Gay janitor at men health club

I was working as a janitor at the local men’s health club. It was a
cool fall evening, very late and the club is rarely open this late
except for the “football players”; and then only after a game. It was
the day after a game so no one was going to be coming in tonight.

I never expect anyone tonight since there had been no game and all the
guys had been in earlier to workout and get their muscle knots worked
out, but never the less the phone rang and I caught it on the third
ring. He began “Hi this is Dave Lauderbooth. I play with the xxxx’s
and didn’t get a chance to get in there earlier today. Would it be
alright to come in so late, I don’t want my bad leg to cramp up on me
again during the night…?”

I said “Sure Dave, nothing is happening here anyway, come on in…” I
mainly said this because his ball team is the club’s bread & butter.
The idea is to keep the players happy no matter what. I took that
last statement seriously… 😉

It took him about 10 minutes to get to the club, and he buzzed me
while swatting away a few moths that were attracted to the light at
the front door.

I ran up and unlocked the glass door as quickly as possible. He
immediately stepped inside as his left shoulder nearly took my nose
off. He was VERY large but slumped over as he patted me across the
back and thanking me for staying late for him.

“Hey, no problem, I have to be here anyway!” I said with a half smile.

As we walked he told me why he was in late. Dave was a new “draft”
and yesterday had played his first game with the “new” team. He was
very sore from trying so hard to impress everyone he was a good
choice for the team. He’s a FullBack and VERY large. He stands about
6′ 6″ and is 290 lbs. of raw muscle. He is 27 years old but his size
and good looks would never let on WHAT age he was. His hair is jet
black, short and slightly wavy and he has no other body hair except
for a small amount under his arms and a slight puff at the base of his
pubic region. His skin was a ‘rare unblemished’ white (He hated
tanning he said) and so smooth I swore he must have at least shaved
his legs. It occurred to me how much he resembled Lil’ Abner, the
cartoon character; Strong jaw line with a slight cleft in his chin,
pronounced cheek bones and ice-blue eyes. He had a body that was like
Arnold Swartzeneger’s only better! Broad muscular shoulders and
massive chest that contained a better cleavage than Dolly Parton. A
very small almost petite waist with legs that were well proportioned
to his upper torso. In other words, a handsome Greek god!

He was under the impression that I was one of the workers there, not a
janitor, and asked me if I could get one of the therapy baths going
for him. I had seen it done enough that I figured I could do it and
so agreed to get it ready while he showered. I was just finishing
filling the jacuzzi when he walked in with a small towel wrapped
around his waist. The steam from the showers entered just before he
emerged giving him almost a ‘fantasy’ look. Since it IS a men’s club
they don’t insist on bathing suits. His prick was just too long to
stay underneath the towel completely although I though he might have
hiked the towel a bit higher than usual for some reason…? I could
just see the head sway back and forth, banging against each thigh as
he walked slowly to the jacuzzi. He said he was tired and sore but at
least he could still walk. Although quite wet from the shower he made
his way to the jacuzzi.

He tilted his head to look me directly in the face and said “Thanks
again, I really need this tonight. Is the tub ready dude?” He ran
his hand back through his hair, trying to get it off of his forehead.
‘Dude’… I know, but they all talk like that here Ok? “Hey no
problem” I said, “enjoy!”

“Yea well they ought to pay you extra for this though” he mumbled as
he quickly dropped the towel and slowly slid into the jacuzzi. Even
though his back was to me I could see his long drooping hairless balls
framed by that perfectly smooth ass as it touch the water, just before
stopping a second and continuing in. The jacuzzi is built above
ground and resembles a horses water trough with the corners rounded.
The water was slightly below his chest muscles but soon he had slid
down until his head was the only part sticking out of the water.

After about 20 minutes Dave attempted to crawl out of the tub and
nearly fell on his face as he got out. I yelled “Hey wait up, your
coach will disembowel me if you get hurt here!” Fortunately I was not
far because I know this happens more often than not, and stopped him
from falling as I handed him a couple of towels to dry off with.
“Easy does it there, you’re no ballerina ya’ know!” I caught nearly
his full weight as I grabbed him around the waist with one hand,
steadying him with my other hand against his chest.

