Home Run

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I always wondered what it was that was barring me from the world of sex.

It couldn’t be my age; everyone I knew had already had sex by the age of

21. It wasn’t my name; a lot of people named Peter, were already married.

It wasn’t my lifestyle; I knew others like me who were involved in serious

and sexual relationships.

The idea that I’d passed my 21st birthday with no sexual experience

whatsoever to speak of, was depressing. And those who said that sex did not

necessarily mean manhood, particularly those who said that to me at *this*

time in my life, I ate for lunch. The fact was, sex alone did not make a

man, but as they couldn’t help but admit, they wouldn’t dare try to

voluntarily live without it..

So I turned my attention away from it as much as I could. I got interested

in going to baseball games. One game in the Bay Area, meant a train ride

via Amtrak. So, during summer vacation, I packed up for a 2 day trip, and

caught the morning train. But strangely enough, I had an incredible dream

about sex the night before, and it was so vivid and seemingly real, that it

deprived me of sleep. I’d dealt with this before, and laughed it off, but

this dream was too wierdly powerful.

When I caught the train, I was sleepy.

I got my seat, which seemed to have another, unoccupied seat, next to it.

But that seat did smell of sweet perfume.

I settled in and, as the train moved slowly, I curled up and tried to rest.

Then, someone sat down in the adjacent seat, which my back was then

facing. “Oh,” a female voice cried out, as if just noticing a new person

sitting next to her.

I looked behind me. The voice was smooth and seemingly older.

A raven-haired woman, possibly 25 years old, regarded me, and went to

reading her book. She was well-endowed, from her breasts, which strained

through her shirt, to her thick, skirt-clad, tan legs. She was just plain


“Oh, hi.” I replied. “Don’t worry about me; I’m too sleepy to move my jaws

to bite.”

“Where are you headed?” she inquired, putting down the book.

I was just turning around when she asked me that. I then whirled about.

She actually wanted to converse? Naw..

“Oakland A’s game.” I replied.

“Me, too!” she said. “What a coincidence..”

“Wow.” I said. “That is a coincidence. Well, I’m really tired and I need

to sleep before the game, lest I sleep during it..”

“Have a good one.” she said. “I’ll wake you up when we arrive.”

“Thanks. Oh, and my name is Pete. What’s yours?”

“Kami.” she replied.

She didn’t look like the woman in my dreams. Definitely, though, she did

not look inferior. Just unlike my dream lover. *No one home in the hormone


I sort of tossed and turned in my seat, which eventually got her attention.

“You know,” she said, startling me, “you look tense. There’s no way you

can sleep if you’re tense. I know a way to help you relax and get a good

morning sleep before tonight’s game.”

“How’s that?” I inquired.

“How about a massage?” she replied. “I know how to give one.”

The lights turned on in my hormones department. But still, no extra blood

went rushing down to my genitals.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Then, let’s take off your jacket,” she said. I worked sluggishly at

trying to get it off, but then she intervened, gently manipulating me so

that she could get it off of my back.

Then, she turned my back to her, and with both of us sitting up, she began

to massage my shoulders.

“You ARE tense.” Kami noted. She pulled up against me, and worked hard on

my shoulders.

Her fingers relaxed me greatly. I leaned back against her chest, and she

let me. Her fingers traveled down my back, relaxing all my muscles, but

then making me more awake than sleepy.

Then, she got a ticklish spot on my back. I arched forward, then wide

awake. “Woah!”

“Oh, you’re ticklish!” she laughed. She let me recover as we rocked with

the slow-moving train. We both noticed the side to side swaying of the

train, which seemed to guide how she massaged me – from side to side.

She pulled up my shirt and went directly to my bare skin, to massage me.

Her warm fingers against my back, felt incredibly good. I leaned back

towards her, feeling relaxed already.

“You wouldn’t be Pete as in the art nut they used to make fun of in the

8th grade, would you?” she inquired with a start.

I looked up right then, my back still to her. “Kami as in Alison’s older


“Yeah,” she laughed. “I recognize you! You know, you’ve got a nice body.”

