Not Pregnant But Big

The skinny girl, the one with the bony hips and the tits that looked like
they got stuck on afterwards with modeling clay, just read you a list of your
faults – I mean, like a list written on one of those long sheets of yellow
paper with the blue and red lines for Pete’s sake – and you tell her to go to
hell, as politely as possible. And as you walk down her stairway and out her
front walk and start up your car, you realize that the big girl you met at
your old friend Fred’s the other night, the one with the incredible green eyes
and the big bouncy boobs and the little green shoes that looked like slippers,
has been walking around in your brain, and now and then one of those little
green shoes twangs the nerve that runs from your head to your dick. Laurie.
Like a damn fool you didn’t get her phone number.
On the way home you drop by Fred’s place. Fred looks like a large bear.
His house looks like where you’d expect a large bear to live. Stringy
furniture. Not very much light. Books everywhere. Longnecks empty of home
brew. Peanut shells on the floor (or are they acorn hulls?) Fred must have one
of every computer Apple ever made. He does something with cars and computers
for a living. You and Fred pop a couple of home brews. They say PHREDZ BIG
BEAR BRAU in sort of fake German leters, done with a computer. You never
forget your first Phredz. If you survive it, anyhow. “Yeah, Laurie’s something
else. Teaches high school. Phone number.” He does something with a computer
and her name and address and phone number eventually pop up on a screen.
While the computer disks whir, your mind wanders back to Fred’s party the
other night. Fred loves to roll back the peanut shells and turn on the old
time rock and roll. You boogied with Laurie and watched her feet move in those
little green shoes that looked like slippers. She wore a soft purple sweater
and when her huge boobs bounced to the music her big nipples showed right
through her bra and poked the backs of your hands. The skinny girl glared. The
backs of your hands are still burning. The computer prints out Laurie’s
address and phone number. You gulp down the rest of the longneck. You go home
and call Laurie. You feel like a high school kid. Even her voice has big
boobs. Sure she’d like to have dinner at your place tomorrow evening. Her
voice bounces “bye” and you put the phone down not quite believing it. You’ve
got a date with Laurie. You fall into bed worn out. Suddenly your dick’s as
hard as the nozzle on a fire hose. You think about those crazy nipples on the
backs of your hands and you cry out “Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” when you cum.
That’s all you remember.
The next day after work you pick up a couple of steaks and go home and
vacuum a little and throw away the newspapers and take a shower and do all the
other shit you do when you’re having a girl over to dinner. Phredz doesn’t
seem to quite set the mood you want, so you open a bottle of red wine to go
with the steaks At 6:30 the doorbell rings and there’s Laurie. Her big smile
and those incredible green eyes seem to light up your whole apartment, but
what you notice most is her cleavage peeking out of a scoop-neck white blouse.
She looks at where you’re looking and you see her blush a little. Her big ass
bulges under her purple skirt. You stumble out “Hi! C’mon in” and she walks
into your apartment, her big eyes bright. You talk about a lot of things while
you grill the steaks and get dinner on the table, about her school and how
much she cares about the kids. You can’t take your eyes off her, her big
laughing green eyes, her huge boobs riding up when she lifts her fork. She’s
fun to talk to. As for dinner, you could be eating oatmeal for all you notice.
Maybe she feels the same way. After dinner you put some music on the stereo
and sit down on the couch and talk some more. You feel her big butt move
closer to you on the couch and you know what to do. You fold your arms around
her and kiss those big luscious lips. Her tongue is soft and just a little bit
rough. She smells like a girl. You touch the bare tops of her breasts and she
gently pushes your hand away. You hold her and kiss her a little while longer
and then tell her you want to make love with her and gently guide her to your
You turn on the lamp by your bed, and she turns it off again. “I’m just
not ready for you to look at me yet. Not tonight. Maybe sometime.” In the
dark, you both slip out of your clothes. You open several snaps on her bra and
her huge boobs flop out into your hands and both of you fall onto your water
bed together. You kiss her mouth again and then your lips move to one of her
luscious nipples. It fills your mouth all warm and nubbiny. One hand moves
down over her back and over the shelf-like top of her enormous butt. Your
other hand glides over the gentle curve of her tummy, to her big hairy
pussy-mound. She presses even closer to you as you kiss her mouth again. Your
finger gently spreads her fat pussy lips, wet and luscious. Buried deep inside
them you find her clit, hard and nubby in the soft fat cunt lips. Your fingers
gently close around its protruding tip, then your middle finger slides down to
rub it. She moves her big butt gently in your hand. Her huge boobs press
against you. “You’re so lovely, Laurie. I wish I could see all of you,” you
whisper. “Soon”, she murmurs. “Put your dick in my pussy now. Don’t cum inside
me tonight, I’m not ready.”
Your cock’s hard as a poker. You mount her big body, slipping one hand
under her luscious butt while your other hand guides your cock tip through the
enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice. Your first fuck
thrust gives her all you’ve got, and she moves that big butt to meet it. Her
big body blends into the water bed mattress, until it feels like you’re
fucking a whole world of big luscious woman. Her enormous boobs push against
your chest. She murmurs “Suck my titties” and you pick up a fat flopper and
take its hard nipple into your mouth. She mvoes her butt even more and starts
making cumming noises. You keep up the fuck thrusts and she keeps cumming. Her
tight pussy squeezes and sucks at your dick, and you know that your dick isn’t
going to take no for an answer for very much longer.
