Old woman lover

From the time of our first orgy together, DORA stayed on my mind even
more than BETTY, cute little BETTY with her fresh young ass, pussy, budding
tits, and mouth. I found myself wanting DORA more than her slim,
long-legged,sexy, 36-year-old daughter SAL, who was so very free and
creative. I couldn’t understand my desire, but I certainly knew how to
satisfy it. Whenever I worked on the north side of town, I would take my
breaks at DORA’s little cottage. I would park across the street, walk to th
e door, feeling my cock rise as I did, ring the bell, and wait for a very
loving, erotic welcome. I discovered that DORA didn’t ever wear much
clothing, unless it was very cold. On cold days, I could count on her erect
nipples even surer. But, no matter what the temperature, DORA was always
“hot” and nearly naked when she opened the door…eagerly greeting me and
the cock she adored. She would bring me into the entryway and immediately
begin undressing me, kissing and licking my mouth and nipples, working her
way down my chest to my navel, which she frenched wildly too. She would rub
her big, soft breasts against my hairy chest or back, fondle her tits,
finger her cunt, rub her pussy-flavored or flavored-pussy tasting fingers on
my lips to tease me, embrace me lightly rubbing her full hips against my
groin, grab my cock through my trousers, ooooo-ing and ah-ing as she
anticipated our pleasure. Then she would bend down to undo my shoes,
looking up at me with admiration, eagerness, lust, and affection. She worked
rapidly to get me out of my shoes and socks, so she could get my pants and
bikini panties off. She loved taking the latter all the way down to my
feet…so I could step out of them and she could look up at my balls, my
erect penis, and what s he (and every other woman I’ve known) called my sexy
ass. When she had me naked, she slowly rose to her feet and began her
ministrations on my body; our sex-play would begin!

With both of us naked, my affectionate nature always urged me to take
DORA in my arms and embrace for a while. Her lusty personality and more
than sixty years of sexual experience moved her in a different. She would
dance up to me, swaying, wiggling, enticing, barely touching me with her
nipples, her lips, her fingers, her open hands, her things, and her toes.
She would move all around me..teasing and touching, licking, kissing,
stroking…every thing but my swolle n, erect dick. She would get her
cunt’s scent on her fingers and tease my nose, my lips; she would fondle her
nipples; squeeze her soft, big breasts; and talk very dirty, erotically to
me as she danced around me. She would tell me her earliest sexual
experiences with her cousins, male and female. She would tell me what she
wanted. She would tell me about sexy stories, magazines, or porno films she
had read or seen. And she discouraged me from doing anything but dancing
with her around the entryway and living room…enjoying our indoor
nudism…our exhibitionism. And that’s what it became, because I would do
the same back to her. I’ve seen male strippers on TV (I won’t waste money
to go see guys dance for women! Although I’d love to.) who didn’t do what I
would do for DORA…because I was absolutely naked, hot, and determined to
please my old woman lover. I’d bend over and sway my naked, sexy ass in
front of her. I’d take each cheek in hand, spread them wide, and beg her to
french my sweet asshole, undulating my bottom for her. I’d very slowly
stroke my cock until I got up the first drop of cum, which I’d let stand
there, then hang there, and finally offer it to her eager lips…or my own.
That would usually bring the dancing around to a halt. When I ate that drop
of jism, she would kiss me, deeply, throwing her body against mine; and beg
for me to fuck or eat her cunt.

And that’s when I dove into her pussy savagely…to lick up all the
built up juice that had accumulated in her sweet cunt. I’d use my fingers
to spread her large, elastic cuntlips, licking them hungrily, and press my
mouth to her hot vulva, licking and sucking the walls of her now-wide-open
cunt. It was almost like drinking from a fountain…a “bubbler” of salty,
but refreshing, delicious cum! When she pressed her big, flabby, but strong
thighs tightly against my head, I knew she was cumming…ev en as she gasped
for air. The way her fingers went to her swollen, erect, inch long
clitoris, to pinch and squeeze it, to stroke it and please it at the same
time, told me that she was having an orgasm. And then the extra flow of her
juices rushed out of her cunt and into my waiting mouth!

With my face covered with her salty, pussy flavored juice I would rise,
put DORA on the bed, climb astride her on my hands and knees with my legs
spread outside her old legs. Then I would make her lick all the juice off
my face and neck. Frenching her back…rubbing some on her old tits, which
now spread and flattened as she lay back on the bed. But it was sexy too,
because her big, erect, nipples stayed erect and jutted upward nearly an
inch from those flattened breasts. I loved slobbering and rubbing her cunt
juice against those bullet-sized nipples. She loved it too, but I could
hear her begging, “Fuck me now, HAL. Oh, please, fuck me now!” Yet I
usually spent time sucking the cunt juice off those nipples to bring her
even higher before I stuck my penis in her hungry cunt. I would tease her
with my dick at the opening of those cuntlips. I would barely rub my
dickhead against her spread labia. I would insert my cock a half inch and
then withdraw…if she didn’t wrap her legs around my ass quickly and
entrap me. To avoid that, I did my best to keep my legs outside hers. Once
she pulled my cock all the way into her cunt, I was a goner. She could hump
like no one I’ve ever known. She fucked like she was in a seizure,
trembling with t hrills, shaking with excitement, pumping his lust. Inside
her cunt, she somehow worked muscles like a pump too…it was a feeling very
much like someone sucking my cock inside her. And everything was so wet
that it was like an underwater fuck! I loved it, but I couldn’t last
long…a few minutes. And when she sensed that I was close to cumming, she
would tell me erotic thoughts from her memories or from her still lively
imagination. She would also have a stack of very sexy porno magazines
nearby fo r us to enjoy together when we’d rest after half an hour of this.
As I neared my orgasm, she would sometimes pick up a mag, show me a
particularly sexy whore and say, “Imagine that you’re eating this slut for
the first time!” And DORA had a knack for s electing the most exotic sluts
for me…the Thai, the Native American, the tightest-assed, or the
sweatiest. She just knew what would excite me at the moment. If I didn’t
cum quickly, she would begin telling me what she would do to the selected
woman i n the picture, how she would taste, how hot the whore would become,
and what the slut would say to her as DORA imagined eating her! That memory
still brings me a hardon! AND I WOULD UNLOAD MY CUM INTO DORA! I would
feel like I was shooting pints of ji sm into her old cunt; and she would ask
for more…encouraging me to keep squirting into her pussy. I would have
continued…if I could have.