She reached around and gently pinched my abdomen. “Can’t pinch an inch.

You’ve changed a lot. You and my sister used to hate each other to


We both laughed briefly.

I turned. “You’ve changed, too. For the better, it seems.”

“Hey,” she said, putting her arms on my shoulder, “sorry for harrassing

you about my sister. She really IS an asshole.”

“It’s okay.” I replied.

“No, really.” she said. “I’m going home in San Francisco. It’s one stop

after yours. They won’t catch you if you stay on for one more stop, and

besides, you can stay with me and not in some dingy Oakland hotel. How does

that sound?”

I was in shock. “G-great..”

“Fine.” she smiled. “You can keep the money you save from renting a hotel

room, too.”

“Well,” I gasped, “I don’t know what to say, except thank you..”

Suddenly, I felt tired again. And this time, my eyelids were getting

heavy. I couldn’t help but yawn, and to me, it could not have come at a

worse time.

But she understood.

“Get some sleep, Pete.” she said. “I’ll wake you up when we arrive.”

I woke up sitting in a slight incline, under a blanket.

“Wake up..” she said, gently whispering in my ear.

I definitely responded to that voice in my ear. My eyes flew open and I

sat upright. “Kami?”

“We’re there.” she announced, helping me up. My backpack was zipped shut,

and her things packed as well. We got up as the train came to a stop, and

after I’d put my shirt back on, we got out a few moments later.

“You’re only 22 now?” she said as we rode the bus to her house.

“Yeah,” I replied. “How about you?”

“28.” she answered. “I’m just a *little* older than you.”

“Well,” I said, “I figured. But I thought you were more like 25.”

“Gee,” she smiled, “thanks.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder. “You’ve grown. I used to be taller

than you.”

I took in the smell of her perfume as she talked.

“Nature was kind to me.” I replied. “I’m sort of around 5’10” now.”

“And with a nice bod.” she noted lecherously. “And a nice personality.

Gee, what have I been missing?”

We both laughed.

“I take it that you’ve dated a few jerks.” I said out of impulse.

“As a rule.” she sighed. “But you seem to be such a nice guy, so I trust


“Me?” I joked. “The maniac? Grrrrrr!”

I put my arm around her and squeezed her gently. She laughed and pulled up

even closer, to embrace me as well.

Accidentally, she put her hand on my chest. When she’d forgotten to take

it off and we’d both noticed it, she held it, with her palm flat, on me.

Then, as I took a deep, nervous breath, she smiled, and traced her fingers

across my chest.

Nervously, I turned my face towards her to say something, but instead, she

leaned upwards and kissed me quickly on my lips. I flinched instinctively.

“Oh,” she smiled. “You’re not accustomed to kisses. Let’s do it slowly

this time..”

She slowly turned my head back towards hers, and we kissed more intensely.

I felt overwhelmed by her kiss, and gave in, cupping her face in my hands

as I kissed her back. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, before

I looked away instinctively.

“K-Kami,” I stammered, “I really.. don’t know what to say.”

She took my hand and held it tight, looking at me. “You’re shy.”

We laughed for a moment. Then, gazing into her pretty face, I breathed

deeply, tensed up again, and tried to look forward. Even in the cold, San

Francisco air, I sweated.

Fortunately, the bus stopped across the street from her house. We dragged

2 sets of luggage apiece, inside.

Hers was a 1-story home, with modern furniture and a few pictures,

landscape-style, on her walls.

The first place we went to, after leaving the bags behind, was her kitchen.

“..and then I moved here.” she was saying as we put two pizzas into the

microwave oven. “As you probably know, Alison’s married. Her husband’s a


“Figures.” I said. “Rich guys.”

“He’s 34.” Kami shook her head. “Alison’s just a month ahead of you where

age is concerned. Talk about your classical May-December type.”

“Well,” I explained, “when it’s colored deep green..”

“You sound more cynical about it than as if you believed in it..” she

turned towards me.

“Hah! It’s the only way I can stay sane anymore.” I sneered. “I always

thought optimism was for the inexperienced..”

