One Fat Fetish Night Story

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Susan was a woman who did everything right. She went to the right school, got
the right job, owned the right car, and had the right friends. That last part
was her downfall. All of her life she was very careful that everyone she
associated with was a perfect as she was. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, a
perfect wardrobe shown off by a perfect figure, size 6. She had no use for,
nor room in her life for, people who weren’t perfect, or could help her. As a
result of this, she did well in a material sense, but she had no real friends
or lovers. “You use me, and I’ll use you,” was the creed of her associates.
She was vacationing in Cancun when she first saw Mark. He was perfect. Wavy
black hair, classic face, and an atheletes body. They talked for a while and
she discovered that he was well-read, sensitive and funny. Yet, there was a
sadness about him, as if he had had a great tragedy in his life. Susan found
him irresistible. They danced and then went back to his room and made love.
It was heaven! He seemed to know exactly where to touch her, to caress her.
His kisses made her swoon and she squealed like a giddy teenager when he
entered her. The next morning they made love again. After breakfast, they
went to a remote beach and swam in the nude. She had never made love outdoors
before. The possibility of imminent discovery was very erotic. They swam some
more and then made love on the steps of a Mayan ruin. As he thrust wildly
into her, she swore she heard drums and felt hundreds of unseen eyes watching
them as they writhed in primeval lust. Each orgasm was more intense and
intoxicating than the last. She felt like a primitive, sacrificing her purity
to appease and entertain the gods. Finally, it was over. The sun was setting,
bathing them and the ruins in an unearthly glow. One more time they kissed.
It was time to go back to the hotel. Mark had seemed so happy all day, now
that faint look of sadness had colored his eyes again. He got dressed without
looking at Susan. She put on her bandeau. Odd; it seemed a bit snug. Then she
slid into her jeans. It was a struggle to get them over her hips, then she
could barely zip them! She was confused. Had they shrunk? No, the slight
bulge of flesh around the waist verified her darkest fear. She had grown! She
must have gained 5 lbs! She turned to Mark. What was going on? Mark was
staring at her lustfully … dressed as a Mayan! That was only for an
instant. Mark was looking at her with that same curious mix of love and
sadness, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. She thought she was hallucinating,
but her clothes still fit like skin. Of course she HAD been eating more than
usual on this trip. Her Mayan vision must have been her imagination, helped
by some tequila. “Let’s go to dinner,” he said. She smiled and took his hand.
Suddenly, she was very hungry. Susan was a bit uncomfortable on the flight
home. Her clothes were very snug, but that didn’t stop her from having
seconds and thirds of her dinner. The flight attendants had never seen
someone enjoy airline food so much. Susan felt wonderful. For the 2 weeks she
spent with Mark, she ate, slept and made love until she was more completely
sated than she had ever been in her life. She was sure she would drop these
12 lbs as soon as she got back to her job. The next morning she was late for
work because she had overslept. The bed had just felt TOO warm and cozy to
leave it when the alarm went off. Besides, she had the urge to make herself a
good breakfast. She hadn’t done it in years and had forgotten how long it
could take. Still, it is the most important meal of the day, so a stack of
pancakes with syrup disappeared before she left. The ride to work was also
interesting. She had never really paid attention to all the handsome men she
saw along the way. She was especially attracted to the big, burly men with a
bit of a paunch and hairy bodies. She knew she was changing. At that moment
her car swerved. She could have sworn she saw Mark dressed as a Mayan,
standing on the meridian and waving. When she blinked, he was gone. Cathy,
the office bitch, commented that she had put on a few pounds and they all
stared when Susan took a Danish off the coffee cart. In the 10 years she had
worked there, no one had seen anything but celery sticks in her hand. Susan
had trouble concentrating at work. Her mind was filled with an image of a
mountain lake, and a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney. She couldn’t
figure it out. She had never been to such a place. Finally, lunch time rolled
around. She planned to eat at the salad bar down the block. On the way, she
passed a tavern, a simple shot-and-beer kind of place. An intoxicating aroma
of fresh cheeseburgers, fries, and sausage and peppers filled her lungs. She
was ravenous! With only a slight hesitation, Susan sat down at the bar and
ordered a beer, absently munching on the bowl of pretzels in front of her.