“Let me suck you off now,” she says, and you slip out. Somehow she
rearranges herself so your hands can reach her boobs, and she daintily opens
her mouth around your love banana. She knows right where the tip of her tongue
will do the most good, and you know there’s no more holding back. You cry out
“Oh Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” and pour out your salty fuck juice onto her teasing
tongue. She keeps on teasing as she sucks out every drop. You embrace her and
hold her big body close, totally exhausted, folding her into your arms,
sandwiching your body in between her soft warm body and the soft warm water
bed. You just want to lie like that and sleep with her forever.
She breaks the spell. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got an awful day tomorrow.
I’ve just gotta get home and get some sleep. You just sleep. Call me
tomorrow.” You hold her and kiss her once more and then she’s gone. Laurie.
Somehow you get through the next day. Your head’s spinning around those
enormous boobs. As soon as you know she’s home from school you call her.
There’s that incredible warm voice. “T.G.I.F.,” she chuckles. “Let’s meet at
the flea market tomorrow. I’m looking for a toaster oven. Meet me around 9
where that old Chicano man sells vegetables. You know Isidro.” The Spanish
name rolls off her sweet tongue.
It’s already hot and dusty at the flea market when you get there. You
check out Sam who sells old books and magazines. You buy a couple of old
numbers of one of those magazines about really BIG girls he’s put aside for
you, but this morning Mary Waters does about as much for you as Meryl Streep.
The flea market is the best place in town to go look at girls, particularly
big girls, but this morning there’s only one girl you want to look at. You
head for the cool north corner where they sell fruit and vegetables. and
that’s where you find Laurie, chattering away in Spanish with the old
vegetable man.
When you see Laurie, you about drop what you’re carrying, and your teeth
as well. All she’s wearing up top is a pale lavender cotton T-shirt with
“Perfection” in a slanting script across the front. She’s the biggest girl
you’ve ever seen go braless. The T-shirt is almost horizontal above her huge
boobs, and then hangs vertical from her erect nipples, forgetting to go back
and wrap around her waist like you’d think a respectable T-shirt would want to
do. Her dark areolae show through the T-shirt, even their little nubbiny bumps
visible through the thin fabric. Below, she’s wearing cut-off blue jeans,
with a faded designer label from one of those places that makes blue jeans
that fit women with BIG asses. Laurie’s ass doesn’t quite fit the cut, but
bulges out below the raveled edge of the blue jeans to reveal its edge next to
her big soft thigh. She chuckles “Hi” and gives you a big hug. Old Isidro is
lucky he isn’t killed by a flying zipper. You see him chuckle too, his old
eyes crinkling. “Isidro’s got the first Texas canteloupes of the season,” she
tells you as you snuggle into her enormous melons. “I’ve known Isidro for
years. His father and my grandmother went to school together on el West
Side.” You look a little puzzled. “My grandmother’s an old Canary Islander
from San Antonio. That’s where I get my big green eyes.” You ask her where
she gets her Texas canteloupes and she chuckles “from Isidro” and keeps
laughing until her huge boobs jiggle in the glaring sun. You think you may
just quietly go crazy.
You take her hand and start walking along one of the dusty paths between
the tables and tailgates. You let a fingertip trace the path between the edge
of her butt and the edge of her thigh and she murmurs “mmmm”.
She sees a high school age kid and yells “Hi, Jimmy!”
“Hey, Miss Laurie, look what I found.” He shows her a worn old poetry
book. She leafs through it and finds a poem.
“They flee from me that sometime did me seek.” The 400 year old words
come to life in her soft dark voice. You can see that Jimmy’s looking at her
nipples. You see his dick bulge in his shorts. As she reads, first she looks
at Jimmy, but now you can see her looking at you.
“When her loose gown from her shoulders did fall
And she me caught in her arms long and small
Therefore all sweetly did me kiss
And softly said, Dear heart, how like you this?”
Her big green eyes meet yours. You like it a lot, is how you like it.
“Jimmy’s one of my real successes. When he started in my English class,
he could just about read at sixth grade level. Now he’s reading everything he
can get his hands on.”
“I’ll bet he never took his eyes off your big boobs the whole year.”
“He never took his eyes off the book.” She tries to look very proper, and
almost succeeds. “C’mon, I’ve gotta get this lettuce home. Follow me in your
car. I’m parked back of Isidro’s place.” She gives your hand a quick squeeze.
You follow her to her little white house. The sun’s bright. Spring
flowers bloom in the flower beds. The lawn needs mowing.
