Tina parked her car and made her way to the door of her
apartment. The rain had subsided, but the cloudy day only
added to her gloomy mood. She was glad it was Friday. Her
day had been terrible and she was looking forward to a night
out with her best friend Stacy. She turned the key and
unlocked the door. As she entered she noticed that the sun
door was ajar. Tina thought that she had locked it, but
since she was late this morning she could have left it open.
She did not notice anything missing and assumed she was
fortunate that no one had entered.

Lori heard Tina enter the apartment and quickly
concealed herself in the closet. She too was having a hard
day. Lori had just escaped from the courthouse and had found
Tina’s door open and decided that she would shelter herself
from the rain and find a new change of clothes. The last
thing she wanted was for the resident of the apartment to
return home. Her mind raced as she tried to come up with a
plan of escape.

Tina entered the bedroom and tossed her purse on the
bed. She approached the mirror and began to inspect the
damage the rain had done to her hair. Tina was an attractive
woman and was please to note that the rain did not ruin the
style of her long brown locks. Removing her coat, she
decided that the best thing to do was to take a nice hot
bath. She opened the closet expecting to see her clothes but
was surprised to find Lori staring back at her. “What the
hell are you doing in my closet”, Tina yelled. The next
thing she knows she is wrestling with an unknown intruder and

Lori took advantage of Tina’s shock and sprang from the
closet and pushed Tina to the bed. After a brief struggle,
which resulted in the buttons on the front of Tina’s dress to
be torn off allowing her ample breasts to spring forth, Lori
had managed to straddle Tina’s waist and pin her arms above
her head. Helpless, Tina did the only thing she could do,
scream. Realizing that this was going to be a problem, Lori
pinned Tina’s arms with one hand and placed her other hand
over the screaming women’s mouth. “Shut up and you won’t get
hurt”, Lori said. This seemed to have no effect as Tina’s
struggles became more frantic.

Lori changed her position and managed to bring Tina’s
right arm behind her back and wrench it up sharply. Tina
yellped in pain as Lori dragged her off the bed and over to
the dresser. Quickly pulling open the top drawer, Lori was
surprised to find it full and an assortment of dildos and
lotions as well as a several coils of rope. Seizing the
opportunity, Lori took one of the coils of rope and quickly
tied Tina’s hands behind her back. Tina continued to yell
and Lori opened the next drawer to find several scarfs.
Lori took one of the scarfs and crammed it into Tina’s mouth
silencing her protests. She then took a second scarf out and
tied it around her head to keep the packing in her mouth.
Having silenced the woman, Lori pushed her to the bed and
removed several other coils of rope and finished securing her

A short time later, Tina found herself helpless on the
bed. Lori had bound her ankles together and placed another
length of rope around her knees. She then used another piece
of rope to bring Tina’s elbows together which forced her
breasts to stick out even farther. Finally, Lori used one
more length of rope to draw her wrists and ankles together
into a taunt hogtie.

Tina struggled but was unable to loosen the ropes. The
gag muffled her pleas for help. The knots were tight and it
was difficult for her to move while in the hogtie. Tina had
no idea who this woman was or why she was in her apartment,
but one thing was sure, the woman was now in charge and Tina
was excited by this.

Lori quickly slipped out of her inmate uniform and
rummaged through Tina’s closet for something to wear. She
figured that by the time the woman could get free of her
bonds, she could be in her car and across the state border to
freedom. She was fortunate that she was a similar size and
the clothes fit. Lori had chosen a blue silk dress and
black leather pumps. As she slipped on the shoes she decided
that she would check the ropes to make sure Tina’s struggles
had not loosened the knots. As she looked at Tina’s bound
form, she was aroused by the beautiful sight.

Tina lie on her side staring at Lori. The white cord
making a striking contrast from her black heels and hose,
adding a new dimension to her perfectly formed legs. Her
breasts almost bursting from the black lace bra that
contained them. As the feeling rose within her, Lori decided
that she had enough time to relax a moment and satisfy her
need. Lori sat on the bed next to Tina and began
to caress her nylon clad legs. The smoothness of the nylon
with the combination of the coarse rope created a new
sensation. With her lust increasing, Lori untied the rope
releasing Tina from the hogtie. She rolled Tina on her back
and began to massage her breasts and felt Tina’s nipples grow
in arousal. Lori knew her captive was beginning to enjoy
this stimulation and began to nibble her stiffening nipples
through the fabric of her bra.

Moans were to be heard from Tina, the only sound she
could make with the gag still in her mouth. Slowly, Lori
slipped her hand into her panties and began to finger
herself. As she began to enjoy the sensations, she heard a
knock at the door. She stopped and quickly made her way to
the bedroom door. There she saw another woman, a blond open
the door calling Tina’s name. “Tina, where are you. It’s
Stacy”. Lori could not believe her bad luck. There was no
time to get out the back or the window. This woman could
really mess things up if she found Tina, but there was no way
to hide her. Lori decided that she would handle things the
same way she did Tina, she took a length of rope and again
hid in the closet.

Stacy looked into the kitchen and could not find Tina.
Where could she be, Stacy thought to herself. She was
supposed to be here. Stacy called out Tina’s name again and
this time heard moans coming from the bedroom. Stacy made
her way to the bedroom and was shocked to see Tina bound on
the bed. “Well, you should have told me you wanted to play
first. I would have come over sooner.” Stacy did not notice
Tina’s head as she jestured toward the closet, nor did she
notice Lori as she approached her. Before she knew it, she
was on the floor wrestling with Lori.

