Teen intern

I’ve been working for a large computer company for about a
year and a half now. Being an intern here has been a great
experience for me. I’ve learned a lot about supporting computer
systems (things I had to learn because I’m not a CS major). Since
I’ve interned here, many other interns have come and gone. Some
I’ve really liked, while others I was happy to avoid. Most of the
other interns were from regional colleges, but there were a couple
here and there from high school. Most of them were in different
departments, though. Even so, there is a comaraderie among the
“grunts” as we nickname ourselves, and we often spend our lunch
hours together.
One lunch roughly a month ago, which was the start of the
summer, I noticed the several new people in our ranks that would be
joining us for the summer. Introductions were made, and I quickly
got to know most of the new interns. Being the “patriarch” of the
interns (I had worked there more than twice as long), I was asked
many questions about what working there would really be like. I
get asked this question by just about every new intern.
Although I’ve seen many interns come and go in my time, some
do catch my attention. With some it’s because they are excellent
workers and I can trust them to get things done. Others are just
really fun to go to lunch with. They keep me laughing the entire
hour. One, about 2 months after I started, had the nicest pair of
breasts I think I’ve ever seen. Monica was another of those. I
didn’t get to talk to her very much that day, because I was busy
talking to everyone as a whole. It was apparent from the people
she was hanging out with that she was in high school.
Monica was breathtaking. She was about 5’4″ (I’m a bad judge
of other people’s height…she could be anywhere from 5’2″ to
5’5″). She had long brown hair and big brown eyes. She was very
tan (pretty impressive considering it was only the end of May).
Her body seemed pretty good, but I couldn’t really tell because of
the clothes she was wearing. Sometimes dress clothes aren’t all
that revealing. But I deduced that it was all immaterial because
she was in high school. I figured the oldest she could reasonably
be is 17. That would put 4 years between us. Now, that may not
make much of a difference when you’re much older, but now…
(especially considering the age of consent is 18 in this fine,
conservative state).
I worked for about a week before actually running into her in
the building. I had to miss lunch for that week because I was out
with systems analyst at a customer site. I was in the mailroom
checking my mail and making a couple of copies of a customer
request form when she walked in. She didn’t notice me right away
and went about placing a few letters in their respective mailboxes.
I said hi and she turned around, startled.
“Oops…sorry about scaring you,” I said.
“Don’t worry about it. I just didn’t see you when I walked
“So how’s your job going?”
She proceeded to tell me that she was not too thrilled with
her job. It was really boring for her. She was a “grunt” in the
true sense of the word. She did all the work that no one else
wanted to do, such as make copies for everyone in the branch, file
stuff, and deliver mail. If you hadn’t guessed by now, she was in
the administrative department.
I did my best to console her, telling her that it would get
better as people realized she could do better work and more
complicated tasks. I said this as I was leaving the mailroom on my
way back to a workstation room to do more of my work. I was
surprised when she followed me there, continuing our conversation
the entire way.
I sat down, and she said, “So this is where you’ve been
hiding!” I explained that I had been on location for the past
week. She said that she had been wondering what had happened to
me. It occurred to me that that meant that she was looking for me.
I was flattered. But not optimistic. We talked for quite a while
and then she returned to her department.
We talked a few times more in about the next two weeks.
Things were going well, it seemed. But I was reluctant to make any
sort of a move because I didn’t want to jeopardize our working
relationship. I thought nothing would evolve from it.
It was Friday afternoon, and I was just tying up some loose
ends on two different projects that I finished earlier that day.
There was a knock on the workroom door (I had closed the door to
shut out the noise from the marketing reps chatting outside. I
hollered for whoever it was to come in. Monica walked in.
We chit-chatted for a while about nothing in general. Then
she paused, fidgeted around, and finally asked, “John, what are you
doing tomorrow? Would you like to get together?”
I was stunned. Plain and simple. I never expected that.
“Ahh…sure, I’d love to. What did you have in mind?”
