Leave Me Alone

Annie went into the other room where the guys were sleeping and
woke them up. I could hear her telling them how I had been in my room
crying most of the night and that she was getting a little fed up with it.
As they stirred to awareness Jim frowned at the memory of the night before.
“Oh, shit! She’s never been in a scene like that before; it
probably freaked her. I’d better go in and see what I can do.”
“Well, for one thing you can tell her to stop being such a little
bitch. A foursome isn’t the end of the world.”
I dashed for the bed as Jim headed for our door. I pretended to be
asleep, and he sat down and caressed my shoulder. I stirred and blinked.
“Oh, now I remember. You all did it to me at the same time. How
could you?” I pulled the covers over my naked body, and began to sob. “I
feel violated. Why don’t you all just leave me alone.”
Jim shrugged, got dressed and left through our patio door. I could
hear the sounds of sex from Annie & Jeff’s room. About twenty minutes later
Annie came into my room giggling.
“The guys have gone jogging and will stop on the way back to bring
us bagels and juice. Jim doesn’t know whether to be sympathetic or pissed
off at you. He’s afraid he pushed you too far. The funniest thing though is
Jeff! He’s afraid that he won’t get to fuck you. It turned him on so much
cumming in your mouth that he’s dying to get in your pussy. He just fucked
me and wanted to know all about you while we fucked. He wanted to know if I
thought you’d assfuck. I said I thought so because you really seemed to dig
having my finger up your asshole, but that he might have to force you a
little bit.”
“Shit, I’d love to have him fuck me right now, but I don’t want to
ruin the game.”
“How would you like to taste his cum again right now.” Annie said
with a smile.”
I returned her smile and she straddled my face. Here it was only
my second time sucking a woman’s pussy, and it seemed so perfect to me.
Annie held her pussy a couple of inches above my face and spread her lips.
I could see her flex her pussy muscles and in a few seconds fluid started
to drip. I caught the first drops on my tongue and then pushed my face up
to suck the rest out. Annie lowered herself and rubbed her pussy up and
down across my face. She raised herself again and turned around. She sat on
my face again but this time in a sixty-nine position. Oh, I could feel her
suck my juices. This was so good. I loved the taste of her pussy. It was
filled with a whole night of love juice, sweat and cum. It was strong and
sexy. I hoped she liked the taste of my own cunt. We continued sucking each
other to the point of completion. The ride down was as sweet as the ride
up. We laid in one anothers grasp for a while until Annie said “Let’s go
for a swim.”
“Okay!” I said and jumped up. We donned our bikinis and headed for
the surf. The sand and sun felt so warm on my body.
We dove in the water and I was quickly refreshed and ready for
another day. I hadn’t slept all night, but it made no difference. We sat in
the shallow surf. Annie said that her goal in life was to have her cake and
eat it, too. That, for her, morality was a very practical thing. Sure she
was against violence and inflicting cruelity upon anyone, but she also felt
that life was up for grabs. She said she didn’t hesitate to lie or steal if
she felt no one would be harmed. In fact, she enjoyed deceit. For her, the
key was being aware of the difference between truth and lies and consciously
choosing one or the other. She said that what her life lacked was someone
that she could be truthful with who wouldn’t try to change her and who would
even value her for just those qualities that most people would abhor.
I said “What the heck! How about me? I’m ready for a real change in
life. I want a whole lot more, and I want you; so lets see. The guys should
be back pretty soon, and I’ve got to pee, shall we go back.”
Annie laughed “I can’t believe you would would run all the way back
to the room to pee when we’re sitting in the water right now. I never use
the john at the beach. I love the feeling of going in the water.”
“You’re right, I said. I spread my legs and concentrated and
released my stream of piss. It did feel good doing it in the water. Annie
stared at my crotch, and then reached her hand between my legs.
“I can feel your warm piss. It’s so sexy.” Annie said.
I put my fingers between my legs and also felt the warm stream in
the colder water. Annie sat back and said that we’d better be careful before
we attracted too much attention. I realized then that the beach had begun to
fill up.
“I still want to watch you pee.” I said.
“I’m afraid you won’t be able to.” Annie said. “I have to do more
than pee and for that I’ll have to swim out a bit.”
I was dumbfounded. “Are you really going to shit in the water?”
I told you I never use the john at the beach.” She said with a laugh
and ran out to the deeper water. At waist height she turned around and
As I swam out to her she continued to the deeper water. I stood and
watched as Annie ducked under the water and came up with her bottoms in her
hand. I watched her concentrate, and in a minute she smiled and waved again.
A few seconds later I could see the her shit floating away.
“You are one wild chick!” I said as she swam over to me. Annie smiled
and pointed down the beach at Jim and Jeff in the distance. As she put her
bikini bottoms on she said “What do you think we should do, sweetmeat.”
“Well, one thing I thought of is that after we return to the city we
should make it clear that there won’t be any more weekends like this and that
we’d be better off not swinging.” Annie frowned, but I waved my hand. “Wait!
Then we should each have affairs with the other’s guy. If I’m going to learn
to lie and cheat this seems like a great place to start. I’d love to have you
fucking Jim behind my back and get him to say all sorts of things about me.
But you’d have to tell me afterwards.”
Annie laughed and said “Laurie I love you; you’re wonderful.
Not only would I tell you, but you could be in the next room listening, or we
could rig up a mike and record it all. Super! You could sleep with Jeff
behind my back. Would you be hurt if Jim said negative things about you.”
“I don’t think so. I realize that what we had was not very serious
and, as a matter of fact, in a perverse way, it would be fun, as long as I
knew that I was sharing it all with you.”
“That all sounds great, but doesn’t it ruin tonight and the fun we
planned to have.”
“Not necessarily!” I smiled. “Sometimes a girl can have too much too
drink and go overboard. That could even be what precipitates tomorrows
decison not to have any more such weekends.”
“Laurie, that’s fantastic! And you know we can have more weekends
too, it just doesn’t have to be with Jim and Jeff. We could be alone or with
new guys or, hell, new girls even.” With that Annie waved toward the guys and
swam toward shore.