Health Club

After being a model in Chicago for many years, Sandi finally went to
work for another agency which was based in nearby Schaumburg. She only
had a couple of problems with this; first she had to find a place to
live so she didn’t have to commute, and then she needed to find a
health club to work out at because models always have to keep their
bods in good shape. Sandi had already decided against a Chicago Health
Club, because she wanted a more serious type of club, not some “bubble
gummer glitter palace”. She finally decided on World’s gym in Hoffman

She didn’t have any photo shoots on Tuesday morning, so she went in and
talked to Linda, one of the owners. After Linda explained what the
club had to offer, Sandi signed up and paid for the membership. Then
Linda told her she could start today if she had her workout clothes.
Sandi did and quickly headed for the woman’s locker room and changed
into her workout clothes. When she came out, Linda showed her around
the gym and explained where everything was. Sandy was not new to the
gym scene, and told Linda that she was familiar with the equipment
already, and that was where this tight little body of hers came from.
Linda smiled and complemented her about her condition, and let her go
to work. She started out by warming up on an excercise bike.

It was my regular day off, and I was planning to do my usual workout
early and then do a little roller-blading over at Busse Woods that
afternoon. I was working out on the quad machine (leg presses)
directly accross from her, and was thinking how I wished I was a bike
seat right about now. Feeling guilty I looked up at her and she was
smiling back at me. I quickly looked away and went back to doing what
I do normally, being shy and keeping to myself. I had to get up after
each set and stretch my legs so they wouldn’t tighten up, and I sneaked
a look at her each time I did. Soon I finished up and went over to the
free weights they keep by the front desk and chose a couple of 20’s.
As I prepared to do my butterflies, I looked over at the exercise bikes
and Sandi was gone. I quickly scanned the machines and saw her setting
the weights on the abs machine. I turned my body towards her so I
could watch as she exercised. I watched her long shaplely legs and her
huge tits and the deep cleavage that her workout top showed off. I
knew when she started using this machine I was in for a treat, but I
also knew this would be the last time I could watch her today. I had
to concentrate on my own workout and I wouldn’t be able to continue
it with a raging hard-on. Plus, she might get pissed and tell Linda I
was bothering her. Finally she was ready and grabbed the handles over
her shoulders, then started crunching her stomach muscles. Now I could
see down the front of her top, her beautiful braless tits with hard
little nipples, and knew I had to move to another area. I wasn’t even
exercising anymore! If I stayed any longer I’d have a hard-on that
COULDN’T be hidden, so I took one more look at those gorgous mellons
and the gentle swell of her pussy mound and went to the other side of
the gym.

I was just starting to work on the deltoid pull down machine when
someone tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around there she
was! I almost died because I thought she was going to bitch me out for
staring at her. Boy was I wrong! I told her to wait for a second, and
I slowly lowered the weights so they wouldn’t bang down and make a
bunch of noise, then I wiped the sweat off my forehead and turned to
her asking what I could help her with. She told me her name was Sandi,
and she wanted to know if I would like to be her workout partner. I
asked her if she meant for today or for good? She told me for today to
start with, and she would see after that. My mind was reeling now, god
she was gorgous! I just wanted to reach out and hug her! “Ok”, I said,
“but before we start I should tell you my name is Curt”. “I know”, she
said, “I asked Linda when you were watching me working on the exercise
bikes”. “Well thank you for standing there letting me make a fool out
of myself looking at you like some horny teenager”, I said! “I thought
it was cute”, she said, “I was flattered that you liked watching me”.

I asked her if she wanted to continue from where she was or skip
around. She said we could start from here and skip around anywhere I
wanted to. “Fine with me”, I said, “shall I continue or do you want to
go first”? “I’ll go first”, she said. She walked over to the leg
machine and adjusted the weights. When you are doing leg curls, you
are facing the machine and away from everybody else, so now I am
standing behind her watching that incredible ass straining against the
machine. I was losing control quickly and came up behind her and
whispered in her ear, “there are some very nice cheeks back here!”
“Someday I’d like to get my tongue between them and wiggle it all
around!” She just turned her head a little and said “I’ll bet!” with a
little giggle as she finished the first set. Now it was my turn, and I
reset the weights and moved into postion. This time she was standing
behind me looking at my back and my buns. I’ve been working out for
about two years now, and I have to admit that I have a nice hard ass! I
heard a small, almost inaudible sigh from behind me, and I could almost
feel her eyes burning into my flexing buttocks! After I finished we
moved down to the next machine, which you can do butterflies on like I
was doing with the free weights. She set the weight again and she
started doing her sets. On THIS machine we were facing each other. I
watched her tits dancing around as she raised and lowered her arms
against the weights. She was looking forward right at my crotch,
noticing the growing bulge in my shorts, and she spread her legs a
little further apart as she continued. After finishing her first set,
she rested for a minute before starting the next set. Again I focused
on her tits, and again she spread her legs, wider this time! Now I am
up above half mast right in her face! I can make out the soft
impressions her pussy makes in her workout suit. I can’t help but
stare as I see the tender ridges and valleys of her womanhood. She
finishes with this machine and we move on to the next one, which you do
bench presses on. After I set the weight I lay down flat on my back
and begin my first set. I look up and she is standing over me and her
legs and pussy are inches above my head. I close my eyes and begin to

I am dreaming of her pulling the crotch of her suit to one side and
then lowering herself down over my face. Then she puts her clit right
on my extended tongue and my nose lodges right at the entrance to her
pussy. I begin to lick her clit as she slowly moves her hips back and
forth making my nose rub her juicy pussy hole. Suddenly, I wake up and
snap back to reality when she tells me it’s her turn on the machine!

