of naked, dripping wet guys seemed more enticing than daunting, and Alex learned to keep his not-so-little friend under control for the most part. Of course after each day, Alex would come home and beat off intensely to reward himself for having stayed cool for yet another intense day of lockerrom lads. Sometimes, he wouldn’t make it till he got all the way home, and he would end up having to shoot off a load on the lockerroom toilet.
Two months later though, Alex’s swimteam went up against the Graceville Giants again – the team with the boy who first caught Alex’s attention that day in the lockerroom. Not realizing what he was in for, Alex walked in to change nonchalantly, only to have his jaw drop when he rounded the corner to find that beautiful teenage stud, wrapped in a towel, chatting with some friends.
Alex stood staring for a few seconds, then, realizing how stupid and suspicious he must be looking, quickly darted into a row of lockers. His heart beat furiously against his ribs as he tried to gather his cool and proceed with the pre-meet prep. Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about his member stirring up trouble, since he was far too nervous to even get a hardon.