She touched me on my chest again. Suddenly, I sucked in my breath, and my

mind started racing with thoughts. I should have realized what would

happen when it finally came to the day that someone would as much as touch

me like she did. I faced the sudden shock of receiving a loving touch from

a woman, and it threw me into an unexpected confusion.

I flinched from her touch.

“Whoo!” she gasped. “What’s wrong? Fingers too cold?”

“I’m sorry..” I replied. “It’s not that your fingers are cold. It’s just..”

Just then, the microwave went off.

“Ah!” I announced nervously. “The pizzas are ready.”

I breathed easily as I tightened up my defenses, making sure not to open

up so much again, in front of a “sympathetic” woman, even like Kami. I sort

of acknowledged that I wasn’t really ready for what I perceived that she

was leading us to.

“You know,” she said as we took the pizzas out, and began cutting them,

“you act like you’re scared of a little affection.”

*She knew.*

“I’m sorry, Kami” I repeated myself, “I really am. I don’t think I’m

ready for it -”

She got up without really taking a bite, and I stared nervously as she

came over, reached down, and took my hand. I stood up, and she took my

other hand. Then, she moved her hands up my arms, and then gripped my

shoulders and pulled me down to kiss her.

She probably knew I had no experience in love, and I feared, worse than

anything else, being a lousy lover. I was genuinely scared, I realized, and

I didn’t want it to show.

She pressed us together, and I did what I could best remember – I kissed

her on her neck. Immediately, she released me, and pulled up her shirt,

revealing her heaving breasts behind a bra that left little to the

imagination. She motioned to me with her finger, I moved towards her

again, we kissed, and then she led me to her breasts, and I kissed her

right between her warm, tan globes.

“Well, you’re doing good so far.” Kami said.

I moved nervously across the top of her breasts, kissing them gently,

while reaching down and feeling her soft, warm legs. I looked down, and

knelt in front of her to admire and feel her thighs. “You’re beautiful,

Kami..” I said.

Kami sighed, and then reached down to remove her skirt. Once she pushed

it down off of her legs, she pulled at her panties, revealing the moist

spot over her crotch.

Then, she knelt down and kissed me passionately. “Let’s go.”

She led me by the hand, to her bedroom. As I studied the blue-painted

walls and the waterbed, she laid down on the bed, and took off her bra.

“Unwrap your body for me, Pete. I feel like enjoying you.”

I whirled about. *Enjoying me? As in sex?*

“But Kami, I..” *Enjoying me? That’s a nice way of putting it..*

For a moment, I gaped as she sat there, her bare breasts and brown, erect

nipples heaving with her breaths. My heart raced and my blood pounded in

my ears.

She got up as she kicked off her shoes, and quickly stood in front of me,

taking hold of my shirt. Nervously, I helped her undress me until I was

bare-chested. Then, I breathed deeply, half embarrassed, half excited, as I

stood there for her to admire me. She moved her hands across my chest,

pressing in some areas, just stroking with her fingers in others. Then,

she pressed her breasts against me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and

gave me another deep, warm kiss.

“Will you?” she said, suddenly laying down on her back.

Suddenly, I objected to letting her see my private parts. I was already

erect and I didn’t know what she expected of me as far as penis size was


“Come on,” she said, squeezing her beautiful breasts and tweaking her

nipples, “let me see what you’ve got, Pete.”

“Um, Kami,” I started to protest.

Then, she reached down and removed her panties, revealing to me her

shaved, glistening cunt. “Is this okay?”

I gasped and with difficulty with myself, I took off my shoes, my pants,

and as she massaged her breasts and thrust a finger up and down along her

moist cunt lips, I crouched and took off my underpants. When I stood up

slowly, exposed to the air, she had a lustful smile on her face.

