Submissive Satin Slave Part 4

“So, come on!” Brenda urged Sally. “Tell me all about your kinky week-end.”
The waitress had just left and Sally had starting to eat her salad.
“Okay. Well, it really started Thursday night,” Sally began. “You know how
I’ve told you about how much James likes my sexy underwear and all?”

Brenda nodded, taking a bit of her own salad. Sally sipped her tea then
began again.

“Well it was about ten and we were talking. Fighting actually, about how he
thinks I never wear them for him anymore. He was telling me how much he likes
to feel them against his skin, how my lacy stuff turns him on and how it makes
his dick hard and so on. I had just had my period. I guess I was in my post
menstrual bitchy phase so I suggested that if he liked them so much he should
wear them.”

“Did He?” Brenda asked.

“Not that night,” Sally said. “In fact, he got mad at me for even suggesting
it. I tried to tell him that a lot of men wear their wives or girl-friends
panties and stuff, but he said I was crazy. He could tell he was making me
mad and I could tell he was horny. He started playing with my ass and tits
and since we hadn’t fucked since I stated my period I became aroused. After a
quick frantic fuck he rolled over and pretended to sleep. He tossed and
turned all night, keeping me awake. I think he was fantazing about wearing my

Sally paused and took another sip of tea and a bite of radish from her salad.

“So what happened?” Brenda asked. She was leaning forward, listening to her
friends hot confession.

“Well Friday he stayed home, taking a day’s vacation. He asked me to call in
sick and hinted that I could put on a linger fashion show and we could fuck
the week-end away. I thought about if for a second, I was still horny but
with Steve out of town it was impossible. Besides it would have ended up with
me having to wear and then wash every stitch of underclothing I own. Lately
James can not control his fetish about my lingerie and he ends up soiling my
pretty silky things with his sticky cum.”

“And you found out that he had stayed home to try on your underwear. Right?”
Brenda asked excitedly.

“Yeah. You remember I left work early Friday. When I walk in the apartment I
heard moaning. As I got closer to the bedroom the maoning got louder. I
thought James was fucking that little tramp in 3-A down the hall or some
little whore he had picked up off the street. When I opened the door I was
stunned. James was sitting on the bed in my black silk slip and a pair of
pantihose jacking-off. I stood there and watched as he shot his load on the
carpet. There was my husband sitting there in my undies beating his meat and
cumming all over the floor.”

“What did you do?” Brenda asked.

“I didn’t know what to do at first,” Sally admitted. “I was mad as hell for a
moment but then I thought he looked kind of cute, and when he saw me he got
really embarrassed and quickly took the slip off. He had stuff the cups with
my panties and they fell in his lap, then on the floor as he stood and try
taking the pantihose off. But I didn’t let him.”

“What do you mean, didn’t let him,” Brenda interrupted.

“Well do you remember that magazine that used to be in the ladies room, the
one that had the letter from people talking about what they did sexually? You
know their sex lifes?” Sally asked.

Brenda nodded head as she munched on her salad.

“Well, did you read the letter from the woman who said her boyfriend liked for
her to be really aggressive and assertive, making him wear her underwear, and
humiliating him? She said they both got off on her being dominate and how he
loved submitting to her and how he like being her sissy sex slave.”

“Yeah,” Brenda grinned broadly. “I thought that would be fun to do, too.
Would it be wonderful to have someone who’s only purpose is life would be to
please you sexually. Your very own sex slave. A sex toy you could use or
abuse. I get wet just thinking about it.”

“Me too,” Sally said. “So that’s what I did.”

“What? You did what?” Brenda asked as her pussy contract and her juices
began to dampen her panties.

“I started calling him a bitch, and I pushed him around a little, and I
wouldn’t let him remove the pantihose. I made him put my slip back on,too.”
Sally smiled.

“Weren’t you afraid he’d push back?” Brenda asked.

“Not really,” Sally said. “I was being careful at first, to make sure he
wasn’t really getting mad. But he was acting really meek. He kept looking
down at his feet and couldn’t look me in the eye, so I continued. I made him
tell me how much he liked wearing my clothes, and how much he like for me to
call him Janie.”