You walk behind her into the house and into the kitchen, enchanted by her
huge butt. She stows the vegetables in the refrigerator. As she turns around,
you gather her into your arms for a long kiss on her luscious mouth. Then you
do what you were aching to do at the flea market, lift up that T-shirt, take
one of her huge breasts in both hands, and start sucking. She holds you tight
in her cool heavy arms. Her skin is sweaty and a little bit gritty from the
dust of the flea market. You’re crazy to fuck her. You can tell by the way she
moves her hips against you that she’s crazy to fuck too. You both move off to
the bedroom. Sunlight streams through the windows onto the floral-print
bedspread. You slip the T-shirt over her head, and she gets out of the cut-off
blue jeans and you both land on the queen-size bed.
You just can’t believe how big her boobs are. They make Texas canteloupes
look like, well, like skinny girls. Your fingertips graze over pale white
stretch marks, smooth and fibrous as some exotic leather, that begin just
below her neck and reach down almost to her areolae. Her nipples are dark,
hard, almost half an inch tall. You take one of them in your mouth, trying to
suck in the pale brown areola, but your mouth can’t take it all in, so you let
your fingertips caress its smooth, slightly bumpy edge. With both hands you
try to hold the huge udder to your mouth, but they don’t begin to reach around
it. You let go with one hand to try to hold the other breast, your fingertips
closing around the erect nipple. She makes yumming noises.
After a while your hand slips down her smooth, slightly bulging tummy to
the soft hairy pussy-mound. You caress it until your finger slips into the
soft smooth pussy lips, thicker and fatter than you ever dreamed pussy lips
could be. Your fingertips meet around the bulging clit, then your middle
finger starts to run along its shaft. You keep sucking the huge luscious
nipple. You’d like to move to the other boob but it’s all just too big. “Eat
me,” she murmurs.
You go down on her and spread her huge soft thighs. Sunlight streams onto
her luscious pussy as you spread it with your hands. You see her inner pussy
lips, like soft fleshy pink rose petals, as your tongue meets the protruding
clit tip between them and your lips meet around it. Your hands reach up to
grasp her swollen breasts. “Eat me deep,” she gasps, and you plunge your
tongue deep along the shaft of her big clit. “Put your fingers inside me.” You
put two fingers inside her flowing pussy. She starts to move deep inside,
incredibly tight around your fingers. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she screams,
moving tighter and faster. “Fuck me now! Fuck me NOW!”
You climb on top of her big body and drive your cock all the way in with
one huge fuck thrust. Her cunt grips your cock so tight it almost hurts. She
moves her enormous butt in time with your fuck thrusts and screams “fuck me!
Oh, fuck me!” Her nails claw your back as she cums once more, then relaxes.
“I wanna be on top now.” You slip out of her and roll over on your back,
your cock still rock-hard, and she sits down on your hips and fucks herself
down onto your cock. She leans forward so her long brown hair falls over your
face like a curtain that hides both of you from the whole outside world. Her
mammoth mammaries, swollen still bigger with her crazy lust, hang into your
waiting hands. She starts to move that wonderful butt of hers up and down. You
start sucking one of her big nipples and she cums again, bucking and pitching.
Finally you can’t stand it any longer.
“I’m gonna turn you over and fuck your fat cunt again and cum inside
“Oh yeah, I wanna cum when you do.” Once again you get on top and start
to move. You cry out “Oh Laurie, Laurie, Laurie” as your boiling hot fuck juice
pours out inside her. She keeps moving her big butt and screams. You collapse
onto her, and both of you lie motionless and exhausted for long minutes.
Finally you roll off and take her in your arms and you both sleep.
When you wake up, her lovely round face is beside you on the pillow, her
enormous boobs pressing against your chest. All you feel like saying is
“Laurie, you’re so lovely, you’re so big, you’re so wonderful.”
“You were so good to me with your big loving cock.”
“You’re so lovely. Why wouldn’t you let me look at you naked before?”
“I’m always afraid the first time. Guys have given me so much shit
aboutIabout how fat I am, what a pretty face I have and how pretty I’d be if I
weren’t so fat. One guy even said I needed a boob job.” Tears begin to well up
in her eyes.
“I can’t believe it. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” You
aren’t bullshitting her when you say it. “What made you decide to trust me?”
“At the flea market, when you ran your fingertip along the bottom of my
butt. I figured any guy who’d do that in the flea market must be turned on by
me just like I am.”
You tell her you’ve been hurt too. You tell her about the skinny girl and
the list of your faults. The tears are gone as she about rolls off the bed
laughing. “I know who you’re talking about. I’ve heard that same story about
her from two of my girl friends. That’s what you get for running around with
skinny girls.” The way she drags out the word skinny, it sounds like something
nice people don’t do.
She slips out of bed and goes to the refrigerator for a couple of beers.
You swallow the insipid supermarket brew and make a mental note to bring her a
six pack of Phredz. She slips on a terry cloth bathrobe – purple of course –
that doesn’t begin to come to terms with her enormous cleavage. You sit down
together on the couch. On the end table there’s a picture of a young guy, a
Green Beret. He has the same round face and bright green eyes Laurie does. “My
kid brother,” she explains. “He’s off somewhere in Central America.” She looks
thoughtful. “My brothers and I, we’ve all got minds of our own.”
Two thoughts run through what’s left of your brain.
You’d kick every Communist ass in El Ropo with that guy.
And you’d sure like to have a kid with those big green eyes.

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