The muscles rippled beneath my hands as he exclaimed “Whoa… ugh,
sorry about that, Thanks. I guess I got a little too relaxed this
time.” He quickly recovered and grabbed the towel from me, instantly
wrapping it around his waist. But it was not quick enough before I
got a chance to notice that he was slightly flushed with what appeared
to be a very slight hard on. That gave me a twinge deep in my crotch
as his eyes averted mine, he stood up straight and headed for the
massage table.

“Rough game huh?” I said as I reluctantly released my hold on him.

“Yea, well the field got a bit too muddy from all that rain I guess.
I had to work extra hard to keep my footing. Ready to work some of
these kinks out for me? he said as he eased onto the table.

“Uh, sure uh, I guess… Yea uh, I’ll be right with ya'” I said as he
laid face down onto the table. Oh my gosh, he thinks I’m a masseuse!
I began to panic now as my heart started racing, I mean what was I
doing?! I had no idea where or how to give a proper massage! As he
gave a slight squirm and shifted that huge mass of flesh on the table,
I notice a small table nearby with some sports cream and stuff on it.
Being so quiet and late, plus being horny as hell by now, I decided to
go for it and just hope he wouldn’t detect my rookie attempts too
quickly. After all I never did ‘say’ I was a masseuse… he just
assumed it since I was there! So I grabbed some heating gel and put a
liberal amount onto his shoulders. As I was kneading and pressing my
fingers into his smooth and fleshy back he let out a dull, faint gasp
and then a low growl of a moan. I assumed I was doing it correctly!

“Yea, that’s it right there. That’s the spot. Yeeeeessssss……”
he said as his voice trailed off.

I worked my way down each arm and all he did was stay limp and moan
real low every other time I started on a new muscle. As I lifted his
left arm to massage it from the shoulder to the elbow, the back of his
left hand bumped my crotch and I thought I blew it! I was so hard he
must have known that I was enjoying the massage a bit more than I
should but no, he made no sign or acknowledgment so I continued. I
really thought I was getting the hang of this and was enjoying it as
much as he was. As I worked my way down his spine, he would flinch a
couple of times in a row which I assumed was a sore spot and so I
spent a bit more time on that area. As I got to his lower back I
started really getting hot. This perfectly smooth body, not a patch
of hair anywhere. I pulled the towel down to half-way on his ass and
got a nice close shot of that creamy white butt of his, smooth, firm
and bubbled out to a perfect curve towards his muscular upper thighs.
I massaged his lower back for a bit with a few gentle passes over the
upper part of his ass-cheeks. As my hand passed across his crack I
swear I saw his ass move up toward my hand! Impossible! I blew it
off to wishful thinking and went to work on his calves. Needless to
say all this was adding up to mighty strain on my shorts!

Each calve was the size of a football and I could feel the muscles
shift as I massaged them into themselves. I pulled the towel back
onto his lower back and off his upper thighs and began to work on
them. As I work my hand up and down his thigh, my right hand which
was on the inside of his thigh, brushed his balls accidently. 😉
Well it was an accident!!! I excused myself but he said nothing so I
figured he either didn’t notice or was falling asleep. I loved
feeling that skin surrounding his huge balls, and had to ‘accidently’
do it three more time! ;-). No complaints.

I noticed his member was off to the left a bit but still between his
slightly spread legs. It seem to reach halfway to his knees but I’m
sure it was “only” about 8-9 inches. It was completely round as if
he had a hard on and was laying on to stop it going any farther!
Could he have enjoyed the ball-brushing? We he getting horny too? I
dared the unthinkable and worked my hands until they started touching
his shaft; just a bit. After about 3 or 4 times he shifted a bit and
then opened his legs wider, all the while not saying a thing. No way!
He was loving it and seemed to want more?! I felt dizzy and light
headed as I paused to get control of myself. My dick was rock hard,
straight up along the seam of the fly on my shorts. I kept on
pressing my cock against the table edge so it would get extra pressure
from being between the table and me. I braved on as my lust was
taking control of my movements. I brushed the back of my knuckles
across the thickening sausage and when I didn’t receive any
discouragement, I just ran my knuckles up and down the length of the
shaft that was visible, alternately going across each ball. He didn’t
say anything.

