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All three of us were extremely excited. Things started moving real fast now. Carl pulled his cock from my wife’s mouth. I could see his shaft shining with cum and her mouth still dripping what she couldn’t swallow. He was still excited even though he shot his wad. He wasn’t done yet. He pulled her from the chair and backed her up against the desk that was in the middle of the room. He pushed her over so she lay flat on her back. It was the perfect height. He pulled her ass slightly off the desk towards him. He raised her ankles high in the air and spread her legs in a v . Julie was in ecstacy knowing what was to come. With his large erection at the ready, Carl stepped closer between her thighs and nudged the head of his cock against her open pussy. She let out a loud moan. Julie was about to get the whole thing. It was past the time for having any inhibitions. I got up and moved closer for a better view. Julie grabbed the edges of the desk for support. As he slowly started to penetrate she arched her back. She was hot, wet and ready. I could tell she wanted it. Still holding her ankles high, he pushed deeper inside her. She was slowly tossing her head from side to side and moaning in anticipation of what was to come. He delivered a few short thrusts, then rammed it all the way home and held it there. Julie yelled out in pleasure as she took it all.

At this point I was too excited to be disturbed. The sight of my wife lying on the desk with her tits hanging out and cum dripping from her face while a guy with a big cock was banging the shit out of her, was just too much of a turn on. Her silk teddy only hung around her middle now. Carl’s slow, even, deep thrusts had her moaning like crazy. I walked over and started to play with her tits. I still had my dick out and was stroking my erection. She turned her head towards me with glazed eyes. I was so hot I thought about shooting a load all over her. But I was saving it for something else. Carl’s entire cock was now sliding in and out of her with ease. Julie took it all with no problem. Realizing this, he drove deeper and faster. Her moans turned into grunts every time he slammed his dick home. Ever since he shot his load in her mouth I could tell that she was having multiple orgasms. I took her by the shoulders and slid the upper part of her body so her head was hanging upside down over the corner of the desk while her pussy was still being fucked. She had no sense of shame now. She was thrusting her hips back at his cock yelling, fuck me, fuck me. At that point I took my dick and slid it between her lips. She took it eagerly. I started rocking back and forth driving deeper with each stroke. It was impossible to get into a good rhythm. Her head was unsteady with her pussy being pounded. At one point I pulled my dick from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face and lips. Some of Carl’s cum was on it when I shoved it back down her throat. I drove it deep and held it there for a few seconds with my balls resting on her face. Then I started pumping my cock again, faster and faster.