Turned out that she hadn’t thought that far in advance. We
decided on a day at the beach. We set a time and place to meet,
and then she left. I sat and wondered what was truly on her mind.
I mean, she was gorgeous, but she was still 17. I never felt older
in my life. Having a young (relatively speaking) girl seem to like
you sort of does that to a person.
I was at the appointed place on time. Actually, I was a
little early. I didn’t want to seem to anxious, but I really
couldn’t help it. I waited and waited. She didn’t show up. I
started to think that I’d been duped. That simmered in my mind for
about 5 minutes.
I heard my name being called out, but it was distant enough to
sound like it was coming from no specific direction. I turned
around a couple of times to see if I could locate the source. I
finally saw her waving. She was out on the beach already. Looks
like I wasn’t the only one that was anxious.
I walked out there and nearly dropped my towel. It is a good
thing that my sunglasses have mirrors, because my eyes got really
big at seeing her in a bikini. A small bikini at that.
She had a smallish sort of chest, but nothing to really
complain about. It was her legs. They were long, tan, and shaped
perfectly. I was amazed. Absolutely. She woke me from my reverie
by walking up to me and shyly hugging me. I whispered a greeting
in her ear as all my inhibitions about her being 17 flew away.
We laid in the sun for about half an hour. She laid on her
stomach for the duration, giving me a great look at her ass. It
was nice and tight and well-shaped. It was clear that she had not
been to college to experience the “freshman 15”. She had what my
friends and I refer to as a high-school ass. Beautiful.
She jumped up and shouted something about “last one is the
rotten egg” and took off for the lake. I was up and after her, but
she still beat me. We ran and dove when the water was deep enough
and headed out for deeper water. We stopped when the water was at
my shoulders. She teased me about being the rotten egg, and I
chased her around. I threw her as far as I could when I finally
caught her. I soon caught her again just as she was wiping the
water from her face.
I made like I was going to throw her again, but she put her
arms around me and pulled herself close. I realized then that we
wouldn’t be at the beach for much longer.
She just hugged me for a few minutes. I could feel her firm
breasts against my upper chest. I hugged her back for what seemed
like 10 minutes. We finally broke, and I started kissing her. Her
lips were very full and very soft. They were also hot. Kisses
started to get hotter and hotter before we finally broke the kiss.
“I wondered when you’d finally do that,” she said as looked into my
“So this was just a ploy to get me out here and take advantage
of me?” I asked through a smirk.
“Oh, okay, just checking.”
We kissed a little more and then she indicated that she wanted
to leave. “Let’s get the hell out of here to somewhere more
private” were her exact words, I think.
We headed back to my apartment, a little two room apartment in
the downtown area of the city. As soon as we got through the door,
everything was dropped from our hands and we met in a heated
embrace. After a couple of kisses, I felt her tongue “knocking” on
my lips, so I parted my lips and met her tongue half-way. We
sparred with our tongues for quite a while. We took turns; my
tongue would search her mouth and her tongue would explore mine.
Meanwhile, our hands explored each other’s bodies. My hands
slid down from her back to her gorgeous ass. I caressed both
cheeks and discovered that it was just as firm and tight as it
appeared. She reached around and grabbed my ass.
Still lip-locked, I picked her up and we made our way slowly
to the bedroom. I took my time getting there so that I wouldn’t
trip over something and kill us both.
I set her down on my bed (actually a futon) and we continued
kissing. Soon, I got so bold as to remove her top. Surprisingly,
the bra of her bikini came off without a fight. They obviously
make the clasps of those much less complex than bra clasps.
My hands slid up her ribs and started fondling her breasts.
I stroked the outside of each and moved my hands down to the
bottom. She grinded her chest in my hands, trying to get me to
take more of her breasts in them. I would have none of that. I
caressed the sides of them, slowly moving inwards. I could tell
she was getting hotter from the passion in her kisses.
I finally reached the nipple, and began flicking it with my
thumb. At the first contact, she moaned quietly. I played with
her nipples a little and then shifted my attention to her neck. I
kissed it and licked it. Periodically I would shift up and nibble
on her ear. Trying to catch my breath, I exhaled into her ear and
she moaned again. She apparently liked having her ear blown into.