It was common sense to know that she was looking at my body, especially my

cock, so I stood upright and tried to give her a full look at me without

seeming unwilling. I was more unwilling than willing, to expose myself like

that to her, or anyone else, and it took a lot for me to endure her eyes

all over me. And it seemed forever before she relieved me. I had a shred of

reluctance to have anything to do with this, but it fled. I was still

apprehensive about sex, though; I was unused to affection of any sort,

because wherever I used to chase it, it made itself scarce, and then I

stopped and ignored the whole issue. Now, I was completely unprepared to

deal *with* it.

“Come here.” she finally said, patting the sheets next to her.

Then, I realized, *I did not want to put my cock into her at all.* It

seemed too rough, too un-romantic.

But then, I looked at her crotch. Her cunt seemed recently shaved, for

there wasn’t any hair there. She was slightly moist between her legs, and

definitely excited. Even her nipples were beautifully erect.

I hoped to somehow get the message to Kami that I wanted to be romantic.

“I like guys who start out with my tits.” she suggested, fondling her

endowed breasts.

I acted despite my apprehensions. I laid down next to her, kissed her

once, and then, fondling her globes, I took a nipple in my mouth, and

sucked. She held my head to her breast, and moaned with pleasure, as I

sucked and lapped her nipple. After a few moments of working that nipple, I

went to the other. My erection came to full glory.

She began playing with herself as I gave a tongue job to the second

nipple, and when she bucked her hips once, I moved between her breasts,

kissing and lapping there as well. I felt her hands move my head gently

downwards, until I was licking her belly button. I massaged her sides,

feeling her ribs and then playing with her breasts.

Then, I thought, *Oh, man, I can suck her cunt. Let’s see if she’ll let me

off with just that.*

I moved over, nervously, between her legs, and looked up at her eyes.

“Oh,” she smiled. “How sweet.”

“Not as sweet as what’s in front of me.” I replied, more instinctively

than anything else.

“Flatterer.” she gestured, spreading her legs and raising her knees. “I’ll

wrap my legs around you to keep you warm. How about that?”

We both laughed at her sexy proposition.

“Fine.” I replied, approaching her crotch. As I looked at her beautiful

cunt looming in front of me, anticipating the taste, I realized that I

liked pleasing my partner before she pleased me.

Then, I backed up and started kissing at the lower part of her legs, just

several inches above the ankles. I kissed the insides of both legs,

traveling up slowly, towards her crotch, taking extra time to savor her

thighs, as I caressed her.

“Nice..” she sighed approvingly, raising her legs into the air as I

caressed and kissed them.

She relaxed and enjoyed being teased, before resting her rear end on my

hands, which lifted her cunt as my kisses approached it.

I’d always dreamed and fantasized about sucking a woman’s pussy and giving

her an orgasm. Now, it was a reality. Before I went down to actually suck

her pussy, I saw her again grip her beautiful breasts. My heart beat even

faster, as feelings of apprehension clashed with enthusiasm. As I took a

deep breath of the aroma of her aroused pussy, I didn’t care if what I was

doing amounted to taking things too far. One could take a great many things

too far that were 100 times less pleasurable than this, and they did every

day. In an instant of conflict and decision, I decided that compared to

them, I was a-okay.

Then, I stuck out my tongue and moved it across her pussy lips. My first

taste of a woman’s cunt, was pleasant. I savored the gentle musky taste of

her aroused pussy, and slowly licked across her slit. Her thighs quivered

slightly, and then she faithfully wrapped her legs around me gently,

moaning softly with pleasure.

“Oh, Kami, you’re delicious..”

I wanted to enjoy the flavor of her pussy and the juices which made her

wet between her legs, so I lapped slowly, using the top part of my tongue,

to massage her. The feel of her cunt lips and the softness of her skin,

plus the nice taste of her pussy, made me want to lick and suck her cunt

indefinitely. She moaned softly, and moved her legs back and forth,

stroking my head and shoulders with her beautiful, warm, encompassing


“Push your tongue inside me.” she said suddenly. I saw her hand reach down

and spread her cunt lips. “Probe there..”

She touched her inner lips with one finger, to show where. I thrust my

tongue beyond her outer labia, and found her insides even wetter. The taste

was absolutely wonderful as I licked inside her cunt enthusiastically. She

played with my hair and occasionally pushed me against her crotch.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, rotating her hips. “Pete, baby, suck my pussy lips.

