Having nice time together

Last Sunday morning I got a phone call from Darby. He asked if I’d like to go
sailing with he and some friends, all but one of whom I had already met. Since
I love the water and had only planned to clean house I naturally agreed to go.
I stopped at the store and bought some enough wine, beer, fruit and other
assorted munchies for five.

When I arrived I found Darby and his friend Quinn working on the motor. Quinn
is a tall, blonde, good looking engineer that Darby has unsuccessfully tried
to set me up with for over 5 years. Continue reading “Having nice time together”

My Lover

Let me tell you of my latest lover, Shawn. We’re still in the very
beginning stages of getting to know each other. The part where everything is
new and exciting. He writes me poetry and I cook him souffles. We hug a lot
and kiss a lot and generally fondle each other at any and all opportunities.

I actually met Shawn on a computer bulletin board like the one you’re on
now. And although I normally don’t follow through with these encounters I
have made a couple of exceptions (like Atlanta), and he was one of them. I
was so taken with the long and clever poem he wrote to me I just had to get to
know him better. We decided to meet somewhere that would be safe ground for
each of us and also had diversions in case we didn’t hit it off, so we agreed
to meet at the Marina Green and fly a new kite I had recently been given. Continue reading “My Lover”

Good hotel adventure

“This water feels just right,” she purred as she walked out from
behind the waterfall, “do you suppose they heat it?”

He waved a hand in front of him, setting off ripples in the pond
where he was sitting, “I would imagine so, the water here in the
pond is warm enough to not even need a swimsuit.” He watched her
walking towards him, the waterfall had turned her suit almost
transparent, but it was her hazel eyes, set off by her brown hair
that captivated him. Continue reading “Good hotel adventure”

One hell of an orgy

It was a heck of an orgy. I was in The Palace Club, a swinging spot that
was modeled after Plato’s in NY. The Palace offered some interesting diversions
within its walls, and quite often it was crowded, especially on Saturday nites.
This was one such crowded night. The Palace takes up two floors, the
ground floor and a basement floor. Entering on the ground floor, you enter a
lounge that looks much like a small bar. Except that some people are walking
about, dressed only in towels. Newcomers are still dressed in street clothes,
and some have paid the entry fee just to come in and gawk. Continue reading “One hell of an orgy”

Make me hate you

“Rich,” says that one girl, “tell me a story.”
“Okay. This–”
“No, wait. Tell me something that will make me hate you.”
“You sure?”
She nods vigorously.
“Okay. You remember when I was in school, that humor magazine
I edited?”
More nodding. She arranges herself, Indian-style, on the bed,
one hand resting on a thigh, the other alighting first on a knee,
then a breast, then on the cool sheets before her.
“You *sure* you…?”
She nods again and bites her lower lip.
“Okay, but remember, *you* asked.”
“Go on.”
“Well, I would organize meetings to try and get some help
putting out our various issues. At least, that’s what it *looked*
like the meetings were for. They were really just to hone my
stand-up and to get laid.” Continue reading “Make me hate you”

Fantasy sex story

During the early 21st century advances in electronics,
bio-engineering, and genetics made enormous leaps forward.
These discoveries led to the ability for scientists to
concur most of the major disease’s known to man, thereby
increasing the quality of life for the general populace.
It also brought the ability to customize the human body.
The process of “body molding” was perfected by the mega
conglomerate, “Fantasy International”, during the mid 21st
century. Their goal, (other them making the worlds largest
profits), was the moulding of the human body to full fill
personal sexual fantasies. Their reputation was built around
personal privacy, an extremely important issue in the 21st
century. And their ability to deliver their services to
anyone who could afford it. Continue reading “Fantasy sex story”

Health Club

After being a model in Chicago for many years, Sandi finally went to
work for another agency which was based in nearby Schaumburg. She only
had a couple of problems with this; first she had to find a place to
live so she didn’t have to commute, and then she needed to find a
health club to work out at because models always have to keep their
bods in good shape. Sandi had already decided against a Chicago Health
Club, because she wanted a more serious type of club, not some “bubble
gummer glitter palace”. She finally decided on World’s gym in Hoffman
Estates. Continue reading “Health Club”

Fucked From Behind

I was sitting in the living room when my husband left to go
to his bowling league. He bowls every Thursday, and tonight was
no exception. I was watching TV, and hardly noticed when he
left. I was looking forward to a nice, quiet night to myself.
I had dropped the kids off at mothers earlier this evening, and
they would not be back until next week. I could not remember the
last time I had the house to myself.