So I worked that into my routine.
Soon afterward I lost my shirt, and she played with my
nipples. I was already hard and that was just making me harder.
I slid my hands in her bikini bottom and caressed her cheeks. I
slid one hand between her legs and started feeling her clit. She
nearly screamed. At the same time I started sucking on her
nipples. She started grinding up against me. Her hand shifted to
my crotch and she started stroking my penis. I got bolder and
stared to remove her bottoms. She pushed away from me so that I
could get them off her easier. My swimtrunks soon followed.
We just stroked each other. I played with her clit and then
I would slide one finger inside her. When I did that, she would
grab me even harder, almost to pain. I started sliding my finger
in and out, and she started shaking. I could tell she was on the
threshold of an orgasm. A few more quick strokes and then one
really deep thrust with my finger and she shrieked, her body
shivering with her orgasm.
She looked at me with a smile as I withdrew my finger. “Would
you like to have sex with me?”
I just looked at her for a moment. She caught me off guard
again. I just nodded. She proceeded to position herself over my
hips, but I stopped her for a second. I reached over into the
nightstand and pulled out a condom. “We’ll need on of these so
that I’m not a father a few years before I’m ready.”
She just shook her head. “I’m on the pill.” She proceeded to
explain that she had really bad cramps during her period, and the
doctor prescribed them to take the edge off of them. Apparently,
it worked. I made sure she wanted to go through with it, and then
I rolled her over on her back.
I put myself up against her opening, and tried to ease in. I
couldn’t. She was just too tight. “Are you a virgin?”
“No, I first had sex when I was 13. I did it a couple of
times. I haven’t had sex since then.”
So I took my time. I moved the head of my penis in between
her lips, coating it with her lubrication, then I tried going in
again. It was so tight that it actually hurt a little. I took my
time sliding in. I withdrew and pushed again, easing in bit by
bit. I could tell that I was hurting her by a whimper she let out,
but she said to keep going on. After about 5 minutes, I was all
the way in.
We started very slowly, making sure not to hurt each other.
Soon we started to get a rhythm and our tempo picked up. Her moans
got a little louder and then she pulled herself into me, hugging me
tightly. She screamed right next to my ear, nearly deafening me.
She let go, panting and whispering “Oh my God.” I kept
thrusting, although softer and at a much slower pace than before.
She looked at me. “That felt so good!” We disengaged because
she wanted to try being on top. As she turned over, she nearly
fell. All of her strength was gone.
She got on top and slowly directed me in. She slid all the
way down my length and sighed with pleasure at the bottom. She
started moving and her moans hit a fevered pitch immediately. I
thrust up into her, meeting her on her way down. After only a
couple of minutes of this, she screamed with orgasm again. “My
God! That feels incredible!” I could only agree. I was very
close to the failsafe point myself.
“Could you take me from behind? I’ve wondered what that’s
like, but I never did it like that,” She asked. I said yes and we
shifted position again.
I found the hole and slid right in this time. What a little
lubrication won’t do! I grabbed her hips and started pulling her
back into me, thrusting at the same time. I could feel the
pressure in my testicles start to build, and I knew that my turn
was right around the corner. I started to thrust feverishly,
losing my rhythm at times. I jammed into her one last time, as far
as I could as I came. She moaned as she felt my hot semen in her.
Although I was spent, I kept on thrusting, trying to build on
the excitement she received from feeling me come inside her. I
felt her vaginal muscles start to clench up, and she started
moaning loudly. My thrusts grew deeper. I withdrew all the way
and then shoved myself all the way in. I felt her body shudder in
my hands as she orgasmed again. We collapsed together and were
soon asleep.
We woke up at about 8 pm. She took one look at the clock and
was worried about being home later than she had promised. I told
her to tell her mother that we went out to dinner. She agreed. A
few deep kisses and I drove her back to her car. I kissed her
again and stood there as she drove away.