I get up and she adjusts the weights and lays down to begin. Again I
go back to dreaming…thinking of her laying there asking for it. I
dream of lowering myself down and pulling my shorts to one side. She
quickly takes one of my balls into her mouth and massages it with her
tongue. Then she lets it slip gently from her mouth and begins to lick
the underside of my cock with the very tip of her tongue. After she
reaches the head, she tells me to quit teasing! I reach down and bend
it downward, and she opens your mouth wide enough to take it inside. I
am about to push it deep into her mouth when I hear someone say “are
you going to stand there asleep all day”? Again I snapped back to the
real world with a jolt, and I see she has finished.

On the next machine, I decide that from now on I must quit daydreaming
and concentrate on the rest of the workout. We go through the rest of
the machines in no time and after the last one I ask her if she wanted
to go to the steamroom to relax. She said yes, that she thought that
would be a good way to finish the workout.

We were about the only people in the gym at mid-morning on a Tuesday,
so we had the steam room completely to ourselves! We grabbed a couple
of towels and went inside to relax. With a giggle she jumped up to the
upper bench and spread her towel out on the hot wood to lay down. I
chose the lower bench just beneath her and spread out my towel to lay
down on. For a few minutes we just lay there in the steamy heat
together. Then, she shifted a little and let her arm hang down toward
me from the upper bench. It was very sexy, and had a little drip of
sweat hanging from her fingertip. Very slowly and quietly I moved over
and gently licked the drop of sweat from her fingertip, and then sucked
her long thin finger into my mouth. She moaned softly and shifted
again. Now I could clearly see a nipple poking through her sweat
soaked workout suit between the boards of the upper bench. With my
finger, I reached up and gently stroked the nipple through the wet
fabric between the boards. She moaned again, then sat up on the bench
and with her toes gently stroked my giant hard-on through my shorts.
This time it was my turn to let out a little sigh. Her toes were
kneading my balls and cock while she was looking down at me from the
upper bench. When I thought I would blow my load right in my shorts, I
reached out and pulled her foot to my mouth and licked her big toe once
or twice. She squeeled with delight and jumped down to the lower bench
and into my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me in
a wild, passionate, tongue thrashing kiss! We pulled back from each
other for a second, and looked into each other’s eyes, and then I knew
it was time!

My hands went for the top of her workout suit and peeled it up over her
big lucious tits! At the same time, her hands dropped to my lap and
started pulling my concrete hard-on from my shorts! I buried my face in
her tits and licked them all over. Then I went for her nipples! They
were perfect! She had small brown areaolas with big fingertip size
nipples on them. I sucked and licked one while I rolled the other
between my thumb and forefinger. They were as hard as little rocks,
but tasted like her sweet, salty sweat.

She had both hands wrapped around my cast iron pecker, and was
squeezing it and stroking it in a very erotic way. Then one hand went
lower and started to massage my throbbing balls. She was very careful,
and knew just how to squeeze and pull on them without hurting me. Just
then, she pulled back from my sucking lips on her tits, dropped her
head to my lap and sucked my cock into her mouth like she was starving
and it was her favorite food! I was in heaven! My head was spinning,
partly from heat, and partly from the incredible things she was doing
to my cock! I was “on the rocks” and she knew she had me! I gritted my
teeth and blew load after load of cum into her beautiful mouth! She was
so good, and I was so hot, it seemed like I came forever! She sucked
down the last of my cum, and moved up to give me a salty sperm flavored

Now it was MY turn. I leaned her back on the bench and hooked my
fingers on the waistband of her workout suit. She lifted her hips off
the bench and I slipped them down to her ankles. Then I crawled all
the way back up til we were face to face, and I started kissing her
lips, working my way down her neck and over her tits for a second time.
Then I moved lower still and licked and sucked her beautiful little
navel. She squirmed with delight and pushed my face a little lower to
her hot little pussy. Being a model, her pussy hair was trimmed short
so it wouldn’t show through any of the revealing clothes she modeled.
This was all I could take, and I buried my tongue in her tasty pussy.
She freaked out and started humping my face with her pussy and bouncing
her ass on the bench! If the steam room wasn’t insulated as well, the
whole gym would have heard us! I was determined to stay with her like a
cowboy on a bucking bronco! She was so hot and horny that she came like
a volcano in just a couple of minutes!

After a pair of GREAT cums, we rested for a few minutes, and then she
put her arms around me again and told me to fuck her hard and fast! I
picked her up by the waist and sat her on the upper bench facing me.
She knew right away what I had in mind and spread her legs wide. I
stood on the lower bench and aimed my fully revived meat at her cum
drenched hole. I inched it in slowly, and was greeted by a very hot,
very wet, very tight pussy with a wild woman attached to it! As soon as
it was all the way in, she wrapped her legs around my ass and started
bucking wildly again! When we both got moving it was so frantic that my
cock came out of her pussy and she quickly grabbed for it and aimed it
back into herself again. This one was going to be REAL quick because
we were so horny and we were moving so fast! I told her to get ready
because I was going to give her my load, and that sent her over the
edge. She squeezed her legs around my ass and locked her arms around
my neck, and we both shook violently from the force of our orgasms. It
was the most intense cum I’ve ever had! We just sat there for a few
minutes with my cock still inside her pussy, drifting down from heaven!

Suddenly we realised it was almost lunch time and the lunchtime workout
crowd would be here any minute! We threw our clothes back on and made a
run for the locker rooms. I just stood under the shower, still
tingling from the intense lovemaking. When I was dressed and came out
of the locker room, Sandy was there waiting for me. We went out to
grab some lunch and I asked her if she had ever tried roller-blading
before. She said that she had her own skates and loved them, so I
invited her to go skating with me out at Busse Woods!