Sex In A Bus

As she sits on the bench waiting for the bus in the horrid heat. The

heat aggravating her already sensitive nipples. “I knew I should not have

worn this new bra today!” she silently rages as every move she makes rubs

the already stimulated nipples. “What a day.” she grumbles to herself.

The days frustrations finally getting the upper hand on her. “Should have

never taken that fucking promotion, they work me like a dog now.

Everything has to be perfect… OOh god” she stops with a whimper.

Feeling a breeze as it flows over her body the cool air upon her nipples.

“I need a MAN! It has been 9 fucking months!” she moan to herself. As the

puff of wind dies down the oppressive heat hits her again darkening her

mood even more.

Finally, the bus arrives and she gets on. Looking for a lone seat she

finds one in the middle of the bus. Reaching up she tries to open her

window as the bus pulls away. “God damn window is stuck!” she whispers as

she struggles with it trying to open it. Finally, sitting down in disgust.

Sitting in the hot muggy bus she rides along the bus swaying causing her

nipples to rub against her bra. Unable to take it any longer, she looks

around to make sure no one is looking and she quickly removes her bra.

Sticking it in her purse. She leans back into the seat and starts to think

of HIM. How his strong hands will feel upon her skin. His hot body as she

watches him as he swims in the pool at his house. Seeing his muscles

ripple as he pulls his body through the water as he swims over to her. He

pulls himself from the pool his body dripping and glistening in the sun.


“Excuse me can I sit here?” Looking up she sees a construction worker

looking down upon her motioning to the seat. She reaches over and moves

her purse and turns away from him with a scowl upon her face. “I have to

sit next to a smelly CONSTRUCTION WORKER! Will this day never end?” She

silently fumes as he sits beside her. “It sure is HOT isn’t it ma’am?” He

asks. She simply ignores him trying to lose herself in her fantasy again.

“Can I open that window ma’am?” He asks she looks at him he stands towering

above her reaching out his very strong arms and wrestles the window down.

The blast of air hits her flowing over her skin rubbing her shirt against

her screaming nipples. She moans as she looks at him and sees his eyes

looking down following his eyes down she sees her purse has opened and he

is staring at her lacy silk bra. She blushes in shame and turns away from

him looking out the window. As he sits again beside her.

Riding in silence for a while the wind billowing through the window

against her flushed skin. “Hey look at that new mall.” He says as he

reaches across her to point out the window. His thickly muscled forearm in

front of her chest just barely touching her shirt. “Oooh” she moans as the

bus sways and her nipples rub against his arm. “Um HUH” she tries to reply

as he pulls his arm back. Pressing his arm lightly against her chest he

starts to draw his arm back. Trying to concentrate she bites her lip as

his arm scrapes over her nipples. “Ohhh” she gasps as his hand touches her

breast. He stops as his wrist touches her nipple. She looks down and sees

him turn his wrist so his palm is toward her chest. Looking at him he

looks into her eyes as he starts to move his hand over her breast. The

hard palm of his hand against her shirt pulling the material against her.

“Oh God!” she moans as she sees him smile at her. Just a soft smile

upon his lips like he knows he is going to please her. As his curled

fingers touch her breast she can feel her heart beating wildly against her

chest. His strong fingers sliding over her flesh. Gliding upward over her

skin finally his finger tips are touching her nipple he so lightly pinches

her hard protrusion between his thick long fingers and then side off. “No”

she lightly gasps, barely aware of her own actions she presses her chest

forward. She turns her head and looks at him. His deep brown eyes looking

beyond her eyes all the way to her soul. Searching inside her finding her

deepest desires. She feels his arm move away from her chest and she looks

down to see him opening the button to her top. Wanting to stop him she is

powerless as she looks into his pleading eyes.

“Ohhh” she moans as she feels the first touch of his finger tips upon

her skin. It send electric shocks down between her legs. His fingers

slide up her chest to stroke her neck and then glide back down the valley

between her breasts. His touch so light the skin puckers in goose bumps.

His hands lightly stroking the flesh of her breast. He starts to caress

her breast. Just his finger tips brushing against her. As his fingers

finally touch her bare nipple she lets go closing her eyes she leans her

head back. “Ohh Oooohhh OOOH” she groans as his fingers pinch upon her

sensitive nipples. He works his fingers like a small mouth upon her

sucking her hard little bud. She feels the pure lust heat coming from her

pussy. Rubbing her legs together she can feel the wet lips sliding against

each other.

She feels the air change around her breasts and she looks down as he has

pulled her top open exposing her breast to his eyes. He pulls his fingers

away from her chest and as she looks at him his eyes are staring into her

eyes. He smiles at her as his fingers lightly touch her thigh. She

shudders as she feels his touch looking into his eyes, begging her to let

him please her. Surrendering to him she leans back and opens up to his

touch. “Yessss” she whispers as she parts her legs and feels his fingers

sliding over her stockings between her thighs. His fingers brushing

against her sensitive flesh. As she spreads her legs more giving him full

access to her most intimate areas he smiles at her display of pure lust.

He slowly strokes his finger up her thigh. Feeling the soft touch of his

fingers against the silkiness of her stockings sending jolts of pure

pleasure through her body. She closes her eyes and enjoys the sensations.

As his fingers touch the top of her stockings. she shudders as his fingers

make contact with the smooth skin of her leg.

“Oh GOD!” she moans loudly as her eyes fly open feeling his mouth upon

her nipple. His hot mouth sucking her hard nub into his mouth. She

relishes the feeling of his soft smooth lips against her. Her arms come up

and encircle his head pulling his mouth against her. His fingers stroking

her inner thigh not moving just brushing against the sensitive flesh.

“Uhhh” she starts to moan and reaches down to his wrist sticking out of her

skirt and pulling she tries to move his hand to her dripping sex. His

strong arm does not move. She finally begs him. “Pleassseeeee.” and as

the final sound escapes her lips his fingers slide up and touches her.

Roughly pulling aside her panties his finger finally touches her lips. He

lightly brushes his finger over her swollen pussy lips as he lightly bites

upon her nipple.

“Please Please Please…” She hears herself whimpering as he pulls away

from her breast and gets so close to her face she can feel his breath upon

her lips as he stares into her eyes. As she rises to meet his lips he

kisses her full of pure desire. As his tongue enters her mouth she feels

his finger pierce her inner sanctum. As he slides deep inside her she

moans onto his tongue. Opening her mouth his tongue devours her. “Oh god

I am going to…” she mumbles into his tongue. His finger sliding in and

out of her. Feeling the tightening in her stomach she starts to clench his

hand between her legs. Knowing her release is emanate he slides his finger

out of her pussy and rubs his fingers around her clit. Around and around

as she climbs to the peak. “Cumming” is all she can gasp into his mouth as

she feels his fingers lightly pinching her clit and feels her body

contracting in orgasm. As she starts coming shots of pure white flying

behind her eyes feeling the pent up sexuality released. She sobs in

release as he holds her to his chest. His arms around her, surrounding

her, protecting her. She sobs deep into his strong chest.

“It is ok.” he whispers as he strokes her hair. Pulling out his

handkerchief he gives it to her as he disengages himself from her and

stands. “Well, this is my stop. I had to leave my car at the dealer.”

handing her his business card. “Call me, Please” He whispers to her as he

kisses her deeply one more time before he turns to get off the bus.

Watching him walk away she sees him enter the Porsche dealership. Looking

down at the business card she reads his title “President – International

affairs” Smiling she tucks the business card into her purse. “What a great

day!” she smiles to herself as she buttons up her blouse.