Hidden Desires

As you walk into the room, I sneak up behind you, and put my hands

gently over your mouth. As you start to panic, I whisper into your ear.

уDonтt be afraid. Just do exactly as I say, exactly how I say. Do you


I can feel the smile begin under my hand as you nod your agreement. You

know that the evening should be quite enjoyable. I pull my hand away

from your mouth, and run it gently over the back of your neck, as I move

towards the chair.

уDonтt move a muscle until I tell you to.ф

I sit. I watch your breathing. I admire the curves of your body, the

swell of your breasts, so firm and plump. The gentle roundness of your

abdomen. The shape of your hips, the strength in those wonderful legs.

The gentle smile that plays on your face, as you begin to imagine what I

have in store for you this evening.

уUnbutton your blouse, slowly. Do not remove it until I tell you.ф

Your hands slowly make their way to the first button, caressing your

breasts slightly as they reach it. You undo each one as if it were a

delicate flower, ever so gently freeing it from the hole. As your blouse

slowly falls open, I can see the flesh underneath begin to appear. I

smile, as I realize you are wearing my favorite purple bra.

уPut your hands down. Donтt touch yourself at all. Just stand there, for


You lower your hands to your sides, wondering what is next.

уUnfasten your skirt, and let it slide slowly down to your ankles, and

then kick it away.Ñ„

Your hands fumble with the zipper slightly, but you manage to get it

loose. As it slips down your legs, I see the matching panties are on as

well. Again, I smile.

уCome over here, and get on your knees before me.ф

You make your way towards me, smiling in anticipation. As you drop to

your knees, I spread my legs, allowing you to move in close to me. You

start to reach for me, but I stop you with a gesture. You let your hands

fall to your sides, allowing yourself to remain at my control.

уSlip the straps of your bra down your shoulders, but donтt take it


You slide the straps down, uncovering just a little more of your

breasts. I reach out, and gently caress the exposed skin, just above

your nipples. I can feel the goose bumps rising from your skin, as my

touch sends waves of excitement through you. I can almost feel the

disappointment fill you, as I remove my hands. уUnfasten my pants.ф

You reach for me with slightly shaking hands, and undo the button of my

jeans. Sliding the zipper down, you let your finger glide down the

length of my erect manhood, giving me the goose bumps you just had

yourself. I smile, knowing youтre enjoying this as much as I am.

уPull my pants off, but leave the underwear.ф

I lift up my hips, allowing you to pull my jeans out from under my body,

and down my legs. You help me to free them from my feet, and toss them

across the room, to join your clothes. I settle back in, and your eyes

come to rest on my crotch.

уEyes up. You may not look at that. Yet.ф

You meet my eyes, a smile dancing behind them.

уStand up, and turn around.ф

You stand, and turn to face away from me. I reach out, and gently touch

and feel your behind. I can feel your excitement through your panties,

and again, I smile. If I know you, youтre dying for more contact than

IÑ‚m giving you, which is all part of my plan. I slip my fingers under

the leg bands of your panties, and give your butt a nice squeeze. As my

hands work their way closer to where you want them, your legs spread

ever so slightly, allowing me better access. Which is when I remove my


уNot yet. Iтm not ready for that yet.ф

I gently guide you back to your knees in front of me, facing me once

again. I reach out, and push your bra down enough to free your hard

nipples. Giving them a nice firm tweak, I lean in and give you a soft

kiss. Feeling the hunger in your lips, I pull away before it gets away

from me. Leaning back, I take your hands in mine, and guide them to my


As your hands make contact, I lift my hips, giving you the signal to

pull off my underwear, freeing my erection. You wrap your hand around

it, gently stroking my firmness. Your free hand slips to my sac,

caressing and fondling. You move in to engulf my cock, but I reach down

and grab your head.

уNo. Not until I give you permission.ф

You sit back, sulking just a little. I stand you up before me, and turn

you around, so that your butt is in my face. Reaching up, I pull your

panties down to your knees. You slip them off, and I bury my face

between your cheeks. Running my tongue up and down the crack of your

ass, I can feel the shivers of delight flowing through you. You thrust

back at me, and my tongue finds its way to your tight ass. You reach

back and spread your cheeks wide, giving me full access to your glory.

уPlease, lick my asshole╖you know I love it when you lick my ass.ф

I let my tongue gently tease your bud, and then pull away. Again, my

tongue finds its way in, and then pulls away. You moan with frustration

as my teasing gets you hotter and hotter. I push you gently away, and

lead you to the bed, where I put you on all fours. Spreading your

asscheeks once again, I slide my stiff cock around your tight hole, and

gently thrust forward.

уOhhh╖please, go deeper, but slowly. You know I love it slow╖ф

Not wanting you to be disappointed, I slowly push forward, until my cock

is buried in your ass. Pulling out just as slowly, we gently develop a

rhythm. Reaching forward, I wrap my hands around your tits, pinching and

teasing your nipples, just the way you like it. Our bodies sway and rock

to the music of our lovemaking, until all too soon, I feel the familiar

tightening in my balls, that signals the coming eruption.

уIтm going to cum, baby╖fill you up with my seed╖ф

With one last desperate thrust, I drive my cock deep into your ass, and

explode. My cum fills you up, and leaks out the sides, running down your

thighs. We collapse together on the bed, spent. At least, I am.

You gently free yourself from my cock, and slip down to take it in your

mouth. Lovingly, you clean my cock of every drop of juice. Pushing my

legs up, you run your tongue down to my puckered ass, much as I had done

to you. You probe my ass, making me ready for what you had in mind.

Pushing my legs to my chest, you guide your hard cock to the rim of my

hole, and with one hard thrust, bury it deep inside me. I cry out,

loving the mix of pain and pleasure IÑ‚m feeling. Your motions cause your

tits to jiggle and shake, making me love it even more. I reach out and

grope your titties, pinching your nipples as you fuck my ass.

уGod, you know I love that. Pinch them hard for me, just the way I like


Giving you what you want, while you gave me what I wanted. Isnтt that

the life is supposed to be?

Your strokes are getting shorter and shorter, and I can feel you

straining to hold back.

уCum on me, baby. I want to see you shoot╖ф

With one last push, you pull free, and jerk your cock til it explodes,

covering my chest with cum. With one last spurt, you fall to the bed

next to me, exhausted. We lay together, your hands gently rubbing your

cum into my chest.

уIf only the guys you play softball with knew I was a little more than I

appear, huh?Ñ„ I smile.

уNo. Iтd probably have to share you, and I never want to do that. I love

you, and all of your hidden treasures, too much to ever share you.Ñ„

We kiss, one last time, before sleep overtakes us.

If the world only knewâ•–