Just suck them. That turns me on..”

I took her swollen outer pussy lips, and sucked them into my mouth,

sucking them in and letting them slide back out. She sat upright, and

moaned softly, as I sucked her cunt lips faithfully. I was rewarded with

more wetness, which my probing tongue discovered in her cunt. She didn’t

mind my having stopped sucking her cunt lips; I looked up at her as I

switched, and she was sitting up, breathing irregularly, but smiling from

the pleasure.

“Nnnahhh…. okay, honey, do me your way..” she urged me, stroking her

breasts more intensely.

“Woa, *Kami..*” I moaned. “I could suck your cunt for days..”

“Do it, honey, do it..” she encouraged me. “Do it and I’ll cum for you.”

I then found her clitoris, and began licking around it. She immediately

groaned loudly, and gently put her hands on my head, grasping it. “Ooooh,

Pete, that’s it, you’re almost there..”

I kept licking around it, then, after approaching her clitoris, I veered

off and went to licking her slit. She groaned with disappointment the first

time, and when I did it the second time, she sat up with jerk.

“Pete!” she gasped.

Silently, I went back to licking around her clitoris, sucking on the hood

of skin which covered her clit, exposing it to my tongue. She sighed

heavily as I then teased her clit with my tongue as I saw on the videos.

Taking her erect clit between my lips, I sucked it gently, and then tongued

it softly and gently, for a while. She began to raise her hips towards me,

wrapping me tight between her thighs.

Then, I backed off, and began licking her slit and inner labia. Her juices

flowed onto my tongue, leaving a gentle and agreeable taste. I spread her

cunt lips and studied the opening to her vagina, before licking there

again. I wanted to really make her cum, make her wet so I could enjoy her

juices. It would take satisfying her to orgasm, which was in itself a

pleasure for me. My erection grew intensely as I slowly moved against the

bed. As she responded to my tongue-job, my penis became more and more

sensitive, and excited as I moved it against the bed.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I would ejaculate if I stayed on my

stomach, sucking her off like that.

“Kami,” I said, “I’m about to come on the bed..”

“Oh, okay!” she replied, unwrapping her legs from around me. “I’ll mount

you. Is that okay?”

“What do you mean?” I knew the answer to that the instant those dumb words

left my lips.

“Lay on your back.” she said, getting up on her knees.

I laid on my back where she once was.

“Now,” she said, with her hands on my chest, “I’m going to kneel straight

down on your head.”

“Oh, no problem.” I replied. “I don’t think you’re that heavy.”

“Okay.” she nodded, looking down carefully as she moved towards her

desired position, stroking her swollen labia. She got up on top of me,

putting her pussy right over my lips. She knelt down on my head, and got

herself comfortable on top of me, and looked down as I sucked her pussy.

She put the weight of her lower body on me cautiously, trying to press her

cunt against my lips, as I guided her down with my hands on her rear end.

“Oh, you’ve got a beautiful, skilled tongue..” she gasped. “I love the

hell out of you.”

I probed the inside of her pussy with my tongue, and then sucked her clit.

She bucked her hips and moaned with quick, irregular breaths, as her hips

quivered strongly. Then, I started massaging the warm, firm cheeks of her

rear, stroking them alternately.

“Ohhh, Pete, make me cum now!” she cried.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I licked her from her clitoris, all the way

down her moist, hot slit, exploring into her vagina along the way. I

continued to lick and suck her clit and pussy lips, as she rocked back and

forth on top of me, until she leaned forward, screaming out with pleasure.

Then, I felt her juices coat my tongue – not like a strong wetness along

her inner folds – but, this time, like a gentle flow. I was surprised to

feel a teaspoon of fluids sliding down my tongue and into my mouth. I

hadn’t expected that. But it tasted good, so I just settled back and kept

sucking away. And it became an incredible turn-on.