“You gave him a feminine name?” Brenda asked shaking her head in disbelief.

“Yes, it was the first name that popped into my head. And he was accepting
everything I said and was doing. He wasn’t acting like a macho male but very
demure and feminine, almost like a woman.” Sally paused to take another bite
of her salad.

“After I made him stuff my panties back into the slip, I sent him to the
living room to make me a drink. I told him to wait for me there that I would
be out in a few minutes. I knew he wanted me to come out wearing nothing but
the slip and camisole I had wore to work, but I didn’t. I stripped completely
naked before going to the living room. I sat on the couch and sipped the
drink and just looked at him. My mind was filled with conflicting thoughs and
emotions. Finally I told him he could lick my feet. I told him if he did a
good job he would be rewarded by being allowed to kiss my pussy.”

“And he was going for all this?” Brenda asked. she tried to picture Sally
handsome, masculine husband in the sexy black slip and pantihose, kneeling
before her lick her feet and sucking her toes.

“He loved it!” Sally beamed. And by the time I let him eat me, he was so
excited he really tongued my pussy good! I mean, he sucked cunt like he’s
never sucked cunt before. And I was cumming like never before. It was one
orgasm after another. I kept his head between my thighs for what seem like an
eternity, it was so good.”

“And James was liking all of this?” Brenda wanted to know.

“Isn’t it wild?” Sally giggled. “All the time he had this huge hard-on, and
after I finally let him fuck me I made him keep the hose on, and his cock
stayed hard. I don’t think it went soft all week-end? His dick must have
been erect for at least for thirty to thirty-five straight hours I bet. But I
getting ahead of myself. I didn’t let him fuck me right off.”

“What else did you do to him?” Brenda asked excitedly.

“I put a lacy little apron on him and made him cook supper. I sat alone at
the dinner table and he served me like a maid. He stood next to my chair and
if I wanted anything I would reach over and squeeze his hard dick through the
pantihose and tell him to go get it. And I kept call him Janie and telling
him what a good little girl he was for minding so well. Every now and then I
would order him under the table to kiss my pussy as a reward for being such a
sweet little bitch.”

The waitress was called over, both women order chocolate mouse and Irish
coffee for desert. While they waited for it to arrive Sally continued her

“Janie was dying to fuck me” Sally started.

Brenda interject with. “Feminine little Janie has a cock and want to screw,

Sally chuckled as the dessert arrived then continued as soon the waitress

“Yes, Brenda dear, my little Janie has a big dick and she wanted to fuck me
with it. I mean, I though he was going to erupt in those hose several times
that evening. There was a big wet spot in the crotch where his dick had
leaked pre-cum. I lost count of the number of times I climaxed before we
finally went to bed.”

“An the you let him fuck you?” Brenda asked. Her pussy was tingling with
excitement and she wanted to reach up and pinch and play with her hard
nipples, but this was a public restaurant.

“Yeah. Well, no. I fucked him. Before we went to bed I made him put on one
of my baby-doll nighties, a sheer almost transparent blue number and some sexy
little pink panties with white lace ruffles at the waist and leg openings, and
I call his dick a pussy. I made him beg me to lick his pussy before I gave
him head, and I made him beg me to stick my big cock in his pussy before I got
on top of him,” Sally said.

“How did he take to that?” Brenda asked. She let her hand drop to her lap and
was absentmindedly rubbing the inside of the thighs below the table.

“He loved it,” Sally stated. “He kept moaning about how good my dick felt
inside his pussy, and for me to fuck him deeper and harder. All the things a
woman would say to her man when they fuck. You know the kinds of things I

“Yeah, Charlie really gets off when I talk dirty to him especially when we’re
fucking?” Brenda acknowledged. “It sounds like you’ve discovered a deep, dark
side to your mate,” Brenda smiled. She moved her hand further under her
skirt. As she cupped the wet mound between her thighs she noticed that Sally
had a hand in her own lap, and that her arm was moving.

“Yeah! Right a dark side,” Sally smiled. “And I’m glad I found it, too.”

“Doesn’t it scare you just a little?” Brenda asked.