It was about 2 hours later when I heard a sound from the
back bedroom. I was walking back to see what happened when I was
grabbed from behind. Continue reading “Fucked From Behind”

Midnight Storm Fantasy

Darkness. Punctuated occasionally by the flashes from a distant
thunderstorm, it is folded over your eyes like a heavy layer of black
velvet. The humid night air caresses your face like a lover’s hand, and
you can smell the storm as it approaches.

You stand out on the porch in front of your remote farmhouse,
wondering how long it will be before the lights are restored, banishing
the night again for a bit. A quick breeze toys with your hair and your
skirt. You shiver slightly at the chill running down your spine, and
cross your arms over your breasts.

Off in the distance, now, you see the headlights of an approaching
car. You feel the tension creep over you as the driver picks his way
down the poorly-maintained road that leads nowhere but to you. Alone
tonight, your retired parents in town for dinner with friends, where
they will spend the night, and you are aware of your vulnerability. Continue reading “Midnight Storm Fantasy”


She was standing in the bathroom powdering and rubbing lotion
onto her legs. She had a dark towel wrapped around her body and
another around her head. The bathroom was warm and steamy from
the shower as she wiped the mirror to look at herself. Thoughts
about today’s presentation were running through her head. She
was excited about the topic, and felt good about the work it
represented. Lipstick, she thought, a little lipstick. The
shower door opened, and she turned to kiss her lover. “Open your
towel” he said, in a low voice. Her mind, somewhere else, came
skidding back to his words, “Huh?” She was a little confused.
“Open your towel” he said again, pantomiming what he wanted her
to do, holding his hands wide. She blushed and shook her head
no. “Yes” he said, simply, a command. She undid the towel,
embarrassed, her mind filled with thoughts of being too heavy and
being unattractive. “Wider” he said. And she complied, not
raising her eyes. He murmured something appreciative, but she
barely heard. One warm finger traced a line from nipple to just
below her navel. “Beautiful” was his last word as he walked past
her, out into the bedroom. She stood there, nude and shaking for
a moment as he shut the door. Only after he had gone, did she
realize he was naked, too, but she hadn’t even noticed.

Leave Me Alone

Annie went into the other room where the guys were sleeping and
woke them up. I could hear her telling them how I had been in my room
crying most of the night and that she was getting a little fed up with it.
As they stirred to awareness Jim frowned at the memory of the night before.
“Oh, shit! She’s never been in a scene like that before; it
probably freaked her. I’d better go in and see what I can do.”
“Well, for one thing you can tell her to stop being such a little
bitch. A foursome isn’t the end of the world.”
I dashed for the bed as Jim headed for our door. I pretended to be
asleep, and he sat down and caressed my shoulder. I stirred and blinked.
“Oh, now I remember. You all did it to me at the same time. How
could you?” I pulled the covers over my naked body, and began to sob. “I
feel violated. Why don’t you all just leave me alone.” Continue reading “Leave Me Alone”