Then, she cried out intensely and had a strong internal contraction. The

next and last wave of cum juice coated my cheeks and chin, in addition to

flooding my mouth, as she exploded in orgasm, moaning and groaning and

grinding her crotch against my face. I swallowed what juices I’d caught

orally, and then lapped at her spasming pussy as she came and came

repeatedly. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to suck a woman’s cunt

while she was cumming and screaming with pleasure. I wanted it to last


When her quivering subsided, so did her cries of pleasure; then, I brought

her back to Earth with slow, gentle tongue work. She moaned softly,

rotating her hips, seemingly happy that she was being brought back down

easily, instead of with a bang; one instant, having a mind-blowingly

beautiful orgasm, and the next instant, having almost nothing. Her pussy

continued to contract pleasurably, even after her orgasm was over.

She held her cunt against my lips as I lapped away. Sitting upright, she

looked down at my face, taking deep breaths and admiring her incredibly

stiff nipples and flushed chest, as she held her hands on the upper part of

her breasts. Then, she smiled broadly, letting me know, without and shame on

her part, that she had indeed taken the liberty to enjoy me as much as she

possibly could. And that she was overwhelmingly glad that she had.

“That was heavenly.” she gasped. “Where’d you learn how to do that?”

“My secret.” I replied, taking my face away from her cunt just long enough

to reply. Then, savoring the taste and texture of her pussy, I went back to

tonguing her gently.

“Ohhh, shit, Pete,” she groaned, “I’m really gonna hate cutting you off

there, BUT..”

She got up off of me, and then draped her body over mine. She cupped my

face in her hands, and kissed me. Instinctively, I opened my mouth, and our

tongues entangled. Then, while we kissed, she suddenly paused. Then, gently

withdrawing her tongue from my mouth, she licked her lips, and looked at

her hands. They were wet. Then, she stared at my face.

“Oh, your cheeks are wet.” she said with shock. “Oh, wow, I really came. I

didn’t know I came *that* much..”

“Hey!” I laughed. “I loved it!”

“Oh, no way..” she said with concern, wiping my cheeks gently. “You just

liked my pussy so much -”

“Trust me.” I replied. “It’s a turn-on.”

She laid her head on my chest suddenly, and gasped with exhaustion.


I still feel dizzy. I feel like you tried to suck my *brains* out..”

I held her. “Just relax. We’ll just hold each other.”

“Ooooh,” she exhaled in my ear, whispering, “that tongue of yours is

heaven-sent. Damn, I wish you didn’t live so far away; I’d never need

another dildo with you around.”

“I’d be glad to replace it.” I replied.

“Let me lay here for a moment.” she requested. “Ohh, I feel weak.”

I felt my erection growing, until I felt it against her belly. I took a

deep breath, and could not help giving it one quick rub against her abdomen.

“Mmmm, I feel a growing cock..” she commented.

She propped herself up over my with her arms, and stared down at me.

Sitting on her knees, she straddled me and gripped my erection with her

hands. “Mmmm, it’s nice.”

I felt incredibly nervous as she got ready to mount me. I moved my hips

as she studied the shaft in her hands. She absent-mindedly wiped the

pre-come off the head of my penis, and smeared it along my glans. Then,

she looked up into the air, raised her hips, and placed her cunt lips over

the head of my penis. With a deep inhale, she pressed down hard on it.

The head of my cock slid easily into her, but the sensation of entering

her vagina, was too much. I jerked reflexively, and the head of my cock

fell back out.

“Oh!” she cried with surprise, looking down at my erection. “Oh, Pete.

Don’t tell me..”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“You’re a *virgin.*” she laughed in a friendly manner. She carefully

stroked my erection.

The words nearly drained the blood out of my penis. To say nothing of how

adversely it shocked me mentally. I felt nearly sick as I contemplated the

consequences of her having realized that I’d never had sex before. I stared

up at her with fear, as if I’d just realized the fun was over. To say

nothing of how my heart lept into my throat.

“I would know.” she smiled, gripping either side of my chest. “You’re too

sensitive at the head of your cock. You’ve never been taken into a woman’s

vagina before.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry, Kami -”

She laid down on me and kissed me passionately. Afterwards, she sat up.