Stacy was a similar size to Tina, but much stronger.
Lori realized this when she found it difficult to pin her to
the floor. They rolled about in the limited floor space of
the bedroom until Stacy was able to pin Lori to the floor.
Reacting quickly, Stacy took the rope from Lori and rolled
her over and tightly bound her hands behind her back. “Let
me go you bitch”, screamed Lori. “My My My, such language
from a womam” Stacy replied. “I will have to take care of
such a nasty mouth.” With that, Stacy went to the closet and
pulled out a box. She reached into the box and pulled out a
red ball gag. “This will teach you to speak in such an
unlady like manner”. Stacy then forced the red ball between
Lori’s lips and tightly strapped it as far as it would go.
She then pulled out several more coils of rope and began to
bind Lori’s ankles and knees. Lori uttered some
unintelligible sounds and struggled fitfully with her bonds.

Stacy looked at Lori and said, “My you are a fiesty
one”. “I think you need a little more restraint”. Stacy
then took a long coil of rope and brought Lori to a sitting
position. With the rope, Stacy wrapped it around the back of
her thighs and continued around her back. This pinned Lori’s
arms to her body and brought her knees to her chest in a
ball. Stacy then left Lori to her struggles and turned her
attention to Tina.

“Tina, I am very upset with you.” “Playing our game with
a new friend and not inviting me”, Stacy said sternly. “I am
afraid that a punishment is in order.” Tina made several
attempts to speak through the gag, but Stacy ignored her
pleas. “Mumble all you like Tina, I am in charge and I
feel that a good whipping is in order.” With that, Stacy
pulled another box from the closet and removed from it a
black riding crop.

Stacy sat next to Tina on the bed and picked up the
length of rope that lay next to her. Stacy helped Tina to a
sitting position and looped the rope loosely around her neck.
With the two loose ends, Stacy threaded them around her knees
and knotted them together. This forced Tina into a similar
position as Lori, who continued to struggle on the floor.
Stacy then rolled Tina over onto her knees which brought her
firm ass up in the air. Stacy then rose from the bed and
began to use the tip of the crop to trace an outline of
Tina’s rear.

“How many strokes do you deserve for this offense?”
Stacy asked sarcastically. “Ten or twenty?” Tina moaned and
struggled against her bonds. “Thirty you say”. “I feel that
is a satisfactory amount.” Stacy began to serve ten severe
blows to Tina’s upturned backside. With each stroke, Tina’s
muffled screams could be heard. After the tenth blow fell,
Stacy pulled Tina’s skirt up over her hips exposing the lace
garter and G-string panties. “How convenient” Stacy
squealed as she began to massage Tina’s firm buttocks. Tina
moaned again as the heat of her first beating began to

Stacy began again, alternating strokes with loving
caresses. After the second ten strokes, Tina’s panties were
soaking. Stacy rubbed the leather strap over Tina’s mound
which only increased her moaning. Slowly, Stacy slid the
panties down Tina’s thighs and began to massage the moist
outer lips. Eventually, Stacy’s finger entered Tina’s warm
cunt and explored her innermost regions. Tina began to rock
against the hand and began to breath heavily as she neared
climax. Sensing her impending orgasm, Stacy gave Tina her
last 10 strokes, bringing Tina to a shuttering end.

Stacy now turned to Lori, who was extremely horny after
watching Stacy’s display of discipline. Stacy released Lori
from her ball-tie and untied her ankles. Hoping that she
would receive a similar treatment, Lori provided no
resistance as Stacy helped her up and layed her next to Tina.
Stacy removed Lori’s dripping panties and retied her ankles
to her thighs. Going to the drawer, Stacy removed a vibrator
and switched it to a medium setting.

She lay next to Lori and began to rub the vibrating tool
around Lori’s outer lips. Moaning loudly, she spread her
legs to accommodate it’s entry. Stacy thrust the dildo into
her glistening hole, lubing it well. As quickly as it
entered, the vibrator was removed and thrust into her
unsuspecting ass. Lori’s scream was muffled by the ball gag
as she began to buck against the vicious onslaught. Stacy
held the dildo in and began to assault her moist cunt.

She began to suck greedily as the juices began to flow.
Lori moaned as the sensations produced by the dildo and
Stacy’s expert tongue racked her body with numerous orgasms.
It had been so long since she had felt so good. She would
never have found this type of pleasure while in jail. Stacy
added to her sensations by reaching up with her left hand and
began to pinch Lori’s nipples through the fabric of her

Tina began to moan loudly, indicating that she too
wanted some attention from Stacy. Slowly, Stacy moved from
Lori and untied Tina’s legs. She slowly stroked Tina’s
neither hole to her moist clit. With her left hand, Stacy
spread Lori’s cunt lips and began to lick with reckless
abandon while at the same time, moving her right hand to her
own moist box.

As Tina and Stacy became engrossed in their own
pleasure, Lori was able to free her hands from their bondage
and untie her legs. She slipped the vibrator from her ass
and set it aside. She cautiously rolled over and surprised
Stacy by grabbing her arms and forcing them behind her back.
Lori quickly tied her hands together and removed her skirt.
Lori placed the ball gag that had silenced her and shoved it
into Stacy’s mouth. Stacy struggled, but was unable to free

Lori looked down upon the bound women and smiled. “It
was really fun girls, but I really have to go”. “But before
I do, I would like to leave you in a more comfortable
position”. With that, Stacy picked up the vibrator and
shoved it into Stacy’s wet cunt. And as Stacy had done to
her, Lori removed the dildo and forced it into Stacy’s
neither hole. She quickly placed Stacy in a tight hogtie and
turned the vibrator to its highest setting. Lori then
returned Tina to a hogtie and waved to both as she left them

They lay bound for several hours, but did not mind it at
all. Both Stacy and Tina found this experience to be one of
the best they have ever had and hope that someday, Lori would
return to play again.