Bisexual Married Orgy

My wife Joyce and I have what we believe is a unique but not altogether
lifestyle. It wasn’t always so but during our third year of marriage Joyce
began talking about how she thought it would be fun if we invited another man
into our bed. At first I was a bit put off by the idea but over a period of
about three months Joyce convinced me that it would be for our psychical
excitement and not an emotional attachment. Finally I consented to allowing
her fantasy. In reality she had me excited about seeing her with another man
and I think I was looking forward to the experience as much or more than she.
We discussed who we could invite and immediate ruled our friends. Finally we
decided to see if she could find someone in one of the local lounges. The
following Friday night Joyce dressed in a new and very sexy outfit I purchased
for her that week. She was beautiful. About 10:00pm we entered one of the
more active lounges and found a small table. We were both quite nervous but
determined to go forward with our plan if we could find a willing male. Continue reading “Bisexual Married Orgy”

Teen submissive nympho

She had been given only to men who treated her with
kindness, and so she learned the pleasures of cunnilingus and
caresses. When finally puberty had begun to render her a
beautiful woman, she immersed herself in the new electricity she
felt when her enlarging nipples were sucked; how her growing but
still perfectly bare vagina began to open when she felt the
electricity, and produce delicious liquid the help the mens’
penises stroke in her so easily; how her lips and anus both
became more sensitive so she could be overwhelmed by pleasure in
many places. Daily the ladies bathed and oiled and exercised her,
and shared her delight in sex with the understanding customers;
some of the staff ladies also sought her company.

When I came to know her, I felt at ease in her presence; for
she was simple, good natured, and never left any question as to
her motives. Continue reading “Teen submissive nympho”

Old woman lover

From the time of our first orgy together, DORA stayed on my mind even
more than BETTY, cute little BETTY with her fresh young ass, pussy, budding
tits, and mouth. I found myself wanting DORA more than her slim,
long-legged,sexy, 36-year-old daughter SAL, who was so very free and
creative. I couldn’t understand my desire, but I certainly knew how to
satisfy it. Whenever I worked on the north side of town, I would take my
breaks at DORA’s little cottage. I would park across the street, walk to th
e door, feeling my cock rise as I did, ring the bell, and wait for a very
loving, erotic welcome. I discovered that DORA didn’t ever wear much
clothing, unless it was very cold. On cold days, I could count on her erect
nipples even surer. But, no matter what the temperature, DORA was always
“hot” and nearly naked when she opened the door…eagerly greeting me and
the cock she adored. She would bring me into the entryway and immediately
begin undressing me, kissing and licking my mouth and nipples, working her
way down my chest to my navel, which she frenched wildly too. She would rub
her big, soft breasts against my hairy chest or back, fondle her tits,
finger her cunt, rub her pussy-flavored or flavored-pussy tasting fingers on
my lips to tease me, embrace me lightly rubbing her full hips against my
groin, grab my cock through my trousers, ooooo-ing and ah-ing as she
anticipated our pleasure. Then she would bend down to undo my shoes,
looking up at me with admiration, eagerness, lust, and affection. She worked
rapidly to get me out of my shoes and socks, so she could get my pants and
bikini panties off. She loved taking the latter all the way down to my
feet…so I could step out of them and she could look up at my balls, my
erect penis, and what s he (and every other woman I’ve known) called my sexy
ass. When she had me naked, she slowly rose to her feet and began her
ministrations on my body; our sex-play would begin! Continue reading “Old woman lover”

My Two Love Affairs

Watching him sleep was such a wonderful thing. In rest there were
no frowns, no worries, just peace. He is beautiful when he sleeps. His
dark hair falls across his forehead and I gently brush it off. The long
lashes on lids closed over those incredible hazel eyes. He takes my
breath away sometimes without ever knowing that he’s doing it and never
understanding why. He was good that night. He was everything that my
heart desired. Loving, tender, passionate, attentive. Yet, there was a
part of me that he didn’t reach and that part of me yearned to be
caressed. I thought of you as J and I made love. I wondered what it
would feel like to have your body pressed against mine as his had been.
I wondered what it would be like to have your lips touch that place that
yearned. I wanted you. More than that, I desired you. I wanted to feel
the curve of your breasts and taste the sweetness of your skin. And yes,
I wanted you in my head as well as in my bed. Try as he may, J will
never be able to touch that part of my being just because. Continue reading “My Two Love Affairs”