pregnant wife

Fantasy story about pregnant woman who wanted to be pregnant girl 🙂

with a another author (female) when discussing one of my stories, and
one of hers. Other erotic fiction on this topic pregnant_sex_story I thought it might be appropriate to this newsgroup. Other erotic fiction on this topic pregnant_story
. For your consideration erotic_pregnant_story It also somewhat explains my story-writing style, and somewhat answers
those who accuse me of being a danger to young girls. More Preggy Texts Here free_pregnant_sex_story As I have explained
. More Pergnant Text for your pregnant_belly_story before, my fantasy is not to fuck some young girl. More Pergnant Text for your being_man_pregnant_story It’s to BE said young
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girl, getting fucked. Other Pregnant Stories: erotic_free_pregnant_story Yes: and even knocked up


>Sure>would have found me attractive then>beached whale…
Gee Sounds like my wife felt
I was looking at her, so radiantly pregnant, and so gorgeous,
and she was complaining that she looked FAT!
To me, a glowingly pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing
in the world It gave me a constant hard-on, and she couldn’t
understand it The other thing that it did, is make me envious
God! how I wished that I could take her place for a while.
(So did she, and she told me so repeatedly)

I always have fantasies about being a girl, and getting and being
pregnant If I was a girl, I probably would have been knocked-up
at age-11, and continuously pregnant since then, during the times
I wasn’t nursing I guess, it’s really a good thing I WASN’T born
a girl Anyway, that’s why so many of my stories involve
little girls fucking their fathers Where else would they even have
a chance, that someone who really loved them, was the one who got
them pregnant? (This always assumes that the little girl seduces
the man, not vice-versa, as usually happens in real-life Oh well,
that’s why it’s a story.)