“Don’t worry; I think it’s turning me *on,* fucking an inexperienced lover

like you. One piece of advice: when it’s time, let go. Don’t try to be a

stud and hold back.”

I inhaled with relief. “Okay.”

She then positioned her cunt lips over my shaft again. “Just try not to

jerk from the shock as I take you into me. If you can’t help it, fine; I’ll

work on you until you’re ready to enter me.”

And I jerked again with a gasp. She laughed, watching as I jerked my hips

downward, pulling the head of my shaft back out of her as the even gentle

grip of her pussy lips turned out to be too much for me. She looked me in

the eyes as she stroked my penis understandingly, and then made the attempt

again. She licked her lips intensely as her cunt lips wrapped around my

cock a third time.

The shock was just as strong then. I jerked again from the sensation, but

it wasn’t strong enough; her pussy muscles gripped the head of my penis and

as the shock died away. She proceeded to slide down, still gripping my

shaft with one hand.

Her vagina slowly engulfed more and more of my erection. I fought the urge

to pull back out, enjoying the security of being wrapped in the velvety

grip of her sex. I’d been tense and scared at first; now, I was able to

relax more.

“Mmmm, you’re blushing.” she smiled, moving her hands against my chest.

I gasped, “I can’t help it..”

“It’s okay.” she reassured me. I felt the grip of her vagina against the

very base of my cock, and the increasing pressures deep within her. “How

does it feel?”

The initial shock gave way to intense pleasure. “Incredible,” I replied.

“It feels wonderful..”

Then, her facial muscles tightened, and I felt her muscles contract

against my erect member. We both heard sexy squishing sounds as her vagina

squeezed my penis, drawing it up into her depths. She drew hotly and wetly

across my shaft, and I realized that while her first contraction was mostly

involuntary, she was now steadily milking me.

“Just lay still for a moment and don’t try to thrust.” she advised me.

“Okay,” I gasped.

I gripped the sides of her lower abdomen as she played gently with her

breasts, cupping them, pumping them, lifting them up, and squeezing her

nipples. As she squeezed her breasts, she contracted, milking me with a

slow, feminine rhythm that had me rocketing helplessly through worlds of

intense sexual pleasure. “Oh, Pete..”

“Kaaaamiii, ohh, Kami..”

“Mmmmmm, it feels so good, baby. Try to thrust now.”

She began to rise up and down on my penis, exposing my pussy-lubricated

glans halfway, before gently settling down on it again, taking it all the

way back inside her. Then, she touched her clit, and contracted strongly,

squeezing me tight in her hold. Her eyes rolled up high, her teeth

clenched, and she grunted strongly, and as I thrust up into her depths,

she had another orgasm. “NnnnOHHHHH, oh, oh, oh..”

I tried to thrust up more into her, but her tight muscles held me in

place. I figured that if I could have thrust, I would have cum my brains

out right then.

And then, as her muscles loosened up, she laid down on me and we held each

other tight.

Unfortunately, the ease by which the studs did it on video, did not

present itself for me that day. I felt clumsy, and I thrusted clumsily.

“It’s okay,” she coaxed me on, “it’s all right, Pete. Just keep going..”

“Ahhh, Kami..” I moaned. “Ohh, Kami, baby, I love you..”

She seemed to react to those words with harder breaths, and increasingly

strong contractions, as she stroked her luscious breasts.

“Oh, Kami, I love you..”

“Thrust, baby.” she responded. “I want to feel you explode inside me.”

She kissed me passionately as I thrust upwards, gingerly, into her warm,

moist, encompassing depths. She sat firmly on my cock, and continued to

gently milk it with her inner muscles.

I felt the pressure mounting in my shaft, as my orgasm approached. I

began to breathe irregularly, and my eyes bulged for an instant as we

kissed. She knew I was going over the edge, and that I didn’t mind anymore

where my orgasm happened. I stopped stroking her beautiful body with one

hand, and moved it towards her clitoris.