She noticed this man playing pool, who resembled a bear more than anything
else. He was so big and muscular and hairy. Such a man once would have turned
her off, now she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. She rubbed her now-soft
thighs together as her sexual excitement heightened. Susan didn’t return to
work that day. She spent the afternoon shooting pool with Glen. They left the
bar around 8pm and went to her condo. It turned out that Glen was a rancher
from Idaho who had come to town for a training session for the new computer
he had bought for his ranch. When they got to her place she told him to fix
himself a drink and she went to her bedroom to get comfortable. She had to.
Her clothes were so tight she could barely breathe. Susan reached to unbutton
the waist of her skirt and the button just popped off, pushed out by a very
well rounded tummy. Suddenly the room was bathed in a blue glow. Susan turned
and gasped. Mark was standing there, DRESSED AS A MAYAN! He spoke. “Susan,
you have been blessed or cursed, it is up to you. Your heart was a small,
shriveled thing, but it is growing as your body is growing. Accept love in
your heart and you will find happiness. Reject it and be miserable for the
rest of your days. That man outside sees the real you, the loving Susan, find
her …. find her … find her.” His image began to fade. She looked at
herself in the mirror. There was a peacefulness about her that she had never
seen before. At that moment Glen entered the room. She saw his reflection in
the mirror. He was looking at her with such devotion. No man had ever looked
at her that way. So kind, so generous, so caring. She was falling in love
with him! But there was more! She was growing! Susan felt herself EXPANDING!
Her blouse was soon so tight that she could scarcely breathe. Relief came as
the buttons popped off one by one and the blouse ripped up the back and
around the sleeves. Her skirt literally shredded before her eyes as her hips,
ass and stomach ballooned to incredible size. She felt so … different.
Massive, thick, ponderous. By now, her stomach was a huge ball of fat
sticking way out in front of her. She could feel herself beginning to hunch
over as her breasts grew bigger, fatter … HEAVIER. She felt like a baby
elephant as she tried to move to the bed to lie down. She couldn’t believe
it. In spite of what was happening to her, she felt happy, and VERY HORNY.
Susan never made it to the bed. She could feel her now naked body growing
bigger and fatter by the minute. She could actually hear the floor creaking
under her increasing bulk. By now she looked like one of those fertility
statues; obscenely huge ass, massive tits supported by a rotund stomach, but
she was not only growing fatter but taller, too. She placed her hands on her
back in a vain attempt to support her exploding bosom, but it was hopeless.
In a grunt of rage and resignation she dropped to her hands and knees. She
was finally comfortable as her bloated breasts splayed out fatly in all
directions, on the floor. She struggled to stand up, but she couldn’t. She
was just TOO FAT! Then, she remembered Glen. At first she couldn’t see him,
but she knew where he was. She could feel his erect penis pressed against her
plump vulva; her plump, DRIPPING vulva. she felt him enter and she welcomed
it, mooing contentedly as he did. Susans body shuddered as Glen thrust into
her. Her great folds of fat rippled like Jello. Again and again she seemed to
turn inside out as her body exploded into another soul-searing orgasm. Glen
was also wild with lust. He had never made love to anyone so BIG! She was a
human featherbed; soft and yielding. He seemed to float on top of her. Seeing
her fleshy back ripple made him harder than he had ever been in his life.
This was FANTASTIC! the room echoed with their screams as they climaxed
together. The next morning Susan awoke, feeling as if she had a hangover. She
felt strange. She felt … tiny. She looked at herself. She was back to a
slim size 6! Had this been a dream? No; Glen was sleeping next to her. He
awoke and smiled at her, then he also looked puzzled. He also wondered if it
was a dream. Finally, Susan understood the spiritual message. She got out of
bed, went to the kitchen and made a big breakfast. The smell of coffee
brought in Glen, still naked. Susan rubbed some maple syrup on him and slowly
licked it off. Glen took food and stuffed it into her mouth. More and more
until her cheeks puffed out. Between gulps she whispered,” Yes darling. Stuff
me. Make me fat. I want to be fat. I NEED TO BE FAT!” When she couldn’t eat
another bite, he put her on her hands and knees and fucked her until she
swooned. “Baby, I’m going to take you back to my ranch … as my wife. Then
I’m going to stuff you like a hog, and breed you like a mare.” At those
words, Susan squealed in a wonderful orgasm. They were married and Susan
quickly grew plump. She got even larger once the babies started to come. They
lived happily.