“Maybe just a little,” Sally said. “But it makes me horny as hell, too! I
love the power and control I have over Janie.”

“I can imagine!” Brenda said wishfully. “I’m getting pretty worked up just
hearing about it.”

“It gets better,” Sally smile at her friend. “I made him wear my clothes all
week-end. When he went out of the house he had to wear panties or hose, or
both under his pants. I even sent him into the hallway to get the Sunday
paper wearing french cut panties and one of my frilly bathrobes!”

“And he did it?” Brenda ask in amazement.

“He wasn’t arguing with me at all!” Sally said. “Like I said he stayed hard
all week-end! Every time I touch the crotch of his panties he was erect as a
bar of steel. I only let him fuck me at night, though. The rest of the time
I had him give me head. When every I felt like it I would order him to kiss
my pussy or ass. And if I wanted an orgasm, I would simple order him to
tongue me until I was cumming. I didn’t tell him, but I was just as horny as
he was all week-end long!”

“You made him kiss your ass, too,” Brenda gasp.

“Yeah, my little Janie has recently become fascinated by my buttocks, so why
not reward the poor girl for being so submissive.” Sally declared casually.
“And, just to be sure he remembered who’s boss, I made him wear a pair of my
pantihose to work under his slacks today. A pair that I had on all day
yesterday. The crotch was soaked with pussy juice and cum!”

Brenda asked “And he went for it, wearing panties to work?” Her fingers were
brushing against the seam of her own pantihose as she tried to stimulate her
already erect and throbbing clitoris. She desperately wanted to lean back and
rub her swollen clitty hard.

“He didn’t want to,” Sally said. “But I made him, I told him that if he
didn’t. I’d never let him wear panties again, and that I’d stop wearing them
for him, too. I said ‘You’ll never see me in my slip’s or cami’s every again
unless you do as I say Janie.'”

“So what’s next?” Brenda asked as she rubbed her fingers harder against her
wet crotch.

“I’m not sure,” Sally admitted. “I do know where I’ll like it to go, though.
I’d like to be like the woman in the magazine and have Janie as my sex slave.
But I’m not sure if James would go that far. I thought I’d just play it by
ear and see what happens.”

“Go for it, Sally!” Brenda exclaimed. “I know what! Dress him all up like a
real girl. Wig, make-up, sexy dress, heels, the whole works. And take him out
for a drink!”

“Oh, it’s too soon for that big a step.” Sally said. “I don’t think he’d go
for that. No, I have to ease him into this. Besides, anyone who saw him
would be able to tell he’s a male. He has all that hair on his legs and

“So, shave him.” Brenda suggested.

“He wouldn’t let me do that! ” Sally said.

Brenda grinned and said “Before last Friday, did you ever think he’d let you
put him in a slip and pantihose and call him Janie? Or order him around like
you did?”

“Well, that’s a good point,” Sally agreed. She was now fingering her own
soaking panties as she thought. ‘Maybe I can turn James into Janie and have a
sex slave at my beck and call to satisfy my every whim.’

“I think what you need to do is take control, Sally.” Brenda was saying.
“I mean, total and complete control, really let him know who’s the boss.
Feminize him and let Janie know that you’re her New Mistress. And that any
desires or orders she is given must be obeyed and fulfill instantly or she
will be punished.”

“I don’t know,” Sally said thoughtfully; although she was thinking the exact
same things. “But I do know this. It’s almost time to go back to work, and I
simply have to run to the ladies room an diddle myself. There’s no way I can
sit at my desk all afternoon as horny as I am right now! If I don’t cum soon
I may rape some innocent man on the street before we get back.”

“Me, too,” Brenda said. “Come on. Let’s hurry. Maybe we can help each

Sally stopped and smiled at her co-worker as she left the money for their mean
on the table. She wondered what it would be like to touch and caress her
friend’s body. A shiver of excitment shook her as she was wondering what it
would feel like to have another female play with her titties and cunt.

“Yeah! Maybe we can help each other,” She smiled at Brenda as they left the
cafe and headed for the fifth floor ladies room.

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to be continued……