“Oh, Pete!” she cried. “You’ll make me cum twice..”

She pumped her breasts frantically as my cock swelled inside her. My

orgasm raced up to meet me, as I thrust deep inside her, savoring the

sensations. Then, she pumped me furiously with her thighs and her pussy

muscles. I moved the other hand from feeling her body, to massaging her

thighs, which looked even more beautiful on her, now that she was

straddling and making love to me.

“Ohhhh, Pete, come inside me.. come on, baby, come..”

“Oh, Kami,” I gasped.

I felt the pleasure rising again, as I enjoyed being pumped by her hungry

pussy. Suddenly, it felt as if her pussy was nearing climax; her

contractions were less regular, like milking, and more irregular, indicative

of an orgasm.

“OHHHHH, my pussy’s so satisfied!” she cried, launching into another cum

as her cunt orgasmed out of pure satisfaction with my penis.

Her contractions pumped my penis unlike anything I’d felt before. My semen

shot straight up, gathered, and then awaited the next contraction to flood

her depths. The intensity of the pressure was too much to bear.

“Pete!” she cried. “Give it to me! Cum with me, baby!”

“Oh, Kami!” I gasped helplessly. “Kami!”

I gripped the bed with both hands and thrust deep; then, she began to

fondle her breasts again, with one hand, while taking control of my scrotum

with the other. She continued to urge me to let it go, until, as I watched

her fondle her breasts, and she pumped my scrotum gently, I felt the

pressure in my penis, rise again, and this time, release itself. I felt an

intense pleasure from the head of my penis as the first load of semen

jetted right through, like a shell just leaving a cannon’s muzzle. My shaft

swelled even more, and I could see she could feel it, as she looked down at

me and her eyes bulged. She sat up straight as if she were about to try to

get my cock out of her, but then she sat down firmly, sighed, gripped her

legs and squeezed my shaft in her vagina, encouraging me through my crisis.

I cried out her name, exploding inside her with an initial spasm that made

my vision blur and my muscles weaken. While I felt weak, I also felt

terribly relieved by the release, and the pleasure was worth the sudden

weakness. She fell down on me and we held each other tight, as I let

myself go, straight into a mind-blowing orgasm which had already taken

total control of me. I felt her fingers resume pumping my scrotum as I

ejaculated into her, before she wrapped her arms around me.

As I screamed out, she quickly turned my head and kissed me, as I thrust

deeper into her, giving her long floods of hot, thick semen. We kissed

frantically as she came and I pumped and pumped her. I really thought I

was going to die from the pleasure.

We hugged tightly and she kept me locked between her thighs, to prevent my

bucking hips from causing us to jerk apart. With each spurt of my cream

into her body, she exhaled powerfully, and held me tighter. Our tongues

were enmeshing with each other, exploring each other’s mouths, but now, we

withdrew them for fear that someone might clench their teeth.

For the duration of my helpless skyrocketing climax, our bodies rocked

powerfully, but with a rhythm set by her, which seemed to encourage me to

cum more.

Finally, we broke the kiss, and cried out as our orgasms subsided.

Feeling totally spent and extremely vulnerable, I relaxed as she kept her

vaginal muscles wrapped around my penis and her legs straddling my lower

torso, for a while. Then, we kissed passionately for a long time, laying

still so my softening cock could remain inside her.

“You were wonderful.” Kami said, running her soft fingers along my chest.

“How do you feel?”

“It was too good for words.” I replied, my voice filled with exhaustion.

“I couldn’t possibly explain it.”

“Well,” she smiled, “I’m taking you as my own, custom-groomed lover. I’m

gonna love the hell out of you and teach you all the wonderful tricks of

lovemaking, and make you the lover *I’ve* always wanted. How about that?”

She rubbed her beautiful thighs against me, and before I could respond,

she pressed her lips against mine, and gently pushed her tongue into my

mouth. We enjoyed a long, deep kiss, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Sure..” I finally stammered.

“Good. Make sure you show me all the things you want me to do to you.”

she added.

We laid on our sides, and she curled up in my arms.