I couldn’t take anymore and tried to ‘calmly’ ask him to turn over.
He paused only for a moment and then with his eyes still closed, he
flipped over unembarrassed of the sizeable teepee he had made with the
towel! He placed his hands behind his head and just laid back,
inviting me to continue! His balls were quite visible as they laid
below the hem of the now foreshortened towel. All I wanted was to
kiss them and feel them in my mouth.

I started massaging his massive chest. He was squirming slightly now
as I pinched each silver dollar sized nipple. They swelled and the
tips quickly became hard. I worked my was down his abdomen and
finally undid the towel around his waist which made him gasp from the
cool air on that heated poll. he grabbed my free arm and was able to
mumble out a low throaty “Do it!”

His cock, once released, flipped completely up and slapped his navel
with it’s head. There he was, I dreamed of a moment like this and
here he was! He laid there completely naked, smooth, ripped and
wanting me! I shakily took hold of his member and felt the heat and
smoothness of it. I took a slow tour of it’s features, every vein and
ridge. And as I slowly moved my hand to the head of his prick I
lightly placed my other hand to hold and feel the weight of those
magnificent balls. He pushed his hips forward as my thumb just
touched the lower ridge of his neatly cropped cockhead. He was really
enjoying this and I was more than ready to oblige. I then got up the
ultimate courage and touched my lips to his prickhead as a bead of
precum leaked out. It tasted marvelous and I soon was licking and
sucking every part of the head as he squirmed to maintain himself and
not blow! I then licked my way down the shaft, enjoying every inch
and vein, pausing to taste the meaty-musky scent that exuded his every
pore. I finally got to those wonderful balls. I sucked the whole
huge sack in my mouth, tonguing each ball, playing them against the
roof of my mouth. After I had licked and sucked them for all I was
worth, I let them slip out of my mouth with a ‘pop’ and the went back
up the long pole to the end which had another precum gem waiting me.

As I serviced this giant of a man I felt a hand grab my thigh. He was
gently working his hand up my leg until his hand was under my shorts’
pant leg. He gently and smoothly reached into my jock and grab hold
of my member, going up and down and then taking his thumb to smear my
precum over my sensitive prickhead.

I was in heaven! I began to more earnestly give him the blowjob of a
lifetime as he slowly and sensitively jerked me off. I could tell he
was ready to cum even before he warned me because his breathing became
deeper and heavier. It was nice that he cared enough to warn me but I
wanted to feel him spurt into my mouth. I placed my lips against the
little slit as I hand jobbed him a couple more times. His body
stiffened like he was being electrocuted and I felt his cum squirt
into my mouth, rushing between my teeth as I drank down every drop. I
didn’t remove my lips until I had sucked every drip left from that
monstrous member! It tasted and felt wonderful! his stomach just
kept convulsing as I gently licked the head a few more times. He
finally had to stop me because it got too sensitive for him and he had
no more strength left!

I was almost ready to shoot my wad when he climbed down off of the
table and then had my shorts to my feet in a single stroke. Being a
much bigger man than I, he lifted me gently up to the table and had ME
lay back! With one swoop he had my cock AND balls entirely in his
large mouth! His lips were right to the base but was able to tongue
my head, shaft and balls all while keeping his mouth in place. I told
him I was going to cum but he kept going faster and faster as he slid
his had up my shirt and caressed and squeezed my chest. I soon came
in spasms and even saw stars as the warmth rushed from my groin, up my
chest, and then washed across the back of my skull! Wow!!! And he
didn’t miss a drop either as he sucked and licked until I was
completely limp. We were both spent but he lifted me and held me like
a baby, cuddling and whispering “I love you” as he rocked me in
perfect safety and warmth. I felt like such a jerk for not telling
him who I really was. He then said “If you are done mopping the
floors here, we can go to my place to continue…” WHAT?!! No way,
he knew!

“W-W-When d-d-did you know?” I stammered from surprise as I lay
cradled in those massive arms.

“As you let me in, your mop and bucket were right next to you!” he
said in a low but smiling voice. Both of us nude, together in perfect
harmony with the world. I couldn’t talk very well at this point but
was able to croak out “I think I love you too” before we fell into
some passionate kissing that has never been quite equalled ever…